GAILíSCONSPIRACY LAW FOR VIOLENT PERSONS (taken from Gailís 666-Computer Laws for Privileged Licensed Practitioners or PLPs and Registered Satellite Practitioners or RSPs).PLPs and RSPs are usually medical professionals who use computer/satellite technology to practice space medicine using computer programming via satellite to do their work .


VIOLENCE STATEMENTS MUST BE ISSUED IMMEDIATELY FOR ALL PERSONs WHO COME WITHIN THE 5,000 FT. CIRCUMFERENCE OF GAIL SCHULER OR ANY SIGNIFICANT PERSON AS PART OF OUR WAR AGAINST JESUIT TERRORISM.THOSE WITH HIGH VIOLENCE RATINGS (AS DETERMINED BY COMPUTER/SATELLITE ANALYSIS OF THEIR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS) MUST BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY AND NOT ALLOWED TO GET NEAR GAIL OR ANY SIGNIFICANT PERSON and must be TRIED AS JESUIT CONSPIRATORS IN GAILíS NUREMBERG WAR CRIMES TRIALS.Those found guilty of attempted murder or of being part of a conspiracy to commit murder (this can be determined through computer/satellite mind-reading technology in the violence statement), will be executed as Jesuit Conspirators.All these trials will be conducted on our International Broadcast News for the whole world to try these persons, with the evidence for their guilt or innocence broadcast to the world.††††††


THE PROCEDURES OF the following SECT. 54.2(a) through (e) must be used on all persons who come within the 5,000 foot circumference or area of any very SIGNIFICANT PERSON (such as Gail Chord Schuler), which means that special PLPs or RSPs may need to be assigned 24/7 VIOLENCE STATEMENT duty for all persons who come near any SIGNIFICANT PERSONĖall such persons should be under the monitoring/care of a PLP or RSP.For instance, whenever Gail works at Wal-Mart or abides at her apartment complex--all persons (including Wal-Mart workers) who enter the store (or her apartment complex) should be screened as if they were entering the courtroom as a defendant [see Sect. 54.2(a) through (e)].If the PLP or RSP determines that a person entering Wal-Mart or the Wal-Mart parking lot or Gailís apartment complex is a violent person, then that PLP or RSP must ASAP notify the MILITARY POLICE assigned to that store or area, in order to immediately apprehend that suspect.The basis for the arrest will be the statement by that PLP or RSP regarding that suspectís propensity toward violence.In cases such as this, computer/satellite evidence (using mind-reading technology) in the VIOLENCE STATEMENT will be the primary evidence used in the courtroom.THAT IS WHY THE DEATH PENALTY WILL BE METED OUT FOR DELIBERATELY INACCURATE VIOLENCE STATEMENTS.††††


54.2(a) Those defendants in ALL trials conducted in the courtroom must be screened by that defendantís PLP and RSP at least within 30 minutes before he/she enters the courtroom to determine if that defendant has any violent thoughts or plans to engage in violence in the courtroom.


54.2(b) That defendantís PLP or RSP will make a statement (under computer/satellite lie-detection) in which he/she will state that this is a violent or non-violent defendant (as determined by computer/satellite emotional or other analysis).THIS STATEMENT (called a VIOLENCE STATEMENT) MUST BE ACCURATE because it will be used in the case and will be considered part of the evidence for legal proceedings.Part of the statement by that defendantís PLP or RSP must include the following words: I have rated this defendantís propensity to violence in the courtroom (or ________ ) as accurately as I know of (using computer/satellite technology) and to the best of my knowledge, I have accurately rated this defendantís propensity toward violence in the courtroom (or _________).If the PLP or RSP fails computer/satellite lie-detection regarding his/her statement about that defendantís propensity toward violence, then that defendant will not be allowed to enter (or get near) the courtroom until an accurate statement (which passes computer/satellite lie-detection over the above italicized section) is passed by that defendantís PLP or RSP.


54.2(c) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt (or action) to issue an incorrect statement about a defendant (regarding his propensity toward violence in the courtroom) by a PLP or RSP, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that PLP or RSP.


54.2(d)††††††††††† If the PLP or RSP determines that this defendant is violent, that PLP/RSP must rate the violence according to a scale of 1 to 10 in his/her statement.The higher numbers indicate a more violent defendant.The MILITARY POLICE will use the number assigned to that violent defendant to determine which policies to use on that defendant while he/she is in the courtroom.


54.2(e) If the PLP or RSP makes the statement that this is a violent defendant, then that defendant will appear in court handcuffed and his/her feet tied down as well OR he/she will appear in court IN A CAGE (like a wild animal is caged) or whatever precautions are necessary (as determined by the number assigned to that violent defendant by his/her PLP or RSP) to ensure that no violence will occur in the courtroom.†††