1.0 This document is considered part of Gail Chord Schuler's CONSPIRACY LAWS and is to be enforced in all countries that belong to the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT headed by the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT. Refer to Gail's other CONSPIRACY LAW documents for the definitions to all capitalized terms. For the purposes of this document, the term MARRIAGE is defined as any legal marriage under the laws of the nation or state or jurisdiction. This could include homosexual or lesbian relationships. Though we are not endorsing homosexual or lesbian marriage, we recognize that in some jurisdictions, these marriages have occurred. Therefore, these marriage laws need to apply to these persons as well.

1.0(a-1) The INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT refers to any nation that honors CONSPIRACY LAW, making it the supreme law in that nation.

1.0(a-2) An AUTHENTIC PERSON is any person who is not a Jesuit clone of the person they claim to be, or is not a lookalike of the person they claim to be, but is, in fact, the person they claim to be, having been born at the place and time of the person they claim to be and having the genetic parents of the person they claim to be, with a birth (not in a laboratory or with artificial insemination) but a regular childbirth from the real mother of the person they claim to be, and is the real child of the genetic parents that they claim to be, having been born at the time and place of the person they claim to be.

1.0(a-3) The International government will scan and analyze all persons who reside in their territories and will classify them as either an AUTHENTIC PERSON, a JESUIT CLONE, or an UNWILLING AGENT. All JESUIT CLONES will be further classified to determine which clone they are, since very often there are several clones of each person. For instance, we would have Loree McBride Clone #1, Loree McBride Clone #2, etc.

1.0(a-4) All AUTHENTIC PERSONS or UNWILLING AGENTS, who are married to the JESUIT CLONE of the person they originally married, will be informed that they are no longer married to the person they married. If their original marriage partner cannot be found, or it is determined that their original marriage partner is dead, they will be informed that they are WIDOWs or WIDOWERs by REPLACEMENT, and are free to live their lives as WIDOWS or WIDOWERS, with all the legal rights of a widow or a widower. The JESUIT CLONE of that WIDOW or WIDOWER has NO LEGAL CLAIM AS THE SPOUSE OF THAT WIDOW OR WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT.

1.0(a) We have a serious problem in the world today in regard to marriage and the family. Jesuits have used their clones to replace AUTHENTIC PERSONS with their clones. In essence, they are murdering AUTHENTIC PERSONS, and replacing that AUTHENTIC PERSON with his/her clone, or they are using clones to impersonate AUTHENTIC PERSONS. When a clone acts in the stead of an AUTHENTIC PERSON, several things can happen.

1.0(b) If the AUTHENTIC PERSON was married, and then killed off and replaced with his/her clone, the other partner to that marriage is now stuck in marriage to a Jesuit clone of the person they married. The Jesuits, by murdering the AUTHENTIC PERSON and replacing him/her with a clone, have made the other party to the marriage a SECRET WIDOW or WIDOWER. This is what happened to Gail Chord Schuler. When she married David Schuler in 1985, after David returned from a deployment on the USCGC Glacier in 1986, Jesuits replaced him bit by bit with his Jesuit clone. So that by around 1991, Gail was no longer married to the David Schuler she married in 1985. The Jesuits, in essence, made her a WIDOW BY REPLACEMENT.

1.0{c} A WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT is an AUTHENTIC PERSON whose marriage partner was killed off by Jesuits (using bit by bit clone replacement, or by other methods of murder), and whose marriage partner was then replaced with their JESUIT CLONE.

1.0(d) A JESUIT CLONE is a clone created by the Jesuits to replace the AUTHENTIC PERSON, who they claim to be, and who they are not.

2.0(a) Jesuits may use a clone of the AUTHENTIC PERSON to get that AUTHENTIC PERSON legally married to the Jesuit man/woman assigned to that AUTHENTIC PERSON, against the will, knowledge or desires of the AUTHENTIC PERSON. This is what has happened to the AUTHENTIC Brent Spiner (the actor who plays Data of Star Trek). The Jesuits used the Jesuit clone of Brent Spiner to legally marry their agent, Loree McBride to Brent Spiner, even though the AUTHENTIC Brent Spiner considers himself married to Gail Chord Schuler and has never willingly and knowingly desired Jesuit Loree McBride for a wife or sexual partner.

2.0(b) Though Brent has declared this marriage certificate invalid, because it was his clone and not himself, who married Loree McBride. The Jesuits are using the ignorance of the public about the existence of clones and are using JESUIT LAW to override Brent's win in the courtroom against Loree about this marriage certificate, to force Brent to put up with false publicity which states he is married to Loree McBride.

2.0{c} Even worse, because Loree has this sham marriage certificate, which she claims is authentic, she uses it to harass Brent about child support, for a child which he did not have willing and knowing sexual relations with Loree to get. The Jesuits used artificial insemination to create a child of Loree McBride and Brent Spiner, which the Jesuits have used as a weapon to destroy Brent Spiner's love for Gail Chord Schuler.

3.0 Under CONSPIRACY LAW, if a person becomes a WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT, they will be informed by the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT of their new status of being a WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT.

3.0(a) The WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT will first be analyzed to determine if they are an UNWILLING AGENT or a clone, and to be sure they are the AUTHENTIC PERSON..

3.0(b) An UNWILLING AGENT is defined as any person whose brain is not their own, either because the Jesuits use strong brain control to manipulate their thought processes and/or emotions, thus making that person incapable of autonomous and independent decisions, and/or because they have a mental illness, usually Jesuit-induced, which makes them incapable of independent and autonomous decisions for themselves, and this mental illness makes them vulnerable to control by the Jesuits, so that their decisions are based on Jesuit control or manipulation of their thought processes, which causes them to make decisions that favor the Jesuits over themselves.

3.0{c} If that WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT is an UNWILLING AGENT, the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT will decide on a case by case basis how best to serve the interests of that WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT. They may consult with family members of that WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT (who are NOT willing or unwilling Jesuit supporters) in making their decisions.

In almost 98% of these cases their new spouse, who is a JESUIT CLONE, is a very bad marriage partner for them, and in all likelihood, the WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT, who has a new spouse (that is a JESUIT CLONE) will be given the option to declare themselves a WIDOW or WIDOWER, and the Jesuit clone replacement of the AUTHENTIC PERSON (who was their spouse) will be arrested and imprisoned, and in all likelihood, executed as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

3.0(d) Once that WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT has been declared a WIDOW or WIDOWER by the International government, they will have all the rights of widows or widowers under International law, Conspiracy Law, and the laws of their nation. Basically, any rights that widows and widowers currently have, will apply to these WIDOWs or WIDOWERs BY REPLACEMENT.

3.0(e) It is not fair for a widow or widower to be forced to be married to the Jesuit replacement of the person they married. CONSPIRACY LAW will rectify this injustice and will give these widows and widowers the right to claim their true status as a widow or widower. And that Jesuit clone who has replaced the AUTHENTIC PERSON, who was that widow or widower's spouse, will have no legal rights as a marriage partner to their "spouse" who is the WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT. But, will rather, be arrested and tried as a Jesuit Conspirator under CONSPIRACY LAW. CONSPIRACY LAW will free that WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT to be free to marry another, if they wish, or to be single again, without having to go through a divorce process. They will also be entitled to get the proceeds to any life insurance or the proceeds which their deceased spouse has given to them in any LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of that deceased spouse.

3.0(f) In cases of extreme hardship, the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT, will offer financial assistance to these WIDOWs or WIDOWERs BY REPLACEMENT, to help them to go on with their lives as new widows or widowers, including psychiatric treatment and evaluation, especially if they are UNWILLING AGENTS, who may make poor decisions on their own. We shall do all in our power to give them back their autonomy and independence from Jesuit control. Or we may assign family members to take care of them, giving the family members the means to assist that UNWILLING AGENT who is also a WIDOW or WIDOWER BY REPLACEMENT with financial assistance or other assistance (as needed).

4.0(a) Those Jesuit clones who replace an AUTHENTIC PERSON will be arrested and tried as JESUIT CONSPIRATORs under CONSPIRACY LAW. Though it is not the Jesuit clone's fault that they have been created in a Jesuit laboratory, once they are alive, they are responsible for their actions and motives AFTER THEIR CREATION. In all likelihood, they have committed crimes against innocent persons, and have tried to promote the goals of the Jesuit Order for a worldwide Jesuit takeover. For these crimes, to assist the Jesuit Order for a worldwide takeover, and to use murder, extortion, theft, lying and subterfuge and deception that harm innocent persons in the process, they will get the death penalty. In almost all of these cases, the new spouse, who is a Jesuit clone, does not love his/her marriage partner (who is not a Jesuit supporter) and desires to control that person to further the goals of the Jesuit Order, NOT with the goal to meet their needs to make them happy, but to serve the interests of the Jesuit Order. This is a crime punishable by death. This is a form of SLAVERY. The International government opposes SLAVERY.

4.0(b) To force someone to marry one who is the clone of their spouse, but is not their spouse, and to force them to be bound to the replacement of their spouse BY LAW is SLAVERY. CONSPIRACY LAW opposes SLAVERY. This type of SLAVERY is punishable by DEATH. It will not be tolerated in the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

5.0 By the same token, if the clone of an AUTHENTIC PERSON impersonates the AUTHENTIC PERSON by making any type of legal contract, be it marriage or whatever, that clone will be arrested as a JESUIT IMPERSONATOR, and tried as a JESUIT IMPERSONATOR, under the regular laws of the land for IMPERSONATORS. Also, if that JESUIT IMPERSONATOR is determined to be a Jesuit, who supports the goals of the Jesuit Order, he/she will be tried as a Jesuit Conspirator under CONSPIRACY LAW.

5.1 In no cases will the AUTHENTIC PERSON be held responsible for the actions of his/her JESUIT IMPERSONATOR, unless that JESUIT IMPERSONATOR can prove, beyond any doubt, that that AUTHENTIC PERSON willingly and knowingly cooperated with that IMPERSONATOR in his actions as an IMPERSONATOR. If that IMPERSONATOR has signed legal documents or made financial transactions using the name and identity of the AUTHENTIC PERSON, that IMPERSONATOR will be tried for IDENTITY THEFT, IMPERSONATION, and as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

5.2 All marriage certificates and licenses must be inspected to ensure that no IMPERSONATOR to an AUTHENTIC PERSON was the party to that marriage certificate or license.

5.3 The INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT will publish a list of all marriage certificates and/or licenses that have been RESCINDED and made NULL AND VOID, because one or both parties to the marriage certificate was a JESUIT IMPERSONATOR.

5.3(a) Any nation under CONSPIRACY LAW, must check the list of RESCINDED MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES OR LICENSES before they make any legal decisions that require a marriage license or for the parties to be married, to ensure that no JESUIT IMPERSONATOR is acting in the stead of the AUTHENTIC PERSON as a marriage partner. These IMPERSONATIONS must stop and we must pull out all the stops to rid the world of these IMPERSONATIONS, which have become flagrant and widespread.

5.3(b) No legal transactions of ANY KIND that are done by a "married" couple or a partner to a marriage can take place unless all parties to that legal transaction ensure that the persons who claim to represent that married person are WHO THEY CLAIM TO BE, and are not a JESUIT CLONE or IMPERSONATOR.


5.3(c-1) One way to streamline this process, will be to reissue all marriage certificates and licenses in every nation of the International Government. All nations of the International Government will ONLY issue marriage certificates to those who are AUTHENTIC PERSONS and are not IMPERSONATORS or clones of the AUTHENTIC PERSONS. These marriage certificates will have special codes on them, issued by the International Government, which must pass under a scanner to ensure authenticity. If the married persons do not have this certificate on them when they make any legal contracts or activity as a married couple or married person, then that contract or activity cannot go forward.

5.3(c-2) Nobody can claim to be married legally unless they have a government issued marriage certificate or license under CONSPIRACY LAW, with the code for authenticity.

5.3(d) To willingly and knowingly go forward with any legal transaction, and to IMPERSONATE an AUTHENTIC PERSON in so doing, especially with the goal to further the goals of the Jesuit Order, is death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. Because one of the Jesuits' favorite methods of impersonation is through fraudulent marriage certificates or licenses, all legal transactions which involve married people must ensure that the married partners who present themselves are truly married under CONSPIRACY LAW. If it is discovered that the married partners who present themselves are not married, the person conducting the transaction must report the fraud to the police, so that the IMPERSONATORS can be arrested as Jesuit Conspirators. To fail to do so, would be the same or worse as selling a gun to a minor, or alcohol to a minor.

5.3(e) Willing and knowing failure to turn guilty JESUIT IMPERSONATORs over to law enforcement will be considered a death penalty violation as a Jesuit Conspirator under Conspiracy Law. Because Jesuits use a lot of death threats to have their way, this will be taken into consideration, in deciding on the guilt of those who fail to turn in JESUIT IMPERSONATORs over to law enforcement.

5.4 No UNWILLING AGENT can make any type of legal transaction, without the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT babysitting that transaction to ensure it does not violate the rights of others, because that UNWILLING AGENT is used to serve Jesuit interests. All UNWILLING AGENTS must be kept under 24/7 monitoring to protect them from themselves and the Jesuits.

5.5 If that UNWILLING AGENT is about to make a legal transaction of any kind, the parties to the transaction (except for the UNWILLING AGENT) will be informed that their transaction is being monitored. If during the monitoring, it is determined that that UNWILLING AGENT is about to make a poor decision that he/she would probably not make if they were not an UNWILLING AGENT, the International Government will intervene and have family members of that UNWILLING AGENT, who are NOT willing or unwilling Jesuit supporters, to assist the International Government to make the right choice for this UNWILLING AGENT.

5.6 The INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT will train a special team of SOCIAL WORKERS for this task, who can work with the UNWILLING AGENT and his/her family to make the best choices for this UNWILLING AGENT in such situations. If there is a capable family member (who is not a willing or unwilling Jesuit supporter) who can act in the stead of the SOCIAL WORKER, then that family member will be used.

5.7 In the rare case, where the International Government will allow a JESUIT CLONE to marry another Jesuit clone or to marry an AUTHENTIC PERSON, it must first be determined that no IMPERSONATION is taking place, and the marriage certificate or license must CLEARLY state that it is the CLONE of that person and NOT that person who is being married. The marriage certificate will clearly identify WHICH clone(s) is/are the party to this marriage certificate and that clone will be REQUIRED to CHANGE HIS/HER NAME to a name which is different from the name of the AUTHENTIC PERSON whose genes they have (as their clone).

5.8 In those rare cases where the JESUIT CLONE is allowed to survive, they must change their name and their true birthday and place of birth (even if in a Jesuit laboratory) must be issued in a Government-issued birth certificate, stating which laboratory they were created in and when they came into being (their TRUE birthday and birth place). If these are unknown, the birth certificate will state UNKNOWN, but will give them a name, which must be DIFFERENT from the name of the AUTHENTIC PERSON whose genes they have. As much as possible their memories must NOT be the memories of the AUTHENTIC PERSON, and they must be given new memories, so that they can continue on as the CLONE of the AUTHENTIC PERSON they represent, but with a different name and to go on, as their own unique self, which is not the same person as the AUTHENTIC PERSON, whose genes they have.. .

5.9 If there is more than one JESUIT CLONE of the AUTHENTIC PERSON, who is allowed to survive, each JESUIT CLONE will get his/her own birth certificate and identity and will have separate memories from the AUTHENTIC PERSON whose genes they have.

5.10 If any JESUIT CLONE starts to willingly and knowingly IMPERSONATE any AUTHENTIC PERSON, they will be executed as a Jesuit Conspirator and will lose their privilege to stay alive.

6.0 Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will an AUTHENTIC PERSON be held liable for the actions of his/her IMPERSONATOR or JESUIT CLONE(s). No legal contracts of any kind can be undertaken, unless the contract or transaction takes place under a TRUTH SCANNER. The TRUTH SCANNER will approve of the transaction and allow it to go forward, by giving it a password that will allow that transaction to be entered into the International Government's database of approved and legal contracts or transactions..

6.0(a) All citizens of the International Government will be issued CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATES, which will be embedded into their brain. TRUTH SCANNERS will be placed throughout the world to scan the brains of everyone, in order to find Jesuits. These scanners will also be used to verify the authenticity of all persons. No legal contract can take place unless all parties to that transaction are under one of these scanners. All legal contracts or transactions must be imprinted with the scanner to verify the authenticity of all parties to that transaction. Once any legal contract or transaction (including marriage contracts) take place, that contract will be entered into the International government's database and registered online. During the registration process, the government program will be set up so that only those contracts or transactions from authentic parties can be validated and approved by the International government. This registration process will also be used to find Jesuits and arrest them, because they like to make legal contracts or transactions all the times, usually with the intent to IMPERSONATE. This is a great way to find Jesuits.

6.0(a-1) Because the TRUTH SCANNER is a superior method for determining the authenticity of the parties to a marriage contract, it is no longer required that both parties must be physically present at a marriage ceremony for the marriage to be consider legally valid. If, one of the parties to the marriage is unable to be physically present for the marriage, due to military service overseas, or for other reasons, the marriage can take place and be considered legally valid, as long as there are no legal impediments to the marriage, like one of the parties already being married-so long as both parties are under TRUTH SCANNERS when they have their marriage ceremony and when they sign their marriage certificates. The witnesses to the marriage will be the operators of the TRUTH SCANNERS (who will be members of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS-see Sect. 3 of UNWILLING AGENT LAWS).

6.0(a-2) It doesn't matter where the marriage takes place or how many witnesses there are, the marriage is not considered valid unless it is scanned and approved by the TRUTH SCANNERS (operated by the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS-see Sect. 3 of UNWILLING AGENT LAWS). This is the ONLY sure way to detect JESUIT IMPERSONATORs or CLONES.

6.0(a-3) Therefore, under CONSPIRACY LAW, the requirement for the physical presence of both parties to the marriage has been replaced by the requirement that both parties to the marriage must be scanned by the TRUTH SCANNERS, to determine that this is what both parties really want and that both parties are who they claim to be. TRUTH SCANNERS at each marriage ceremony will prevent marriage by extortion or marriage by impersonation, and is a superior method for determining whether the marriage is legally valid.

6.0(a-4) This means that a couple could be married by Skype, as long as both are under the TRUTH SCANNERS at the time of their wedding ceremony, and as long as both are not legally married to another (which forbids them marriage to another). In some cultures and jurisdictions, there can be more than one marriage partner.

6.0(a-5) CONSPIRACY LAW is mainly concerned that the marriage partners are who they claim to be, and that both parties are not legally obligated to another as a husband or wife, which would prevent them from the marriage they currently desire. All this can be ascertained from the TRUTH SCANNERS (which will have the entire history and will be able to scan the birth certificate embedded in the brains of all at the ceremony to determine authenticity of the parties to the marriage contract).

6.0(a-6) Those who desire to be married, but cannot live together for reasons beyond their control, will not be denied an opportunity to be legally married, as long as they meet the requirements for a legal marriage under CONSPIRACY LAW. The TRUTH SCANNER is superior to having the physical presence of both (or all) parties to the marriage contract at the ceremony, because the TRUTH SCANNER can detect JESUIT CLONES and IMPERSONATORS (as parties to the marriage contract), whereas the physical presence of the parties alone, may not detect such imposters. So the former laws, which require the physical presence of the parties, will be replaced by the need for TRUTH SCANNERS to scan all the parties to the marriage contract, to determine their authenticity and their willing and knowing desire to be the marriage partner as outlined in the marriage certificate.

6.0(a-7) THEREFORE, if TRUTH SCANNERS are employed on the parties to the marriage contract, the parties to the contract can be legally married under Conspiracy Law. All the other laws of the jurisdiction over the marriage will apply to the marriage, unless these other laws somehow contravene CONSPIRACY LAW. CONSPIRACY LAW will be the deciding factor in any disputes over law in a marriage contract.

6.0(a-8) CONSPIRACY LAW does not want to play the role of moralizer, over whether it is right to have homosexual, lesbian or polygamous marriages. So, for these decisions, the marriage partners can choose to be married in jurisdictions that will support the union they desire, and CONSPIRACY LAW will recognize that union, as long as it meets all the other requirements for a legal marriage as defined by this document and by CONSPIRACY LAW.

6.0(a-9) CONSPIRACY LAW does not oppose homosexual or lesbian marriage or polygamous marriages, as long as no party to the contract is violating CONSPIRACY LAW in such a union. And as long as custody matters of children, and former marriages are handled according to the laws of the jurisdiction that is handling the marriage and as long as the marriage does not violate CONSPIRACY LAW, it is recommended that the proposed marriage follow the traditions of the land that is conducting the marriage, because that is what will ensure the happiest union and harmony, which is what marriage is all about.

6.0(a-10) Those who truly love each other and want to support their partner in a legal union, are encouraged to marry under CONSPIRACY LAW, if they so desire. And impediments, such as sexual orientation, the number of partners, children involved, must be handled in a manner that is beneficial to all parties involved in such a marriage contract. If there are disputes, they will be resolved in a manner that promotes the happiness of all parties to the contract who are legally qualified to be married according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

6.0(a-11) CONSPIRACY LAW supports the traditional marriage between a man and a woman, and believes in most cases children should be raised in a home with a traditional marriage. But each custody case for a child will be handled on a case by case basis. What is best for all parties will be determined by brain reads of all parties involved, which will scan what makes each party happy and the compatibility of the parties to the arrangements suggested, using psychological profiles and histories as the determining factor in all decisions. Also, each child will be placed in homes that have moral values and will instill in the child a respect for right and wrong, and a regard for the rights of others.

6.0(b) The members of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS (see Sect. 3 of UNWILLING AGENT LAWS) will program these TRUTH SCANNERS.

6.0{c) All citizens of the International Government must have a CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATE embedded into their brain. This will be done automatically and nobody will have to take any special action to obtain this. No willing and knowing Jesuit supporter will have a CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Our scanners will immediately pick up on any persons who enter the territory of the International Government who do not have the CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATE and law enforcement will be sent to investigate for Conspiracy Law violations. These CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATES will make it easy for our scanners to identify the presence of Jesuit terrorists in our midst.

6.0(d) It goes without saying, that no marriage can take place unless all parties to the transaction are legally registered citizens with a CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and the marriage certificate must be the CONSPIRACY LAW MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. From this 10th day of May forward in 2014, all other marriage certificates and licenses are null and void.

6.0(d-1) All marriage licenses and certificates must be examined by our TRUTH PROGRAMMERS (see Sect. 3 of UNWILLING AGENT LAWS) for authenticity and then new marriage licenses and certificates will be issued for those who are eligible for them. These licenses, for those who are eligible, will be retroactive and the date of the marriage may be a past date, when the authentic marriage actually occurred. The International government will not give any IMPOSTERS a marriage certificate or license, and will not allow IMPOSTERS to carry out legal transactions, unless they do so using the identity of the person on their CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

6.0(d-2) All marriages by IMPERSONATORs will be declared INVALID and a LIST WILL BE PUBLISHED OF ALL MARRIAGES THAT HAVE BEEN DECLARED INVALID. Probably the first marriage on this list should be the marriage of Loree McBride to Brent Spiner, because she married the IMPERSONATOR and not the AUTHENTIC PERSON, who is the real Brent Spiner.

6.0(e) Those who do not have a CONSPIRACY LAW BIRTH CERTIFICATE cannot conduct any legal transaction, including marriage, and will be placed under arrest as an alleged Jesuit Conspirator.

6.0(f) Regarding the children of unions from IMPERSONATORs--These children will be put up for adoption into good families who will raise the children, not as Jesuits, and not as children of the AUTHENTIC PERSON. By committing the crime of JESUIT IMPERSONATION, the parties to this death penalty crime, lose the right to be the parents of the offspring of this illegal union. Such children can only have tragic endings. These children will be removed from the care of the parties to the IMPERSONATORs, and be put up for adoption into good families.

6.0(g) The exception to this, will be if the IMPERSONATORs cooperate with the International Government and vow to never use the children as a weapon to trap the AUTHENTIC PERSON in any manner. They must vow, under 666-Computer LIE DETECTION, that they will raise these children, not as Jesuits, but as loyal citizens of the International Government, and that they will never be used to ensnare the AUTHENTIC PERSON of the IMPERSONATOR.

6.0(h) If the AUTHENTIC PERSON chooses to adopt any of these children of his/her IMPERSONATOR, the decision must be fully of his/her free will, with no extortion or pressure from the IMPERSONATORs or Jesuits to force this AUTHENTIC PERSON to care for children that he/she did not knowingly and willingly have sex with the Jesuits or IMPERSONATORS to bring into being.

6.0(I) Children obtained by rape, drug rape, extortion (like a gun to the chest to have sex), will be considered children of JESUIT IMPERSONATORs for the purpose of this legal document. No rape victim or extortion victim, forced to have sex with his/her extortioner against his/her will or knowledge, will be forced to care for the children brought about by such a union. These children will be put up for adoption into good families.

7.0 Any TRUTH SCANNER who willingly and knowingly allows an IMPERSONATOR or JESUIT CLONE to be married legally, will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. Also any TRUTH SCANNER who willingly and knowingly allows any marriage contract or any legal contract to go forward, realizing that such a contract is a violation of any CONSPIRACY LAW or is a violation of the laws of the nation or state or area that has jurisdiction over the contract, will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator for violating the law in such a flagrant and disrespectful manner.


Though the International Government encourages freedom of speech, we strongly condemn defamation, which has run rampant in a Jesuit-controlled world:

8.0 Because Jesuit leader Zack Knight is able to clone the entire Internet, we have been unable to remove defamatory web sites from the Internet and defamatory MEDIA BROADCASTS AND PUBLICATIONS from publication and broadcast. However, under CONSPIRACY LAW, all website managers and MEDIA PRESENCE are required to view the published list of marriages that have been declared invalid and to remove all false information at that website or their MEDIA PRESENCE about any illegal marriage, and either not comment about that marriage or correct the inaccuracies about that marriage on the website or MEDIA PRESENCE. Jesuits get power by flooding the Internet with lies about marriages, weddings, etc., especially in regard to SIGNIFICANT PERSONs.

8.0 Severe violations of this Sect. 8.0, will result in the shutdown of that media presence.

8.1 All web sites, publications, news broadcasts, and media coverage in any form (called MEDIA PRESENCE) must correct inaccuracies about the marriages mentioned on their MEDIA PRESENCE within 30 days after the published list of invalid marriages is posted by the International Government.

Any MEDIA PRESENCE that fails to correct lies about the marriages on their MEDIA PRESENCE within the 30 day deadline, will be sued for defamation by the International Government for each day the incorrect and lying information remains posted on that website after the 30 day deadline. The defamation will be considered to be against the International Government, by making the International Government's list of invalid marriages seem a hoax and will be defamation against the innocent persons who are forced to feel married to people they do not desire for marriage and have never desired for marriage.

The amount of damages will be determined by the courts, and will be determined by how much this lie affects the welfare of the citizens of the world, and for the LENGTH OF TIME THIS LIE HAS BEEN POSTED PUBLICLY. In the case of the fraudulent marriage involving SIGNIFICANT PERSONS, such as of Brent Spiner to Loree McBride or the fraudulent marriage of Matthew McConaughey to Camila Alves, the damages will be very high, because these men are the husbands of the head of state of the United States and other countries.

8.2 It is the goal of the International Government to bankrupt any MEDIA PRESENCE who continually publishes or broadcasts dangerous and harmful lies to the public about the marriages of SIGNIFICANT PERSONs. All such MEDIA PRESENCE that are sued by the International Government for defamation will have their cases tried on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel for the whole world to see the case, and to see to what extent Jesuits will go to further their lies.

8.3 All winnings for these cases will be put into Gail Chord Schuler's LEGAL EARNINGS fund and will be treated as outlined in Gail's legal document called MY OFFERING TO GOD, where Gail uses the monies to support Christian missionaries and charities.

8.4 FINANCIAL HISTORIES (see TERRORIST MONEY LAWS) will be obtained on all defendants in these cases, to determine their ability to pay, and this will play a factor in the amount of the damages. Jesuits are filthy rich and play poor and hide their true wealth. Our FINANCIAL HISTORIES should be able to uncover much of their hidden riches, forcing them to pay and ripping the cover off their poverty performance, revealing that most of their money is earned through money laundering of various sorts and through criminal activities. These Jesuit criminals will be FORCED TO PAY damages one way or another. If they don't have the money, they may have to do community service for free.


9.0 Because the Jesuit Order has an obsession over any man who genuinely loves Gail, and tries to destroy that man and/or his relationship or possibility of marriage with Gail, it is necessary to write these laws to protect Gail and the men who love her.

9.1 GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST is defined as the list of men created by the real Brent Spiner and the real Gerard Butler as men "in waiting" for Gail Chord Schuler, who have promised themselves for Gail and who do not have any knowing and willing sexual or romantic relationship with any other woman as they wait to possibly be Gail's husband.

9.2 Though Gail has not requested that her men create a MARRIAGE LIST for her, they have done so, despite her requests to NOT DO SO.

9.3 Gail has noticed that all men on her marriage list suffer greatly for their courage to be on this list and she feels a need to write law to protect these men. Unfortunately, the pressures of being on Gail's marriage list can be overwhelming, leading the man to sometimes take foolhardy measures as he attempts to stay sane because of the Jesuit pressures inflicted on him for being in love with Catherine the Great and King David (Gail Chord Schuler). Robin Williams, in an attempt to deal with Jesuit pressures, actually tried to marry Gail in a brave move that was bound to get a Jesuit response. And yes, the Jesuits responded and murdered Robin Williams, making it appear a suicide. Gail hopes with these laws, she can help give some support to these men, who face monumental pressures for loving her.

9.4 Any man on Gail's marriage list must make a PUBLIC STATEMENT that he is on Gail's marriage list and that as part of being on her list, he vows to not be willingly and knowingly romantically or sexually involved with any other woman besides Gail. He will make this statement under 666-Computer lie detection and emotion reads on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News Channel.

9.5 Next, he will state WHY he is on Gail's marriage list, and this statement will also be under 666-Computer lie detection and emotional reads.

9.6 If, after making this statement, the 666-Computer emotion or mind reads determines that he is not sincere and he plans to have sexual affairs with other women, he will be PUBLICLY REMOVED FROM GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST right there on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. Gail feels it is necessary to write this law, to support the men on her marriage list, who are being unfairly targeted with Jesuit women and forced into relationships they despise, and that breaks their hearts JUST BECAUSE THEY LOVE GAIL.

The Jesuits are trying to make Gail's MARRIAGE LIST a joke, and she feels she must write this law, to show that these men are HEROES and that they all truly love Gail, and don't view the MARRIAGE LIST as a means to get out of their responsibilities for their sexual behavior.

9.7 Gail is aware that once a man goes on her marriage list that they become Jesuit targets, causing the Jesuit Order to make clones of ALL the men on her marriage list, who then have PUBLIC affairs with JESUIT AGENTS in order to make Gail appear crazy and her MARRIAGE LIST a joke.

9.8 Therefore, it is MANDATORY that once a man goes on Gail's marriage list, that all LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES set up scanners to scan for JESUIT CLONES of every man on Gail's marriage list. The JESUIT SCANNER which is given to all LAW ENFORCEMENT officials must include the scan for the JESUIT CLONES of all men who are on Gail's marriage list. This scanner must be accurate and it must be programmed to EXECUTE THAT CLONE ON THE SPOT.

All LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies of all CONSPIRACY LAW networks must have this scanner on their vehicles and on their persons AT ALL TIMES, and all JESUIT CLONES of any man on Gail's marriage list MUST BE EXECUTED on the spot. This scanner will be programmed to KILL any Jesuit clone of any man on Gail's marriage list.

We have determined that all Jesuit clones of Gail's men are evil killers, who deserve the death penalty. They are created to impersonate the real man who is in love with Gail and to sabotage that man's love for Gail, even killing the real man in love with Gail, if they must. This is a death penalty violation under Conspiracy Law.

9.8(a) A MODIFIED version of the JESUIT SCANNER called the CITIZEN SCANNER will be made available to the general public (those who are NOT Jesuits). Those who would like to obtain this CITIZEN SCANNER can contact Gail's men at The men will do a history on the person who makes the request, and those who are determined to be "safe" (not Jesuits or their supporters) will be given CITIZEN SCANNERS. This CITIZEN SCANNER version of the JESUIT SCANNER will only have the ability to SCAN and DETECT for Jesuits, Jesuit clones and Jesuit supporters. If any unauthorized person tampers with the CITIZEN SCANNER's programming, it will SELF DESTRUCT, so that Jesuits cannot modify it and cause confusion or false arrests.

The CITIZEN SCANNER will scan for the presence of Jesuits, their clones or Jesuit supporters with a range of about a mile. When it detects the presence of Jesuits or their supporters, it will alert LAW ENFORCEMENT, creating "tags" on the Jesuit or Jesuit supporters. Using mind reading technology, it can detect Jesuit supporters as well as Jesuits and clones. The CITIZEN SCANNER will cause pinpoints to show up on a large, detailed map at LAW ENFORCEMENT headquarters, alerting LAW ENFORCEMENT to go out and make arrests. If the CITIZEN SCANNER had to execute the Jesuit before law enforcement arrived, it will instruct law enforcement to come get the body and handle that body according to Conspiracy Law or the laws of the land.

The CITIZEN SCANNER will also detect if that JESUIT or JESUIT SUPPORTER is about to commit a crime or death penalty Conspiracy Law violation, and, if so, when it scans it will first download all the memories, thoughts and emotions of the Jesuit it scans to LAW ENFORCEMENT computers, and then will KNOCK OUT the Jesuit, Jesuit clone or supporter or cause them to FREEZE IN THEIR TRACKS and not be able to move or talk. Each Jesuit scanned will be assigned a GENETIC CODE by the CITIZEN SCANNER which identifies each Jesuit scanned and differentiates each Jesuit scanned from any authentic person that the evil Jesuit may be impersonating.

Those who have experience in arresting Jesuits will program each CITIZEN SCANNER (BEFORE it is handed out to any citizen) to make it effective in locating and arresting Jesuits. For instance, they may program it to send a spermicide bullet to a Jesuit who is about to become a suicide bomber using nukkake.

The CITIZEN SCANNER will be "intelligent" and capable of making decisions over how to handle the Jesuits it scans. Those citizens who are given the CITIZEN SCANNER are warned that they are not allowed to tamper with its programming in any way, or it will SELF-DESTRUCT and they will lose their privilege to use the CITIZEN SCANNER.

If the CITIZEN SCANNER determines that the Jesuit scanned needs to be executed, because he/she is exceptionally dangerous or is about to be transported away so that the criminal can escape from LAW ENFORCEMENT, it is capable of executing the JESUIT or JESUITS scanned ON-THE-SPOT. The CITIZEN SCANNER is an "intelligent" machine, capable of making decisions about how to handle the Jesuits it scans.

Any willing and knowing use of the CITIZEN SCANNER to violate Conspiracy Law, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

Those citizens who use the CITIZEN SCANNER in a manner that results in the arrest and execution of over 1,000 Jesuits will be paid a substantial BONUS from the International Government. For each 1,000 Jesuits arrested and executed, the owner of that CITIZEN SCANNER will be rewarded with a BONUS.

This will be a great incentive to make sure the CITIZEN SCANNER is on at all times, even when that good citizen is sleeping. The CITIZEN SCANNER will be especially watchful to detect the presence of any unauthorized person who is approaching it to modify its programming and will be programmed to kill that person ON THE SPOT.

If a CITIZEN SCANNER self-destructs because an unauthorized person approached it with the intent to modify its programming, it will send a message to LAW ENFORCEMENT that it is about to SELF-DESTRUCT and will send a genetic code scan of the unauthorized person or persons who had this intent to LAW ENFORCEMENT, so that the Jesuit can be arrested (or their body picked up) by LAW ENFORCEMENT. If these unauthorized persons were NOT the owner of the CITIZEN SCANNER, that owner will be given a replacement CITIZEN SCANNER when it is safe to do so. This replacement may be sent to them via TRANSPORTER TECHNOLOGY, so that it just "arrives", landing in the same spot as the previous CITIZEN SCANNER.

All men on Gail's marriage list will be given a CITIZEN SCANNER. But they will also have the added protection of 24/7 LAW ENFORCEMENT surveillance and the use of JESUIT SCANNERS everywhere THEY GO, as outlined in this Section of Conspiracy Law.

9.9 FURTHERMORE, all residences and workplaces and places that a man on Gail's marriage list may visit or live in, must be outfitted with JESUIT SCANNERS hidden inside the walls, ceilings, etc. of these places, which will be programmed to kill any Jesuits or Jesuit clones of any man on Gail's marriage list who visits any of these places.

This scanner will also be programmed to kill any Jesuit who plans to extort herself or himself onto that man on Gail's marriage list.

This means, for instance, let's say Matthew McConaughey has to attend an awards ceremony, and Camila Alves and/or the Matthew McConaughey clone transports into his car. Matthew's car will be equipped with a scanner that will kill all the Jesuits on the spot when they transport into his car.

10.0 Using our mind reading technology, LAW ENFORCEMENT will know IN ADVANCE where a man on Gail's marriage list may travel to, and must outfit that location with JESUIT SCANNERS that will kill any Jesuit clone of that man or any Jesuit who shows up in that area.

10.1 Because the men on Gail's marriage list are strong Jesuit targets, they will all have their brains connected to LAW ENFORCEMENT, so that LAW ENFORCEMENT can follow them everywhere and ensure that JESUIT SCANNERS are placed in all locations they visit, if possible, to kill off any Jesuits who may harass or threaten them.

10.2 All men on Gail's marriage list must agree to have their minds read at all times, so that LAW ENFORCEMENT can anticipate where they are going, and outfit the area with JESUIT SCANNERS in advance, to kill off any Jesuits who may threaten them. If a man on Gail's marriage list is not willing to participate in this, he must be removed from Gail's marriage list. Serious measures must be taken to protect any man on Gail's marriage list who seriously loves Gail and those not willing to sacrifice their privacy to LAW ENFORCEMENT, are not serious enough to be on her list. Gail thinks most of the men will WELCOME this, because they are more scared of the Jesuits than they are worried about keeping their privacy.

10.3 The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will issue daily reports about any Jesuit clones who have been killed by the JESUIT SCANNER, and about Jesuits killed by the Jesuit scanner.

10.4 Another problem for Gail's men has been the hijacking of their websites, Twitter pages, Facebook pages by their Jesuit clones. Basically, Jesuit clones are STEALING THE IDENTITY OF GAIL'S MEN, creating the appearance that that man does not love Gail and that she is crazy to believe that.

10.5 Any social media site that allows one of Gail's men to have a presence, MUST put the JESUIT SCANNER into the SIGN ON procedure for that site, be it Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or whatever. This means that if the Jesuit clone signs onto that site to make comments, the JESUIT SCANNER will work through the Jesuit's computer to ZAP HIM and kill him. The social media site's program will be set up, that if the JESUIT SCANNER is not operative in the SIGN ON procedure, that that account will be BLOCKED and that computer user will not be able to use that computer to SIGN ON to the site.

10.6 Our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM must work with Facebook, Twitter, and any social media site that sponsors any of Gail's men and come up with a program that will KILL any Jesuit or Jesuit clone who hacks onto the website of Gail or her men's websites.

If Facebook, Twitter, and the social media sites refuse to do this, then they must cancel that celebrity's site and remove them from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If the social media site refuses to enforce these laws about having a JESUIT SCANNER on their site for Gail's men, that social media website will be SHUT DOWN. We will destroy all the servers to that site, if we can, and turn over its management to a non-Jesuit organization.

Basically, we will FORCE those who manage or own that social media site to transfer ownership to a non-Jesuit entity, and all those social media sites who refuse to comply with these laws will be arrested as JESUIT CONSPIRATORS and given the death penalty if they willingly and knowingly cooperated with Jesuits to allow Jesuits to hack into the websites of Gail or any of the men on Gail's marriage list.

The men on Gail's marriage list are the leaders in our war against Jesuit terrorism and we won't make it easy for Jesuits to destroy the reputation of these men, with the goal to kill these men and to kill Gail.

10.7 If a man on Gail's marriage list ever willingly and knowingly becomes romantically involved with another woman besides Gail that man will be PUBLICLY removed from Gail's marriage list and PUBLICLY SHAMED on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. Gail's marriage list has already been made into a joke by the Jesuits. We need to show that these men are committed to Gail and that this MARRIAGE LIST is not a SHAM, but is SERIOUS BUSINESS FOR THESE MEN.

10.8 The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will maintain a list of all the men on Gail's marriage list for PUBLIC PERUSAL. It will be updated any time a man is added or subtracted. If somebody spots a man on Gail's marriage list with another woman besides Gail and that "appearance" seems to be of a romantic nature, that citizen is urged to report this to LAW ENFORCEMENT, who will investigate to see if these are Jesuits. If so, that person who reported the "appearance" will be paid a BONUS by the International Government for assisting us to locate Jesuits and to execute them. This "appearance" will be exposed on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and evidence will be presented that these were Jesuits (and not the real man who claims to love Gail, and allegedly has a lover besides Gail).

10.9 If the Jesuits are dumb enough to make a news report about a Jesuit clone appearance with his/her Jesuit lover, and anybody catches the "couple" in the act, they are urged to call law enforcement to arrest the Jesuits, so that these Jesuits are executed. Those who report Jesuits impersonating a man on Gail's marriage list will be paid a BONUS for helping us to find and arrest Jesuits.

11.0 If the news report is fabricated and no such "appearance" happened, and the Jesuits used Photo Shop (or something similar) to make a lie appear the truth, that news outlet or media presence will be FINED FOR EVERY DAY THEY ALLOW THE LIE TO BE PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC. Also, if it is determined they willingly and knowingly presented the lie to the public, knowing it was a lie, they will be executed as Jesuit Conspirators, who cooperate with Jesuit lies (in an indirect attempt to have the REAL PERSON MURDERED AND REPLACED WITH THEIR CLONE).

11.1 The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and all major news outlets will be encouraged to let the world know which men are on Gail's marriage list and will let the world know that BONUSES will be paid to anybody who reports an "appearance" of one of these men with a lover besides Gail. Gail actually believes all the men on her marriage list are faithful to her and is getting sick of the lies perpetrated about her men. She has written these laws to help them maintain their reputations and integrity.

11.2 We are in the process of replacing the Internet with the Transportnet, and those websites that cooperate with Jesuits to promote lies about Gail and her men, may be the first ones whose ground servers we destroy. These Jesuit lies about the hearts of Gail's men must stop. It is KILLING THEM. The Jesuits MURDERED Robin Williams, and more murders will follow unless these laws are ENFORCED.

11.3 Any Jesuit or Jesuit supporter who willingly and knowingly place themselves on Gail's marriage list with the intent to make a mockery of her list, and who have no intention of honoring her Conspiracy Law or honoring Gail, will be given the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

11.4 When the public views the list of men on Gail's marriage list, realistic photographs of her men must be posted, to help them recognize any possible clones. Also, THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW WHEN THE MAN GOT ON GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST, so that the public will recognize any of his clones who may impersonate him and who must be arrested; and so that the public will not confuse a legitimate romantic interest from BEFORE the man got on Gail's marriage list as opposed to a Jesuit clone partner imposed on the man AFTER HE GOT ON GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST.

It will be like looking at a MOST WANTED LIST. However, the public will be warned NOT TO CARRY OUT THE EXECUTIONS THEMSELVES, because they may end up murdering the REAL MAN as opposed to the CLONE, but to report the "appearance" to LAW ENFORCEMENT and allow LAW ENFORCEMENT to handle the matter.

Also, the public will be given a list of Jesuits (with their pictures) of women who have appeared in news articles or a media presence as the romantic interest of that man AFTER HE GOT ON GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST.

They will get a BONUS for reporting the "appearance" of that man on Gail's list with his romantic interest, NOT for carrying out the execution. In fact, if they carry out the execution themselves, and accidentally kill the real man, they will be executed for this mistake. It is MANDATORY that they only allow LAW ENFORCEMENT to carry out executions of Jesuit clones, because Jesuits are too clever. The only exception may be if the clone is about to kill them and they have to kill the clone in self-defense.

The other exception will be if their CITIZEN SCANNER knocks out the Jesuit(s). A CITIZEN SCANNER is programmed by LAW ENFORCEMENT, so if a CITIZEN SCANNER knocks out a Jesuit, all actions of a properly programmed CITIZEN SCANNER are considered ACTIONs from LAW ENFORCEMENT. A CITIZEN SCANNER is considered a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL in the form of a mini-robot, because it has autonomy and is able to "think" and "make" decisions.

11.5 Any willing and knowing violation of this section about the men on GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST with the intent to further Jesuit deceptions, lies and intrigues and to assist the Jesuits in their sabotage of the men who want to marry Gail, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

11.6 People will also be encouraged to report any website, online media or any media presence that presents any of the men on Gail's marriage list with a lover other than Gail to the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT or to Those reports that result in the arrest and execution of Jesuits will get a BONUS. In cases where more than one person makes a report, the first ten will get the BONUS, and the rest will not.

11.7 The executions of the Jesuit clones of Gail's men, and the Jesuit lovers who allegedly had a relationship with one of the men on Gail's marriage list ,will be PUBLIC on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. We want to show the world that we take these crimes of impersonation seriously and that Jesuit terrorism over the hearts of the men who love Gail will NOT be tolerated.

If the Jesuit lover did actually have sex with the man on Gail's marriage list but the sex was forced onto the man against his will and/or knowledge, the executioner will state before he executes the rapist, that this Jesuit is guilty of raping the man into a relationship that he did not want and that this is a death penalty violation under Conspiracy Law, and then that rapist will be executed on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

If the rapist's "relationship" with the man on Gail's marriage list has gone on for long enough for that man to have her child, the child will be taken from the rapist and put up for adoption into a good family.

The press and media will be instructed to NOT print any stories about these children, to let them have normal lives and to not allow the Jesuits to use these children to sabotage that man who loves Gail and who did not conceive this child of his own free will. Anybody in any media presence who willingly and knowingly publishes a story about the "child" of this celebrity, if this child was conceived by his JESUIT RAPIST or JESUIT LOVER (that he did not want), will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. That media presence will also be FINED for each day that they allow such a story to be presented to the public.

The exception to this will be if the story about the child is designed to EXPOSE Jesuit treachery, and not to promote Jesuit lies. However, in most cases, it would be better not to report about the child and allow the child to have a normal childhood without undue media attention.

All FINES collected will be used to finance the military operations of the International Government (those nations that support Gail's Conspiracy Law).

11.8 Jesuits can be spared execution if they make a public statement (under 666-Computer lie detection) confessing their crimes and promise to abandon the Jesuits and support Conspiracy Law. They must allow us to keep them under 24/7 surveillance and mind reading to ensure they don't "defect".

11.9 Jesuits have unfairly presented Gail to the world as a women who has a romantic interest in "married" men, because they have hitched most of the men on Gail's marriage list with their agents. These laws are designed to prove that ALL the men on Gail's marriage list are NOT married to another and that Gail does not go after married men.

12.0 In the case where the man willingly and knowingly makes a public appearance with a Jesuit by special arrangement, like Hugh Jackman with his Jesuit clone wife Deborah-Lee Furness to Hollywood events, the Jesuit can be spared execution at the event they attend with their "husband", if both make a public statement under 666-Computer lie detection on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel that they plan to attend this event together as a couple to minimize Jesuit problems, but that both are fully aware that the man (Hugh Jackman) is fully committed to Gail and is not actually married to the person he is appearing with in public, and that he is saving himself for Gail.

12.1 Though the appearance of the man with the Jesuit clone wife will be permitted in certain special circumstances, in no case should either party during their public appearance together make any statements that make it appear that their relationship with each other is legitimate. The clone wife appearing with the man on Gail's marriage list, must keep a low profile and not make any moves or conversations that undermine this man as loyal to Gail.

For instance, Hugh Jackman should NOT say in public that he and his wife Deborah-Lee will be together forever and that they will love forever until death, creating the false impression that he is really married to her. In fact, even though we will turn off the scanners to kill the Deborah-Lee Furness clone (for instance), if the couple get permission IN ADVANCE to make an appearance together. HOWEVER, the scanners will be programmed to pick up all they say, and if anything said makes Gail's marriage list seem a joke, then the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER who is scanning that Jesuit will make her unable to talk for the rest of the event, using technology that will tie her tongue.

Once the event is over, she will be interrogated over whether what she said (to undermine Gail's marriage list), was done ON PURPOSE to make Gail NOT seem the true love interest of the man on Gail's marriage list, and if she did this deliberately, she will be executed as a Jesuit Conspirator.

Gail wants it to be known, by these laws, that she respects the institution of marriage and would never willingly and knowingly involve herself romantically with any man who was truly married to another besides herself. These laws are an attempt to show that Gail takes her marriage vows very seriously and expects the same from her men.

Though she has a list of men who want her, she is absolutely loyal to this list, even sacrificing her reputation and her life to remain loyal to the heroic men on her marriage list.



13.0 A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (for the purpose of this Sect. 13) is defined as any financial institution that allows parties to a legal or illegal marriage to establish a joint account or any type of account that deals with financial transactions.

13.0(a) JOINT ACCOUNT (for the purpose of this Sect. 13) is defined as an account used for financial purposes in which all parties to a marriage have access to that same account.

13.0(a1) FINANCIAL ACCOUNT is defined as an account used for financial purposes.

13.0(b) LEGAL MARRIAGE is defined as a marriage as outlined in this legal document entitled INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS and is a marriage that honors Conspiracy Law.

13.0[c] ILLEGAL MARRIAGE is defined as a marriage in violation of this legal document which is entitled INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS.

13.0(d) ILLEGAL ACCOUNTS are those accounts that have been opened in violation of this Sect. 13 and/or in violation of these INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS and/or in violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.

13.0(e) The INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT is defined as a government in which Conspiracy Law is the supreme law of the land, superseding all other laws in that country. Certain countries, like Russia, are governed by Conspiracy Law, which means that all other laws in that nation that conflict with Conspiracy Law are null and void. Those laws that can work with Conspiracy Law are still in effect, but may be modified if the conflict is only partial.

13.1 No party can establish a JOINT ACCOUNT unless all parties that have access to that JOINT ACCOUNT are in a LEGAL MARRIAGE to each other.

13.1(a) No party can establish a FINANCIAL ACCOUNT unless all parties that have access to that FINANCIAL ACCOUNT are who they claim to be and are in compliance with these INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS, are in compliance with Conspiracy Law, and are NOT participating willingly and knowingly in an ILLEGAL MARRIAGE. The purpose of this Sect. 13 is to prevent clones from impersonating the authentic person and using that impersonation to commit identity theft against the authentic person.

13.2 To ensure that all JOINT ACCOUNTS are in compliance with this Sect. 13, no JOINT ACCOUNTS can be established without prior approval from the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT. All Conspiracy Law honoring nations must ensure that all JOINT ACCOUNTS are in compliance with this Sect. 13 by conducting audits of all FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONs for compliance to this Sect. 13. These audits must begin after the head of state reads this Sect. 13 to the nation and must be completed in a timely manner, not taking more than a month to completion after they have started. Further, no new FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS can be opened or started unless it is determined that these new FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS are in compliance to this Sect. 13.

13.2(a) Those involved in the audits will be considered LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS according to Conspiracy Law, which means if they violate Conspiracy Law in the conduction of these audits, they will be tried as Jesuit Conspirators according to Conspiracy Law.

13.3 To ensure that all FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS are in compliance, all present FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS must be audited for compliance. All new FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS require an inspection to ensure compliance to this Sect. 13. Those accounts that fail the inspection and violate this Sect. 13 cannot be opened, and all such accounts opened in violation of this Sect. 13 will be subjected to heavy fines by the International government and may result in the arrest of the willing and known violators of this Sect. 13.

13.3 Under no circumstances will innocent parties suffer as a result of illegal accounts opened in their name. If it is determined an ILLEGAL ACCOUNT has been opened and that a debt has been incurred as a result of this, the guilty parties (as defined by this document) will suffer the consequences of their own financial transactions and cannot bring litigation against the innocent party for financial transactions which that innocent party never wanted or approved of. Rather the guilty parties will be arrested for identity theft and fraud and as Jesuit Conspirators (if that applies). The guilty parties will be fully responsible for all fraudulent accounts they have opened and only they will be expected to pay up for their own actions.

13.3 To help facilitate the enforcement of these laws for FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS, all legal FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS must be encrypted with a code or password that indicates the account has passed government inspection and is perfectly legal. This password or code must be assigned to all approved accounts by the International government indicating the FINANCIAL ACCOUNT has passed inspection and is allowed to exist. All FINANCIAL ACCOUNTs WITHOUT this code or password are forbidden to exist, and, if discovered, will be shut down and heavy fines levied against the willing and knowing violators.

13.4 No FINANCIAL INSTITUTION is exempt from the audit required by the International government to ensure that FINANCIAL INSTITUTION is in compliance to this Sect. 13.

13.5 The head of state of all Conspiracy Law honoring nations must announce in a public medium accessible to the majority in that country, that all FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS will be audited for compliance to this Sect. 13. This will serve to warn the holders of such accounts and the FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS that sponsor such accounts of the laws which they need to honor to avoid fines, penalties and arrests. On top of this, a written notice will be sent to all FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS warning them about the need to comply with this Sect. 13. Once this notice has been sent out to all FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and the public announcement from the head of state has been made about these laws, these laws will go into effect IMMEDIATELY. This written notice must contain the following wording:

“Under no circumstances can any FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS use the Internet, public media or public presence of any person as a basis with which to make legal decisions regarding the financial transactions of that person. Just because the Internet or the news or a fraudulent Jesuit marriage document says someone is married, does not make it so. Regardless of that person’s public presence, a person will be determined to be married according to a Conspiracy Law marriage license and not according to the media or rumors or Jesuit law. Therefore, if a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION willingly and knowingly approves of an ILLEGAL ACCOUNT by not getting prior approval from the International government first before opening or continuing that account (and if that account has never passed government inspection receiving its code or password), that financial institution must suffer full responsibility for such actions, the only exception being if the International Government accidentally approved of an ILLEGAL ACCOUNT, in which case the International Government will be investigated and arrests made of government officials for violation of Conspiracy Law.”

13.6 Victims of violators of this Sect. 13 can take the criminal who stole their money or assets using ILLEGAL ACCOUNTS to court and can demand damages to be paid to them by that criminal. If the criminal is part of a conspiracy and he/she himself/herself is unable to pay for their crimes to give the victim the restitution the victim deserves, the victim has the right to then sue the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION that sponsored the ILLEGAL ACCOUNT or to sue the other members of the conspiracy of which the criminal took part or to put a hold on the criminal’s assets or paycheck (in order to obtain payments for damages).

13.7 If the victim is so destitute that they cannot afford an attorney, they will be provided a free attorney by the International government, who will try to assist them to recover damages for an ILLEGAL ACCOUNT opened in their name. Also, any fees the International government collected to punish the violator will also be used to assist the victims of these ILLEGAL ACCOUNTS.

13.8 All FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS that willingly and knowingly allowed an ILLEGAL ACCOUNT to exist, must suffer all the consequences of allowing the existence of that account, including paying damages to the innocent victims of that ILLEGAL ACCOUNT.

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler

Place: Melbourne, Florida, United States

Date: May 9, 2014, (Sect. 9 to 11 LAWS REGARDING GAIL'S MARRIAGE LIST on Nov. 15, 2014), [Sect. 9.8(a) CITIZEN SCANNERS on Nov. 16, 2014], (Sect. 13 LAWS REGARDING FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS on August 17, 2015).