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[3] style and size.

Brent Spiner spurns Jesuit Loree McBride's rampage against him to discredit this website and has suffered attempts on his life.  

God used Queen Elizabeth to stop the almighty Armada (the pride of the Roman Catholic empire in the 16th century)--PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE.  Today's Armada is Loree's Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church (with their brilliant computer/satellite prowess and mind reading technology).  Queen Elizabeth knew that if Catholic Spain took over England, that an inquisition against all Protestant heretics would result in a bloodbath of terror in England.  God sent a mighty wind (a hurricane) against the Spanish Armada and God miraculously saved England from a Catholic inquisition.  May God give this world a bit of a reprieve from the Jesuit pope's (666) terrors to come (see ~book of Revelation on video).  Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior will not have to live on earth when God allows a Jesuit pope to reign over earth as a dictator (666) who will behead those who do not worship the pope (666) and who refuse his mark (probably a computer chip implanted on their forehead or hands).  Without this chip, no one can buy or sell anything.  But if you take this chip, you'll go to hellBrent Spiner and Vladimir Putin claim that Howard Hughes was my great uncle.  They informed me of this around 2005.  Before 2005, I did not know I was related to Howard Hughes.  Because of my Oshu Fujiwara ancestry, the Japanese royal family invited one of my great grandparents to their wedding.  
You can't buy new copies of Brent's album Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back, because Loree McBride threatened to kill Gail Chord if he continued to market the album. 
45 minutes and 28 seconds into Brent Spiner’s 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview, Brent nervously said this (about Loree McBride): “My ugh. . .girlfriend has this. . .ugh. . .I call her that 'cause we can never think of anything else to call each other, since we’re not married. We’ve been together --forever. Um. . .She. . .ugh. . .she really gets irritated with me, if I, if there’s even the hint of being surly when somebody comes up and says something nice to me-- or recognizes me. She really has no patience with me rolling my eyes or anything. She doesn’t get it. . .I like being an actor, but being a celebrity is a whole other thing. . You never get quite used to being treated as if you’re something special. . ..She really doesn’t have any patience for that, whatsoever, and she lectures me and says, “You should be really happy that people recognize you.” And he's made willing and knowing love (from 1994 to ?) to a PUBLICIST? No legally valid public government records indicate Brent Spiner is married to Loree McBride, so why all these Jesuit websites that claim they are married? The real Brent Spiner (not his clone) does not feel he's married to Loree.
Loree knows that in all his music albums, he sings about me.  The forbidden music is featured here at this website.  Brent Spiner created his official website (2008) to counter lies (plastered all over the Internet and the tabloids) that he's married to (or has had a romantic/sexual relationship or common law marriage with) Loree McBride. She obtained her relationship with Brent through brain-control drugs (drug rape in Sept. 1992).  Knowing Brent's desire to protect me, she threatens to harm or kill me, if Brent won't play her game, even impregnating herself with Brent's semen (obtained through drug rape) to trap Brent into a "marriage" with her.  Brent has never had romantic or sexual feelings for her and has been trying to get rid of her since 1992 (when she drug raped him).   

Old, slightly damaged photo, taken in 1984 in Florida where I taught chemistry and biology, my missionary internship.  At this time, I wanted to be a missionary to Japan.  I was 26, and had no interest in fashion until I was 32.  Category 5 Hurricane Andrew's eye would wipe out this section of Florida eight years later (1992)--see 1992 section on  Gail's Life Story Summarized page.
In January 1993 in Lynnwood, Washington, I was 35, and typing War on the Saints into my computer for Brent.  See my "Brent Spiner's true love" page. No make-up.  

This is the apartment I lived in when Brent came to my front door in December 1993 and called my name.  
Taken around 1976, when I was 19 and a student at Florida State University.
I'm always in the kitchen.  Taken around 1991, when I was about 34 in my Lynnwood, Washington apartment. Same apartment I was in when Brent came to my front door in Dec. 1993--see my chronology in Gail's Life StorySummarized. No make-up.
Taken February 1974 in Florida (the town that got category 5 Hurricane Andrew's eye in 1992--see 1992 section on Gail's Life Story Summarized page.  Old, grainy photo.  I was 16 and dressed up for "old fashioned day" at the church..
Photo of Gail with her dream hairstyle on Silver Skies cover, 58 years old.
Playing on my apartment upright Kawai piano, that I had to auction off in 2001, because I couldn't afford to move my stuff from Seattle to Florida.  Photo taken around 1991, right about the time I mailed Brent a video (taken from my camcorder) of myself singing and playing piano.  About a month after I mailed to Brent a cassette tape of myself singing and playing piano (in September 1990), Brent started his debut album Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back.  I believe I'm the one who inspired Brent to start making music albums.  What's ironic about all this, is when I mailed to Brent my cassette tape as a way of saying "thank you" for his letter to me, I had no idea what a talented singer he was, or I may not have mailed it to him.  I only knew Brent then as the actor who portrayed Lt. Commander Data on Star Trek:  The Next Generation, and thought he might enjoy my singing and piano playing.  In my twenties I had a fantastic voice, but due to a medical condition called spasmodic dysphonia that started at around age 30, my voice deteriorated.  A physician told me I'd never be able to sing again.  No make-up in this photo.  I was around 34 when this was taken.  Good news is that acupuncture has helped my voice, and I can sing, but not like I did in my twenties.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VLADIMIR PUTIN PLAYING PIANO AND SINGING (December 10, 2010).  Some claim because he chose a pop song, that he made this to impress the twenty-something Alina Kabaeva.  If this was for Alina, he would have chosen a Russian pop song and sung it in Russian.  He bravely sung in Russian-accented English with very beginning piano skills (wearing a wedding ring) and a voice (with no voice training) to let the world know he loves his piano playing, music loving, English speaking wife (ME)--who also sings--that I'll always be a part of him..
My great uncle Howard Hughes.  Notice how his facial features and body type match mine.  We are both thin and lanky.  You can see even more of a resemblance between Howard Hughes and my father.
My great uncle Howard Hughes, before he had the accident that disfigured his face.
When I look at Howard Hughes's face (above), I could swear I see my pilot dad.
If you think it's wild that I look like my great uncle Howard Hughes, it gets even more wild.  Brent, with a team of scientists in 2006, discovered that half my genetic profile matches Catherine the Great and the other half matches king David.  We have the technology today to match genes with the genes in corpses or remnants of the person in their grave.  Check out the photos of Catherine the Great (to the right) and compare them to my photo.  Unfortunately, we don't have photos or artwork on king David, but we can reconstruct from genetics what he probably looked like, and his appearance is amazingly similar to myself and Howard Hughes (who also has a king David genetic profile).  The brilliant Jesuits have known about my unusual genetics since my birth.  Is it any wonder they have such an obsession over me and my love life?  Mind-reading Jesuits easily steal a man's sperm and impregnate a woman (without sex).  Because Catherine the Great was a Russian empress, there are paintings of her.  I feature them to the right.  
Notice how similar my facial features are to Catherine the Great.  It's strange that before I knew about my genetic profile, I fell in love with Russian President Vladimir Putin (fluent in German and half German) and helped him to write law to govern Russia--see my life's chronology on the "Vladimir Putin's secret wife" page.  And it's strange that I studied the German language and wrote a small book in German.  Catherine the Great had German ancestry.  When I look at the face of Catherine the Great, I see my mother.
Brent Spiner plays Bob in this Martin Scorsese film about Howard Hughes.  You can catch Brent right in the middle of the movie.
Check out the expression on Catherine's face.  Doesn't she look like she just had a great laugh?  I don't emphasize my sense of humor, because I'm sick of how Brent's humor is portrayed on the Internet.  Brent's funny, but he's not a shallow Hollywood playboy, and is a thrilling and sensitive lover, who expresses himself with layers, depths, and commitment.  Like Catherine the Great, I have a sense of humor.  Read some of the quotes underneath some of the pictures on this website.  Catherine the Great wrote comedy plays.  My Silver Skies sequel, The Skies of King David, will be a comedy-drama.
Young Catherine, never broadcast anymore, and out of mainstream production, is my favorite movie about Catherine the Great. Here is the English outline for the entire Young Catherine movie HERE.
I'm a real music lover, in case you haven't noticed.  I include some of my favorites.  I took a year of music theory at Florida State University as an elective.  At the time, the Florida State University School of Music was ranked number three in the nation.  My musical favorites reflect my genes from Psalmist King David and German Catherine the Great Empress of Russia.  Catherine the Great had no ear for music, but don't forget I have the genes of king David (the Psalmist).  Here are videos of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture--two by the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra (PART ONEPART TWO).  The video above is awesome.
This website Gail Chord Official Website created by Gail Chord, born 9-15-57 in Miami, Florida (pen name Gabrielle Chana) copyright 2010 to 2017. All rights reserved.  

However, I grant permission to Russian President (Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin (born October 7, 1952 from St. Petersburg, Russia) and actor Brent Spiner (born February 2, 1949 from Houston, Texas, USA) to use exact copies of this website (or parts of this website) in English, or exact translations (in another language) of this website any way they want (free of charge). This website is defined as this website plus 1) all text or photo links from this website, 2) all videos that I’ve ever created, even those not featured at this website, but only at YouTube or elsewhere, (including all my posted comments about these videos at YouTube or elsewhere), 3) all writings I’ve ever created. I forbid anyone to alter the contents of this website (or any exact translations of it in languages besides English) in any way. Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin can make exact translations of my novel Silver Skies or of any of my published books or this website into another language. Ninety percent of the proceeds from these translations they can pay me through my publisher Amazon, or using whatever method they choose. I give ten percent of Silver Skies or of any of my published books (non-English version) foreign sales to Brent Spiner and/or Vladimir Putin to pay for their translation and promotion services for these in their non-English versions.

Brent and Vladimir also may sell exact copies of my English version of Silver Skies or of any of my published books (including my Amazon Kindle versions) or this website and give me 90% of the proceeds from the English versions using whatever method they prefer to pay me (they keep 10% as my payment to them for their services).

Electronically signed:  Gail Chord (Spiner), Place:  The United States of America, Date:  April 7, 2010--updated April 9, 2017.
In May or June 1986, I made it onto the local Portland, Oregon news broadcasts.  A news commentator placed a microphone to my mouth to interview me.  My interview was broadcast in the evening news, so that when I went to church the next Sunday, many at the huge church I attended in Gladstone, Oregon commented that I was a celebrity.  I wore a rust-colored, smooth velvet overcoat, with my natural brunette hair in layers.  Because it snowed that day (somewhat unusual for this time of the year in Portland), snow was on the ground.  

In 1985 and 1986, I knew the Bible well and gained no new insights into the Scriptures from the preacher of the Portland, Oregon church I attended.  I longed for another church where I could grow as a Christian and have a deeper walk with Christ.  

Zechariah 9:15--"The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones"

Zechariah 9:6 (9 + 6=15)--"And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines."  David defeated the Philistine Goliath with sling stones.  I'm the woman with the king David genetic profile born 9-15-57.  God calls the Jesuit General (of the church that sponsors Ash Wednesday) a bastard.  Interesting that when I lived in Seattle I went through the Ash Wednesday earthquake in 2001 and suffered no damage.  

BASTARD (Jesuit General or Black pope or illegitimate, false Christ).  SLING STONES (Gail's writings, this website, Gail's men).  ASHDOD (Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican).

Habakkuk 2:5--"Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people"
I registered my Conspiracy Law  (1),  (2),  (3),  (4),  (5),  (6-1),  (6-2),  (6-3),  (6-4),  (7),  (8),  (9),  (10),  (11),  (12),  (13),  (14),  (15),  (16),  (17),  (18)  at the U.S. Copyright Office in January 2007.  Vladimir claims that I've received a secret Nobel Prize for these laws, and that Harvard University has given me honorary degrees in Medicine and Law. Vladimir Putin, trained in law (Leningrad University), cheered me on as I wrote these laws. 

Bach's St. Matthew Passion finale, The Moscow Chamber Orchestra.
Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 final (4th) movement (Parts 1 and 2).
Bach's St. Matthew Passion, Karl Richter of Germany, conductor.  Karl Richter, Münchener Bach Orchester, Chor & Chorbuben.   
After my computer crashed (January 2009) and I lost Silver Skies on my computer's hard drive, I retyped the entire manuscript from a paper version I had, that became my second edition (published as an Amazon Kindle eBook & paperback book).  I'd already mailed to my publisher the version I'd lost on my hard drive (which is my first edition, and is the paperback version I have out now).  I'd made a copy onto floppy of Silver Skies from my hard drive for my publisher, but neglected to make a copy on floppy from my hard drive for myself.  So when my computer crashed, I lost Silver Skies on my computer.  After I bought a new computer, I had to retype Silver Skies from a paper version, and that became my second edition.  My second edition is very close to my first edition, but there are minor changes.  This second edition scene is taken from pages 8 - 11 from Silver Skies:  Part Two of Two. 
Click on picture above to order.
All articles claim that Vladimir Putin spoke English in public for the first time when he addressed delegates (2007) at the 119th International Olympic Committee Session in Guatemala City to bid for Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, it seems to me he tried earlier, back in October 21, 2001 in Shanghai, China, during a joint news conference with President Bush. I remember when I read this article from The New York Times on October 22, 2001, how impressed I was with his English and I sensed that he tried to speak English for me. You see, I noticed him on September 25, 2001 and shortly after this he "out of the blue" began meetings with American President Bush. When you read the transcript above, it does seem a transcript of him trying to speak English; and, if so, his English was excellent. Vladimir's a good actor, and he's been playing dumb about his English speaking abilities. Apparently, his English has been much better than he's let the world know.  I mean, read the transcript above. . .After the Jesuits extorted him with Lyudmila (November 2001), he began to play dumb about his English speaking abilities.   
Vladimir may have been in this outfit when he had the joint news conference with President Bush in Shanghai, China (October 21, 2001), in which he spoke excellent English.
Mountains towered on every side; their cragged crevices dotted with evergreens.  Flowers grew in rectangular brick containers on the street.  Some hung, others graced windowsills:  pinks, yellows, geraniums.  Here he could find the strength to resist the New World Order.  These were Brianna's people and this was the Bavarian Village or Leavenworth, Washington.  The quaint buildings of cream and wooden criss crosses and lattices made the courage of these people seep into his bones.  He thought of Brianna when she nursed him after the car accident.  Underneath her sweetness was a reservoir of strength.  Her father, Franz, though a member of the New World Order, had the courage to investigate for Stephen Tischler.  If the New World Order knew of this, they would target Franz.  Dor hoped Franz would exercise more courage and leave that corrupt organization.  
Below is a scene from chapter sixteen of my novel Silver Skies (2nd edition).  It takes place in Leavenworth, Washington--the subject of this YouTube video.  To order Silver Skies, go to the Gabrielle Chana's Writings page or to paperback & Kindle eBook.
Dor's head fell into his hands.  When Brianna came to Houston, they'd surely make love.  What should he do?  But he wanted her near him.  She was worth the risk; he hoped God would forgive them, whatever happened.  God promised him a millennium with her, he still longed for it.  He must not sin, and lose Brianna for the millennium.   
On his bench, he saw her.  She came to him, her soft dove eyes enthralled him.  Pigeons wobbled their heads and pranced on the sidewalk.  He motioned for her to sit next to him on the bench and took her hand.  Their heads bowed in prayer before God.  "God, help Brianna and I to love each other only when You want us to."  
She glanced at him with love-brimmed eyes and they both arose and walked together.  They walked past stores rich in the culture of Pacific Northwest Indians.
The following scene from Silver Skies (2nd edition--Amazon paperback & Kindle eBook) takes place at the Pike Place Market, Seattle (the subject of this YouTube video).
Mary dropped her off at her cabin.  Nice and cozy inside.  Brianna unpacked, then walked around outside.  Nearby a sprawling river trickled over rocks in its bed.  Birds chirped and flew from evergreen to evergreen.  Fresh and brisk air and perfect temperature invited her.  Evergreens formed a ragged outline on nearby mountains as they sloped gently higher.  Stones crunched in the sandy dirt as she walked.  She could have sublimity here except he wasn't here.  Her eyes closed, she imagined his hand in hers and both of them walking together surrounded by this.  The mountains and trees laughed at her as if to say, "What are you afraid of?  Why isn't he here with you?"  She wanted to scream back, "I'm not a coward!  I'll bring him here someday."  The river answered as it bravely followed its course, cascaded down waterfalls, and dared her to be brave, to overcome her fear of the heights.  "Those who are afraid of the falls never experience the ecstasy of flying."  Something clicked in her brain.  She would never know the ecstasy of loving him if fear of the falls stopped her.  How could she do this to herself?  To him?  Why did she let fear control her?  Didn't God say, "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin?"  She knelt and asked God to forgive her, because her life was guided by fear and not faith.  When she arose and looked at the mountain, its strength infused her.  She danced and flung her arms into the air.  As a deer, she sprung towards freedom, she became a mountain lion pounced to attack.  The New World Order, no longer the sky, but the rocky ground she stomped on.  She’d find a way to Dor.      
Many of Silver Skies's greatest climaxes take place at Yellowstone National Park.  The scene below is taken from Silver Skies (2nd edition).  Ordering information at Gabrielle Chana's Writings page or at Amazon paperback Kindle eBook.
This YouTube video is about Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons at sunset.  In the following scene from Silver Skies (2nd edition), Dor and Brianna canoe in a Grand Tetons lake at sunset.  To order book, go to Gabrielle Chana's Writings page or Amazon paperback & Kindle eBook.
The next day they toured the rest of Yellowstone.  At 3 p.m. they drove to Jackson Lake in the Grand Tetons National Park, south of Yellowstone.  They rented a canoe, Dor limped it into the lake.  It pained her to see this, but she said nothing.  What more could they do to him?  He guided Brianna in, sat opposite and rowed.  His arms were strong, as if the dreadful accident never happened.  How he took life's blows.  He stopped only forty feet from shore.  Did he worry about something?  Water lapped against their canoe.  Funny, she hadn't seen the blue car at all today.  
The lake swirled on and on, like it never found completion.  Cool, brisk air whipped about them.  Gray pinnacles laced with snow leaped inside her, cold seeped to her bones, she shivered.  Her heart burst through, broke the cold.  She would bring him the silver from the luminescent sky.  Dor laid the oars aside and stared at her.  She pointed at the sky.  “That sky. . .is that us?”
His mouth awestruck, Dor gazed.
The silvery wisps embraced her, lifted her heart above the baseness of earth.  Dor's eyes floated there.  He rowed toward the middle, strained to see more.  The sky hazed over the mountains.  The sun broke through in patches, canary rays becoming amber and earth tones.  Hours they didn't say a word, only stared and saw the silver fade.  
He observed her eyes.  “We better head back.”
Brianna scanned the sky.  God had spoken to them.
“It's as if He smiled on us.”  Dor gazed again at the sky.
In California, he rented a car to the Redwoods and drove it to the campsite where Brianna would appear.  Ferns burst from the sandy ground around fallen trunks and in profusion over the ground.  Dor sat on a log and marveled at the rugged trees that towered to the sky.  He could walk to the campground from here.  She never told him she could sing and he looked forward to hearing her.  He heard she had a nice voice.  The climate change and the cool Pacific breezes shocked his system, quite different from Houston, he shivered underneath his jacket.  His pulse raced, he headed to her campground.  
Instruments sat on a wooden stage.  An audience of at least a hundred gathered.  
Brianna came on the stage.  His heart raced and fluttered.  She waved her hands and everyone cheered.  "Hello!  Hello!  I teach at a high school in Houston, Texas called Beaufort High.  These teenage singers with me are called the 'Joy Birds'.  We don't sing rock n' roll so you may not be used to our style.  We sing the hits of the 1920s, 30s, 40s.  Our first song is 'I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time'."
A lush guitar melody introduced the song until all their voices blended into one. .
This YouTube video captures a chapter in Silver Skies, where Dor searches for Brianna at the California redwood forest near the Pacific coast.  The following scenes are from Silver Skies (2nd edition).  To order, go to Gabrielle Chana's Writings page or to Amazon paperback & Kindle eBook.

In November 1993, I graduated from The Institute of Children’s Literature and received a diploma.  I decided to further my writing skills so that I could be a novelist, and ordered books about writing from the Writer’s Digest Book Club and continued my subscription to Writer’s Digest magazine.  I started my novel Silver Skies.  
Through my studies at The Institute of Children’s Literature, I learned that I had an instinctive sense of what constitutes great writing and that if I trusted my instincts and “guts” as I wrote, I could produce a great work of art.  I figured this out, because often, after I sent off an assignment to my writing instructor (Jim Murphy) and then later read it, the same weaknesses I’d noticed during my readings would be exactly what my writing instructor would point out later (when I received his critiques).  
I discovered I had an innate “gut” sense about what is right or wrong with my writing and relied on this as I worked on Silver Skies.  As I worked on my writing, if something didn’t “sit right” with me, I’d go back and listen to my guts, and let my guts tell me what to do. 
My great uncle Howard Hughes had king David's genes.  My genetic profile is closer to king David than Howard Hughes.
Vladimir Putin has been deeply in love with a woman born in 1957 since 2001, who he states. . ."Loves me very much like my deceased wife Larisa (name changed to Lyudmila to accommodate Jesuit-led President George W. Bush).  Larisa and Gail have similar personalities--both lovers of the arts, literature, languages.  Gail is a miracle in my life, and has filled the void I had with the wife I deeply loved, Larisa, and brought me a sublimity in loving beyond what I had with beautiful Larisa".  Vladimir has never had sex with Lyudmila or Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva or any other woman since his real wife's death (2000).  Because of my influence on my men and my genetic profile from Catherine the Great (Oshu Fujiwara family --see video to left) and king David, Jesuits have used their agents (Loree McBride, Lyudmila, Alina Kabaeva) to attack Brent and Vladimir--to undermine me and those who encourage me to be strong.
Because Brent Spiner loves me, Jesuits (with a powerful Hollywood lobby), canceled Star Trek:  The Next Generation at the height of its popularity (1994).  Brent (one of the best actors in Hollywood) has never landed any role like his role as Data from Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  

Despite his excellent performance on his 1991 music album Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back, sales were dismal and he barely made a profit (that's because he made Ol' Yellow Eyes for me).  If his second album Dreamland (2008) is doing well (also excellent, with a storyline that resembles my twenty-year relationship with Brent), it's probably because anti-Semitic Jesuit Loree McBride extorted him into mentioning her in Dreamland's credits, so Jesuits don't mind this album doing well.  
Brent landed a major role in the television series Threshold (2005 to 2006), but anti-Semitic Jesuits canceled Threshold in February 2006, which, by coincidence??, happens to be the month that I reinstated Brent as my fiance' and long distance lover.  Jesuits allow no man fame or fortune,  if that man loves the great niece of the despised Howard Hughes.  Those with king David genes must be annihilated.

Brent now lives off of money he invested from his earnings as Data from Star Trek, but has NO LUXURY MONEY.  But I've never loved him for his fame or money.  

Honor your heart and your conscience, Brent.  God will take care of us.  Don't betray our people (the Jews) to save your career.  Your most important career is to be a great person, which you are.  I love you.   And thank you awesome Vladimir Putin for standing by Brent.  I love both Brent and Vladimir.
Vladimir's real wife Larisa (deceased) in this 1983 wedding photo.  Despite doctored photos of Vladimir to make him appear shallow, he loves great music and literature, and is capable of deep and committed love for his woman. 
Notice that Vladimir's fake wife Lyudmila (above) lacks the inner depths and tranquil spirit of Larisa in the wedding photo (below).  Though the appearances are similar, the personalities differ.
VLADIMIR’S CATHERINE THE GREAT (most information here obtained from Vladimir Putin himself, with brain to brain communications): In early 2000 as the woman that Vladimir married in 1983 (Larisa) lay dying, Vladimir learned that he would be the next Russian President.  “My wife is dying.  I can’t do it.  I can’t be Russian President without her.  I have no strength for this job.  It’s overwhelming.”
Larisa learned that Vladimir refused to be Russian President without her.  She called her husband to her side.  “Volodya, you must become Russian President.  Russia needs you.  I can only die in peace if you’ll promise me that you will become Russian President.”
Vladimir visited the Taj Mahal with a very sick wife (March 2000).  She died days later.  After he became Russian President, he went back (October 4, 2000), to remind her he kept his promise, he became Russian President.  In this March 2000 (not October 4, 2000) Taj Mahal altered photo, he removed his sick wife, and grafted Lyudmila into the photo.  
IF THE RAPTURE (1 Thess. 4:13-17) has not happened, you are saved according to the apostle Paul (Ephesians 2:8-9):  ("Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I admit that I'm a sinner and that only the blood you shed on that cross for my horrible sins, can save me. Thank you for dying for me and shedding your blood to pay for my sins. I accept your death on the cross as the only way to God, as the only way to heaven. Please save me now. I trust totally in your death for my sins on that cross and NOTHING ELSE to save me. Please save me now. Thank you, for rising again from the dead, to show that you are God and that only You have the power to save me from my sins, so that I can go to heaven when I die. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.")  If you have said this prayer and meant it, please read the following section. Read the Bible every day, with a Bible translated from the original manuscripts.  

PREVIEW OF The Forbidden Abyss--in progress.  The story that couldn't be told, from the heart and soul of Brent Spiner (Data of Star Trek:  The Next Generation) and Vladimir Putin (Russian President/Prime Minister) and others who have met Jesus.  Available through Amazon.  What's below is the opening.
Vladimir, with ash blonde wife  Larisa ➔ DECEASED and his two daughters. His body language indicates he's had intimacy with this woman.
Vladimir's body language with summer ash blonde wife Larisa in 1987 (above) differs markedly from his body language with autumn golden redhead Lyudmila, who's pale in summer's silver  He's never had sex (intimacy) with Lyudmila, and felt for her friendship only (2001 to 2010).  Though when he learned in 2011 that Lyudmila is a Jesuit, he no longer feels friendship towards her, but anger.  For Larisa, he felt devotion.  Vladimir acquired Lyudmila in 2001, when Jesuit-led President Bush threatened war on Russia if Vladimir would not make Jesuit Lyudmila his legal wife.  Vladimir fell in love with me September 2001.  The Jesuits then became obsessed with Vladimir Putin and forced Lyudmila on  him.  Vladimir's clone has made public appearances with Lyudmila after 2011.
Larisa (with name changed to Lyudmila) said in Vladimir's memoir First Person that she and Vladimir took their wedding vows with each other in 1983 super-serious.

Is Vladimir's wedding ring (right hand in Russia) missing?  Grieving Vladimir votes March 26, 2000.
Was dying Larisa grafted onto this photo, with unnatural red tones added to her hair?
Summer's yellow (shoulders) and silver (child jacket), not autumn's gold (neck) flatters Larisa (above).  MY COMMENTS about 2011 EASTER photos.
The two videos to the right, show a skirt I sewed that reveal my brilliance in fashion design and color, so that I can provide proof, through my intimate knowledge of coloring, that  Lyudmila is not the woman Vladimir Putin married in 1983.  
The Best of Howard Hughes  (PART1PART2PART3PART4).
You can catch Brent Spiner in The Aviator.  I think Brent played Bob (my dad's name) in this movie to honor me, the great niece of Howard Hughes.
GAIL'S RESPONSE TO BRENT SPINER ON TWITTER:   Check out Gail's YouTube channel about Brent Spiner and her men.   A UFO abducted Brent Spiner in Sept. 2011 (who before this did not believe in UFOs).  Brent was able to communicate with Gail to tell her the UFO dropped him off in a desert.  Brent was found, then Gail showed Brent that UFOs are the fallen angels that fell with Satan (Rev. 12:4), & that she prayed and asked Jesus to protect Brent on the UFO.  She told Brent that he would never be UFO abducted or switched out with his clone again, if he'd accept Christ, which he did.  She encouraged him to listen to Dr. Peter Ruckman, who has a tape series about UFOs, and who also has an excellent message about the three parts of man:  body, soul and spirit.  It is essential to understand how the body, soul and spirit of man works, to understand how the Jesuit technology, especially in the area of mind control, can be overcome.  Those under Jesuit mind-control technology need to accept Jesus as their Savior and need to understand about the body, soul, and spirit of man.  
My Oshu Fujiwara (Catherine the Great) family.
CATHERINE THE GREAT:  Read what Jesus Christ had to say about how this great head of state died (click on link above).
Since 2006, Vladimir says he has installed my MONARCHY LAWS in Russia.
Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits: 

Compare Catherine the Great's facial features with mine (in the photo above)--the similarities are uncanny.  Vladimir Putin's great work for his Russian Empress.
Photo of Larisa Putin (Vladimir's real wife who died right before he became Russian President).

Zechariah 9:15 (my birthday is 9-15-57)--"The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones. . ."  According to Vladimir Putin's scientists and Jesus Christ, half my genetic profile is that of king David of Israel.

MESSAGES THAT HONOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS GAIL HAS KNOWN HIM.  Ray C. Stedman (1917-1992) believed in biblical exposition. As pastor of Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, California, for forty years, he was committed to preaching through entire books of the Bible, or at least major portions of them. He believed that by presenting the whole counsel of God in this way, his congregation would receive truth in balance and grow into mature saints, as God intended.
Since late October 2012 Gail has abandoned her King James only position, after Jesus Christ Himself confronted her about this.  In dire need of a teacher to help her reorient to a more correct position, she scoured the Internet to find a teacher to assist her in this.  King James only people and other enemies of TRUTH have vilified her, stealing private, nude video photos meant only to encourage and love her men, posting these stolen videos and photos publicly to shame her.  But Gail remains true to Jesus, retaining HIS STAND ON THE SCRIPTURES.  By the way, Gail made her nude dildo photos/videos in January 2012, when she worshipped the King James Bible.  Her men requested that she use their Christmas present (a dildo that approximates Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin's penises) and to send them the videos (for their private collection)--PART ONEPART TWO.  Gail rarely uses the dildo, though it helped her make a good movie.  Gail's ecstatic about her 2012 Christmas present from her men, an expensive parallel Bible that Jesus Christ Himself delivered to her doorstep.  A rabid Bible reader, Gail will DEVOUR this present.

UPDATE:  Due to my influence, God has made inroads into Russia, Vladimir Putin, FOX News, the Jesuits and some Roman Catholics, and other organizations or people criticized by the writers/speakers below as evil or Satanic.    Therefore, we work with these organizations (who have hearts for God) in our fight against evil and corruption.
God deals with men differently in different periods of history.    The church age is about to end and we are about to begin the tribulation, when God deals again with the Jews, to fulfill His promises to David and Abraham.  Jesus has informed me that the kingdom of God and heaven are the same. I AM A DISPENSATIONAL PREMILLENNIALIST
The fall of the Third Reich (in present-day Yugoslavia) brought down the dark Roman Catholic Ustashe regime, who fled the crime scene after demolishing most of the evidence, with most of the Ustashe leadership going to Argentina, provided with new names and documents by the Vatican.  The video (above) portrays the horrors of World War II ROMAN CATHOLIC concentration camps.  My novel Silver Skies portrays the type of concentration camps the Roman Catholic Jesuits plan to set up in the United States, which is why the Jesuits have banned my books (writings), steal my writing proceeds, try to kill and destroy the famous men who love me (Brent SpinerVladimir PutinMatthew McConaughey, etc.), and use their agents to portray me as paranoid schizophrenic through the Internet and the media.  I, along with others, strive to get the truth to the world, to prevent a Jesuit Roman Catholic takeover of the United States and the world while I reside on earth.  After the rapture of the church, I, along with the salt (born-again belivers in Christ), will leave earth, and 666 (a Roman Catholic pope) will take over the earth as the beast, the devil incarnate, the anti-Christ.  If you would NOT like to be here when this happens, CLICK HERE to accept Christ as your Savior, by praying the sinner's prayer to accept Christ. 
"The Nazi Party was staffed with Jesuits and high ranking Catholics.  Marx, Engels, Stalin, Lenin & Fidel Castro also were all trained and guided by Jesuits."--Jack Chick, Smokescreens.  View 1 hr. preview & BRENT SPINER'S RAPE MOVIE.
A WEBSITE FOR KING JAMES ONLY PEOPLE TO EXPLORE.  IT PRETTY MUCH FOLLOWS THE TEACHINGS OF JOHN MACARTHUR.  Messages for King James Only people.  Jesus told Gail He thought John MacArthur's book Found:  God's Will was a cool book.  Gail pretty much follows the principles in John MacArthur's book "Found:  God's Will" in her life, when she must choose which path to follow.  Gail feels that no human preacher or teacher is totally correct in all their Bible positions, though as Jesus told her, "Most Bible believing groups have more in common than they have differences" and that He's not King James only and enjoys some rock music.  Jesus also likes Oswald Chambers devotional book My Utmost For His Highest, which was Gail's favorite devotional book in her twenties.  
Gail currently reads her chosen Bible passage from the King James on her lap, while listening to the same passage in the New Living translation from this website:  BIBLE STUDY HELPS ONLINE-- .  Using this method has made her Bible study come alive.  If Gail has questions about a passage, she digs deeper by using the tools, concordances and lexicons offered at this website.  

**Follow Gail in her studies
Ray Stedman:  Genesis.  
She studies from the Bible (Genesis).  Gail's notes about these passages. 

QUOTES FROM JESUS CHRIST:  "You know, the New Living translation was even more accurate than the King James."  "The Living translation (the Living Bible) was actually a little inaccurate."  "But the New Living was a better version."  "The King James is one of my favorites, but it is not the only one."  "Modern Bible translators (those behind the NASB, NIV and New Living) have considered the inaccuracies of the Roman Catholic manuscripts."  "They take manuscripts that I have allowed to withstand the test of time."  "I will preserve my word."  "Even into the tribulation."

What's On Update at

Copyright © 2010 to 2017 Gail Chord Schuler.  All Rights Reserved.
Jesus has informed Gail that the plan of salvation will change after the rapture of the church.  To be saved (go to heaven) during the seven year tribulation after the rapture, you must refuse the mark of the beast, believe on Jesus and honor Jewish law (keep the ten commandments).  Good tribulation movies:  A Thief in the NightPart TwoPart ThreePart Four.  See Revelation 14:12.  Jesus has informed Gail that the movie of her life (more than the mainstream movies out there) will prepare the world for the tribulation, so Gail features her most important videos.
The Jesuits crashed Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in January 2000, to eclipse any news coverage of the court case that Brent Spiner brought against Jesuit Loree McBride for her crimes against me (Gail Chord). In 2013, they eclipsed the court case Zack brought against me (Gail Chord) by using Zack’s King James only Jesuits to crash their space ships into Russia and elsewhere.  Zack was an evil UFO supporter at the time. Gail believes that Zack manipulated the King James only Jesuits using some form of brain control. Vladimir Putin discusses Peter Ruckman. UPDATE: Zack Knight accepted Christ as his Savior in Sept. 2016 and is now on Jesus Christ’s side.
I feel the movie David really captures the heart and soul of David.    Can view this movie at
Hugh Jackman & Gail Chord's mother safe, Jesuit base nuked (Dec. 1, 2011).
(Aug. 11, 2014) Zack Knight & Jesuits murder Robin Williams who bought 2 billion dollar ring and plane ticket to marry Gail.
Brent Spiner Finds Jesus Christ (Sept. 8, 2011):  Part OnePart Two.
Lyudmila Luxurious Autumn
Lyudmila grafted into photo wearing Larisa's soft Summer pink, not right for Lyudmila's rich, golden Autumn coloring. Lyudmila would look great here in
Autumn's yellow-green.
        Soft Summer Pastel Larisa
 Soft Summer Pastel Larisa
Soft Summer Larisa Near Death (photo appears doctored to make her appear like rich golden Autumn Lyudmila).
Summer's light lemon yellow looks great on soft Larisa
Gold makes luxurious Autumn Lyudmila shine.
Soft pastel summer Larisa
LARISA (soft pastel Summer)
Luxurious Lyudmila shines in Autumn's Rust
The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin audio book available! Order AUDIO BOOK here.
More Photos: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7],
John MacArthur Explains the Satanic Mass (Part One
Two) & the Satanic Heresy of Past  Catholicism.
>Groundbreaking   CONSPIRACY LAW
Robin Williams bought for Gail, a two billion dollar ring, a combination of rare emeralds and diamonds with a white gold band. He knew Gail was a soft natural and a winter in coloring. Click on book above to order THE SHIMMERING SEA.
Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler 1990 & 1991
Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler 1990 & 1991
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Gail's favorite Bible teacher: Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum.
Gail with Daniel Tosh for her appearance on Tosh.0. Photo taken in 2016 in Culver City, California.
The password to listen to Brent Spiner's 1990 love songs for me is "Texas Manliness".

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