†(or the military orders given out by General Gail Schuler)

Gail Schuler has reluctantly taken on the responsibilities of a general in the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION.† Her duties will be confined to military law and assistance in military strategies.† God has indicated to her that if she does not take on these responsibilities, that the war will be lost.†† SHE DID NOT WANT THE JOB, BUT VLADIMIR PUTIN BEGGED HER TO TAKE THE POSITION AND OUR MILITARY GENERALS WANT GAIL TO TAKE THIS POSITION--evidence that these men begged Gail to take this job will be shown on GCFNC, to minimize Jesuit attempts to create the impression that the men are jealous of Gail and donít really want her in this position.† The truth is, Gail would drop this job in a minute, if she didnít have to do it, but she feels that her skills are essential to help us win this war.†

You may say, why is Gail qualified to take this position?† Itís probably because I understand the mindset of the Jesuit Order (due to my extensive experience with them) and, therefore, know what it takes to beat them.† Let me warn you, from what I know of these bastards, we wonít be getting any overnight victories.† However, I feel our progress has been too slow, and thatís because the priorities I mention below need to be enforced.†

All statements Gail makes in this legal document will be evaluated by 666-Computer analysis on GCFNC, to show that she speaks how she really feels.† If Vladimir (as an AUTHENTIC PERSON) ever told me to quit this job, Iíd do it in a second.† It has never been my goal to be a general in a war.†

SHE WILL METE OUT WAR STRATEGIES, WHICH SHE WILL DELINEATE IN THIS DOCUMENT.† ANY WAR STRATEGY THAT SHE DELINEATES IN THIS DOCUMENT WILL BE HER CONTRIBUTIONS AS GENERAL AND WILL BE CONSIDERED A MILITARY ORDER and a law THAT MUST BE CARRIED OUT AS IF SHE WAS A FULL-FLEDGED MILITARY GENERAL.† She will advise generals about war strategies and will work with the top generals as a team player to assist them with war strategies and laws.† Because of her tremendously busy schedule, she will need to rely heavily on her co-generals for accurate and comprehensive intelligence reports and updates about war progress, so that she can mete out effective war strategies.†

All laws and strategies that Gail Schuler as military general delineates in this document will be reported on in GCFNC, to show that her strategies are being carried out and that she truly is a general in this war against Jesuit terrorism.† Her pay has been deferred, and she reluctantly takes on this responsibility because her services are desperately needed in this extremely difficult war.

77.0 Once the laws of this document or of any CONSPIRACY LAW are enforced in a country, no changes (alterations to, deletions to, additions to these laws) can be made to these laws without a WRITTEN amendment.† The approval for this written amendment must be in WRITING, and SIGNED and DATED by the countryís PRESIDENT (in the presence of 14 witnesses who will also sign and date the amendment as witnesses to the Presidentís signature).† This amendment will be filed with the military tribunals.† See Sect. 33.3 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.† All writers of any amendment must meet the qualifications of a CONSPIRACY LAW WRITER as outlined in Sect. 33.3 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

77.01 NEIGHBOR LAWS (see asterisked sections of Sect. 2 of General 666-Computer or satellite computer Laws) are not as comprehensive as my CONSPIRACY LAWS, but are a portion of my CONSPIRACY LAWS.† A countryís President can choose which of my CONSPIRACY LAWS he/she wants to adopt for his/her country.† But whatever laws he/she chooses to adopt, once these laws are adopted, and then if these laws are modified in any way (by additions to, deletions to, or alterations to these laws), an AMENDMENT must be made public (as described in this Sect. 77) and filed with the military tribunals.

77.011† The term INTERNATIONAL, when used in this document, refers to any country or countries (or citizens of any country or countries) which is not listed as a TERRORIST NATION on the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENTís website.† The term INTERNATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT also refers to the jurisdiction of the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT-- which encompasses all nations which willingly cooperate with CONSPIRACY LAW (and the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT) and which nations are not listed as TERRORIST NATIONS on the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENTís website.

77.012† All violations of CONSPIRACY LAW are considered violations of INTERNATIONAL LAW.

77.02 Any legal actions taken by the international government to defend itself against terrorists (including the use of any of the CONSPIRACY LAWS) can be broadcast on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

77.022† For all death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW, public direct or cross-examinations on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL must be done, not only for the main perpetrator, but for all those directly or indirectly involved with the violation.† All who are determined (directly or indirectly) to be willingly, knowingly and deliberately part of the conspiracy (which was/is a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW) must be executed at the same time in order to establish the criminal conspiracyís involvement to the violation--because, right before or after the executions, the criminal conspiracyís motive (and the identification of the criminal conspiracy behind the violation--with the mention of the names of those executed, and the date and time of their executions) will be exposed and identified on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNELí (and/or its website).† If the number of persons publicly executed for a CONSPIRACY LAW violation is large or more criminals (for that violation) are discovered later, another public mass execution on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL for that same violation can be done at a different time (from the time of the original mass execution for that violation), as long as the identification of the criminal conspiracy behind that violation and the motive for that violation is firmly established and mentioned (right before or after the public executions).† It is quite possible that 100 or more people may be executed for the same death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.† In order to cover these extensive direct or cross-examinations, GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL, will have two broadcasts on two different stations (with one broadcast specifically devoted to the direct or cross-examinations, confession statements and executions of death penalty CONSPIRACY LAW violations)--see Sect. 4.41 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS.†

77.023† Most CONSPIRACY LAW death penalty cases will be decided by motive, this will be mentioned before all public direct or cross-examinations of alleged death penalty violators on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL and before all public executions.† Questions 24 & 25 of Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT may be especially helpful in determining motive.††††

77.024† A DEATH PENALTY MOTIVE is a motive (which accompanies a violation), and which is a motive that is a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAWS.†

77.025† A PUBLIC EXECUTION is defined as the listing or reading of the names of those executed for death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW on the GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL television broadcast, and this listing or reading will identify the violators (along with the conspiracies they are involved with) and will identify their death-penalty motives which were determined through direct or cross-examination (under 666-Computer lie-detection).

77.026† Before public direct or cross-examinations and public executions, the death-penalty motive which can bring the death penalty will be read aloud (and a reference will be made to the CONSPIRACY LAW[s] which cover those death-penalty motives [for those violations which are being direct or cross-examined or for which executions are taking place]).††††

77.03 All those who are suspected of (or are convicted of) any crime outlined in the CONSPIRACY LAWS will be required to undergo FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES (which will be updated daily).† Highlights from these FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES (or the actual word-for-word HISTORIES) may be broadcast and/or published in GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL or in Gail Schulerís statements (with all the rights of Gail Schulerís legal documentation as outlined in her 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document).† EMOTIONAL HISTORIES are required as well as FINANCIAL HISTORIES, because Jesuits are using extortion to force people to take bribes, so the international government needs to know WHY a person took a bribe.† The death penalty is not given to those who are victims of extortion.† Anyone who uses extortion (and who is not an extortion victim himself/herself) to force anyone to take a Jesuit bribe will be given the death penalty.†††

77.031† No UNWILLING AGENT is permitted to have on his/her person any dangerous weapon, nor can any UNWILLING AGENT be placed in any position where he/she can use any type of lethal force against any person (such as the use of missiles, bombs, etc.).† Any UNWILLING AGENT who has a concealed weapons permit must have this permit revoked and that UNWILLING AGENT cannot carry any dangerous weapons until he/she is no longer vulnerable to being used as an UNWILLING AGENT.† Those UNWILLING AGENT members of the military, police and other agencies who normally use (or have access to) dangerous weapons must be revoked of their weapons (or their ability to use lethal force) and must not be permitted to carry any dangerous weapons on their person (or to use any type of lethal force) until that person is no longer vulnerable to being used as an UNWILLING AGENT.† Any (direct or indirect) deliberate, knowing and willing attempt (or action) to allow any UNWILLING AGENT to carry or use any dangerous weapons (or to have the ability to use lethal force) will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to any person who cooperates in such a scheme.††

77.031(a) Because the most important soldier in the Jesuit Army now in 2005 is the UNWILLING AGENT and because we are losing our own soldiers in a catastrophic manner to the Jesuit side due to attrition in our ranks-- this is because the Jesuits have turned many of them into UNWILLING AGENTS, it is essential to deal with this matter in utmost urgency.†

77.031(b) As of this 6th day of September, 2005--all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS throughout the world from the International President on down (that is, anyone who is any manner is responsible for the direct or indirect enforcement of CONSPIRACY LAW) are required to spend at least an hour and a half each day on a computer-based learning module (called a BIBLE PROGRAM) in which they must spend that entire 1 Ĺ hours (or longer) studying and meditating on the Bible in the language which is their strongest language--each 1 ņ hour (or longer) segment will be called the BIBLE SIGN-ON PROGRAM.†

To meditate on the Bible means to read the Bible in quiet and peace and with slow, thoughtful meditation over the words read.† We have evidence that it is better to read slowly and carefully one chapter of the Bible, than to read hurriedly ten chapters of the Bible.† The quality of the Bible reading time is just as important as the quantity of time in the Bible.† The key to getting the positive effects of Bible reading is to MEDITATE on the words read.† Though skimming the Bible brings some effectiveness, the most effective Bible reading must be reading that is slow enough that the words read are COMPREHENDED and UNDERSTOOD.† Better to read slowly and thoughtfully one chapter or one paragraph of the Bible and to meditate on these words, than to read quickly and thoughtlessly ten chapters of the Bible where the words have not SUNK INTO THE MIND.†

Not only must he/she spend 1 Ĺ hours a week in Bible meditation, but he/she must have maintained this for at least six months before we will allow this person to be a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON in our CONSPIRACY LAW networks.† Since 1 Ĺ hours is a large segment of time, one hour of this time can be used by meditating to music such as Handelís Messiah, which is Scripture sung to music or by exposing oneself to other mediums-such as Dr. Spinerís presentation which is Scripture read orally against a background of paintings and music.† The main thing is we want is for each LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON to meditate on the Bible for at least 1 Ĺ hours EVERY WEEK for at least six months.†† This is necessary because the latest evidence shows that it takes at least 1 Ĺ hours of Bible meditation every week (for about six months) to prevent one from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT--the only exception would be for a person, such as Gail Schuler or Dr. Brent Spiner who meets with Jesus almost every day.† But since most people donít fall in this category, it is necessary for most people to spend 1 Ĺ hours a week in Bible meditation for at least six months.† Even so, both Gail Schuler and Dr. Spiner (despite their long history of Bible meditation) expose themselves to about 1 Ĺ hours or more of Bible every week and have done this for a long time.

77.031(b-1) ***VERY IMPORTANT***And, in addition, all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs must be analyzed every day before they begin their shift by the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS.† This analysis by the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS of each LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON (under that FEAR ANALYZER CORPsí memberís jurisdiction) must be in writing or in some form of documentation which could be used in a court of law.† Failure to put this analysis into writing or other documentation which could be used in a court of law, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS member.† Willing and knowing neglect by a FEAR ANALYZER CORPS member to analyze and submit the documentation to the proper authorities (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW and this Sect. 77.031) of all those assigned to him will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that FEAR ANALYZER CORPS member.†

Furthermore, any willing and knowing attempt (or action) to neglect to include any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON in the daily analysis of the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that negligent LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON.† It is imperative that any and all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs are analyzed daily to ensure that all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs who work for the International government fear God more than men, this is the only way to weed out Jesuits in our midst.† As long as Jesuits can infiltrate into our LAW ENFORCEMENT networks, we will never win this war against Jesuit terrorists.† Even the members of the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS must be subjected to this daily analysis.†

77.031(b-1).1† In addition, Any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who fails the analysis of the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS (called a FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON) and is determined to fear men more than God-- cannot perform his/her duties as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON for that day AND a 666-COMPUTER HISTORIAN must be assigned to that FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON to determine if that FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter.† The analysis of this FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON by the 666-COMPUTER HISTORIAN (to determine whether or not that FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter) must be in WRITING or other form of documentation which could be admitted as evidence in a court of law.

77.031(b-1).1-a Furthermore, every 666-computer or satellite computer or any computer used to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW (no matter what kind) and which is used by any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON must be programmed to have an UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER (which is operating in compliance with CONSPIRACY LAW--see Sect. 99) and which will cause that computer to freeze the instant the operator of that computer has become (or is) an UNWILLING AGENT.

†All PROGRAMMERS involved in programming any computer used by our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS (and most especially those that program computers to have an UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER) must follow the guidelines expected of all our PROGRAMMERS to ensure that the programming work is done in compliance with CONSPIRACY LAW--see Sect. 55.72 of Int. PLP & RSP Network Conf.† Failure to follow these guidelines must cause the dismissal of that PROGRAMMER from the PROGRAMMER CORPS and could result in the death penalty for willing and knowing violations of CONSPIRACY LAW.†

The first CONSPIRACY LAW networks which must be screened to determine that the required 1 Ĺ hours of Bible meditation (for at least six months-see Sect. 77.031b) is accomplished for each person, will be for the members of the PROGRAMMER CORPS, who are possibly the most important members of all the CONSPIRACY LAW networks.† It is essential that EVERY MEMBER OF THE PROGRAMMER CORPS is not an UNWILLING AGENT--this must be TOP PRIORITY!!† The UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER must work (according to CONSPIRACY LAW) on every computer in all our CONSPIRACY LAW networks.

To ensure that when this computer freezes that life maintaining operations can continue, any 666-Computer or satellite computer which is used for a life-sustaining operation must have several back-ups which can continue its work if it freezes because an UNWILLING AGENT is at the helm of that computer.† Willing and knowing failure to honor the guidelines of this Sect. 77.031(b-1).1-a and if this failure is done to assist the goals of the Jesuit Order, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.†

If any nation fails to honor this Sect. 77.031(b-1).1 and allows LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS to use computers which do not have UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZERs and which work in accordance with Sect. 99 of this document--the International government will declare war on that nation and will destroy all that nationís military bases and all its 666-Computer, satellite computers to the best of our ability.

77.031(b-1).1-b Every 666-Computer and satellite computer on the planet must be analyzed to see if it has an UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER.† All 666-Computers and satellite computers must have an UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER installed within 24 hours (as of this 30th day of August, 2004 at 8 p.m. EST)--which means that by 8 p.m. 8-31-05 every 666-Computer or satellite computer or any computer used by our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS on planet earth or in its atmosphere which does not have a working UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER must be totally destroyed!!† By 8 p.m. 8-31-05, any and all 666-Computers or satellite computers or computers used by our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS which do not have a working UNWILLING AGENT ANALYZER (as described in Sect. 99 of this document) must be destroyed or made unusable.†

Willing and knowing (direct or indirect) failure to implement this Sect. 77.031(b-1).1-b by the deadline indicated will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the violator.† All such cases will be tried on GCFNC and the guilt of the guilty party will be firmly established before the execution takes place.† It was the violation of this Sect. 77.031 which caused the death of chief justice William Renquist, because the Jesuits used UNWILLING AGENTS in the RSP networks to murder him, this will be firmly established on GCFNC with evidence and all world leaders (including Jesuits) will make statements of condemnation (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis) over the death of William Renquist.† Those that fail lie detection (over the death of Mr. Renquist) will be condemned and those responsible for this death will be executed by Sect. 95 on GCFNC, this is because Gail Schuler is a lawmaker.

77.031(b-1).1-c This is because on this 8-30-05, the main soldier in the Jesuit army is the UNWILLING AGENT and we must take catastrophic measures to deal with this.† UNWILLING AGENTS were used to orchestrate, create and manipulate hurricane Katrina which devastated the Gulf coast of the U.S. and were used to try to murder Gailís son (my son on 8-30-05) as UNWILLING AGENT LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS worked on his PERSON-PROGRAM.†

77.031(b-1).2† In addition, if it is determined by the 666-COMPUTER HISTORIAN that the FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON (who failed the analysis of the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS) is, indeed, a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter, then a CONSPIRACY REPORT must be filed immediately or as soon as possible to the proper authorities (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW) by the 666-COMPUTER HISTORIAN about that Jesuit LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON, and proper follow-up to the proper authorities must be filed immediately or as soon as possible (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW) about that Jesuit LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON [in the form of a CONSPIRACY ACTION REPORT].† See Sect. 13.16 of CL&G for updates about automatic computer-programmed filing of CONSPIRACY REPORTS.

77.031(b-1).3† Any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who is aware that another LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter is required to file a CONSPIRACY REPORT about that Jesuit LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON immediately or as soon as possible to the proper authorities (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW) and to ensure that upon the receipt of the CONSPIRACY REPORT, that a CONSPIRACY ACTION REPORT about that Jesuit LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is filed immediately or as soon as possible to the proper authorities (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW).† See Sect. 13.16 of CL&G for updates about automatic computer-programmed filing of CONSPIRACY REPORTS.†††

77.031(b-1).3-a Willing and knowing failure to carry out the actions outlined in this Sect. 77.031(b-1).3 when that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is aware that another LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that willing and knowing negligent LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON.†

77.031(b-1).4† In other words, once it is determined that a Jesuit is working as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON, serious and immediate follow-up needs to occur by all those who are aware of this, and it is the responsibility of all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs who are aware of this predicament, to ensure that this Jesuit is immediately arrested and dealt with according to CONSPIRACY LAW.† Jesuits are dangerous terrorists and all measures must be taken to remove them from the LAW ENFORCEMENT networks.† This is highest priority and requires immediate action.†

77.031(b-1).5† In fact, if it is determined that any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON realizes that another LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter and this LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON (who has this knowledge) willingly and knowingly does NOT file a CONSPIRACY REPORT immediately or as soon as possible about this Jesuit LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON to the proper authorities (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW), then that willing and knowing negligent LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† See Sect. 13.16 of CL&G for updates about automatic computer-programmed filing of CONSPIRACY REPORTS.†

77.031(b-1).6† If we have a continual problem with a FAILED LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON and he/she consistently demonstrates that he/she fears men more than God, he/she will be completely sacked and replaced by another LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON for his/her position.† This would include heads of state or anyone in any LAW ENFORCEMENT position.†

77.03(b)-a However, the International government cannot mandate or recommend where the BIBLE PROGRAM must be done and cannot mandate that it be done at a church or through any religious institution.† We believe firmly against the institution of any state sponsored religion and no one in the International government can mandate (or force or extort in any manner) that a person must complete the BIBLE PROGRAM through any religious organization or at a church or any specific location of any religious organization.†

77.03(b)-b We only mandate that the location where the BIBLE PROGRAM is completed, must be a quiet location where the person can meditate on his/her BIBLE PROGRAM without distractions.† Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action to force or extort (in any manner) a person to complete the BIBLE PROGRAM through any religious organization or at a church or at the location of a building sponsored by any religious organization, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.†

77.03(b)-c If we mandate that the BIBLE PROGRAM must be completed at a church or at the location of a building (sponsored by any religious organization), we will be playing right into the hands of the Jesuits, because they could easily twist this law to support their goals for a Roman Catholic Jesuit-led dictatorship.†

77.031(b.1) Because exposure to OCCULT MEDIA can weaken or nullify the positive effects of the BIBLE PROGRAM, the BIBLE PROGRAM will work in synergy with the 666-Computer program for that person and if it is determined that that person has had enough exposure to OCCULT MEDIA to undermine his/her BIBLE PROGRAM time, he/she will receive a message before he/she starts his/her BIBLE PROGRAM which will educate him about what OCCULT MEDIA exposure he/she has had within the past 24 hours which has weakened his/her brain so that he/she is more vulnerable to being used as an UNWILLING AGENT and the message will explain how much time had to be added on to his/her normal BIBLE PROGRAM time to compensate for his/her exposure to OCCULT MEDIA.†

Any use of 666-Computer/satellite induced amnesia on the brain to nullify the effects of the Bible reading time (so that the amount or quality of the Bible reading time that remains after the amnesia --would be ineffective at preventing that person from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT) will be considered exposure to OCCULT MEDIA and those who have had this type of amnesia induced on their brain will not get credit for their Bible reading time, unless theyíve read enough Bible to compensate for the amnesia, so that they cannot be used as UNWILLING AGENTs.† Each amnesia attack on the brain will count as a certain amount of time deducted from the personís Bible reading time, depending on the severity of the amnesia.† All efforts should be made to place a shield around that portion of the brain which retains the Bible or to use reverse trigger programming to undo the amnesia (see Sect. 74 of 666-Computer Laws).†

Also, all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs must be analyzed every 24 hours to see if computer/satellite amnesia has been induced on them to undo the effects of their BIBLE reading time.† If this is the case, then measures must be taken to counter this or they will not get credit for their Bible reading time (unless they have read enough Bible to compensate for the amnesia induced on their brain), even if they passed the test.† In fact, the computer (which gives them credit for the Bible program) should be programmed to delete time (in accordance with the amount of amnesia induced on the person), since this type of amnesia is considered exposure to OCCULT MEDIA.† This may mean, they would have to spend ten times more time in the Bible program to compensate for the amnesia.†

Have our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM work on this.† Also, those who willingly and knowingly induce this kind of amnesia will be executed under CONSPIRACY LAW.†††

77.031(b.2) He/she will be told that to compensate for this exposure to OCCULT MEDIA, he/she must spend extra time in his/her BIBLE PROGRAM and will have to complete the extra time required (to overcome the negative effects of exposure to OCCULT MEDIA) in order to get credit for his/her BIBLE PROGRAM for that 24 hour period.† If somebody attended an acid rock concert for an hour, he/she may need to spend 4 hours in the BIBLE PROGRAM to overcome the negative effects this had on his/her brain!† The BIBLE PROGRAM will state why that person is required to spend extra time in his/her BIBLE PROGRAM and it is hoped that this will encourage some people to drop some very bad habits, because if they donít, they will be sacked, because we wonít tolerate UNWILLING AGENTS in our law enforcement ranks.†††

77.031(b.3) Whatever Bible study language that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON chooses for his/her study, he/she must be fully fluent in that language or else his/her BIBLE PROGRAM study efforts will be considered invalid and he/she will be removed from his/her position as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON if he/she studies the Bible (for a BIBLE PROGRAM) in a language with which he/she is not fully fluent..† The definition for fully fluent is that this person has enough comprehension of that language to easily read a text written at the 12th grade level in that language.††† If that person does not have 12th grade reading comprehension in any language, then he/she must participate in the BIBLE PROGRAM in his/her strongest language.†

77.031(d) Dr. Brent Spiner (and those he assigns to this duty) will make the tests which will cover the entire Bible and these will be incorporated into each half hour segment of the BIBLE PROGRAM, so that each half-hour BIBLE SIGN-ON PROGRAM will have a test to cover its contents.† These tests will be designed to test to see if that person has, indeed, read his/her Bible section for that day and will not be designed to impart doctrinal positions or beliefs.† Before one takes the test, there will be a brief statement which will state the following:

ďYou are being tested to ensure that you have read your assigned Bible passages for today.† This test is not designed to impart religious doctrines, beliefs or interpretations of the Biblical passages read-- but only tests to see if you have read your assigned Biblical passage.† Scientific evidence has shown that daily reading of the Bible prevents one from having their brain taken over by terrorists as UNWILLING AGENTS and this daily Bible reading has been proven to put a shield over your brain to prevent terrorists (through their satellite/computer signals to your brain) from controlling your attitudes, goals and thoughts.† So far, daily Bible reading, along with avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA, is the only sure weapon we have to prevent one from being taken over as an UNWILLING AGENT by these terrorists; and, therefore, daily Bible reading (and avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA) is mandated for those who are in critical positions which could influence the outcome of the war against Jesuit terrorism.Ē

77.031(d-1) Those who accuse us of religious indoctrination will fail-- because the tests will not test over interpretations of the Bible passage read but will test over the actual Biblical reading material.† People are free to interpret what they read any way they want.† We will only test over the passages read to ensure that THEY HAVE BEEN READ.† The test may ask specific questions about the passage read for the day, just to ensure that the test taker HAS READ THAT BIBLE PASSAGE.† The test will be designed to see if that test taker has read the Bible passage and the test is not designed to impart any particular doctrines or beliefs or interpretations of the passage read.† There may be tricky multiple choice questions which will discern whether that person has read his/her Bible passage.†

77.031(d-2) The test will be set up as follows.† For instance, Iím in Ezekiel 32.† All questions will be fill in the blank/multiple choice and will use the actual Scripture read.† The test will be set up so that a person cannot pass it unless that person is reading the right version of the Bible.† This is because we have solid evidence that if a person is not reading a Bible translated from the Earliest manuscripts, that their Bible reading will be ineffective.† Also, the test can only be taken ONCE and the test taker must get a score of 70% or better to pass AND WE WONíT GRADE ON A CURVE.† THEY NEED TO GET A 70% OR BETTER TO PASS.† We have discovered that Jesuits who are posing as PLPs are taking the Bible tests over and over, because they are not reading the Bible passage and all they do is go back into the Bible passage just to find the answers and in this way, they manage to pass the test eventually and pawn off that they are reading the Bible, when they are not reading the Bible and are not getting the benefits of daily Bible reading.† So to weed out these sophisticated cheaters, and to force these people to read the Bible, even if only when they take the test, (and to make sure theyíre reading the right version) we will make the tests as follows:

Questions from Ezekiel 32:

FILL IN THE BLANK [choose from the following words in the parentheses before each blank and decide which word(s) go in the blanks.† There are 23 blanks (each one is worth 4.3 points--you need a score of 70 to pass), if you miss more than 6 blanks, you will fail this test.† You can only take this test once, so if you feel uncomfortable about your chances for success, then on your next test, read your Bible passages more carefully and take a test which covers less material, though you must take a test which covers at least four verses for each half hour period.† If, over a period of two weeks, your average on all tests taken in the two week period is less than 70%, you have failed and cannot be a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON or receive the Bible BONUS or any other BONUS or award which requires you to follow the BIBLE PROGRAM.†

Notice that I chose words that are close, so we can tell if the reader is reading the right version of the Bible.† The test maker must be one who is very familiar with Bible terminology, since this will help them in choosing the options for the blanks and will help them to choose options that will indicate whether the person has really read the Bible passage.† I took a course in tests and measurements in college, so this helped me to create this test.† Iíve also had some teaching experience.† However, I trust Dr. Spiner and Iím sure he can find some qualified people to assist him in creating these tests.† The level of difficulty should be as in the following example (from Ezekiel 32) for all Bible tests in the BIBLE PROGRAM.†††††††

Ezekiel 32:1--ĒAnd it came to pass in the (thirteenth, twelfth, tenth) _______ year, in the (thirteenth, twelfth, tenth) ________ month, in the first day of the month, that the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

32:2--Ē(Son of man, Son of God, Son of passion) _____ of ____, take up a lamentation for (Sennacharib, Pharoah, Nebuchadnezzar) _______ king of (Assyria, Babylon, Egypt) ______, and say unto him, Thou art like a young (serpent, lion, whale) _____ of the nations, and thou art as a (whale, fish, serpent) ______ in the (oceans, seas, lakes) ____: and thou camest forth with thy (fires, passion, rivers) _______, and troublest the (oceans, waters, seas) ______ with thy feet, and (stinkest, fouledst, troublest) _______ their rivers.

32:3--ĒThus saith the (Lord God, Almighty God, Supreme God) _____ _____; I will therefore spread out my (net, fires, longings) ____ over thee with a (war, company, troop) ________ of many (nations, people, fishes) _______; and they shall bring thee up in my net.

32:4--ĒThen will I leave thee upon the (earth, land, oceans) ______, I will (spread, cast, spew) _____ thee forth upon the (whole earth, open field, great oceans) _____† _______, and will cause all (birds, fowls, creatures) _______ of the heaven to remain upon thee, and I will fill the (creatures, beasts, fowl) ________ of the whole earth with thee.Ē

77.031(d-3) Because a test set up in this way could be very hard for some people and because it is not our goal to make Bible reading unpleasant, we will not dictate how much of the Bible passage has to be read in the half hour period, as long as that person spends a half hour reading the Bible, even if only four verses in the half hour.† Of course, if that person has been exposed to OCCULT MEDIA, then he/she must pass a test for more than a half hour and this means that the test will cover more Bible passages, with at least 4 verses for every half hour Bible period.† The person must read AT LEAST FOUR VERSES in a half hour period, and so no test will test less than four verses at a time.† As you can see this test does not test over interpretations of the Bible, but over the actual passages read, which is our intent.† The computer will automatically adjust the test to test over the Bible material read in the half hour period.† If the person is doing more than one half hour session, he/she will have to pass a test after he/she completes each half hour session, and then can move on to the next half hour session and the next test.† The person understands that after his/her half hour is up, that he/she will take a test like above, and so he/she needs to read the passage well enough to pass the test with 70% accuracy.† You might say 70% is too hard and itís not fair.

77.031(d-4) Well, our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS are entrusted with great responsibilities, and if they canít handle this test because they have a poor memory or they are too stupid, then we donít want them as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON, their memory problems or lack of intelligence would be dangerous.†


77.031(d-4-a) Those LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS who fail the BIBLE PROGRAM (called LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKIES) MUST, MUST, MUST be investigated to see if they are Jesuits, since Jesuits hate the Bible, and this is one way to find them among us.† Jesuits donít want their own to read daily the Bible, because this will encourage defection from the Jesuit Order, so Jesuits donít read daily the Bible (or from any Bibles translated accurately from the Earliest manuscripts).

77.031(d-4-b) Any LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY must be investigated by the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION to determine if that LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY is/was a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter while performing his/her LAW ENFORCEMENT duties.† Any member of the ISC who is assigned the job to investigate a LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY and who willingly and knowingly neglects to investigate this LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY as a possible Jesuit OR who does investigate and discovers that this LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY is/was a Jesuit and does not turn in a CONSPIRACY REPORT about this to the International government and to his/her superior officers in the ISC, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.†† See Sect. 13.16 of CL&G for updates about automatic computer-programmed filing of CONSPIRACY REPORTS.†

77.031(d-4-c) Also, a special section of the ISC (called the INVESTIGATIVE UNIT) must be assigned to ensure that ANY AND ALL-- in other words, *** EVERY *** LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY is investigated to determine if that FLUNKY is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter, and if any--and I mean, ANY-- LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY is NOT investigated as a possible Jesuit, and if this neglect was/is done willingly and knowingly, that neglectful ISC INVESTIGATIVE UNIT member (or the person responsible to ensure that all LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKIES are investigated as possible Jesuits) will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† We must not allow Jesuits to slip into the cracks, especially if they have been working undercover as our own LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS.† This is a VERY, VERY, VERY serious breach and must be handled in a very serious manner.†

77.031(d-4-d) For example, if a Jesuit is posing as an UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELOR and counsels an UNWILLING AGENT to be a part of a murder conspiracy, this will have serious repercussions for the International government and will make us appear to sponsor murder conspiracies, and it isnít fair to the UNWILLING AGENT that we have allowed a cold-blooded Jesuit-killer to be his/her UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELOR!† Even worse-- a PLP who is a Jesuit, could manipulate a person as an UNWILLING AGENT (who is under that PLPís control) to commit a murder or capital crime and since the PLP works for the International government, it creates the impression that it is the International government who sponsors the murder conspiracy!

77.031(d-4-e) We must eliminate and give the death penalty to any Jesuit who dares to infiltrate our ranks and pose as one of our own!† The INVESTIGATIVE UNIT of the ISC has one of the most important jobs under CONSPIRACY LAW, and they should be well trained for their jobs and must not overlook any LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY, because LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKIES are very, very suspicious (and could very well be a Jesuit in disguise).† Most of our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs are highly intelligent and educated persons (such as attorneys and physicians) who should have no trouble passing the BIBLE PROGRAM.† Therefore, it will be assumed (until that LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY is cleared) that the LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON FLUNKY is deliberately trying to avoid his/her Bible reading--and thatís why he/she is failing the BIBLE PROGRAM-- because he/she knows that the Bible reading will cause him/her to betray the Jesuit Order!

77.031(d-4-f) Those LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKIES who are determined to be Jesuits (called JESUIT LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKIES), will have their cases tried on GCFNC.† Vladimir Putin and all world leaders (including Jesuit leaders) will be asked on GCFNC (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis) the following question regarding the JESUIT LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY: ďDid you ever know at any time that this LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY was a Jesuit or that this LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY was working undercover to support terrorism?Ē† After this question is asked of all world leaders and the 666-Computer analysis of the answers by world leaders is revealed on GCFNC, that JESUIT LAW ENFORCEMENT FLUNKY will be executed on GCFNC either chop-burn-ash-maggot style or the hang-eyeball buzzard-bomb-bonfire method of execution.† WE MUST SEND THE STRONG MESSAGE THAT WE DO NOT IN ANY MANNER SUPPORT JESUITS WORKING AS LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS.††††††††††††††††††††††††††


77.031(d-5) If the person is a fast reader in the BIBLE PROGRAM, and wants to test more often than every half hour, this will be permitted, as long as the person spends at least a half hour every day in the BIBLE PROGRAM.† So, after one reads 4 verses in ten minutes, one can take the test over the 4 verses, and then read another 4 verses in ten minutes, and take the test over the 4 verses, and then read another 4 verses in ten minutes and take the test over those 4 verses and this will count for the half hour Bible reading period.† The computer will automatically adjust the time so that it will record how much time was spent studying the Bible before the test was taken, and then one can go back into the program and read where one left off, and take the next test.† However, when one takes the test--test taking time will not count as Bible reading time.† The clock will shut off when one is in the test taking mode.† One will only be given credit for Bible reading time, when one is in the Bible reading program, not the test taking program.

77.031(d-10) These are the tests which must be passed EVERY 24 HOURS for every LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON in the International government--there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!† Any willing and knowing attempt or action to allow any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON to retain his/her position as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON, when that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON has neglected his/her BIBLE PROGRAM (without a good reason) for the past 48 hours (or has cheated and not followed the BIBLE PROGRAM as outlined in this Sect. 77.031), and has not passed his/her test over the half hour of Bible reading material, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.†

The way the Bible study program on the SIGN-ON COMPUTER will be set up, will be a study of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation and the learner must study the Bible in order from Genesis to Revelation.†

77.031(e) We have determined that the most effective Bible study to prevent one from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT is to study the Bible from cover to cover over and over again, because this enhances oneís comprehension of what one reads and the more one understands what one reads in the Bible, the more likely that person cannot be used as an UNWILLING AGENT.† Since Dr. Spiner is very knowledgeable about the Bible (and has read the entire Bible through from cover to cover hundreds of times), he is eminently qualified to design the tests for the BIBLE PROGRAM.† He also has had extensive experience teaching the Bible to ministerial students.†††††

77.031(f) The LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON must pass a test after he/she has finished his/her half hour of Bible study and this test and the testing environment must be set up so that he/she cannot cheat.† This test will be set up in a manner to determine if that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON has, indeed, spend his/her half hour studying and meditating on the Bible passage in his/her computer learning module for that day.† For the purpose of this Sect. 77.031, a WORKING COMPUTER is defined as any computer which a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON needs to do his/her work as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON.† His/her working computer will freeze and wonít operate if that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON has not completed his/her BIBLE SIGN-ON PROGRAM within the past 24 hours--that is, he/she wonít be able to sign-on to his/her computer until he/she has completed a BIBLE SIGN-ON PROGRAM within the past 24 hours.† Since all of our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS work on a computer to do their duties, they will not be able to sign-on to their computers (which they will need to do their duties as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON) until they have passed their Bible test for that day.†

77.031(g) All computers which our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs work on must be programmed so that the computer they use for their duties as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON will not operate until that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON has completed his/her required BIBLE SIGN-ON PROCEDURE within the past 24 hours.† Any programmer from our PROGRAMMER CORPS who willingly and knowingly neglects to set up all WORKING COMPUTERS within the International government in this manner (so that they honor the guidelines of this Sect. 77.031) will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† The programmers from our PROGRAMMER CORPS will be very busy.† The BIBLE SIGN-ON PROCEDURE will be set up so that as long as that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON has completed a half-hour (or longer--for those with exposure to OCCULT MEDIA) module within the past 24 hours, he/she will be able to sign on to his/her computer.†† Once, his/her working computer determines that he/she has neglected to complete a BIBLE SIGN-ON PROCEDURE within the past 24 hours, then his/her computer will freeze and will not turn on until he/she has completed a BIBLE SIGN-ON PROCEDURE of at least a half hour.†††††

77.031(h) No substitutions will be accepted for the BIBLE SIGN-ON PROCEDURE--this is mandatory!!.† This BIBLE PROGRAM is our penicillin for the UNWILLING AGENT illness and it DOES WORK, but, it appears, our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS will have to be forced to study the Bible, because many of them wonít do it on their own.

77.031(I) Every LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON must spend at least a half hour each 24 hours on his/her BIBLE PROGRAM or else he/she cannot work as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON.† This is mandatory, violations of this Sect. 77.031 to encourage LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs to work for the International government in an UNWILLING AGENT state will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the willing and knowing violator!† Church attendance wonít qualify because all many churches are is a big social club with very little Bible teaching.†

77.031(j) Those LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs who study more than their required time each day from their BIBLE PROGRAM, will receive BONUSES for each half hour they study over and beyond their required time which they must study for that 24 hour period to maintain their position as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON.† The International President will determine the amount of the BONUSES for each half hour studied above the required time.†

77.031(k) Those LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs who neglect to study their required time of Bible study after a period of 48 hours has passed MUST be relieved from their LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON position and must be replaced by a more qualified worker.† Violations of the guidelines of this Sect. 77.031 will bring the death penalty to the willing and knowing violator.† The exception will be if they were not able (for reasons beyond their control) to study their BIBLE PROGRAM within the past 48 hours, and they must produce evidence that they were not able to study their BIBLE PROGRAM to their superior.† If this evidence is not produced, they MUST be relieved of their duties as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON and MUST be replaced by another.† In the meanwhile, after a 24 hour period has passed in which they have neglected their BIBLE PROGRAM, they will be put under forced sick leave and not able to do their duties as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON until they have completed at least their required time of Bible study for each day they missed and they cannot work on their working computer until they have made up for all the Bible they neglected to study EACH DAY (for reasons beyond their control).††††††

77.031(l) If they were not able to study their BIBLE PROGRAM within the past 48 hours (for reasons beyond their control), then their working computer will not operate until they have made up for lost time.† That is, each required daily time of study which they neglected (for reasons beyond their control) WILL HAVE TO BE MADE UP.† So, letís say that they missed their programmed Bible study for May 1st and May 2nd and they return to work on May 3rd.† This means before they can begin work on May 3rd, they must pass the Bible test from their BIBLE PROGRAM for May 1st, 2nd and 3rd or else their working computer will not turn on.† This means they will have to spend about an hour and a half (or longer--if they were exposed to OCCULT MEDIA) in Bible study before they can begin their shift on May 3rd.

77.04 All those who are executed for conspiracy crimes will have all their memories recorded (via 666-Computer or satellite computer) before execution (if possible) in order to obtain the intelligence information the international government needs-- to learn how these criminals commit their crimes.† The international government needs to learn more about Jesuit methodology, since the Jesuits rely on pioneering scientific advances in their warfare and the international government is not familiar with many of their methods of warfare.† The international government learns about Jesuit warfare methods day by day.† The international government needs to be more efficient in learning about the sophisticated and very advanced scientific and medical technology Jesuits use to conduct their warfare; so, if possible, all conspiracy criminals executed will have their memories read (via 666-Computer or satellite computer) before execution.

†77.1 CONSPIRACY LAWS are defined as the laws (including updates) which Gail Schuler has (or will have) written regarding any conspiracies involving reproductive conspirators,† space conspirators, or 666-CCs.† These documents are currently named General 666-Computer or Satellite Computer Laws, International Criminal Law: Space Technology, Russiaís Neighbor Laws, 666-Computer or Satellite Computer Laws for Privileged Licensed Practitioners and Registered Satellite Practitioners, Conspiracy Laws and Government, Terrorist Money Laws, International PLP and RSP-Network Configurations, and International Reproductive Laws.† These laws would also include any laws Gail Schuler wrote that are incorporated into any of Gail Schulerís written statements.†††††

77.12 GAIL SCHULER is defined as the woman who was born on 9-15-57 in Miami, FL whose birth parents are Misao Satake Fuller and Robert Leonard Chord.

77.13 RECORDED CONFESSIONS, delayed executions, or community service before the execution takes place, may be substituted for immediate executions or the death penalty (in some instances).† If a person is allowed to make a confession or has a delayed execution or must do community service in order to avoid the death penalty (or immediate execution)--this is not a permission for this person to continue to commit the crimes for which he/she confessed or to commit other crimes which would incur the death penalty.† If evidence is found that this person continues to commit the crimes for which he confessed or that this person commits other capital crimes, then he/she will have no more opportunities for a confession to replace the death penalty (in those cases where a confession relieves this person from the death penalty) and this person will be executed.† The international government can choose whatever method of execution it desires, and may choose to use the 666-Computer or satellite computer or satellite technology to execute this person (using 666-Computer or satellite computer or satellite induced terminal illnesses) in order to mitigate Jesuit attempts to make a conspiracy out of the executions.

77.14 If the international government makes an exception to the death penalty for a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR--the international Government will document the reason why and back up its reason for substituting the death penalty with another punishment with sound evidence.† For any exceptions to the death penalty for a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR, the rationale and evidence obtained (which caused the international government to feel the death penalty would be unwise) will be put into written form and entered into the military tribunals.† This rationale and evidence obtained (which caused the international government to feel the death penalty would be unwise for a particular case) will be put into written form in a document called RATIONALE FOR DEATH PENALTY SUBSTITUTION.† Every time a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR is guilty of the death penalty and a substitute punishment (rather than the death penalty) is meted out to that conspirator-- a RATIONALE FOR DEATH PENALTY SUBSTITUTION must be written and filed with the military tribunals.† For significant cases, the contents of this RATIONALE FOR DEATH PENALTY SUBSTITUTION may be broadcast on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL and/or published in Gail Schulerís statements or on the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENTís website.†

77.15 In all instances, when a substitute punishment is meted out in place of the deserved death penalty, this substitute punishment will be mentioned in the RATIONALE FOR DEATH PENALTY SUBSTITUTION.† It is essential that some sort of serious punishment is meted out in place of the death penalty (when the death penalty is substituted with another punishment), or else the death penalty will not be taken seriously by criminals.† A justifiable reason for substituting the death penalty with another punishment would be if, perhaps, the execution, itself, could be used by the Jesuits as a conspiracy or could create a martyr hysteria (which could promote anarchy and bloodshed).† A death penalty substitute is never allowed in order to make it easier for the criminal to go out and commit more capital crimes.†

77.2 An amendment by a President will also be necessary, if the President does not approve of updates or revisions which Gail Schuler has made to CONSPIRACY LAWS which this President has already enforced as laws in his/her country.† The amendment, in this case, would need to state in unambiguous language which updates/revisions the President will NOT incorporate into the present CONSPIRACY LAWS which he/she has already incorporated as laws in his/her country; and then state in unambiguous language which portions of Gailís updates he/she WILL incorporate as laws in his/her country.†

77.3 If an amendment to a CONSPIRACY LAW is written and/or approved by the President, the public must be informed of this amendment (and proof must be submitted to the military tribunals that the public was/is made aware of this amendment and proof must also be submitted to the military tribunals that the public has easy access to the unaltered amendment in its entirety; and these proofs that the public has been made aware of this amendment and that the public has easy access to the unaltered amendment, must be submitted to the military tribunals within 22 hours after the amendment is passed or approved by the President, and this proof will be filed permanently in the military tribunals).† This amendment will be considered PUBLIC RECORD, and will be easily accessible to the public (for the public to view the UNALTERED amendment IN ITS ENTIRETY) and it will be an exact, unaltered copy of the amendment which the President signed and dated for approval, which will be shown to the public.† There will be no alterations (omissions, deletions, etc.) to the wording of the amendment which will be shown to the public, and it will be the same amendment (with all wording exactly as it was) when the President signed and dated the amendment.†

77.4 Any SECRET changes to the laws of this document WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and all those involved in a SECRET conspiracy to change, void, or make of NO EFFECT the laws of this document will, if found guilty of this secret conspiracy, be guilty of HIGH TREASON and will receive the death penalty WITHIN 10 YEARS.† The military tribunal will decide when this death penalty will be executed, because this is a most serious crime, and no arbitrary date will be set as an execution date.

77.5 To DISREGARD is defined as one who (directly or indirectly) strives to circumvent the laws of this document, once they become law in a country, either by ignoring the laws, rewriting them secretly, or in any way making the laws of NO EFFECT, so that the laws are not enforced as written in this document.

77.6 Once the laws of this document are enforced in a country, and the laws are WILLINGLY ignored or made of NO EFFECT (through default or deliberate DISREGARD of these laws), and someone is AWARE of this DISREGARD and does NOT report it to the government.† If this person (who is aware of the DISREGARD) is found out, he/she will be tried for a conspiracy involving HIGH TREASON and, if found guilty, will be given the death penalty within 10 years (possibly sooner, depending on how the military tribunal decides).† Because of 666-Computer or satellite computer technology, MOTIVE will play a key role in deciding these types of cases (involving 666-CCs, RPCs, SCs or those guilty of high treason).

77.7 PRESIDENT is defined as the leader of a country, who has the duties, responsibilities of a president, prime minister, chancellor, etc., (which would be a position equivalent to what the American President George W. Bush is for the United States) for his/her respective country.† The Pope is also considered to be a President, because he is the President of the Roman Catholic Church which has the country of the Vatican which has adherents all over the world.† Anyone (anywhere in the world) who is a member of the Roman Catholic Church (or has been a member of the Roman Catholic Church within the month of Sept. 2003), including all members of the Jesuit Order (regardless of name or organization changes or withdrawal from the Roman Catholic Church) will be considered citizens of the country of the Vatican for legal purposes.† Those criminals who will be executed or have been executed (by order of The Pope) will have their names (in a manner which fully identifies each criminal) listed on a list, which will be attached as an addendum to my 1-18-02 statement (with all the rights of my legal documentation as described in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document).† This published list may include DNA records, photographs, or whatever is necessary (alongside the criminalís name) in order to identify which criminals have been or will be executed by ORDER OF The Pope.

77.8 A CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT or the INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT is the government official who has the power of a President or chief executive of a country, and who uses that power to execute, administer and enforce CONSPIRACY LAWS-- through the authority of that countryís government [which would be the country which grants the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT the power of a President (or chief executive of that country)].† Vladimir Putin, the current Russian President, has been the acting CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT since the CONSPIRACY LAWS were founded by Gail Schuler in 2003.† Currently, on this 8th day of April 2004, the Russian government has granted Vladimir Putin, the power of the International President and of the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT in order to execute, administer and enforce CONSPIRACY LAWS through the authority of the Russian government.† However, Vladimir anticipates that when he finishes his 2nd term as Russian President, that he will accept Germanyís offer to grant him the power of the German Chancellor in order to execute, administer and enforce CONSPIRACY LAWS through the authority of the German government.† For this reason, the name of the former Russian BROADCAST NEWS (which is a CONSPIRACY LAW news network), has been changed to GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL on this 8th day of April 2004, and the GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL team will work with German broadcasters to integrate the former Russian BROADCAST NEWS with the German news team, in preparation for GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNELí new headquarters (which will be in Germany). ††

77.9 A SATELLITE COMPUTER is defined as any computer which is used (directly or indirectly) to carry out or execute any computer program (which is a program which directly or indirectly manipulates or changes, alters or controls in any manner a human, animal or any inanimate or animate object), and which involves (or utilizes) satellite technology to execute or carry out these actions (or attempts).

77.91 All Jesuits, if granted a trial, will be tried in military tribunals-- and Jesuits will be denied due process and will be treated as prisoners of war when captured.† The nations of Russia and Germany have made a formal declaration of war against the Jesuit Order.

77.92 All the CONSPIRACY LAWS which deny UNWILLING AGENTS positions of influence, also apply to Jesuits or Jesuit supporters.† For example, since no UNWILLING AGENT may hold any LAW ENFORCEMENT or government position--therefore, no Jesuit or Jesuit supporter may hold any LAW ENFORCEMENT or government position-- and any willing and knowing attempt (or action) to promote Jesuits into positions of influence, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the person who makes such an attempt or action.†††


77.93 IMPORTANT: All BONUSES awarded to individuals (such as those who work at Wal-Mart) who support the marriage of Gail to Vladimir Putin, will also be given to those who support the marriage of Gail to Brent Spiner or Matt McConaughey, that is--if Vladimir, Brent, or Matt become agents (willingly or unwillingly) for the Jesuits, and, therefore, Gail must marry another of this trio, instead of Vladimir Putin or the originally intended marriage partner.† Therefore, anyone who supports a marriage to Gail that is beneficial to the enforcement of CONSPIRACY LAW and that honors the principles of CONSPIRACY LAW, will be awarded BONUSES from the International government, even if the partners in the marriage turn out different than originally intended.

The legal principles in this document apply only to the those countries which are under the jurisdiction of the international government.† However, the principles of these laws are recommended for other countriesí governments.† Eventually, these laws may be incorporated into other countriesí governments.†

Though the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT may be referred to in the masculine sense, the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT could be a woman.† When the term Vladimir is used, it is referring to Vladimir Putin, the CONSPIRACY LAW PRESIDENT.

It may be necessary to refer to other CONSPIRACY LAW documents for definitions and terms used in this document.† Every country which swears in a new leader, must do so in a manner which ensures this new leader will respect CONSPIRACY LAW.† Russia is used as an example for other nations to follow.

All activities of our WAR PRIORITIES PROGRAMS, which are the directives from General Gail Schuler, will be broadcast on GCFNC, as long as we donít give out sensitive information that helps out our enemies.† But since our enemies have mind reading capabilities, I donít think there will be any sensitive areas!† These PRIORITIES are Gail Schulerís contributions as general in the terrorism war.† GCFNC will report on the progress of these PRIORITIES and how they are executed in obedience to the orders of General Gail Schuler.

Some of the definitions for terms (such as THE NET, IMPOSED PERSON, etc.) used in this document can be found in other CONSPIRACY LAW documents.†

All those who assist Gail Schuler in the carrying out of military orders, must meet all the requirements as required of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS.† Any others who work to assist me in carrying out these military orders will cause problems for us.† Any willing and knowing failure to use only those who meet the TRUTH PROGRAMMER requirements for those who carry out my military orders, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.† We will ship in troops from any part of the world, in order to carry out these orders as I direct.


It is essential that we weed out all UNWILLING AGENTS from THE NET.† I perceive that we are giving the Jesuits ďa breakĒ because our own soldiers betray us to the enemy, through negligence and carelessness.† To have soldiers (including programmers) who are careless and negligent will cost us the victory.† The careless, lazy good-for-nothing soldiers who donít have the discipline to maintain a daily Bible reading program and to avoid OCCULT MEDIA, must be removed from our ranks.† It takes discipline to be a good soldier, and those lazy good-for-nothing soldiers who canít discipline themselves to maintain a daily Bible reading time, MUST GO-- ELIMINATE THEM--THEY WILL COST US THE WAR AND BECAUSE OF THEIR LAZINESS AND LACK OF DISCIPLINE, WE WILL LOSE THE WAR.† Every one from officers on down, must follow the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS.† NO EXCEPTIONS!†

Pare down our military and use only quality soldiers.† Since our operations rely heavily on computer programming, rather than humans, it is not necessary to have such a large number in THE NET.†††

Set up a WEED OUT PROGRAM, that scans the brains of our soldiers to determine who is following the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS and who is NOT.† Those who are NOT following this program, must be eliminated from THE NET!† Willing and knowing failure to enforce this law to allow any UNWILLING AGENT to be a soldier in the NET, will bring the death penalty to those who are responsible to enforce this law!

I donít care if we have to pare down THE NET to 300 persons.† We only want quality people.† Because the lazy, good-for-nothing soldier will cost us the war.† We will let our programs do most of the work. Make sure we have disciplined programmers who live like soldiers, and all must be members of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS.


Our TRUTH PROGRAMMERS must create programs that will find, locate and destroy the JESUIT LEADERS.† If we can kill the strategists on the Jesuit side, we will win the war.† When the Jesuits lose their leaders, we have the victory.†

Set up a program that scans the brains of all persons, to determine the particular brain patterns of a Jesuit leader.† Once this is determined, use this brain pattern as the identifying mark to locate Jesuit leaders and to destroy them.† Get the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM to assist us in developing this program to locate and destroy Jesuit leaders.†††

We wonít worry about trials.† When these leaders are located, they will be automatically destroyed.† Weíve wasted our time on trials long enough.† We have evidence up to our necks about the guilt of the Jesuit Order.† That is no longer in question.† Right now it is a matter of wills and wiles, who will give up first or who can outsmart the other--the Jesuits are testing our tenacity and endurance and brains.† We have to show them WE MEAN BUSINESS.†††

Now, we must concentrate our efforts on destroying them, because they donít give a flip about our laws or about our justice.† All they care about is to win and to win anyway they can.† They know they are guilty, and they donít care.† So our number one priority is to locate Jesuit leaders and to DESTROY THEM.† Once we have firm evidence that we have a Jesuit leader (one who plans war strategies for the Jesuits), keep that as evidence that we are justified to destroy the bastard and EXECUTE HIM/HER ON THE SPOT.† Forget trials, THIS IS A WAR!† Also, the Jesuits like to disguise their leaders, so the only way to determine who is really a leader is to study the brain patterns of those who PLAN THE JESUIT ATTACKS AGAINST US, and most especially those who direct UNWILLING AGENTS (who are the PRIMARY soldiers of the Jesuit Order).† Osama Bin Laden is NOT a true leader in the Jesuit Order, so donít worry about him (heís just a performer who spouts public relations speeches for the real leaders-- the real Jesuit leaders all operate behind-the-scenes and are never reported on the news).† If you capture Osama Bin Laden, it wonít influence the outcome of this war at all, because youíre only capturing a showpiece.† He isnít the BRAINS behind the operations, we need to find and execute the BRAINS.† The real Jesuit leaders are disguised and they try to hide in the rubble.† You must determine who these are (come up with a program the identifies and locates them) and EXECUTE THEM.†††


The problem with using underground nuclear missiles to destroy Jesuit underground operations is that some of these trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.†

Have our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM research ways to destroy Jesuit underground operations (perhaps using a gas or liquid medium that infuses their residences, or the use of satellite technology to transform matter into another type of matter) in a manner that wonít disturb the ecology of the earth.† Perhaps we can drown them out, our infuse their dwellings with a certain kind of gas.†

If the Jesuits donít have a place to work, then we can annihilate their operations.† Destroy their work places AND SHOW THEM NO MERCY.† USE WHATEVER MEANS WILL WORK TO DESTROY JESUIT OPERATIONS.† MAKE IT SO THEY CANíT OPERATE!†

I suspect that as our probes go into the earth to destroy an operation that UNWILLING AGENTS from our own military personnel ignore the probeís intelligence readings and spare Jesuit underground cities.† This must be stopped, and all military persons who willingly and knowingly spare Jesuit underground cities without getting clearance from our generals before doing so, will be tried for treason and if found guilty, will get the death penalty.† The Jesuits show no mercy to us, and we wonít show mercy to them.† The price weíll pay for this mercy, will be to LOSE THE WAR.†

Because Gail Schuler is a general in this war, she will be highly targeted.† A way to find JESUIT underground operations will be to study/analyze all UNWILLING AGENTS used directly or indirectly on Gail and to determine where the IMPOSED PERSONS are that manipulate these UNWILLING AGENTS.† Have the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS set up a program (called the IMPOSED PERSON TARGET PROGRAM) that automatically studies any and all UNWILLING AGENTS who harass Gail Schuler and any other SIGNIFICANT PERSON, and which uses effective methods to determine the location of any and all IMPOSED PERSONS behind these UNWILLING AGENTS, and then to automatically destroy these IMPOSED PERSONs (and the underground cities they live in).

You may say it is barbaric to destroy an entire city.† Well, weíve given the inhabitants of these cities over a year to leave the city and join us on the surface, so those who are still there need to be destroyed, because theyíve been using that city as their war headquarters against us.† Itís obvious many of these inhabitants would rather die than surrender, so we will grant them their desire.† Itís them or us.† If we donít kill them, they will kill us.† Their goal is to set up a worldwide dictatorship for a Jesuit Pope, and we get in their way, so-- to them--we have to go.† I say--THEY HAVE TO GO.†

The program will be set up to immediately locate and destroy those IMPOSED PERSONs (and their underground cities) behind any UNWILLING AGENT.† There is no longer any need to give these IMPOSED PERSONS a trial.†


The use of any UNWILLING AGENT by any IMPOSED PERSON is considered an ACT OF WAR, and will be treated as an ACT OF WAR, and we will totally destroy and annihilate all underground cities in which these IMPOSED PERSONs live.†††

All ACTS OF WAR will be dealt with by our TRUTH PROGRAMMERS, who will create a program that automatically LOCATES AND DESTROYS ALL IMPOSED PERSONS (and their war headquarters, which, if it is an underground city must be totally destroyed) behind any UNWILLING AGENT.† The program will be set up so that it will analyze the brain of the newly located IMPOSED PERSON, it will also analyze to ensure that this IMPOSED PERSON is not himself/ herself an UNWILLING AGENT.† Once it is determined that this IMPOSED PERSON has acted willingly and knowingly as an IMPOSED PERSON, then the IMPOSED PERSON TARGET PROGRAM will zero in on that IMPOSED PERSON and will EXECUTE HIM/HER (and where he/she lives and will totally annihilate the underground city where he/she lives) WITHIN A SPLIT SECOND or as soon as possible, using whatever method is most effective and causes the least amount of damages to our side.† We wonít waste our time and resources to give the bastard (or those who work at his military headquarters) a trial, EXECUTE HIM/HER and the underground city where he/she lives ON THE SPOT.† Those who knowingly and willingly spare any IMPOSED PERSON (or their underground city), will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† All IMPOSED PERSONS (along with the entire underground city where he/she lives) must be executed once they are located.† Use a program to do this very important job.† Our biggest problem in this war is the UNWILLING AGENT SOLDIER (the use of UNWILLING AGENTS as soldiers for the Jesuits), we cannot show ANY MERCY TO IMPOSED PERSONS, they (and the underground cities which they inhabit) must be executed as soon as they are found, and willing and knowing failure to do so will bring the death penalty to the negligent soldier.† We are showing too much mercy to these bastards and they donít respect our mercy, they just laugh at us, and continue their criminal activities.†

Well, this is going to stop.



Failure to give Gail Schuler accurate and comprehensive updates about the progress of her PRIORITIES will bring the death penalty to the violator.† She must know how these PRIORITIES are being carried out.† Out for now-- give me reports and I may need to modify some of my priorities.† All my strategic work as general will be in this legal document.


An ACT OF WAR is defined as the commission of any death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.

Those who surrender must be kept in strict confinement under TIGHTEST SECURITY.† All those who have willingly and knowingly perpetrated ACTS OF WAR against us, will be tried in our WAR CRIMES TRIBUNALs and these proceedings will be held on GCFNC.†

Those who have committed war crimes that equal the war crimes of those World War II German military soldiers who were executed because of the NUREMBERG WAR CRIMES TRIALs, and who committed these crimes willingly and knowingly, will suffer the same fate as those German soldiers who were executed after World War II.†

It would be a BIG MISTAKE to allow anyone to go free, if they have committed death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW.† The Jesuits are counting on our stupid benevolence, so that after we destroy most or all of their underground cities (and they surrender and come to the surface) they can regroup, organize and plan more horrors against us.† Those who are guilty of death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW will not be allowed to regroup, THEY MUST BE EXECUTED.† We will only spare those who may have been held hostage against their will by the Jesuits and who managed to escape to the surface.†

It seems fit that the Jesuits (who were behind the Nazi regime) should suffer the same fate as those brave Germans who were executed for the crimes of the Jesuit Order.† Because the Germans took all the blame for the Nazi atrocities, when all of the Nazi atrocities (including the Holocaust) were hatched and created through the minds and strategies and finances of the Jesuit war machine--this allowed the Jesuits to go scott-free and to hatch more wars against us.† And this is why we suffered 9-11-01 and many other atrocities, because the Jesuits always managed to pawn their crimes onto another party.† We know from dealing with them, that they are brilliant at doing this.†

The Jesuits should pay the same price that those who fought for them did (like the Germans).

Those who are determined (after a WAR CRIMES TRIAL or through other legal methods) to be innocent can be let go and they will be monitored (with a tag attached to their body) to ensure they stay out of trouble.†

All those who surrender will be evaluated on GCFNC, and GCFNC will show their trials and evaluations.† This will be done to show the world that we are meting out justice to these war criminals.


Unfortunately, we are in a war and the Jesuits use their underground cities as their war headquarters.† Though it may be unjust to execute those who live in underground cities and who may not want to be there, as in all wars, when that city is used as a base of operations for crimes against us, we must destroy that city--SINCE THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE JESUITS FROM ATTACKING US.†

What we can do, is before we go in to destroy an entire city, we can give those inhabitants who want to escape 24 hours to leave the city.† However, we will state that if during that 24 hours, death penalty CONSPIRACY LAW violations originate from that city, that we will destroy that city IMMEDIATELY regardless of any potential surrenders.† Remember, our traitorous soldiers have already given these cities ample time to surrender (ALMOST TWO YEARS) because these soldiers failed to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW and have allowed these cities to prosper, and now itís time to GO IN AND DESTROY.† And, in the meanwhile, these cities have been used as bases of operations to carry out more atrocities against us.†

And while weíve shown mercy to these inhabitants, they have only committed more murders and crimes against us.† Itís time for our benevolence to stop and to GO IN AND DESTROY THESE CITIES (which are the bases of operations for the Jesuit Order).† We will not allow Jesuits to try to appeal to our sense of guilt over destroying possible innocents, to stop us from destroying their base of operations.† In other words, we wonít allow the Jesuits to manipulate us with hostage-taking strategies.†

The murders they have committed against us, far outnumber those of them who must die in these cities.† But even if we kill more of them than they do of us, WE CANNOT ALLOW SUCH INJUSTICES TO PROSPER--WE MUST DESTROY THEIR BASES OF OPERATIONS.† We are dealing with an organization that CREATED THE AIDS VIRUS!† If we can destroy the Jesuit bases of operations, perhaps we can ERADICATE AIDS.† We have the means to destroy AIDS now, but the Jesuits sabotage all our attempts, and much of this saboteur activity originates from these underground cities.†

If we destroy their cities, perhaps their sabotage tactics will fail (or seriously weaken), and this world will be a much healthier place, and weíd have less catastrophic hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.† Granted, some of these are natural disasters, but many of these have been orchestrated by the Jesuits.†

Though personally, I think the Jesuits are far too entrenched for us to totally destroy their operations, but I think by destroying their cities, we can weaken them considerably.† They are far too strong right now (because they still have their bases of operations) and thatís why they wonít give up.

Date of Order: May 31, 2006.† SET UP THE BREVARD COUNTY, FL AREA AS A HIGH-TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION (SEE CONSPIRACY LAW) and send in quality troops to enforce this order, because this is where many of our key leaders reside.† See Sect. 82 of CL&G.

Those who are ordered to move, will be given the option to have the laser brain surgery, and if this works, they can stay in the area.†

Those who have bought homes or have contracts or leases to fulfill, will be evaluated on a case by case basis.† An equivalent home may be offered elsewhere, or they will be allowed to keep their home, but will receive free housing at their new location.† Or maybe we will release them from their contract and make compensations to all parties in the contract.†††

The goal is to negate the Jesuitsí strategy to flood those areas where SIGNIFICANT PERSONS live with UNWILLING AGENTS.† We want to move these UNWILLING AGENTS out because they are the number one soldiers for the Jesuit army!!† And the Jesuits like to move UNWILLING AGENTS into the areas where SIGNIFICANT PERSONs dwell, in order to destroy those SIGNIFICANT PERSONs.

THERE MUST BE BORDER CONTROL at the outskirts of the TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION, with armed guards at the border, so that no UNWILLING AGENTS can enter that territory, but will be turned away.† It does no good to move UNWILLING AGENTS out of the area, IF WE ALLOW OTHER UNWILLING AGENTS to ENTER THE AREA!

You may say, ďWhat about visiting relatives?Ē† People need to realize THIS IS A WAR.† If we make decisions based on sentimentality, WE WILL LOSE THIS WAR.† UNWILLING AGENTS can only visit relatives in HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS with special permission from the International government--perhaps the relative is dying and then an exception will be made.† But, in that case, when the UNWILLING AGENT enters the HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION, he/she must agree to be tagged and to only go to those places where he/she is allowed.† We donít want the UNWILLING AGENT to be used to harass SIGNIFICANT PERSONs in that HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB NATION.† He/she will lose his privileges to be in the HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB NATION if he/she goes into the forbidden areas of the HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB NATION.† Perhaps we can substitute internet communications for a real visit.†††

GCFNC will present a special called THE GLOBAL WAR AGAINST TERRORISM and will show that the battlefield isnít just Chechnya, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, but because the main soldier in the Jesuit army is the UNWILLING AGENT, the entire world, including the ocean bottoms, executive suites in rich countries, and any place where humans dwell is the battlefield, the aisles and parking places of Wal-Mart are the battlefield, etc.† And we will show that some of our greatest battles have happened on the streets of the United States, in the courtrooms of the U.S., inside office buildings for corporate giants, inside Wal-Marts, etc.†

Jesuits have infiltrated all aspects of society, and anywhere they have infiltrated with their UNWILLING AGENTS IS THE BATTLEFIELD.† Therefore, since all the world is a battlefield, we have to use soldiers everywhere and life is just not going to be normal, because we are in a WAR.† If they think this is overboard, just remind them that Gail Schuler, a four star general now--had had her life threatened time and again while she has worked at Wal-Mart.† Jesuits have entered the Wal-Mart store where she works with the intent to execute Gail.† Canít you see that the battlefield isnít Iraq, itís in the aisles of Wal-mart, itís in Wal-Martís parking lot where Jesuits have used UNWILLING AGENTS to murder people in the Wal-Mart parking lots.† The battlefield IS OUR OWN BACKYARD!† BUT WHAT ARE JESUITS DOING AT WAL-MART WHERE GAIL WORKS?† You expect to win a war, if you allow Jesuit agents into the areas where our leaders reside?† GET ON THIS PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE SURE OUR LEADERS ARE PROTECTED.† MAKE THIS HIGHEST PRIORITY!!†

We can remind those whose brains are so seared by Jesuit contamination, that they canít see that the war is in their own backward, that if they think these separations are harsh--that the general behind these orders hasnít seen her son since 2001, hasnít met her lovers face to face--despite a 15 year relationship with the love of her life, and lost all her belongings in Seattle (about a $20,000 loss) because she couldnít afford to move them.† To win a war we have to sacrifice, and it isnít only the general who must sacrifice.† GENERALS DONíT WIN WARS, PEOPLE WIN WARS.† IF THE GENERAL CANíT GET THE COOPERATION OF THE ENTIRE ARMY--THAT GENERAL IS IMPOTENT.† ARMIES AND PEOPLE WIN WARS, NOT GENERALS.† If sacrifices are not made by everyone, we will LOSE THE WAR.† Generals are leaders to inspire the people, but if no one follows the generalís leadership--that general can DO NOTHING to win the war.†††

History bears this out.† When the Germans invaded Russia, they couldnít beat the Russians.† You know why?† You might say, it was because of the Russian army.† NO--THAT WASNíT IT.† IT WAS BECAUSE EVERY RUSSIAN CITIZEN GOT BEHIND THEIR ARMY AND THEY WORKED AS A TEAM TO DEFEAT THE GERMANS.† The housewives, the children, the people on the streets all became soldiers and the entire Russian nation united as one TO DEFEAT THE NAZIS.† And you know what?† They won.† The Nazis were overwhelmed by the Russians, who fought from their houses, so that ordinary civilians all became soldiers against the Nazis.† PEOPLE WIN WARS, not GENERALS.† Unfortunately, because the battlefield is not just in Iraq, but is in our homes, in our workplaces, on the streets where we live--we have to live as if we were in a war zone-BECAUSE WE ARE IN A WAR ZONE.† THE WAR ZONE IS OUR OWN BACKYARD.† The Jesuit soldiers wear executive pin stripes, or nurseís uniforms, or are the shoppers who shop with us, they are the people we deal with every day at the office, in our homes, at the doctorís office, etc.† They wear the clothing of civilians--they are the billions of UNWILLING AGENTS who are our next door neighbors, our own family, those we work with, those we shop with.† The Jesuit soldier bumps into us EVERY DAY, in the form of the UNWILLING AGENT.†

We must do something serious about this UNWILLING AGENT problem, especially in those areas where our leaders reside.† The Jesuits know, like anyone else--that to win a war you must knock out the leadership of their enemies.† Since many of our leaders reside in Brevard County, FL--this area must be declared a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB NATION to protect our leaders!† Our countries have been attacked, and weíre not just talking about 9-11-01.† Weíre talking about attacks from UNWILLING AGENT Jesuit soldiers who hoard our streets, use their cars to commit vehicular homicides, to rape woman, to cause divisions in homes, to start brush fires, etc. etc.† As long as there are UNWILLING AGENTS, the war is ON.† And we have to treat UNWILLING AGENTS as Jesuit soldiers who need to be controlled, we have to treat them as enemy soldiers (EVEN IF THESE PEOPLE ARE SOLDIERS FOR THE ENEMY AGAINST THEIR WILL--IT DOESNíT MATTER--THEY NEED TO BE ROUNDED UP AND CONTROLLED--ESPECIALLY IN AREAS WHERE OUR LEADERS LIVE).† The Jesuits know if they knock out the leaders, they win.† So they flood areas where our leaders live with UNWILLING AGENTS--THIS MUST STOP.† THESE UNWILLING AGENTS NEED TO BE CONTROLLED--MAKE IT MANDATORY LASER BRAIN SURGERY FOR THESE PEOPLE OR THEY MUST MOVE OUT--ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE DAY TO DAY CONTACT WITH SIGNIFICANT PERSONS or with 4 star General Gail Schuler--this is a MILITARY ORDER..

Call in our best troops to enforce this order, in order to protect our leaders.††††


For the purpose of this Section, the term mail refers to all packages, letters delivered by ANY method: FED EX, U.P.S., the U.S. Postal Service, etc.

Because it is hard to control and round up all UNWILLING AGENTS immediately, even when an area is declared a high terror alert sub-nation, high risk areas need to be dealt with right away.† One of these high risk areas is garbage collection and the delivery of mail and packages.†

The garbage dumpsters and the garbage collection process (and the mail delivery process) gives terrorists a real opportunity to plant bombs, start chemical contamination, start biological contamination, etc.

The military MUST be in charge of all garbage collection and mail and package deliveries in high terror alert subnations AS SOON AS THAT AREA IS DECLARED A HIGH TERROR ALERT NATION, and must take over this function IMMEDIATELY once an areas has been declared a high terror alert sub-nation.† This is because the terrorists will exploit vulnerable areas first while they have the chance (before all the UNWILLING AGENTS get shipped out) and these vulnerable areas must be managed immediately by the military.† This includes any type of collection, such as for recycling or whatever and any type of mail or package delivery.†

No UNWILLING AGENT should be involved in the garbage collection process (or with mail or package delivery) in a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUBNATION.† To willingly and knowingly allow any UNWILLING AGENT to be involved in garbage collection (or with mail and package delivery) of any kind in a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUBNATION, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.††

Also, the military must screen all garbage containers (and mail boxes or any receptables used to receive or deliver mail or packages) as they go through the pick-up and mailing process, to screen for bombs and environmental and health hazards in the garbage containers (or mail containers) that could threaten that communityís health and well-being.† The military will receive special training about how to collect garbage (and deliver mail or packages) in an area that is under HIGH TERROR ALERT.† The use of satellite technology to determine the genetic composition of substances within each garbage container (or mail container)should be employed.† This will be called the GARBAGE and MAIL SCREENING PROCESS.

During the GARBAGE and MAIL SCREENING PROCESS, a program (created by the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS) will screen each garbage or mail container for potential terrorist attacks: Anthrax, deadly chemicals, explosives, etc.† Terrorism experts from the military, and scientists who are experts in terrorism will assist the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS in creating this program.

The TRUTH PROGRAMMERS are responsible to create a comprehensive GARBAGE and MAIL SCREENING PROCESS that will thoroughly screen each garbage or mail container and all garbage or mail trucks and vehicles for terrorist materials, so that those who pick up the garbage or mail will know what they are dealing with.† Willing and knowing failure to create a comprehensive and thorough GARBAGE and MAIL SCREENING PROCESS, so that when a garbage or mail container is screened, a terrorist substance goes undetected, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

Willing and knowing failure by the garbage or mail personnel to use the GARBAGE AND MAIL SCREENING PROCESS while picking up and dealing with garbage or mail, will bring the death penalty if it is determined that negligence was done willingly and knowingly to assist the Jesuit Order.†† Those who neglect to use this screening process FOR EACH GARBAGE AND MAIL CONTAINER during any garbage or mail collection process, must be fired and replaced by other, more thorough workers.† Failure to fire those who do not honor the guidelines of this June 2, 2006 military order, will cause those managers (officers) to be fired (who supervise the garbage or mail personnel), and could even result in the death penalty if this negligence was deliberate in order to assist the Jesuit Order.

It goes without saying that garbage collection in areas where people could be sleeping (and where they can hear the garbage truck from their bed) should be done at sane hours and that SLEEP DISRUPTION LAWS need to be followed.† Garbage worker managers and workers who disregard SLEEP DISRUPTION LAWS need to be investigated, to see if they are also disregarding the GARBAGE SCREENING PROCESS.† To neglect either law, must bring on an investigation, since this indicates we have UNWILLING AGENTS or Jesuits involved in the garbage collection process.† This must not be tolerated, and those who tolerate UNWILLING AGENTS in the garbage collection process WILL BE DISMISSED AND REPLACED BY THOSE WHO WILL HONOR SLEEP DISRUPTION LAWS AND THIS GENERALíS ORDERS FOR THE GARBAGE SCREENING PROCESS IN HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS.

Date of Order: June 3, 2006.† CONSPIRACY LAW ENFORCEMENT GUIDELINES AND the CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICER NETWORK: A way to deal with military emergencies, when General Gail Schuler is ďtied-upĒ or unavailable (for whatever reason).

Before I start, I need to educate our CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS about how to approach this task.† First off, we need to erase some misconceptions about this war.† We deal with an unpredictable enemy.† Therefore, sometimes it is better to give out general orders that must be followed, rather than strict and detailed orders.† And thatís what I strive to do with my military orders.† This will give our soldiers the flexibility to adapt these orders and use flexibility to enforce them in the best manner possible.†††

1) Where is our battlefield?† The battlefield is not just Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc.† The BATTLEFIELD IS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD THAT THERE ARE UNWILLING AGENTS, WHICH MEANS THE ENTIRE WORLD IS OUR BATTLEFIELD.† The battlefield is anywhere the Jesuits attack us.† The reason that the entire world is our battlefield is because we must never forget that the main soldier in the Jesuit army is the UNWILLING AGENT.

2) Who are the Jesuit soldiers?† They are the billions and billions of UNWILLING AGENTS, who reside in every country in the world.† And then they are the IMPOSED PERSONS and the Jesuits who manipulate these UNWILLING AGENTS.† UNWILLING AGENTs need to be treated as enemy soldiers.† We canít just think of these people as our crazy relatives, or the nuts who drive down the road, or the obnoxious next door neighbor, or the sweet and crazy old lady--all THESE PEOPLE ARE THE SOLDIERS FOR THE JESUIT ARMY, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL MANIPULATED BY THE JESUITS FOR ONE OBJECTIVE: TO ASSIST THE JESUITS AS SOLDIERS TO PROMOTE THE GOAL OF A JESUIT POPE OVER THE ENTIRE EARTH.

3) How do we plan effective war strategy?† The most effective war strategy will use the same pioneering technology which the Jesuits use on us, except that our military will be used to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW.† Basically, when I make a military order, I create an order that is designed to USE THE MILITARY to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW, and to enforce it in a manner that utilizes the same groundbreaking technology used on us by the Jesuits.† So use this approach to assist in planning effective war strategy--because this is how I go about it.† ††

4) What are our weapons and our artillery, and who are our soldiers?† They are the every day people who assist us, along with the established military.† They are computer/satellite technology (that Iíve outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW).† You may say what do you need the military for then, if you use computer/satellite technology to do the fighting?† For instance, we could use a satellite computer program to locate any areas in a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION that is burning (or hot) and immediately zero in on who may have caused the fire (and IMMEDIATELY ARREST AND DEPORT THAT PERSON), and this can also be used to scan for TERRORIST SUBSTANCES so that we can nip any potential chemical or biological terrorist attack in the bud.† However, we will need military enforcement, in this effort, because sometimes we have to require people to do what they donít want to do and theyíll resist us.† So, in any part of the war that requires people to do certain things that they donít want to do, but that we need them to do in order to win this war, is where we will need MILITARY FORCE to get some unwilling people to do what we need them to do to WIN THIS WAR.† Primarily, we will use the military to help us with the UNWILLING AGENTS, and to force these people to do what we need them to do in order to win this war.† Since there are so many UNWILLING AGENTS, we need the military to help us to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW (especially when it comes to getting cooperation from UNWILLING AGENTS)--thatís because THEY WONíT COOPERATE--WE HAVE TO MAKE THEM COOPERATE--WE HAVE TO USE MILITARY FORCE TO GET UNWILLING AGENTS TO COOPERATE WITH OUR WAR EFFORT.†††

You may say, what if the offender is a handicapped person or a child?† It doesnít matter-- any person used as a soldier for the Jesuits will be rated, and then treated according to his rating.† If a kid starts a fire, that kid MUST GO AND BE DEPORTED.†

Now that you have an accurate assessment of WHO are the Jesuit soldiers, WHO our soldiers are, and WHAT our weapons are, and WHERE are the battlefields, you are ready to approach a winning strategy for this war.

To win any war, you have to weaken or decrease the ranks of your enemy soldiers and you strive to knock out their leadership, and you must determine where the Jesuits will attack (these are the battlefields), and try to thwart or prevent these attacks.† Always keep this in mind as you plan war strategies to deal with the Jesuits.†††

You must not forget that the Jesuitsí goal is the same as ours: to knock out our leadership and decrease our ranks, and to thwart or prevent our attacks against them.† They have discovered that turning people into UNWILLING AGENTS is a brilliant way to decrease our ranks, so it needs to be of highest priority to deal with this UNWILLING AGENT problem and to remove from the Jesuits their ability to use UNWILLING AGENTS against us!† Now that I am general, they are wasting no time to try and knock me out.† WE CANNOT LET THEM DO THIS.† WE CANNOT LET THEM KNOCK OUT OUR LEADERS!† Of course, they have tried to knock me out for years, but their efforts have intensified lately.† You must do all in your power to protect me and the other leaders in this war against the Jesuits.

Due to my heavy work schedule at Wal-Mart, sometimes I cannot issue orders as soon as Iíd like.† Therefore, Iíd like to assign officers under me (called the CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS), who specialize in my CONSPIRACY LAW and can mete out military orders for me, when itís necessary to make an order immediately.† War knows no schedule, and I need help in creating war strategies and in creating orders, when emergencies arise that require quick action.† Here is how this will work.†

Basically, for those who work as my CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS, remember my main goal as general is to make military orders that ENFORCE MY CONSPIRACY LAW (which is law written to help us win this war against terrorism).† The reason we have not won this war yet, is because my CONSPIRACY LAW has not been enforced.† When my law is enforced, WE WILL WIN THE WAR.† Therefore, my goal is to use our military to enforce all of CONSPIRACY LAW.

When Iím working at Wal-Mart or elsewhere and am unable to get to my computer.† I want my CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS to issue orders to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW (depending on where we are attacked) or where it is anticipated (from our intelligence) that we need to attack or to defend..†

This is how this will work. . .† These will be called CONSPIRACY LAW ENFORCEMENT GUIDELINES:† Letís say the Jesuits attack us in an area, in which I have not written a military order to deal with.† Those officers who are under me (called CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS) will analyze my CONSPIRACY LAW and determine which of my laws has been violated, and which law(s), if enforced, would deal most effectively with this Jesuit attack.† It is good to study my law, because my law delineates how to use the Jesuitsí own groundbreaking technology in our war strategies.† This is not a war of tanks and guns, but of satellites, computer programs and who can outsmart who with genius computer/satellite technology that uses brain control technology and can induce long distance heart attacks!†

My laws go deep into this groundbreaking technology.† ALL OF OUR MILITARY STRATEGY MUST EMPLOY THIS GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY.† How do you win a war against an opponent who uses spacecraft and space technology against you with mind reading capabilities and the ability to ďshootĒ a person long distance by giving them a heart attack inside their ďfortressĒ (which are the war weapons of the 21st century), when you only fight these computer/satellite geniuses with the war weapons of World War II?† We no longer have any fortresses, because this space technology invades all our minds and can get inside just about every type of building and inside EVERY BRAIN.†††††

Every Jesuit attack against us is a violation of my CONSPIRACY LAW, AND IS CONSIDERED AN ACT OF WAR.† These CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS, will then analyze the attack and determine which of my laws should be enforced in order to deal with this attack.† So, letís say, the Jesuits start spreading the bird flu in Wal-Mart (a form of biological warfare), using various violations of my MICROBIOLOGY LAWS to do this.† The CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICERS will analyze 1) which of my CONSPIRACY LAWS, if enforced, would be the most effective to deal with this problem.† This is called ASSESSMENT.† 2) Once itís determined which CONSPIRACY LAWS need to be enforced.† The actions needed to enforce these laws will be written down.† This is called PLAN OF ACTION or STRATEGY.† 3) Once the PLAN OF ACTION (STRATEGY) is written down, then soldiers will be assigned to carry out this strategy.† This carried out strategy will be considered MILITARY ORDERS given by General Gail Schuler.† No military orders can be given out under my name, unless, and if, that order is designed to enforce one of my CONSPIRACY LAWs and to do it in a manner that does not violate any of my CONSPIRACY LAWS, and no military order can be given out under my name unless the officer (who gave out the order) is an officer in the CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICER NETWORK.† No one can be in the CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICER NETWORK unless they follow the same strict guidelines as the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS.† They must be daily Bible readers and must meet all the requirements of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS.† Any military order given out under my name (in violation of these CONSPIRACY LAW ENFORCEMENT GUIDELINES), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

So, you donít need to wait for me to make a military order, in order to make an emergency military order under my name.† Because sometimes, time is of the essence.† Just have a member of the CONSPIRACY LAW MILITARY OFFICER NETWORK, carry out ASSESSMENT, STRATEGY, MILITARY ORDER (according to my CONSPIRACY LAW ENFORCEMENT GUIDELINES), and then METE OUT THE ORDER AND PUT OUR MILITARY ON THE ATTACK AGAINST THE ENEMY.†


Vladimir, Brent or those who communicate with me (via computer/satellite) will inform me about any military orders carried out under my name, as outlined in this June 3, 2006 order, and I may later write those orders into this document.†


Because there are so many UNWILLING AGENTS, it is necessary to prioritize which ones need to go first, second, third, etc.

The Jesuits will use anything they have left to fight us with.† Therefore, letís remove their most potent weapons first, so that what they have left to fight us with wonít do us as much damage, SO while we try to rid a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION of its UNWILLING AGENTS, WE WILL USE MILITARY FORCE TO GET RID OF the HIGH UNWILLING AGENTS first.†††

Military strategists will analyze the effect that various UNWILLING AGENTS have on our war effort and will rate UNWILLING AGENTS according to the degree of damage they cause to our war effort.† Those that rate HIGH: such as those who are arsonists, murderers, have vehicular homicidal driving behavior, tend to be violent, those who are polluters (by contaminating gasoline that then pollutes the air, etc.) are HIGH UNWILLING AGENTS.† HIGH UNWILLING AGENTS must be the first ones deported from a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB- NATION.

Those UNWILLING AGENTS rated MEDIUM or HIGHER will not be given the option for laser surgery, in order to remain in a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION.† These UNWILING AGENTS must be deported immediately!† We may try brain laser surgery on them AFTER WE GET THEM OUT OF THE HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION.

Those rated lower than MEDIUM, will be given the option for brain laser surgery and we will observe them.† If the surgery is unsuccessful, they must also be deported out of the HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION.

Because all UNWILLING AGENTS are unpredictable, it will be necessary to use MILITARY FORCE for all deportations of UNWILLING AGENTS from HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS.†††

We will have MILITARY specialists (called UNWILLING AGENT SPECIALISTS) whose only job will be to decide how to categorize UNWILLING AGENTS, either as HIGH, MEDIUM-HIGH, MEDIUM, MEDIUM-LOW, LOW.

The UNWILLING AGENT SPECIALIST will be those who have background in dealing with UNWILLING AGENTS, and have determined which type of UNWILLING AGENTS are more damaging to us than others, and they will use computer/satellite technology, in combination with ďwar experienceĒ with UNWILLING AGENTS to decide on the ratings for the UNWILLING AGENTS.†

Our goal is to do like the Russians did to the Nazis in World War II.† To remove from the Jesuits anything they could use as weapons against us, whether they be UNWILLING AGENTS, trees, faulty engineering, bad roads, cars with spike wheels, bad traffic lights, etc.† Weíll make it so that even though the Jesuits takeover our land or our persons, WHAT THEY TAKEOVER WILL BE USELESS TO THEM.† This was the Russian strategy with the Nazis, and the Russians drove the Nazis out of Russia.† Like the Russian strategy, the most effective war strategy against the Jesuits, will require patience and a willingness to be thorough and to study exactly which weapons and people the Jesuits use most effectively against us, and to eliminate their ability to use these weapons and people against us BY USING MILITARY FORCE TO ELIMINATE THEIR ABILITIES IN THESE AREAS (WHERE THEY CAN ATTACK US).†

Once we determine what these weapons and people are, we must eliminate the Jesuitsí ability to use these weapons against us.† This is especially the case in our HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS, where we must make it safe for our leaders to reside, so the Jesuits canít knock out our leaders.† This is called the SCORCHED EARTH POLICY.† The Jesuits may take us over, but what they take over WILL BE USELESS TO THEM!† We must make sure this is so, AND THEN WE WILL BEAT THEM.

If the UNWILLING AGENTS canít get near our leaders, then the UNWILLING AGENTS are useless to the Jesuits.† You see how this strategy works?† Thatís why all areas where our key leaders reside must be declared HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS and treated like HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS, according to CONSPIRACY LAW and we will USE MILITARY FORCE TO ENFORCE THE HIGH TERROR ALERT NATION LAWS!!†††††††


Due to the effectiveness of Gail Schulerís military policies, the Jesuits have determined that she is the most dangerous person in the world to them.† Therfore, they have launched an all-out attack against her to knock her out.† Therefore, the Melbourne, FL area is declared a FRONT LINE in this war against Jesuit terrorism.

We will hire specialists (FRONT LINE ASSESSORS) from our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, who must meet all the requirements of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS (the same Bible reading requirements and all other memberhsip requirements of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS, except they donít have to be programmers).† We want to ensure that our FRONT LINE ASSESSORS carry out their duties faithfully and accurately.† Their decisions could literally make or break us, as far as this war is concerned.

The job of the FRONT LINE ASSESSORS will be to determine which portions of the world are FRONT LINES in our battle against Jesuit terrorism.† They must determine the answers to the FRONT LINE ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS to determine where the FRONT LINES are.† In order for them to answer the ASSESSMENT questions, they will probably need some training in the computer/satellite technology used by the Jesuits OR they will need to work hand-in-hand with military intelligence to determine the answers to the ASSESSMENT questions AND they will need to be trained in CONSPIRACY LAW (so that they will know which CONSPIRACY LAWS are being violated).†

All military intelligence that works with the FRONT LINE ASSESSORS to assist them in determining the answers to these ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS will also be considered members of the FRONT LINE ASSESSORS (and must meet the same requirements for membership in the FRONT LINE ASSESSORS as any other member of the FRONT LINE ASSESSORS must meet):


1) Where are the most intense and numerous violations of CONSPIRACY LAW occurring?

2) Where are the most intense and numerous uses of UNWILLING AGENTS occurring?

3) Who does the enemy consider to be our key (or most effective) leaders?† And these may not be the persons you would think.† Once we determine who the Jesuits consider to be our effective leaders, then we must consider all areas where these leaders live or travel to be the FRONT LINES, since you must expect the enemy to strive to knock out our effective leaders at every opportunity.†

We will determine who they consider to be our effective leaders by using mind reading technology on our enemies and by using other computer/satellite technologies, since the enemy will not want us to know who they really consider to be our effective leaders, since they like to disguise their own soldiers (the UNWILLING AGENT, for example) and they like to trick us into going down false leads, so that we waste our energies in fruitless endeavors.† THAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE FOR HAVING FRONT LINE ASSESSORS, so that our military resources will be used most effectively against the enemy.†

4) A special branch of the FRONTLINE ASSESSORS will be the MOTIVE ASSESSORS whose job (using mind-reading and intelligence capabilities) will be to determine the enemyís motives for why, where and how they attack us with CONSPIRACY LAW violations.† The MOTIVE ASSESSORS will do war games where they will pretend they are Jesuits and are planning war strategy, and they will play this game (while they actually work with FRONTLINE ASSESSORS to see how accurate their predictions and speculations are).† Hopefully, they will get better with practice, since Jesuits like to be unpredictable.† We are dealing with an enemy that has mind reading capabilities, so itís hard to surprise them, but we can learn how they think and get better at anticipating their strategies, and get better at thwarting their strategies against us.† Hopefully, we will get so good that we can ANTICIPATE future FRONT-LINES and move our troops IN ADVANCE to a possible FRONT-LINEs to meet the enemy and sabotage (or discourage) their attempts.†

If the MOTIVE ASSESSORS determine with a high degree of certainty that a certain area of the world will become a FRONT LINE (even if it is not a FRONT LINE now)--then we will move our troops (or actions) into that area for reinforcements, to sabotage the enemyís attempts in that possible FRONT LINE.† If anything, we may force the enemy to do something else less effective against us, so even if that area does not become a FRONT LINE, we may force the enemy into territory that would not be as effective against us, so the work of the MOTIVE ASSESSORS may not be in vain, even if the anticipated FRONT LINE does not turn out to be so.†††††

5) Are heavy uses of satellite violations occurring in a front line territory?†

A satellite violation is defined as the use of technology that interferes with or uses satellite signals to attack us (directly or indirectly).† If heavy use of satellite technology (that causes things such as downed trees, power lines, trenches or roofs to collapse, etc.) is part of a front-line attack, then SATELLITE ASSESSORS must be used as part of our FRONT-LINE BATTLE strategy.† These satellite assessors must identify where these attacks come from and then totally DEMOLISH these Jesuit bases of operation.† SHOW THE JESUITS NO MERCY--USE NUKES, IF YOU HAVE TO, TO DEMOLISH THEIR BASES OF OPERATION, MANY OF WHICH ARE UNDERGROUND AND CAN BE DEMOLISHED WITH UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR MISSILES.† We must ensure that our retaliation is intense enough and quick enough to TOTALLY DEMOLISH ALL JESUIT BASES OF OPERATIONS FROM WHICH THESE SATELLITE ATTACKS ORIGINATE.† Anything other than TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE BASES OF OPERATION FROM WHICH THESE SATELLITE ATTACKS ORIGINATE WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ACT OF TREASON AND THE VIOLATORS WILL BE TRIED FOR TREASON WITH POSSIBLE DEATH PENALTY CONSEQUENCES.†


Once an area is determined to be a true FRONT LINE (or a future FRONT LINE), then the following FRONT LINE DIRECTIVES must be enforced immediately:

1) There must be an great acceleration of the June 3, 2006 military orders to deal with UNWILLING AGENTS in that FRONT LINE territory, in order to enforce the SCORCHED EARTH POLICY as soon as possible (see June 3, 2006 order for an outline of the SCORCHED EARTH POLICY).†

2) In fact, we want one of our own soldiers assigned for EACH UNWILLING AGENT in that FRONT LINE territory, so that we can hasten the removal of UNWILLING AGENTS from that territory.† THE REMOVAL OF UNWILLING AGENT FROM FRONT-LINES MUST BE CONSIDERED AN EMERGENCY PRIORITY, EVEN IF WE HAVE TO DEPORT 90% OF THE POPULATION OUT OF THE FRONT LINE TERRITORY WITHIN 48 HOURS OR A WEEK.† If the area is under intense attack, we may have to do this, to spare the lives of our leaders.†


This will probably require that we send in more troops to deal with the UNWILLING AGENT problem, so that Jesuits canít use UNWILLING AGENT soldiers effectively in FRONT LINE territories.†

Remember, the key soldier in the Jesuit army is the UNWILLING AGENT.† And the Jesuits love to use UNWILLING AGENTS, because, UNWILLING AGENTS donít seem like Jesuit soldiers--so, therefore, by using UNWILLING AGENTS as their soldiers, THE JESUITS CAN INVADE OUR TERRITORIES WITH DISGUISED SOLDIERS (by disguising their own soldiers AS UNWILLING AGENTS).† DISGUISED SOLDIERS ARE ALWAYS THE MOST EFFECTIVE.† WE CANNOT ALLOW OUR ENEMY TO GET AWAY WITH THIS!†

UNWILLING AGENTS are perfect soldiers for the Jesuits, because they are SOLDIERS IN DISGUISE.† They are women, children, crippled and infirm people, the elderly, even fat or sloppy or unspiritual people etc. who can be manipulated with precision timing to assist the Jesuits and can work effectively for Jesuits (for the most part) UNDETECTED.† Anyone who is easily manipulated and/or lacks the discipline or motivation to maintain a daily Bible time, is a perfect candidate to become an UNWILLING AGENT soldier for the Jesuits.† The sloppy, lazy and undisciplined, and/or unspiritual people of the world make perfect UNWILLING AGENT soldiers, and the Jesuits have quite a pool of people to choose from, unfortunately.†

3) All branches of our military that enforce CONSPIRACY LAW, will intensify their efforts in that FRONT LINE territory to ensure that all of CONSPIRACY LAW is enforced TO THE MAX in that FRONT LINE TERRITORY.† This also means that we will intensify our war efforts to demolish those underground Jesuit bases that are used in FRONT LINE territories.†

So, letís say, that Melbourne, FL is intensely attacked with UNWILLING AGENTS and we determine that most of the IMPOSED PERSONS that manipulate these UNWILLING AGENTS come from Iran or North Korea, we will intensify our military attacks against Iranian and North Korean Jesuit bases (that house these IMPOSED PERSONS) AT THE SAME TIME and with the same intensity with which we intensify the deportation of UNWILLING AGENTS from the Melbourne, FL area.† In other words, we will DEMOLISH the Jesuit bases in Iran and North Korea at the same time that we conduct mass deportations of UNWILLING AGENTS from Melbourne, FL.†

We will attack the Jesuits from the front-end and from the rear-end and totally destroy all their military (computer-satellite) capabilities in their FRONT LINE attacks against us.† This will be A TRUE SCORCHED EARTH POLICY AGAINST THE JESUITS, WHICH MUST BE ENFORCED, FIRST AND FOREMOST, IN THE FRONT LINE TERRITORIES.† If satellite violations are part of the front line attack, then our SATELLITE ASSESSORS must also be brought in, in order to retaliate against the Jesuits with the same intensity AND MORE that they have brought against us in this front line territory.† The retaliation must at least equal the intensity of the Jesuit attack against us, and if this does not occur, than all the people involved in the retaliatory effort WILL BE CANNED AND KICKED OUT OF THE MILITARY.† All such retaliations will be shown on GCFNC, to show that we viciously oppose all Jesuit attacks against us.†† OUR GOAL IS TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF JESUIT MILITARY OPERATIONS, AND CATASTROPHIC DESTRUCTION OF JESUIT BASES USED IN FRONT-LINE ATTACKS AGAINST US..† WE WILL NOT RULE OUT THE USE OF NUCLEAR MISSILES TO ACCOMPLISH THIS OBJECTIVE!†††

4) We will concentrate our war efforts in the FRONT LINE TERRITORIES, since if we lose the FRONT LINES, we will lose the war.† The Jesuits have a reason for intensifying their attacks in that front line region and we cannot allow them to win the battles in the FRONT LINES, unless we want to lose the war!† So these FRONT LINE DIRECTIVES are very important and MUST BE ENFORCED.† If the Jesuits lose the FRONT LINE battles, they LOSE THE WAR.†† SO WE MUST WIN THESE FRONT LINE BATTLES, and we must accurately determine where the front lines are.† That why we need the work of the MOTIVE ASSESSORS.

JESUITS ARE MASTERS AT DEFLECTION AND LOVE TO HAVE US GO OFF ON TANGENTS AND TO DIRECT US AWAY FROM OUR true FRONT-LINES.† THAT IS WHY THESE June 26, 2006 ORDERS ARE SO IMPORTANT AND MUST BE ENFORCED, IF WE WANT TO WIN THIS WAR.†† This is a prime military strategy used throughout all of military history--to deceive your enemy and have them go off and leave UNGUARDED A TRUE FRONT LINE.† Read how Ai was conquered, itís because the Israelites deceived the enemy and so the enemy deserted their city (the true front line) while they chased after Israeli troops on a foolish tangent.† They all left Ai unguarded.† Ai was the true front line, and it was left unguarded and the Ai troops were in the WRONG AREA AT THE WRONG TIME AND SO THEY LOST THE WAR.† We canít afford to make mistakes about where our true FRONT LINES ARE, or we will suffer the same fate that the residents of Ai did.††††

Read Joshua 8.† Joshua and the Israelites tricked the people of Ai to flee their city and leave it unguarded to go after the Israelites (a deflecting tactic) outside the city.† Then the Israelites burned the city behind the residents of Ai, and the Ai people looked back and saw their city was burned and the Ai soldiers had no place to go, and they were trapped between two Israeli troops and the Ai soldiers were slaughtered and the Israelites won the battle.† V. 17--ĒAnd there was not a man left in Ai or Bethel, that went not out after Israel : and they left the city OPEN, and pursued after Israel.Ē† We arenít going to make the same mistake these Ai soldiers did, we will NOT LEAVE OUR TRUE FRONT LINES OPEN.

Any knowing and willing attempt or action to sabotage these June 26, 2006 military orders, in order to encourage the use of UNWILLING AGENTS or to make it so that Jesuits can maintain their FRONT LINES against us, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.† All such death penalty cases will be tried on GCFNC.†


No UNWILLING AGENT military members may be involved in any of the military enforcements of any HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION, nor can any UNWILLING AGENT military member contact (or communicate with) those in a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION in regard to any matter that involves national security or military enforcement or affairs.† This would be like having enemy troops help us to enforce our own highly important military laws, so we absolutely cannot tolerate the use of any UNWILLING AGENT military members in this very important work.† It is my goal as General, to eventually weed out ALL UNWILLING AGENTS from our military forces, since these UNWILLING AGENTs are manipulated to serve our enemies.†

But since the UNWILLING AGENT infiltration into our society, including military society, is so catastrophic, we must prioritize which sections of the military will be ďcleansedĒ of UNWILLING AGENT contamination first.†

Since the creation and enforcement of our HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS is one of our highest priorities, we will start first with those military members who enforce CONSPIRACY LAWS for the HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS, so that our HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS will succeed and prevent Jesuits from launching attacks against our leaders and against those who reside in HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS.††

Any UNWILLING AGENT military member who gets himself/herself involved with a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION, and those (directly or indirectly) responsible for the actions of this UNWILLING AGENT military member, will be investigated.† Those willingly and knowingly behind this violation, will be tried for treason and if they did this to support the Jesuit Order, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.†

All those UNWILLING AGENT military members who involve themselves with a HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION (either by communicating with persons inside the HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATION in a manner that influences military affairs within that sub-nation or that influences international or political affairs or other matters of concern to the International government) will be suspended from duty and evaluated for fitness for military service.†

If we cannot ďcureĒ this person of their UNWILLING AGENT problem, they must be removed from the military and retired (transferred) to another line of work.†

Borderline cases, where the person could be cured of his/her problem with laser surgery, will be required to undergo laser surgery and then be re-evaluated.† If the re-evaluation reveals that the surgery was successful, that person may remain in the military.† If the re-evaluation reveals that the surgery was unsuccessful, that person MUST LEAVE THE MILITARY.† IT IS OF HIGHEST PRIORITY TO THIS GENERAL THAT ALL THOSE WHO SERVE UNDER MY COMMAND BE OF THE HIGHEST MILITARY CALIBER.† BETTER TO HAVE A SMALL FORCE OF DEPENDABLE, RELIABLE SOLDIERS, THAN A LARGE, DISORGANIZED, UNDISCIPLINED MESS.

Those persons who undergo laser surgery and are cured, must maintain daily Bible readings and the lifestyle necessary to maintain their brain autonomy.† They will be strictly monitored to ensure that they do.† If they fail to maintain this lifestyle and then they go back to their UNWILLING AGENT state, THEY WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE MILITARY and sent to another line of work.† We must have soldiers that have the discipline, tenacity, determination and self-control to be effective soldiers.† Those who donít discipline themselves to maintain the Bible program and to avoid OCCULT MEDIA, are not fit to be soldiers and WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE MILITARY.††

I get my military policies from the book of Judges, in which Gideon weeded out his army down to 300 (from an original, much larger force) and only retained ďqualityĒ soldiers.† HE WON THE WAR.† He retained those who were alert, disciplined and had self-control--who could control their appetites enough to keep their head alert while they lapped water (drank water).† These are the kind who make the best soldiers, as the book of Judges attests.† Those that bowed down to drink (kept their eyes down and couldnít see around them as they drank) were slaves to their body and more concerned about satisfying their thirst than with winning the war, they allowed their guard to go down while they drank.† Those that lapped, did so, because they wanted to be alert every second, so as not to miss a beat of the enemy.† They drank water in a manner, so that they kept their heads up and could see all around them as they drank.† We want soldiers like those that lapped, who will never let a week go by, without reading the Bible--who will be ever alert, ever diligent to maintain their brain and protect it from Jesuit incursions.†††

JESUITS use UNWILLING AGENT military members to create chaos and disorder within our military--this is a sure recipe to LOSE ANY WAR.† THEREFORE, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE UNWILLING AGENTS IN OUR MILITARY AND OUR GOAL IS TO EVENTUALLY WEED OUT ALL UNWILLING AGENTS from the military.†


If not, we will be dealing with Abu Ghraib type situations over and over.† This is a sure way to spell disaster for our military forces.†††

In all instances, where we must relieve a military member from military service (for whatever reason) or we must refuse them a military assignment (because of their UNWILLING AGENT condition), we will present that person a brain scan of their brain, which reveals that their brain is in an UNWILLING AGENT state, and this will be our evidence for why we had to dismiss him/her from military service.† We will retain this brain scan in our records, to provide evidence about why this person had to be dismissed or refused an assignment.† This is done to protect ourselves from accusations of bigotry, prejudice, or partiality in our decisions in these matters.† We will state that our sole reason for refusing this person, was based on scientific evidence of their brain, and that we have evidence that they are not fit for military service because of brain impairment.† Any (willing and knowing) attempt or action to produce false or inaccurate brain scans of any military member or to neglect to produce accurate brain scans of a member, so that a member is dismissed (who should not be dismissed) or so that a member is retained (who should not be retained), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.†††



This section has been copied from Sect. 89 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT and has become a military order issued by General Gail Schuler on this June 16, 2006.† Carry out these orders immediately along with any other previously issued military orders.† It is my belief that the Jesuits feel they are losing this war and have given up on Iraq and are moving their energies primarily toward North Korea and then Iran.†

These orders will be enforced by THE NET.† Make SURE the weed out policies for THE NET are enforced (SEE PREVIOUS MILITARY ORDER GIVEN BY ME)--because I only want the highest quality troops involved in this endeavor.

We most totally demolish all their attempts to regroup and strengthen.† If these orders are carried out, we can thwart their attempts to regroup and regain strength through Iran and North Korea and we must not allow them to recoup, we must crush them totally.† Again, concentrate on finding and executing the Jesuit leaders--(a previous military order THAT HAS NOT BEEN RESCINDED!!) all over the world--not just the Middle East; and make sure to acquire all intelligence information you get from them (using 666-COMPUTER BRAIN HISTORIES) before executions, so that we can have the best intelligence, and eliminate (diminish) their abilities to use surprise tactics against us by making sure our intelligence uses the same technology that they use against us (computer/satellite technology).


Vladimir has instructed me to revise my laws about North Korea, in order to deal with this nuclear North Korean threat, in which the Jesuit-directed North Koreans sent a nuclear missile to the U.S. capital on 5-11-05.† Our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION successfully diverted this missile into the Atlantic Ocean, where it is being studied.†

Because the laws which I wrote in my 2-13-05 statement have already been put into action in North Korea, it weakened the North Koreanís attempt to attack the U.S. capital, so that we were able to divert the nuclear missile into the Atlantic Ocean.† The problem is some North Koreans have returned to North Korea from our Australian camps (when they should have remained in Australia) and the South Korean leadership over the North Koreans in Australia was run by Jesuit-directed South Korean UNWILLING AGENTS, so this gave Jesuits opportunities to create mischief.†

Therefore, I have modified the laws from my 2-13-05 statement to make tougher rules about UNWILLING AGENTS in North Korea and about UNWILLING AGENTS in leadership positions over North Koreans, Iranians and Syrians.† These laws will be enforced my our MILITARY (specifically THE NET), since I am a five star general in the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION.† This Sect. 89 is a military order which I have ordered on June 16, 2006, and which must be carried out as a military order.† Appoint several generals to be in charge of this Korean major operation, and preferably use generals of Japanese, Korean, or Asian descent OR use generals who have had extensive experience in dealing with Asia.† One reason General MacArthur (World War II) was so effective was because he understood thoroughly the Japanese mind.

Jesuit-directed North Korean UNWILLING AGENTS were used to orchestrate this nuclear plot against the U.S. which resulted in a nuclear missile directed toward the U.S. capital on 5-11-05.†

Evidence will be presented on GCFNC that this North Korean missile which was directed to the U.S. capital on 5-11-05 was a Jesuit orchestration.† If North Korea does not cooperate with the guidelines of this Sect. 89, we will use Russia to launch nuclear attacks on North Korean underground facilities (see Sect. 89.1b).† This Sect. 89 is the revision of the Feb. 2005 laws I wrote regarding North Korea.††††

89.0 For the purposes of this Sect. 89, a QUALIFIED LEADER of North Korea, Syria or Iran is one who is not an UNWILLING AGENT and who follows the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS [and has followed this BIBLE PROGRAM (or the equivalent of the BIBLE PROGRAM) for at least 6 months].†

89.0(a) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action to allow any other person besides a QUALIFIED LEADER to be a leader in North Korea, Syria or Iran, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

89.0(b) I asked God for wisdom in Feb. 2005 about what to do about North Korea and Iran, since the Jesuits have relocated most of their illegal computer/satellite underground operations to these 2 countries.† God told me in Feb. 2005 that we can work with the Iranians, but we canít work with the North Koreans.†

89.0(c) He seemed to tell me that Russia, Pakistan and India need to put pressure on the Iranian people to topple their government and to elect new leaders and this is how we can work with Iran.†

89.0(d) No leader in Iran or North Korea or Syria can be an UNWILLING AGENT and all leaders and LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS in all 3 of these countries must follow the BIBLE PROGRAM (even if they are Muslims or of other religions that do not read the Bible).† We will inform these leaders that the reason for this is because, so far, the only method we know to prevent one from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT is to read daily the Bible and to avoid OCCULT MEDIA.†

89.0(e) Iím not sure how the pressure could be applied, but maybe if Russia, Pakistan and India get together on this, they can come up with a strategy.† Note of interest: Russia, Pakistan and India are all nuclear powers.† Once Iran is rid of its corrupt leadership, we can save Iran and work with the Iranian people.† And then once we get the Iranian people on our side, we can eliminate the underground operations in Iran.

89.0(f)† As far as North Korea is concerned, it seems that God wants to use Australia, Japan and Russia on North Korea.† Perhaps Japan and Russia would invade North Korea and takeover the country and deport the North Koreans to camps in Australia.† Hint: Iíve heard North Koreans are starving.† We may be able to offer them food in Australia.† God seems to hint that North Korea must be totally destroyed and all their leaders executed with death by hanging with buzzards or by the chop-burn-ash-maggot method--and that this is the only way to deal with North Korea.† Weíre going to have to be brutal with them.†

89.0(g) The whole North Korean nation needs to be deported to Australia and the leaders executed.† Somehow Japan, Russia and Australia will come up with some sort of strategy along this line.† Once North Korea is destroyed utterly, then we can go in and destroy the Jesuit underground operations in North Korea.† I do not get the impression that talks with North Korea would do any good.† We have to cut off their head (the leadership must be executed) and feed their crumbs (the people) to the birds--export the people to Australia.† THEY ARE THE BAKER OF GENESIS 40.††††††

89.0(h) But this is what God seemed to tell me as I read from Genesis 40 and 41 in Feb. 2005.† Iran is the butler and North Korea is the baker of Genesis 40.

89.0(i)† God seemed to tell me that Genesis 41 is about how to handle Iran.† If youíll notice that if we can put a Joseph over Iran, then we will have Iran in our hands.†

89.0(j)† North Korea is another matter.† The HEAD must be cut off and executed.† And it appears that a mass deportation strategy of the North Korean people must be carried out for this to be successful and that Russia and Japan will be instrumental in this.†

89.0(k) God has shown me what to do about the North Koreans who have been deported to Australia. You need to appoint a South Korean leader over these North Koreans who is very wise and has highest character (and who is not an UNWILLING AGENT and who follows the BIBLE PROGRAM) to be the leader and guide of the North Koreans in Australia--keep the North Koreans confined to a certain section of Australia--donít have them all over Australia--so that the South Korean leader who will lead them can manage them effectively.†

89.0(l)† We will use South Korean leaders (who will work with the Australian government) to prepare these North Koreans for their eventual return to a united Korea.† Both the South Koreans and the Australians who work with these North Koreans must not be UNWILLING AGENTS and must follow the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS.† ALL LEADERS IN THE NORTH KOREAN AND IRANIAN GOVERNMENTS will be considered LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs and must follow the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs.† Any other person who dares to take the leadership in these 2 nations will be executed, if caught.

89.0(m) We will have military (who are trained in Islamic culture carry out this order).† You may say to require Muslims to read the Bible will offend some Muslims.† Well, thatís too bad-- because many of the Muslims have offended us, because they want to kill us.† Besides, we arenít forbidding them from reading their Koran or their own writings (unless their own writings are in an OCCULT MEDIA form), but we are imposing an additional reading (or listening) requirement upon them, that is--they must read from the Bible everyday (according to the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS --see Sect. 77.031).† If their own writings are in an OCCULT MEDIA form, we will have prominent Muslims revise their own Muslim writings to remove the OCCULT MEDIA elements, so that the Bible reading of the Muslims will not be undermined by OCCULT MEDIA (from readings of their own Muslim religion).† Muslims claim to worship many of the Old Testament saints, so this should be acceptable to some of them.† If they ask why they have to read the Bible, we will say that because, so far, that is the only way to prevent one from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT.†††††

89.0(n) The following laws (indicated by ***) may seem harsh, but they are necessary because on this 11th day of May, 2005, the North Korean government sent a nuclear missile to the U.S. capital around noon, and it was diverted to the Atlantic Ocean, where it will be analyzed and studied.†

89.0(n-1) The U.S. news media is reporting it as a small plane to divert panic and to prevent UNWILLING AGENTs from being used as troublemakers as we deal with this North Korean nuclear situation.† We are striving to keep the American public calm as we analyze this situation and try to determine best how to deal with North Korea.

89.0(o) ***NO NORTH KOREAN CAN RETURN TO KOREA UNTIL HE/SHE IS DETERMINED NOT TO BE AN UNWILLING AGENT and HE/SHE IS FOLLOWING THE BIBLE PROGRAM FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS.† We have to be tough with North Korea because North Korea is probably the major nuclear threat in the world today.† ALL NORTH KOREANS who are UNWILLING AGENTS (or who have not followed the BIBLE PROGRAM for at least 6 months), must live in Australian camps until they meet the qualifications for return--that is, they must not be UNWILLING AGENTS and they must be following the BIBLE PROGRAM and have followed it for at least 6 months.†

89.0(p) ***Furthermore, no North Korean will be allowed to return to North Korea unless it is confirmed that that North Korean is NOT an UNWILLING AGENT.† To willingly and knowingly allow any North Korean back into North Korea when it is known that person is an UNWILLING AGENT will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.† All the nation of North Korea must be declared a HIGH TERROR ALERT NATION and treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT NATION according to CONSPIRACY LAW.†

89.0(q) When these North Koreans return to Korea it will no longer be a divided Korea, but will be Korea (with no North or South).†

89.0(r)† The North Koreans will not return to Korea, until the situation in North Korea is stabilized and the elements of the former corrupt government in North Korea have been eliminated.† This may take up to two years or longer, due to UNWILLING AGENT problems.† In the meanwhile, a South Korean leader (who is not an UNWILLING AGENT and who is doing the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs) will be appointed to govern the North Koreans in Australia and to prepare them for their eventual return to Korea.†††††

89.0(s) The first North Koreans who will be allowed to return to Korea will be those who prove to be dependable and who are not UNWILLING AGENTS or Jesuit supporters and they must all be following the BIBLE PROGRAM and must continue to follow the BIBLE PROGRAM when they have returned to Korea.†

89.0(t)† In Australia, we will teach these North Koreans how to overcome the Jesuitsí ability to use them as UNWILLING AGENTS and will instruct them about the effectiveness of Bible reading and the avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA.† They will be required to follow the BIBLE PROGRAM (which all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs must follow) AND they will be required to undergo brain laser surgery to remove from the Jesuits their ability to manipulate these persons as UNWILLING AGENTS.† If other methods are discovered to be effective to help them resist takeover of their brains as UNWILLING AGENTS, we will educate them about these as well.† So the North Koreans will be watched and monitored in Australia by the South Koreans and the international government. And those North Koreans who are not UNWILLING AGENTS and who have followed the BIBLE PROGRAM (or its equivalent) will be the first allowed to return to Korea.

89.0(u) The North Koreans will get homesick and many of them have relatives in South Korea.† They will want to go back to Korea (especially if they know that it is no longer divided, but is a united Korea).† If they know that by following our laws, in which we will mandate Bible reading and exposure and avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA, that they will be rewarded with a return to a united Korea--this will highly motivate them to follow our laws.† In this manner, we can ensure that when the North Koreans return they will not be troublemakers and we wonít have to deal with the likes of North Korea again and that the Korean nation will be transformed into a land of freedom.† I believe this is something that all Koreans (including North Koreans) want, and that the North Koreans will be highly motivated to follow our laws.† We will educate them what they need to do to not be used as UNWILLING AGENTS.† Those who manage to free themselves from the ability of the Jesuits to use them as UNWILLING AGENTS (and who follow our BIBLE PROGRAM) will be the first North Koreans allowed to return to a united Korea--that will be their reward for accomplishing this objective (of freeing themselves from the control of the Jesuits).†††††

89.0(v) However, once these North Koreans return to Korea, we will not just turn them loose.† These former North Koreans will be assigned South Korean guardians (who are not UNWILLING AGENTS and who are following the BIBLE PROGRAM) to monitor them to make sure they are good citizens of Korea, that they are following their BIBLE PROGRAMS, and are not being used by Jesuits to cause trouble.†

89.0(w) If this first North Korean test group fails the test and proves to be troublemakers--they will be sent back to Australia and put back in camps.† Only until the North Koreans prove that they donít need to be managed by the South Koreans and the international government, will we give them autonomy, so that they can do whatever they want in the new Korea--which means they can own land or homes or businesses in the territory that is now North Korea.† The country will no longer be communist, so many of these North Koreans can go back and buy land or homes and become owners of property.† So we will send North Korean test groups back, who will be monitored by South Koreans and the international government.†

89.0(x) After each test group passes the test, then the former North Koreans will be granted full citizenship as citizens of a united Korea and will no longer require monitoring and once they are granted full citizenship of a united Korea, they can become land owners and home owners in the new united Korea.†

89.0(y) No one can be in the government of North Korea who is an UNWILLING AGENT or who is not following the BIBLE PROGRAM (to prevent that leader from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT).

89.0(z) The former North Korea will be integrated into a united Korea and the South Korean government will become the government of all of Korea--not only just South Korea.† As the former North Koreans are integrated back into Korea, they will have all the voting rights of the South Koreans and can influence the next Korean elections (which will be the elections for a united Korea--with no north or south divisions).†

89.1† If the Jesuits (which includes the current North Korean or Iranian leader) take innocent North Koreans or Iranians hostage and threaten to kill them if we continue to capture and deport North Koreans to Australia or if we force Muslims to read the Bible.† We will do the following response:†

89.1(a)† If one of those hostages is killed or seriously harmed by these Jesuits, then we will launch a massive military campaign using nuclear underground missiles from Russia to destroy all Jesuit computer/satellite underground operations in North Korea or Iran.†

89.1(b)† We will continue our campaign to capture and deport North Korean civilians to Australia and if a North Korean is held hostage or is killed or seriously harmed by any Jesuit hostage-taker OR if the current North Korean government will not allow us to carry out the guidelines of this Sect. 89-- we will launch nuclear underground missiles from Russia to totally destroy and demolish all Jesuit underground operations in North Korea.

89.2 It is still our goal to capture and arrest all current North Korean leaders.† If anyone turns them over to us (or executes them for us and provides evidence of the execution), they will receive a substantial reward from the International government.† If any North Korean leader willingly surrenders to us, we may spare his/her life if he/she cooperates with the International government in our war against Jesuit terrorism.† We do not expect North Korean leaders to surrender, so any way to oust current North Korean leaders from power will be rewarded (and we will reward those who execute these current Jesuit-directed North Korean leaders).†

89.2(a) If anyone plans to execute the North Korean leaders, these leaders should not be tortured, just execute them and get them out of the way.† If torture is not necessary to execute a North Korean leader, then a reward will not be given to one who tortures a North Korean leader--the International government does not want a reputation of sponsoring torture.† We do not consider the hang-chop-burn-ash-maggot method of execution torture, since the body is dead when the tactics for this execution are carried out.

89.2(b) Though we may quickly execute a criminal, how we deal with the body is our own business.† The body may be chopped, burned, spread like ash and then the ashes spread out over maggots and this may be shown on GCFNC.† Quick execution is the best way to rid the world of these evil leaders and quick execution will not be considered torture--but justice.†††††

89.3 As far as the situation in Iran and Syria, where the two countries have teamed up against our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION--this is our response:

89.3(a) The international government declares a state of martial law in the countries of Syria and Iran,which must be enforced by our INTERNATIONAL SATELLLITE COALITION--this is a military order by General Gail Schuler.† We have intelligence which confirms to us that the majority of the people of Iran and Syria are unhappy with their current governments and want new governments.† The laws of Sect. 1.93 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT apply to Syria and Iran and the international government no longer recognizes the current governments of Iran and Syria as legitimate.†

89.3(b) No current leader of the Syrian or Iranian government (who is an UNWILLING AGENT or is not following the BIBLE PROGRAM) can continue to govern their country.† If any of these current UNQUALIFIED SYRIAN OR IRANIAN LEADERS are caught governing (or attempting to govern) their country, they must be arrested and turned over to international government authorities.† Any person (or current citizen of Syria or Iran) who captures or turns them over to us will receive a substantial reward from the International government.† If any of these current Syrian or Iranian governmental leaders attempts to resist us (and taking innocents as hostages is considered a form of resistance) and will not surrender to our authorities, we will launch an immediate campaign to use NUCLEAR underground missiles from Russia and China to totally destroy and demolish all illegal satellite/computer underground operations in Iran and/or Syria.† We may continue to use the current Syrian leader since he has shown some cooperation with us and he is following our BIBLE PROGRAM, but all those underlings under him are fired and must not govern Syria.†

89.3(c) The situation in Syria is similar to the situation in Poland, where the Polish Presidentís family was threatened with harm if he would not cooperate with the corrupt Jesuit-led Polish government.† Poland had to be put under martial law.†

89.3(d) However, the current Syrian leader must fire everyone else in his current government and must totally cooperate with the new appointed government which we will install in Syria, or he will be sacked as well.†††

89.3(e) We will continue our military campaigns in Syria and Iran to destroy their underground operations using our current methods.† However, any attempt by the governments of Syria or Iran to resist our ouster of their governments will bring on an acceleration of our destruction of their underground operations, in which we will abandon our current methods and will use NUCLEAR underground missiles from Russia and China to totally destroy and demolish all underground illegal satellite/computer operations in Syria and Iran.†

89.3(f)† Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action to violate the guidelines of this Sect. 89 with the intent to assist the Jesuit Order, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.† All such cases and executions will be shown on GCFNC.



Update: on June 28, 2006, as I went to check my mail, I noticed an UNWILLING AGENT delivering a UPS parcel (around 2 p.m.) to the managerís office at my apartment complex.† THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM THAT MUST BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY!!† There is no excuse to have ANY UNWILLING AGENT delivering any mail, UPS parcel, or FED EX in a FRONT LINE TERRITORY.† Assign military personnel to these positions, and ship the UNWILLING AGENT mail, FED EX, UPS workers out of the FRONT LINE TERRITORY!† Willing and knowing failure to enforce these laws, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the violator.

The following sections have been taken from Gailís CONSPIRACY LAW document.† They are to be enforced RIGHT NOW in all territories of the world that are considered HIGH TERROR ALERT SUB-NATIONS or NATIONS, and they are to be enforced by MILITARY PERSONNEL.† I just received a document (that I believe is counterfeit and alleges to be from Gailís ex-husband, that claims my son lives with Gailís ex-husband and that Gailís ex-husband is moving to Seattle).† This document strikes me as fishy.†

I donít have time to write detailed orders, and may let Lis Wiehl, make the orders more detailed, but I will reprint the laws that need to be enforced and I want them enforced by military personnel of highest caliber (who are members of THE NET or who meet the most stringent requirements --in terms of Bible reading and avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA).†

I must emphasize again that it is imperative that UNWILLING AGENTS are removed from the area (city) where Gail Schuler lives (with the more dangerous ones removed first).† I am having to deal with brazen and bold UNWILLING AGENTS at the apartment complex where I live, my laws regarding no UNWILLING AGENTS in this apartment complex are NOT being enforced.† Send in military to enforce these laws or move me to a military base (where it will be safer for me).†

Have Lis Wiehl scan all the laws Iíve written regarding mail and phone communications and have them enforced by the military.† Have Lis Wiehl scan all the laws Iíve written regarding UNWILLING AGENTS or Jesuits who abide within a 10 mile circumference of Gail Schuler (or SIGNIFICANT PERSONs) and enforce those laws (using the military).†

LAWS FOR MAIL WORKERS, FEDERAL EXPRESS WORKERS, UNITED PARCEL SERVICE WORKERS AND ANY WORKER WHO DELIVERS (OR COULD DELIVER) ANY LEGAL DOCUMENTS (OR ANY DOCUMENT WHICH COULD BE PERCEIVED AS A LEGAL DOCUMENT--SUCH AS A COUNTERFEIT LEGAL DOCUMENT).† It is very important for mail to be delivered correctly, because mistakes in mail delivery could become life or death matters for some people-- such as those who rely on the mail to receive money or payments or medications, etc.†

To HANDLE MAIL is defined as to participate in any manner in the handling or delivery of any mail from the time it is mailed (at its origination point) to the time it is delivered to the recipient.† This is because any deliberately induced problems in mail handling or delivery, whether at the beginning of the process (where the mail is originated) or inbetween (as the mail is in transit) or at the end of the process (where the mail is delivered), can cause serious problems and/or legal complications for the recipient or the sender of that mail.†††

44.0 Satellite technology (through the RSP and PLP networks) must be used to screen all mail for TERRORIST MATERIALS (such as biological, chemical or nuclear materials or counterfeit documents or correspondence that is part of any JESUIT FLIRTATION conspiracy, which could directly or indirectly cause harm or death)† and/or to screen for PERSONS (other than the legally designated mail persons) who may tamper with a mailbox and/or its contents or who may tamper with the handling of any mail.† A special section of the RSP network for every country will be used to screen all MAIL delivered and/or handled in that country for any TERRORIST MATERIALS and to screen all persons who deliver and/or handle mail for any fake or criminal imposters (who may pose as mail carriers or handlers).† This section of the RSP network will be called the MAIL SCREENERS.† MAIL SCREENERS are considered a part of the RSP network and must meet all the qualifications of any member of any RSP network.† The RSP network can work with the PLP network to use mind-reading 666-Computer technology (on those under their control) to determine when a counterfeit, harassing or illegal document (as defined by CONSPIRACY LAW) is in the mail system.† A counterfeit, harassing or illegal document is considered a TERRORIST MATERIAL because it can be used to legally terrorize a person.†

44.1 It is the MAIL SCREENERSí responsibility to immediately (as soon as possible) inform any MAIL FACILITY of the existence of any TERRORIST MATERIALS in that MAIL FACILITY and/or to inform the proper law enforcement authorities of any criminals who may illegally tamper with the mail.† Any member of the MAIL SCREENERS who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly neglects to inform any MAIL FACILITY (which contains or is vulnerable to TERRORIST MATERIALS) of the existence of TERRORIST MATERIALS at that facility (or as part of that facilityís mail system), will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† Any member of the MAIL SCREENERS who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly neglects to inform the proper law enforcement about the activities of any criminal who illegally tampers with mail, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.††

44.1(a1) All MAIL SCREENERS who handle Gail Chord Schulerís mail (whether from FED EX, American Express, regular mail, etc.) must send a certified copy of all mail which Gail receives to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President and to Lis Wiehl, Gailís second in command.† If it is not an emergency for Gail to receive the document immediately, Vladimir and Lis must receive from Gailís MAIL SCREENERS, the certified copy of the mailed document at least 24 hours before Gail receives that document (which was mailed to her).† In all cases, whether or not Vladimir and Lis receive the document before Gail does, he/she MUST RECEIVE A CERTIFIED COPY OF ALL MAIL WHICH GAIL RECEIVES AT THE SAME TIME THAT IT WAS MAILED TO HER BOX OR THE SAME TIME THAT SHE RECEIVES THE DOCUMENT.† Anything in the mail addressed to Gail Chord Schuler at any address where she can receive this mail, is mail that must FIRST GO TO VLADIMIR PUTIN and LIS WIEHL (at least 24 hours in advance of the time that Gail receives it or at least 24 hours in advance of the time it is mailed to her maibox) so that he/she can screen her mail before she receives her mail.† VLADIMIR and Lis MUST ALSO RECEIVE A CERTIFIED COPY OF ALL DOCUMENTS WHICH GAIL MAILS OUT TO ANYBODY, so that he can determine how, when and where her mail goes.† He/she cannot intercept any mail which Gail mails out (or prevent it from reaching its target), unless Gail gives him/her permission to do so in her legal statements.† Gail gives Vladimir and Lis full permission to intercept and remove from Gailís mail and/or to prevent Gail from receiving any document which has been mailed to Gail illegally--whether because the document is a counterfeit or because the document is somehow a violation of CONSPIRACY LAW and, for this reason, Vladimir and Lis do not want Gail to received the illegally mailed document.†

44.1(a2) Any MAIL SCREENER who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly allows any mail to reach Gail and who does not send an exact and accurate certified copy of this mail to Vladimir Putin and Lis Wiehl (at least 24 hours before Gail receives it or before it reaches Gailís mailbox), will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† The exception will be if the mail MUST BE SENT TO GAIL IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE IT IS AN EMERGENCY FOR HER TO RECEIVE THE MAIL IMMEDIATELY (before Vladimir and Lis †receives it).† That it was an emergency, and so much of an emergency that the document had to be mailed to Gail before Vladimir and Lis could screen it at least 24 hours in advance, will have to be proven in a court of law.† Because very rarely is any mail this much of an emergency.† Vladimir and Lis will let all mail organizations know which address they must send these certified copies to.† Gail is often very busy and does not have time to immediately check her mail and, it appears, that MAIL SCREENERS (and others) are not following the law and need to be arrested-- because Gail is receiving TERRORIST MATERIALs and other harassing illegal materials in her mailbox.† It is hoped that if Vladimir and Lis receive Gailís mail right away, he/she can act on it, even before Gail receives it and may even be able to prevent illegal mail from reaching her mailbox.† Also, he/she can ensure that any mail which Gail needs to receive, she receives.†

44.1(a) Also, any member of the MAIL SCREENERS who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly gives a false or confusing or deceptive report about TERRORIST MATERIALS to any mail facility with the intent to cause undue confusion or to cause mistakes to be made in mail handling and/or delivery, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.††††

44.2 All TERRORIST MATERIALS and counterfeit, harassing and/or illegal documents (which are also considered TERRORIST MATERIALS) must not be delivered to their recipients and must be removed from the MAIL as soon as possible.† It is the MAIL SCREENERíS job to inform the MAIL FACILITY of the existence of any TERRORIST MATERIALS at that facility or in that facilityís mail system.†

44.2(a) Any person who (directly or indirectly) knowingly and willingly allows, encourages, or participates in the sending or handling of any TERRORIST MATERIALS or in the sending or handling of any counterfeit, harassing or illegal documents--also considered to be TERRORIST MATERIALS (especially any illegal document which is, or could be falsely perceived as a legally valid document by the recipient) through any mail medium (such as the government mail system, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, American Express, etc.) will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

44.3 MAIL is defined as any document or object which could be delivered or handled by any MAIL FACILITY and/or its workers (as they are employed and working for that MAIL FACILITY).††††††††††

44.4 A MAIL WORKER is defined as any worker in any government mail position, Federal Express position, United Parcel Service position, American Express position, or any position which facilitates the transportation, handling and/or delivery of any document or object which is (or could be or could be perceived as) a legal document or object.

44.5 A MAIL FACILITY is any facility (such as a Post Office, a Federal Express facility, a jet used to transport mail, etc.) which is used (directly or indirectly) to facilitate the transportation, handling and/or delivery of any document or object [which is (or could be or could be perceived as) a legal document or object].

44.6 No UNWILLING AGENT or JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR is allowed to work in any capacity as any type of MAIL WORKER, if in the course of his/her job, he/she could (because of his/her job duties) promote the sending or handling of any counterfeit, harassing or illegal documents; or could cause MAIL not to be delivered as addressed or could cause MAIL to be lost or could cause mail to be unduly delayed or could cause mail mix-ups or could cause mail not to be forwarded as directed by a forwarding order, etc.† A MAIL WORKER who is in such a position (as described in this Sect. 44.6) is considered a LEGAL MAIL WORKER.† All LEGAL MAIL WORKERS in HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS or SUB-NATIONS must be MILITARY PERSONNEL.†

44.7 Any person in any MAIL FACILITY who has control over how MAIL WORKERS are utilized and who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly† allows any UNWILLING AGENT or JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to be in a LEGAL MAIL WORKER position, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

44.8 All LEGAL MAIL WORKERS should be screened at least daily (or as often as necessary) by their PLPs and/or RSPs to determine if any LEGAL MAIL WORKER is an UNWILLING AGENT, JESUIT, or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† This daily screening report needs to be sent to the person who monitors and manages these LEGAL MAIL WORKERS.†

44.9 Any PLP and/or RSP (and especially any MAIL SCREENER) who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly neglects to send a report about any UNWILLING AGENT, JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR who is operating in the capacity of a LEGAL MAIL WORKER to that mail workerís manager or overseer, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.†

45.0 Once any LEGAL MAIL WORKERís manager or overseer becomes aware that any LEGAL MAIL WORKER under his/her jurisdiction or management is an UNWILLING AGENT, JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR, that manager must remove that unqualified LEGAL MAIL WORKER from any job responsibilities which could interfere with proper and legal mail delivery or handling (as defined by these Sections 44 and 45).

45.1 Those persons who are TARGETED PERSONS (see Sect. 23.8) will have all their MAIL handled by a special subsection of the MAIL FACILITY (see Sect. 44.5) called the SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT.† Every MAIL FACILITY must have a SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT.† If this is an undue financial burden, the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK will help to finance and create such a SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT for every MAIL FACILITY.† In fact, if an area is designated as a FRONT LINE TERRITORY, then all mail (which includes FED EX, UPS, etc.) in that territory must be delivered (handled) by military personnel (who must meet the requirements of the SPECIAL DELIVERY UNITS).†††††

45.2 TARGETED PERSONS will not have any of their mail handled by regular mail delivery, all of their MAIL must be handled by SPECIAL DELIVERY (by workers from the SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT--A BRANCH OF THE INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION--THIS WILL BE A MILITARY UNIT).† Special delivery does not have to be at the doorstep of the recipient and can be to the recipientís regular mailbox, though it may be done on another run (besides the run of the regular mail carrier).† ††

45.3 Every MAIL FACILITY will receive at least daily updates (called the TARGETED PERSONS LIST) in their computer banks (from the PLP and/or RSP networks involved) of those persons who are TARGETED persons and whose MAIL must be handled by the SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT.† Any (direct or indirect) knowing and willing attempt or action by any person to cause this TARGETED PERSONS LIST to be inaccurate, incomplete or deficient (in any manner) will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.† It is essential that MAIL FACILITIES know which persons need to be handled by the SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT.† ††

45.4 Any knowing and willing (direct or indirect) attempt or action by any person to allow any worker (other than a worker from the SPECIAL DELIVERY UNIT) to handle or deliver any MAIL directed to any TARGETED PERSON, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.† To HANDLE MAIL is defined as to participate in any manner in the handling or delivery of any mail from the time it is mailed (at its origination point) to the time it is delivered to the recipient.† This is because any deliberately induced problems in mail handling or delivery, whether at the beginning of the process (where the mail is originated) or inbetween (as the mail is in transit) or at the end of the process (where the mail is delivered) can cause serious problems and/or legal complications for the recipient or the sender of that mail.†††

45.5 SPECIAL DELIVERY workers will be highly screened and no UNWILLING AGENT, JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR can ever work as a SPECIAL DELIVERY worker (in any manner).† Any knowing and willing attempt (or action) by any person to allow any UNWILLING AGENT, JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to work as a SPECIAL DELIVERY worker will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.

45.6 Additionally, SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKERS must make a statement after their daily run or shift, in which they will state (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion-detection) that to the best of their knowledge they have delivered and/or handled the MAIL under their care so that this MAIL was delivered and/or handled as accurately, correctly, quickly, and legally as possible (as defined by CONSPIRACY LAW, and as defined by the regular laws for mail workers, and as defined by these Sections 44 and 45) and that they have (to the best of their knowledge and ability) honored the guidelines of CONSPIRACY LAW and of these Sections 44 and 45 in the way they have handled and/or delivered their MAIL.

45.6(a) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action by any person to target and/or harm any SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKER will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.Every SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKER will be considered a TARGETED PERSON and will be treated as a TARGETED PERSON (according to CONSPIRACY LAW).

45.7 Any SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKER who fails 666-Computer lie-detection and/or emotion-detection when making the italicized statement in Sect. 45.6, must be removed from his/her SPECIAL DELIVERY position and another person (who meets the criteria for a SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKER as outlined in CONSPIRACY LAW) must replace that unqualified worker.†

45.7(a) Additionally, if it is determined that that SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKER (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly violated the guidelines of these Sections 44 and 45, so that mail under his/her care was not delivered and/or handled according to the guidelines of these Sections 44 and 45, that SPECIAL DELIVERY WORKER will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

45.7(b) Any MAIL WORKER who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly handles or delivers mail in any manner in order to cause mail mix ups, forwarded mail not to be forwarded to the correct address, mail delays, improperly delivered mail, mail to be lost, etc. with the intent to assist the goals of the JESUIT ORDER or to cooperate with (or assist) any member of the JESUIT ORDER, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† Motive can be determined by 666-Computer analysis of that personís thoughts and/or emotions and 666-Computer analysis can be used as evidence in the courtroom.



All telephone communications into and out of HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS or SUB-NATIONS must be handled my military personnel, who are trained to follow the laws outlined in this Section.

46.0 Any company that facilitates directly or indirectly any phone communications (such as AT&T, Bell South, Sprint, etc.) must have a CALL SCREENERS UNIT.† Any company that facilitates directly or indirectly any phone communications will be called a PHONE COMPANY.† Each member of the CALL SCREENERS UNIT will be called a CALL SCREENER.

46.0(a) Every CALL SCREENERS UNIT will have some members of all PLP and/or RSP networks on its board of directors.† Each member of the CALL SCREENERS UNIT is considered a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON and is to be treated as a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON (according to CONSPIRACY LAW).† These PLPs and/or RSPs will work as liasons to coordinate efforts between the phone companyís CALL SCREENERS UNIT and the PLP and RSP networks.† All PLP and RSP networks will work with all the CALL SCREENERS UNITS to obtain SCREENER CALLER IDENTIFICATIONS [especially thought/emotion/genetic profile records] for all TARGETED CALLS.† RSPs are especially needed to obtain genetic profiles, since genetic profiles can be obtained through satellite technology (through satellite readings via 666-Computer), in order to easily identify any IMPOSTERS who may try to make a call to a recipient.††

46.0(b) All PHONE COMPANIES must receive an updated, daily list of all phone numbers which are considered to be TARGETED PERSONís phone numbers (called the TARGETED PERSONíS PHONE LIST).†

46.0(c) The TARGETED PERSONíS PHONE LIST must be updated at least daily by the CALL SCREENERS UNIT (who will work with the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT. which has jurisdiction over that CALL SCREENERS UNITís phone company) and sent every day to the PHONE COMPANIES.†

46.1 Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action (by the person responsible to do so), to neglect to send a daily and accurate (as defined by this Sect. 46) updated TARGETED PERSONíS PHONE LIST to any PHONE COMPANY, will bring to that person the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.††

46.2 All PHONE COMPANIES will work with the PLP and/or RSP networks (and their HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS) to maintain accurate and daily updated TARGETED PERSONíS PHONE LISTs.

46.2(a) The CALL SCREENERS UNIT will work with the PLP and/or RSP networks to screen every phone call (of whatever type of call it may be, even FAX calls) that is received from or sent to any TARGETED PERSONís phone number, in order to obtain thought/emotion/genetic profile records of all TARGETED CALLERS.†† Any phone call made to or from a TARGETED PERSONís phone number (as defined by Sect. 46.2) will be called a TARGETED CALL.† The callers who make such calls are called TARGETED CALLERS.

46.2(b) In essence, the CALL SCREENERS UNIT will utilize a sophisticated form of CALLER ID for all TARGETED CALLS--called the SCREENER CALLER ID or SCREENER CALLER IDENTIFICATION.† In the SCREENER CALLER ID, each targeted caller must be thoroughly identified in a written or computer recorded (record or account) which will detail the name or complete legal identification (including the genetic profile) of the caller; the time and date of the call (including the beginning time and date of the call and the ending time and date of the call); the total recording of every noise or word made on the call; the phone number of the callerís originating phone; and a written or computer recorded (record or account) of the callerís thoughts and/or emotions and/or genetic profile while making and carrying out the call (from the time the caller dialed his/her phone to make the call, to the time the caller hung up).

46.2(c) A TARGETED PERSONís phone number should probably be the phone number(s) of that TARGETED PERSONís residence and/or FAX lines, as well as the phone number(s) of his/her place(s) of volunteer or paid employment, and the phone number(s) of his/her relatives or friends, and the phone number(s) of his/her church(es) or affiliations (such as Masonic lodges, charities, volunteer work, etc.).

46.3 Phone calls to or from any TARGETED PERSONís phone number (TARGETED CALLS) will be screened by reading and recording the thoughts and/or emotions and/or genetic profiles (via the PLP and/or RSP network which has control over that caller) of every targeted caller who makes any phone calls to or from a TARGETED PERSONís phone number.† All phone calls must also be screened by determining the genetic profile of the caller (to see if the caller is an IMPOSTER).† IMPOSTERS must be treated according to Sect. 46.3(a1).†

46.3(a1) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action by any person to use any IMPOSTER, especially if this IMPOSTER is used to promote the goals of the Jesuit Order and especially if this IMPOSTER is used to manipulate a person into making decisions that they would normally not make (in order to promote the goals of the Jesuit Order), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.† If SIGNIFICANT PERSONS are involved in the use of any IMPOSTER, that case will be tried publicly on GCFNC, and those found guilty of this IMPOSTER conspiracy will receive death by hanging with buzzards.† If UNWILLING AGENTS are involved in the use of IMPOSTERS, those UNWILLING AGENTS will be treated as UNWILLING AGENTS (according to CONSPIRACY LAW).†††

46.3(a) The phone calls must be screened to determine if any IMPOSTERS are being used to make a phone call.† An IMPOSTER is any person (UNWILLING AGENT or otherwise) who claims to be a person which they are not.† Genetic profiles must be done on every caller to determine if that caller is an IMPOSTER.† No call from any IMPOSTER must reach its recipient.

46.3(b) If any CALL SCREENER (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly allows a call from an IMPOSTER to reach its recipient, that CALL SCREENER will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.†

46.3(c) The record of every targeted callerís thoughts and/or emotions and the genetic profile of each caller) for all TARGETED CALLS must be stored in a computer databank and/or other form, so that, if necessary, the SCREENER CALLER ID of the call could be admitted as evidence in a court of law.† This legal record (including records of thoughts and emotions and genetic profile of the caller) will be called the SCREENER CALLER ID.†

46.4 Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action by any person (including the RSP or PLP who reads and/or records the thoughts and/or emotions and/or genetic profile of the caller) to tamper with any SCREENER CALLER ID with the intent to delay, damage, alter, destroy or lose that SCREENER CALLER ID so that it cannot be admitted as evidence in a court of law or so that (if admitted as evidence) it would be considered tampered evidence-- will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.† Also, all communications to or from Gail Schuler (or designated persons) must be recorded with a SCREENER CALLER ID (as outlined in this Sect. 46) and given to those persons who are authorized to monitor Gail Schulerís communications (such as Vladimir Putin).† Those persons who are authorized to receive complete and unaltered SCREENER CALLER Ids for their designated persons will be called CARETAKERS, and Vladimir Putin is a CARETAKER for Gail Schuler.†

46.4(a) All CARETAKERS are to receive any and all communications (at the same time that the communication occurs) to or from their designated person in an unaltered and complete state.† Any (direct or indirect) knowing and willing attempt or action to tamper with any SCREENER CALLER ID recordings given to a CARETAKER, so that that CARETAKER receives SCREENER CALLER Ids that have been delayed, damaged, altered, destroyed or lost, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to whoever caused this delay, damage, alteration, destruction or loss in the SCREENER CALLER ID received by the CARETAKER.†

46.4(b) CARETAKERs need accurate, complete and unaltered transcripts of SCREENER CALLER IDS delivered to the caretaker at the same time that the communication takes place (in essence the SCREENER CALLER ID should be a wiretap of all communications to and from the designated person), in order to effectively monitor and manage communications for their designated person and any attempts to undermine this, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.† When Gail Schulerís communications are willingly and knowingly tampered with in violation of this Sect. 46 (in a SCREENER CALLER ID for a CARETAKER), this will bring a CL&G Sect. 95 execution to the violator.†††††††

46.5 If the CALL SCREENERS UNIT is unable to read the thoughts and/or emotions and/or genetic profile of the TARGETED CALLER (i.e., to obtain a SCREENER CALLER ID of the caller), that call will be immediately blocked, terminated or transferred (so that the recipient cannot receive it) and the entire conversation (and noises) of the caller must be recorded and stored (until that caller hangs up), and the caller will be traced and located to determine his/her identity and genetic profile and any possible Jesuit conspiracy connections.†

46.5(a) If, while the CALL SCREENER monitors that targeted call, he/she determines that the thoughts and/or emotions and/or genetic profile of the caller indicate that the caller is making a call in violation of CONSPIRACY LAW or that the call is a form of phone harassment or deception, that call must be immediately blocked, terminated or transferred. There must be an attempt to block, transfer or terminate the call before the recipient or the recipientís answering machine can answer the call), so that the callerís recipient will be unable to receive the call in any manner (all record of that call must be erased from the recipientís CALLER ID, for example).† We do not want to create the impression that we condone any form of phone harassment or deception.†††

46.5(a1) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt, neglect, or action by any CALL SCREENER (or any other person, including a PLP or RSP) to allow or promote any illegal calls (as defined by this Sect. 46 and CONSPIRACY LAW) and/or to allow or promote any illegal harassing or deceptive calls to reach the recipient or to promote or participate in any conspiracies which revolve around violations of this Sect. 46 --such as the Russian airliners which just crashed and/or are missing south of Moscow now at 9 p.m. EST on 8-24-04 which occurred on the same day or within 24 hours of the time that Gail Schuler received a threatening phone call from Columbia (an obvious attempt to connect Gail Schulerís threatening phone call with the plane crashes)-- (when these calls or conspiracies could have been blocked, prevented, terminated or transferred by that PLP or RSP or person), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the person (who willingly and knowingly allowed or promoted these illegal calls to reach the recipient or who willingly and knowingly participated in or promoted phone call conspiracies).† The executions of these criminals will be by hanging with buzzards (according to the guidelines of Sect. 42 of this document).† These Russian airliners are part of a harassing phone conspiracy because they occured within 24 hours of the day that Gail received the harassing phone call from Columbia (when she played back her messages) around 8:45 p.m.†

46.5(a.1) Those guilty persons (when found) behind these Russian airliner crashes will be executed by hanging with buzzards (according to Sect. 42 of this document) and their cross-examinations and executions will be done publicly on GCFNC.† Those behind these Russian airliners (which just crashed and/or are missing) are part of a phone harasser or deception conspiracy against Gail Schuler and must be treated (and executed) according to Sect. 46 and 42 of this document.††††

46.5(a.2) For instance, any member of every PLP or RSP network who works with CALL SCREENERS (in screening calls according to the guidelines of this Sect. 46), and who willingly and knowingly allows or promotes any illegal harassing or deceptive call to reach the recipient (whether it was by an act of commission or omission by that PLP or RSP which allowed this call to reach the recipient) and/or who willingly and knowingly participates in or promotes any conspiracies revolving around the harassing or deceptive calls--such as the Russian airliners which crashed and/or are missing just south of Moscow at 9 p.m. EST on 8-24-04, will bring the death penalty by public hanging WITH BUZZARDS on GCFNC as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that PLP or RSP or phone harasser conspirator--see Sect. 42 and Sect. 46.5(a1).† Any PLP or RSP (of any PLP or RSP network) who willingly and knowingly promotes violations of this Sect. 46 must be removed from his/her position as a PLP or RSP and will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR with the death penalty by public hanging on GCFNC with buzzards--see Sect. 42.†

46.5(a.3) Those PLPs or RSPs or CALL SCREENERS (and those callers or others who collaberate with them) who are found guilty of violations of this Sect. 46 will receive the death penalty by hanging with buzzards.† Their cases will be tried on GCFNC.† And if a SIGNIFICANT PERSON (especially if itís Gail Schuler) is a victim of Sect. 46 violations by that criminal, that criminal will be executed according to the guidelines of Sect. 42 of this document.† That is, they will hang for days IN PUBLIC (and the hanging corpse --along with the buzzards who eat that corpse as it hangs-- will be viewed on GCFNC and the execution will be watched on GCFNC) while buzzards eat them.†

46.5(a.4) Any countryís PLP or RSP network which continually allows their PLPs or RSPs to violate the guidelines of this Sect. 46 will have their PLP or RSP network cancelled and that country will be danger of being listed as a TERRORIST NATION on the International Presidentís website and will suffer the consequences of a TERRORIST NATION (according to CONSPIRACY LAW).

46.5(a.5) For instance, a deep, husky Hispanic accented male voice called Gail Schulerís cell phone and left about a 2 minute message on her phone at 1:18 p.m. on

8-24-04.† The tone of voice was harassing and threatening and mocking, and the English was poor and, for the most part, unintelligible.† Though the man used the word ďGailĒ at the beginning of the call, so he knew Gailís name.† The only understood part of the conversation were the words, ďThe Jesuits are comingĒ.†

46.5(a.6) This caller needs to be treated according to the guidelines of this Sect. 46, with a full SCREENER CALLER ID made of this call.† Those PLPs and RSPs who should have notified the CALL SCREENER of this call, so that it would have been blocked before it reached Gailís phone, need to be investigated and the death penalty (by hanging with buzzards) may need to be meted out (if these PLPs or RSPs are in death penalty violation of this Sect. 46.5) and, obviously, whoever is knowingly and willingly behind this call will also be executed by hanging with buzzards on GCFNC.†

46.5(a.7) Vladimir informs me that the call came from Columbia.† The Columbian PLP and RSP network needs to be investigated and if violations such as these continue from the Columbian PLP and RSP network, that network may need to be cancelled--with the possibility that Columbia will be listed as a TERRORIST NATION on the International Presidentís website and will be treated as a TERRORIST NATION (according to CONSPIRACY LAW).† In fact, Vladimir has informed me now at 9 p.m. on 8-24-04 that he wants to cancel the Columbian PLP and RSP network.† So I will go into the Int. PLP and RSP Network Conf. document and cancel that network.†††

46.5(a2) For instance, the Chrysler Financial CEO should send bulletins to all workers at Chrysler Financial warning them that if they attempt to harass or deceive Gail Schuler in any manner (by phone or other methods) by calling or contacting her to harass or deceive her about car payments, that those persons will face specific consequences (and these consequences should be clearly laid out in the bulletin).† This is pre-emptive action on the part of the Chrysler Financial CEO that could help him/her in the courtroom [should Chrysler Financial be sued for complicity with Jesuit terrorists (in their attacks against Vladimir Putin and Gail Schuler)].† If the Chrysler Financial CEO neglects to send out this bulletin to all his/her workers, he/she may face criminal prosecution (and possible death penalty) for violating Sect. 46.5(a1).†††††††

46.5(a3) This may seem a strong judgment for phone harassment or deception, but it must be understood that Jesuits use phone harassment or deception (in just about all cases) as a prelude to murder.† And the Jesuitsí goal is to frame an innocent party with these phone harassment or deception murder conspiracies.

46.5(b) However, after the CALL SCREENER transfers or blocks the call, the CALL SCREENER will allow the caller to continue to talk to the CALL SCREENER (because this talk may need to be used as evidence in the courtroom) and this talk must be recorded and stored as part of that callerís SCREENER CALLER ID.†

46.5(c) Only calls that violate this Sect. 46 can be terminated or blocked or transferred, no other calls are to be terminated or blocked or transferred.† Any (direct or indirect) knowing and willing attempt (or action) to terminate or block or transfer a legal phone call (as outlined in this Sect. 46), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that CALL SCREENER.†

46.5(d) Any phone call which is transferred (because that call violates CONSPIRACY LAW or is considered to be harassment or deception), must be transferred to the CALL SCREENER who is handling the call and who is making the SCREENER CALLER ID.††

46.5(d1) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action by any person to transfer that illegal call to any person (other than to the CALL SCREENER who is monitoring that call), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.††

46.6 To help CALL SCREENERS in knowing which calls are to be terminated or blocked or transferred, a list of guidelines (called SCREENER GUIDELINES) will be sent to the CALL SCREENERS daily to assist them.†

46.6(a) The SCREENER GUIDELINES will be written by the military unit which has jurisdiction over all the phone companies that the CALL SCREENERS work with.† The SCREENER GUIDELINES must include guidelines on how to detect if a JESUIT FLIRTATION (see Sect. 50) is in progress, and all attempts must be made to block any calls made by anyone who is promoting any JESUIT FLIRTATION.†††

46.6(b) These SCREENER GUIDELINES must be updated daily and each CALL SCREENER is required to read the updated SCREENER GUIDELINES before beginning his/her shift.† For instance, it may be anticipated in advance which illegal calls may occur, and the SCREENER GUIDELINES should inform that CALL SCREENER how to handle these calls.†

46.6(c) The SCREENER GUIDELINES may give permission for the CALL SCREENER to block, and then answer (intercept) the illegally made call and to inform the illegal caller of his/her legal rights and to inform them that the call they made to their recipient is determined to be an illegally made call; and, therefore, it has been blocked by court order, and is being recorded, that if this caller wants to continue to talk to the CALL SCREENER that all of their conversation will continue to be recorded and can be admitted as evidence against them in a court of law.† The CALL SCREENER can say something like this: ďYour call to this number is determined to be an illegal phone call and has been blocked by court order.† Your call is being recorded.† If you want to continue to talk, you will be talking to Fred Bartholomew at (333) 345-5667 (the law enforcement officer will give his/her name and phone number), who is a law enforcement officer hired by the courts to block your call.† Anything you say during this conversation can be admitted as evidence against you (or others) in a court of law.Ē† The name and phone number which I gave is a fake name and number, but I put it in the quote to serve as an example.† The caller can talk to this law enforcement officer to ask questions and get information, if he/she desires.† The purpose for having the CALL SCREENER give his/her name and phone number is to make it more difficult for the Jesuits to cause problems with CALL SCREENERS.† We want to make sure that the CALL SCREENERS are doing their job properly.†††

46.6(d) The guidelines in Sect. 46.6(c) may be a good strategy to use to discourage Jesuits from using callers to try to call Gail Schuler (or her mother or Wal-Mart) about Gailís alleged car payments or other criminal matters .††††

46.6(e) For instance, Gail Schuler is not planning to make her normal Chrysler Financial car payments on 8-28-04, because Vladimir Putin has paid off her car and he has the title to Gailsí car from Chrysler Financialís CEO.†

46.6(f) However, it is anticipated that (after 8-28-04) Jesuits will try to use phone harassers or deceivers to call Gailís mother at (321) 253-3533 or to call Gail at (321) 591-2848 to harass or deceive Gail about Gailís alleged car payments.† The CALL SCREENERS for Sprint, Bell South and all applicable phone companies need to be notified of this possibility and must immediately block and then record [in the form of a SCREENER CALLER ID (as outlined in Sect. 46)] all calls made to (321) 253-3533 or (321) 591-2848 or to other of Gail Schulerís phone numbers (see Sect. 46.2c) to harass or deceive Gail over car payments.†

46.6(g) The SCREENER CALLER ID for all such calls (as described in Sect. 46.6) must be recorded for all these calls (let the talker continue to talk until he/she realizes his/her call has been blocked and then hangs up), so that these SCREENER CALLER IDENTIFICATIONS can be admitted into a court of law as evidence against the Jesuit Order.††

46.6(h) Any CALL SCREENER who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly neglects to follow the guidelines of this Sect. 46 in the performance of his/her duties as a CALL SCREENER (with the intent to assist the Jesuit Order) by undermining evidence or by the use of other methods, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.†

46.7† The reasons for the strong laws against these type of phone calls (as outlined in this Sect. 46) is because Jesuits often use phone callers to harass or deceive people as a prelude to murder or to illegally terrorize people, and these harassments or deceptions are designed to be part of a conspiracy to frame innocent parties (such as Vladimir Putin) with capital crimes.† The International government wants to send the strong message that it, in no way, condones the use of such phone harassment or deception.†

46.7(a) All death threats made against Gail Schuler at Wal-Mart have been preceded first by death threat phone calls against Gail (which were made to Wal-Mart).† Therefore, all Wal-Mart phone numbers are considered to be TARGETED PERSONSí PHONE NUMBERS and all calls made to any Wal-Mart facility are TARGETED CALLS and must be handled according to the guidelines of this Sect. 46.†

46.8 Every phone call which must be terminated or blocked or transferred because that call violated CONSPIRACY LAW or because that call is a form of illegal harassment or deception, must be handled as a CONSPIRACY LAW violation (according to the guidelines of the CONSPIRACY LAW[s] which was/were violated).† Proper written legal follow up in the form of a SCREENER CALLER ID is required of every call which is terminated or blocked or transferred by the CALL SCREENERS.† The SCREENER CALLER ID must also detail why the call was terminated or blocked or transferred (by citing the CONSPIRACY LAW which was violated by that call) or by citing that the call was a form of illegal harassment or deception and explaining why the call was a form of illegal harassment or deception.† The SCREENER CALLER ID must be stored permanently as a legal record, so that it can be retrieved as evidence to be used in a courtroom, if it becomes necessary.†††

46.9 A CALL SCREENER is considered a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON (as defined by CONSPIRACY LAW) and, therefore, no UNWILLING AGENT or JESUIT or JESUIT CONSPIRATOR can work (directly or indirectly) with any CALL SCREENER or as a CALL SCREENER.†

46.9(a) Phone companies will have to screen their workers and eliminate any workers (who may be UNWILLING AGENTS or JESUIT CONSPIRATORS) and who could interfere with (or cause problems) with the CALL SCREENERís ability to perform his/her duties in compliance with this Sect. 46 and in compliance with CONSIRACY LAW.†

46.9(b) Any person who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly allows any phone company worker or any person to retain a position, in which this person could possibly interfere with the work of a CALL SCREENER because of his/her position, so that the CALL SCREENER may not be able to honor the guidelines of CONSPIRACY LAW or of this Sect. 46 (in the performance of his/her duties as a CALL SCREENER), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that person.†


Date of Order: June 19, 2006.† THE MILITARY WILL BE USED TO ENFORCE THIS LAW:† From now on, all those that live in any rental unit (the same as any SIGNIFICANT PERSON) must be a daily Bible reader (and follow the program for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS) and those who do not have this habit cannot rent in the same rental unit as any SIGNIFICANT PERSON--this is to prevent UNWILLING AGENT deluges into places where SIGNIFICANT PERSONs live.† The management of the SIGNIFICANT PERSONís rental unit cannot rent to individuals until that person has been cleared by military LAW ENFORCEMENT as a daily Bible reader.† Willing and knowing failure to enforce these laws will cause the manager to lose his/her position and to be replaced.†



103.0 For the purposes of this Section, those MODERATE to SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTS who have undergone the free laser brain surgery (see Sect. 75 of CL&G) and seem, as a result of this surgery, to have been freed from use as UNWILLING AGENTS--are not considered MODERATE to SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTS and will be treated as MINIMAL UNWILLING AGENTS in this Sect. 103.

103.0(a) The Wal-Mart where Gail Schuler works and the apartment complex where she lives must be treated as if they were the White House.† Gail is just as important a leader in this war against terrorism as is Pres. Bush, so to treat this Wal-Mart where she works (or the place where she lives) as if it is the White House, is reasonable.† And Pres. Bush (or other world leaders) have visited this Wal-Mart (or Gailís residence) several times since Gail has worked/resided there, so to treat this Wal-Mart/or her living areas with the security measures of the White House seems appropriate.†

103.0(b)† Apparently, the Jesuits consider Gail just as important, or more important, than Pres. Bush, or they wouldnít go to such extremes to target her.† So we need to have the same attitude toward Gail that they have.† However, we wonít tell the UNWILLING AGENTS that the reason they arenít allowed into the store or Gailís residential area is because of Gail, because this will give the Jesuits an excuse to target her.† We will tell the UNWILLING AGENTS that the reason for this tight security is because the store (or her residential area) is frequented on a regular basis by heads of state, including Pres. Bush, and that only those who pass scrutiny are allowed into the store or area where she lives/works/resides.†

103.0(c)† Phone calls (or other communications) coming into the store (or her residence or living areas) need to be screened by LAW ENFORCEMENT (CALL or MAIL SCREENERS UNIT--see Sect. 44 & 46 of CL&G) and only those who are not MODERATE or SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTs can work at (or abide at) the store or in and around her living/residential area, or can be a customer or resident where Gail lives/works/resides, or make phone calls (or other communications) to the store or area where Gail lives/works/resides.†

103.0(d)† It goes without saying that no JESUIT or JESUIT supporter can make phone calls (or other communications) to the store/area where Gail lives or can visit the store.† This may seem extreme, but we have to use extreme measures to deal with these fanatical Jesuits who are willing to do such extreme things like orchestrate a Hurricane Katrina which definitely knocked out more than one Wal-Mart or residential unit.†

103.0(e)† The loss of business we may suffer from one store or residential unit, by not allowing MODERATE or SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTs into the store or residential area or to contact the store or residential area, may be nothing compared to the losses we will suffer if we lose this war against Jesuit computer/satellite terrorism.†

103.0(f)† You may say what about store to store, office to office calls or communications?† If another Wal-Mart store (or part of Gailís residential unit) feels it needs to make a store to store (office to office) call or communication to the Wal-Mart (residence) where Gail works, they must use a MINIMAL UNWILLING AGENT or a person who is not an UNWILLING AGENT to make the call or communication and must get clearance from Wal-Mart executives or executives of her residential unit (designated for this clearance) before they make the store to store (office to office) call or communication to Gailís store or residential unit.† If this rule about store to store (office to office) calls or communications is violated, the violator may end up in jail in an UNWILLING AGENT CITY, that way we can ensure that no unauthorized store to store (office to office) calls or communications are made to Gailís store (or residential unit).† We will not allow UNWILLING AGENT to harass Gailís store (or residence) directly or indirectly.

103.0(g)† Gailís a key leader in this war and if the Jesuits can knock her out, by using the store or residence where she works/lives/resides, this loss would be far greater than the losses Wal-Mart or her residence will suffer because one of its store or residential units is losing business.† Also, if this Wal-Mart (or her residential unit) loses business because of this law to ban UNWILLING AGENTS from the store/residential unit, we will compensate its losses from the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK and give this Wal-Mart/or her residential unit a plaque of honor (and financial bonuses) for its contributions (and its cooperation with us) in the war against Jesuit terrorism.† Also, donít forget Sect. 82.0-TER-x(1-2) of this document.†

103.0(h)† Anyways, because of UNWILLING AGENTS, Gail now suffers from a virus and doesnít have the money to see a doctor.† But the point is, she should not have caught this.† But the UNWILLING AGENTS who rampage the store where she works (and this includes Wal-Mart workers) have total disregard for CONSPIRACY LAW and are totally unmanageable, and they cough in her face, spread dirty toilet paper all over the restrooms, make excessive noise, are destructive of property, are overly rambunctious and troublesome, and they show up at Wal-Mart with contagious illnesses, etc.† It seems the only solution is that we cannot allow these troublesome UNWILLING AGENTS into the store.†††

103.0(i)† MODERATE or SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTS will not willingly obey CONSPIRACY LAW.† We have to make them.† Therefore, no MODERATE or SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTS (see Sect. 75 of CL&G) can set their foot on (or be a resident of) the property and premises (including the parking lot) of the store or residence where Gail works or lives and cannot make any communications or calls to her store or her residence--that all calls or communications which come into this store or her residence will be screened by LAW ENFORCEMENT.† Calls or communications from MODERATE to SEVERE UNWILLING AGENTS to Gailís store or residence will be blocked by the CALL SCREENERS or MAIL SCREENERS unit (see Sect. 44 & 46 of CL&G).†


Date of Order: June 22, 2006.† REGARDING IMMINENT NORTH KOREAN or IRANIAN NUCLEAR MISSILE LAUNCH.† For the purposes of this Section, ANY illegal nation that dares to launch ANY nuclear missile will be treated as outlined in this order.†

An illegal nation is defined as a nation that has a government that is run by Jesuits or UNWILLING AGENTS.†

So even though North Korea is singled out in this order, ANY ILLEGAL NATION that dares to launch a nuclear missile (regardless of intent), will be treated as outlined in this order.

Warn North Korea , that if they launch any nuclear missile, that at least three of the nations in our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (probably the U.S., Russia and China or Japan) will immediately (and without delay) launch our own missiles to sabotage their missile and will immediately destroy ANY AND ALL facilities in North Korea (that we know of) that could launch (or promote the launch of) any nuclear missiles against us.† These 3 retaliatory missiles from each of the 3 countries will be launched all at the same time and in the same direction toward North Korean targets.† We will launch 3 (from 3 different countries at the same time), to ensure that the retaliation will be carried out completely and thoroughly, so that if the American missiles fails, perhaps the Chinese or Russian ones will do the job.†

Our goal will be to totally destroy all North Korean nuclear capabilities if the ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT IN NORTH KOREA dares to launch ANY nuclear missiles ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.†

This way, if one of our missiles misses and does not destroy the missile that was launched by North Korea, perhaps another nationís missile will destroy the launched North Korean missile.†††

I want 3 nations in the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION to have their retaliatory missiles ready to launch to destroy ANY AND ALL North Korean nuclear facilities and launch pads (that we know of that could launch ANY† nuclear missiles from the North Korean peninsula), in case North Korea launches ANY nuclear missile--PERIOD (regardless of its intended purpose).


And, if any nuclear missile is launched from North Korea (REGARDLESS OF ITS PURPOSE), all the nations in the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION will DECLARE WAR ON NORTH KOREA, and we will IMMEDIATELY (and without delay) send in retaliatory missiles into NORTH KOREA (from at least 3 nations of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION) TO DESTROY ANY AND ALL NUCLEAR FACILITIES AND LAUNCHPADS IN NORTH KOREA.†

I want these 3 nations to keep their retaliatory missiles in PERMANENT STAND-BY MODE, because I know North Korea will not launch her missiles now, but will wait for a time when she thinks we arenít prepared.†

WE MUST ALWAYS BE PREPARED to retaliate (as outlined in this order) as long as the North Korean government is still under the control of any leader who is an UNWILLING AGENT or Jesuit agent.† Donít let your guard down just because North Korea waits until 2007 to ďsurpriseĒ us.† Letís hope we can free North Korea of her illegal government before 2007, BUT AS LONG AS THIS ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT IN NORTH KOREAN IS IN POWER, WE SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE OUR RETALIATORY MISSILES (FROM OUR 3 NATIONS) READY TO LAUNCH TO OBEY THIS ORDER.

In the meanwhile, to further eliminate the threat of a missile launch from North Korea, we will give the North Korean government a 24 hour notice to remove all its nuclear missiles from their launchpads, and then they must destroy these missiles totally (once they are removed).†

If North Korea fails to remove the nuclear missiles from their launchpads and to destroy them.† Then we will GO TO THE PEOPLE OF NORTH KOREA, and we will poll them (using the guidelines of Sect. 8 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT) to determine if the North Korean people want the nuclear missiles removed from North Korean launchpads, and then totally destroyed.†

The results of this poll will be shown on GCFNC and if, to honor the wishes of the people of North Korea, we go in to destroy North Korean missiles off their launchpads, this will be covered on our GCFNC main broadcasts.†

If our SECT. 8 CONSPIRACY LAW AND GOVERNMENT POLL determines that the North Korean people want the missiles removed and destroyed from their launchpads (and the North Korean government fails to do so by our deadlines), then we will destroy the North Korean missiles from their launchpads (or wherever these missiles may be) using the military capabilities from at least 3 major nations of our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION.†

WE WILL NOT DESTROY THE NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR FACILITIES that produce the missiles, since this is far too aggressive and will surely be used as an excuse to launch a major global nuclear conflict.† However, we want to do all we can to make it so that the North Koreans canít immediately launch a missile against us.†

The destruction of these North Korean missiles will be accomplished by at least 3 nations who have retaliatory missiles (in standby mode--as described above).† We want to use at least 3 nations to destroy these missiles--since, undoubtedly, the North Koreans will consider the U.S. destruction of their missiles an act of war by the United States--but if we use at least 3 nations (like Russia, the U.S. and China) to destroy the missiles, North Korea may think twice about retaliating against 3 or more major nations.††


Jesuit satellite attacks tend to be more random and where a Jesuit satellite attack occurs, may or may not indicate an area that is under a FRONT LINE attack.†

However, these satellite attacks are problematic and need to be dealt with harshly by our military forces.†

For each satellite attack that occurs (like the one at the NYC construction site this morning and the motelís parking garage that collapsed in Georgia), retaliate with viciousness and knock out completely ALL Jesuit underground operations responsible for these attacks.† Donít give them room to breathe.† Knock them out mercilessly.† And show all retaliation for satellite attacks (by our military forces) on GCFNC.†

In fact, we will designate a special group of military personnel who are dedicated to responding to all Jesuit satellite attacks against us.† These military personnel (called the SATELLITE ASSESSORS and ATTACKERS) will devote their time to studying the nature of all satellite attacks against us and will devise ways to retaliate against these attacks in a manner that completely wipes out the bases from which these attacks originated.

Also, use our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM to come up with a way to block these satellite attacks so that they cannot be carried out.† Most of these attacks occur because the Jesuits interfere with our own satellite signals (as they shoot down (via a legal satellite signal) from our own satellites.† See if you can find a way to protect our own satellite signals, so that they cannot be tampered with by Jesuit technology, this is the best solution.† In the meanwhile, mercilessly demolish any and all bases of operations from which these illegal satellite attacks originated.

In the meanwhile, our military will deal harshly with all attempts to interfere with our satellite signals.† And we should set up a computer program that automatically detects when our own satellite signals are interfered with and immediately (without delay), causes a program to ďkick inĒ that TOTALLY demolishes the criminal base from which this illegal interference originated.†

For satellite warfare, we will have to rely heavily on our TRUTH PROGRAMMERS to come up with a program that automatically detects illegal interferences with our own satellite signals and then automatically demolishes the base of operations which caused this illegal interference.

Any willing and knowing violation of this June 27, 2006 order, to encourage criminal satellite violations (against CONSPIRACY LAW) will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.† Encouragement of these criminal violations can be caused by neglect to totally enforce these military orders, or by acts of commission, in which someone deliberately assists the Jesuits in their warfare against us.†

Date of Order: June 28, 2006.† NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM TO BECOME PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, IN ORDER TO CREATE A JESUIT MARK PROGRAM, WHICH INCORPORATES THE CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM WORLDWIDE.† My inspiration for this war strategy comes from 2 Kings 19:35--ĒAnd it came to pass that night, that the angel of the Lord went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold they were all dead corpses.† So Sennacherib king of Assyria departed, and went and returned, and dwelt at Nineveh.Ē† Though tiny Judah was far outnumbered by the Assyrian army, the Lord won the war for them by destroying the enemy IN THEIR OWN CAMP, WITHOUT ONE JEWISH ARROW BEING SHOT AND NO CASUALTIES IN THE JEWISH TROOPS.† This is the best kind of warfare.† So if we can locate and exterminate the Jesuits in their own bases, (using computer/satellite technology--like they try to do to us)--this is a far more effective way to defeat them.† This way, we donít have to risk the lives of our own soldiers.† This is the way to do it, if we can do it this way.†

This June 28, 2006 order does not negate any previous military orders, and we will still use more traditional means of warfare against the Jesuits.† This order is a supplement, not a replacement, for previous military orders.† We deal with a very entrenched and dispersed enemy, and must use all means we have at our disposal to execute them.† We cannot limit ourselves to just one method of execution, or we will lose this war.†††

For the purpose of this June 28, 2006 order, a JESUIT is defined as a person whose willing and knowing attitudes, actions and motives support the goals of the Jesuit Order to set up a worldwide dictatorship for a Jesuit-controlled Pope.†

The NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM will be infused into the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION.† Their goal will be to use the latest in scientific technology to assist us in the war against the Jesuit Order.† No one can be a member of the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM unless they meet all the requirements of the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS.

The TRUTH PROGRAMMERS in combination with the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM will create a JESUIT MARK, which is a sure way to identify and locate Jesuits wherever they may hide or disguise themselves.

Once this JESUIT MARK is identified, it will be used to locate and exterminate Jesuits wherever they may be in all the world (whether in North Korea, under the oceans or wherever).† And we will use a COMPUTER PROGRAM called the CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM worldwide that is programmed to locate, get a complete 666-Computer history on the Jesuit and the execute the Jesuit ON THE SPOT.

The CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM has been successful in China.† Therefore, it will be extended to the entire earth.† This is the best way to defeat the Jesuits, since they will never give up until we kill them.† It is a waste of our time and resources to grant Jesuits trials.† This is only a delaying tactic by them, in which they use this time that we waste dragging them into court to come up with more strategies to try to defeat us in war.† We will not give them this time.†

All Jesuits who are found anywhere in the world, must be located (via the JESUIT MARK) and (after we have garnered all the intelligence that we can from their brains), they will then be IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED ON THE SPOT (via computer/satellite technology).† Now, that we have the cooperation of North Korea, the CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM will immediately begin in North Korea, to locate and execute immediately all Jesuits that reside in North Korean territory.

It has beem problematic for us to find all the Jesuits in their underground cities, since these are fortified with shields that block our signals, so that we cannot locate Jesuits underneath these shields.† Therefore, the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM will make it first priority to find a way to defeat these shields (especially those used in deep ocean cities), so that we can use the CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM to execute all Jesuits who reside in deep ocean cities.†

If our military leaders feel it would be wise to go before the people first, before we begin the CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM in that country, then we will follow the guidelines from Sect. 13.16 of CL&G (which is the following indented section. . .).† We will even do this for countries like Iran, since if we can get the support of the people first before we begin such a program, it is more likely to produce the results we desire.† But, it is our goal to use the CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM over the entire earth and in every nation on earth, since the Jesuits have penetrated every nation and are not located in one particular country.

So, letís say the United States, decides it wants to begin a similar Jesuit extermination program in the U.S.† Pres. Bush would go before the American people on GCFNC and would present his case.† Those persons who have watched the GCFNC presentation of the CHINESE JESUIT EXTERMINATION PROGRAM will be eligible to be VOTER JURORS (according to the guidelines of Sections 29 through 31 of this document) to vote on whether they want the U.S. to adopt the Chinese JESUIT EXTERMINATION PROGRAM for their own country.†

13.16(*t-12) If, the VOTER JURORS decide they want this program for their country, then the computer-programmed Jesuit extermination program would begin in that country, and would be carried out as it is currently being carried out in China.† All the laws for VOTER JURORS must be honored, including giving out the death penalty to those who violate how the vote of the VOTER JURORS should be carried out (as outlined in Sect. 29 through 31 of this document).†

13.16(*t-13) The CHINESE JESUIT EXTERMINATION PROGRAM is a very aggressive program to exterminate Jesuits, but because Jesuits are such fanatics, this may be the only way to win this war against them.† But, because it is so aggressive, it should not be imposed upon a country (that is not used to such an aggressive style of warfare) without the approval of that countryís citizenry.†

Once a CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM is instituted in any nation of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, and if it is NOT carried out IMMEDIATELY AND THOROUGHLY as outlined in Sect. 13.16 of CL&G, so that because of this negligence Jesuits survive and are able to continue their mischief against us, those willingly and knowingly behind this negligence (even if the negligence is only a DELAY), will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.† Also, if this program is willingly and knowingly programmed or carried out in such a manner, that those who are NOT Jesuits are executed, that is also a death penalty violation and the violators will be executed on GCFNC.† The executions of these violators of Sect. 13.16 of CL&G will be shown on GCFNC.†




Due to the nature of this war and because the Jesuitsí chief technological weapon against us is criminal use of space technology, all satellites in space must be managed by the military forces of General Gail Schulerís INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (this worldwide military operation is described in Gailís INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL LAW: SPACE TECHNOLOGY document).†

Those satellites that are owned by private corporations will need a license to operate and the guidelines for this license will be set up so that all operations of these licensed satellites can be monitored by the ISC.† Just as drivers need a license, because careless or criminal driving behavior can kill people, by the same token, all satellite operators need a license because careless or criminal satellite operations can kill people.†

A SATELLITE OPERATOR is defined as anyone who uses satellite in such a manner that he/she is capable (as he performs his/her activities) of using satellite directly or indirectly in violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.†

Have my second in command, Lis Wiehl, get on this order to enforce it.† And have her refer to CONSPIRACY LAW for ideas.

Anybody who is a SATELLITE OPERATOR needs a license to operate, and this license must be obtained from the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION.† Though I have written law in the past to require all satellite operators to have a license, this law has not been enforced (as Iíve outlined it in my laws), and there have been flagrant satellite violations, to the point that the Jesuits are still able to use massive amounts of satellite technology against us, to terrorize us with their criminal violations and their militaristic attacks against us (using earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fallen roofs, hurricanes, etc).†

Therefore, I conclude that my own military forces must manage the enforcement of my satellite laws or they will never be enforced.† We cannot rely on the goodwill of individual governments to enforce my laws.† There needs to be one centralized location for enforcement of my laws and this needs to be handled by our military since this is clearly a military matter, simply because the Jesuitsí main technological weapon against us is use of satellite technology with which to conduct warfare against us, so all use of satellite technology MUST BE MONITORED BY MY MILITARY FORCES.†

The TRUTH PROGRAMMERS need to be in charge of this and to rely primarily on programming to do the monitoring, since this is a massive operation that requires a lot of details and only programming can do this job adequately.† All TRUTH PROGRAMMERS need to be military officers in my ISC.

I set up AUDITOR COUNTRIES and PROGRAMMING-AUDITOR COUNTRIEs to monitor and see if my laws are being enforced, I want in investigation into why these AUDITOR COUNTRIES have failed to detect so many worldwide and flagrant violations of my satellite laws, and after their failures have been evaluated, our military must ensure that we donít make the same mistakes these AUDITOR COUNTRIES made, or we will have the same feeble results (with the consequent satellite criminal violations commited in a rampant and worldwide manner against us).†

I think one of the biggest mistakes we have made is that we approached this task (of monitoring or auditing these complex satellite activities) from a legal and political angle, instead of from a military angle.† The military approach to this task is the correct approach, since the primary miltary weapon used against us by the Jesuits is the use of SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY to manipulate UNWILLING AGENT Jesuit soldiers and to create hurricanes, tornadoes, and other Jesuit satellite -induced and disguised military attacks against us.† THESE SATELLITE ACTIVITIES ARE REALLY ACTS OF WAR COMMITTED AGAINST US USING VERY SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGY THAT USES BRILLIANT PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION IN ORDER TO COVER UP THE MILITARISTIC ASPECTS OF THESE ACTIVITIES, SO THAT JESUITS CAN CONDUCT WARFARE AGAINST US AND DISGUISE IT AS LEGAL, MEDICAL, BUSINESS, ECONOMIC OR OTHER ACTIVITIES.† Therefore, all licenses for SATELLITE OPERATIONS must be obtained from our military forces (the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION).† The ISCís job will be to analyze all those who are SATELLITE OPERATORS, and then to set up programs to monitor that institutionís or operatorís activities to ensure that those satellite activities are not used as part of a war strategy against us.

Therefore, no one can make any movements (or do any actions) in space or no one can be a SATELLITE OPERATOR, without first getting permission to do so from the ISC!!

All SATELLITE OPERATORS will have their operations set up to be monitored by the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS from the ISC, so that programs can monitor all of that SATELLITE OPERATORís activities to ensure that their activities are in compliance with CONSPIRACY LAW.† No one can have a license to be a SATELLITE OPERATOR unless he has a license from the ISC, and no one can have a license from the ISC unless all his/her operations are monitored by a SATELLITE MONITORING PROGRAM (set up by the TRUTH PROGRAMMERS of the ISC).

If it is not possible to have all of a SATELLITE OPERATORS actions monitored by this SATELLITE MONITORING PROGRAM, then this SATELLITE OPERATOR must limit his job to those activities that can be monitored by the SATELLITE MONITORING PROGRAM, or he/she must be denied a ISC license to be a SATELLITE OPERATOR.

Those governments or corporations that refuse to comply with this military order or those SATELLITE OPERATORS who operate without an ISC license, will be declared an enemy state or corporation, and we will declare war on that government or corporation that does not cooperate with this order.†

If the rebel turns out to be a corporation, we will demand that the government that has jurisdiction over that corporation force that corporation to comply, if the government refuses to force that corporation to comply (either through acts of omission or commission), we will declare war on that government (as a government that conspires with Jesuits to set up a worldwide dictatorship for the Jesuits) and will attack that government (or try to oust its current leader from power) through the use of our military forces.

Those corporations that refuse to comply, despite an order from their government to do so, MUST BE SHUT DOWN ENTIRELY AND FORCED TO CLOSE OPERATIONS.† Those governments who willingly and knowingly allow corporations that violate this order to continue their operations, will be considered an enemy state, and we will declare war on that governnent and will immediately and without delay destroy all satellites connected with that rebel corporation, and, after evaluation by our military intelligence, may destroy all satellites that are under the jurisdiction of that government.

Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing action or inaction that is committed with the intent to disobey this July 2, 2006 military order, with the intent to further or maintain Jesuit control over satellite technology or satellites, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

The first military action taken against rebellious nations (those that the ISC has declared war on), will be to totally destroy their satellites so that they cannot operate IN ANY WAY in violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.†

DATE OF ORDER:† July 14, 2006 MILITARY ORDER: All housing communities named after any person romantically involved with me must adopt two names and the other name that must be adopted is LOYOLA ESTATES.† THIS WILL BE ENFORCED BY MILITARY ORDER.

I got something in the mail about Brentwood Lakes (new home community located near Malabar and Jupiter in my area).† Jesuits are doing this to draw attention to me in order to target me.† I suggest that you name some other communities in Florida (not in my location) with this name also, so the Jesuits canít get away with this.† Also, all Jesuit attempts to use names to draw attention to me, we need to diffuse.† Mete out Sect. 95 executions to the violators behind this.†

Give this Brentwood Lakes community two names and the people who live there can choose which name they want their community to be called.† I suggest the other name be Loyola Estates!† This will force these housing communities to be named after Ignatius De Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order).† This Brentwood Lakes area must also be named Loyola Estates and all housing communities that are named after Brent or any of my lovers will be forced by law to have two names for their housing community and the other name they must adopt will be LOYOLA ESTATES.†

I think we ought to give credit to where credit is due and let the world know who is REALLY behind the name of Brentwood Lakes!††††††††††


The Jesuits consider the Middle East one of their front lines.† This should have been determined by our FRONT LINE ASSESSORS.† Make sure all my previous orders are being enforced!

I feel that the Jesuits have determined that the area of weakness in the Israeli military is their navy.† The Israelis are superior in their army and air force, but their navy has some weaknesses.† To assist the Israelis in their front line, I want AMERICAN NAVY OFFICERS, who are experts at navy strategy to communicate with Israel to come up with effective naval strategies in dealing with this Middle Eastern crisis.†

I feel the best navy in the world is in the United States.† Also, the United States must give to Israel some American battleships to assist the Israelis in their war against their enemies.† I do not want American military personnel in the area though, unless these Americans are JEWISH in ancestry.† Any Jewish Americans who assist Israel in her war, MUST BECOME ISRAELI CITIZENS, so that if they become casualties, we will claim they are ISRAELI casualties.† I do not feel this would be a good move politically (to have American manpower on the ground or on ships in this Israeli conflict), since we have Russians in the area and we donít want American soldiers to die in this Israeli conflict.†

However, Israelís navy is weak and the Jesuits are exploiting this--THATíS WHY ISRAEL JUST LOST 4 SAILORS.† We need to strengthen the Israeli navy.† Give Israel some American navy ships and better navy equipment and have Israel confer with some of our top American navy intelligence officers.†† MAKE SURE NONE OF THESE ARE UNWILLING AGENTS!††


Date of order-November 22, 2006:† All communist insignia and flags and any public display or promotion of communism or Jesuit dictatorships is banned in Russia.†

By Order of the Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, all flags, literature and any public display of support for communism or Muslim extremism in Russia is banned, and all such persons who dare to spout public support for communism or Muslim extremism in Russia will be executed.† The executions will be shown on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL.† These executions will be carried out like a Sect. 95 execution in my laws and the part of the film Gladiator that I watched over and over after the Jesuits attacked the United States on 9-11-01 will be part of the execution ceremonies.††

Before these executions are carried out, I wish to make the following speech to the Russian people, which Iíve written myself.† I never use speech writers:

Dear Russian people, our nation faces perils it has never faced before.† The Jesuits, outraged, over their losses throughout the world, and in Russia, and because of my influence--have declared a public relations campaign against the Russian government, as they try to oust me from my throne.††

They caused the poisoning of a former KGB spy (Alexander Litvinenko), now at a London hospital at deathís door.† The Jesuits have orchestrated this poisoning in order to frame Vladimir Putin and my Russian government with their own crimes.†

We will find the Jesuits responsible for this poisoning and they shall be publicly executed.†

First, we will establish the guilty party in this poisoning with evidence on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and prayers shall be made by Vladimir Putin and all the leaders in our Russian government-- and by the Jesuit leaders throughout Russia and the world-- for the recovery of Alexander Litvinenko.

These prayers must use the following words exactly, with no omissions or additions:† We pray for the complete healing of former KGB spy, Alexander Litvinenko (who lies at deathís door in London) and who was poisoned by treacherous criminals.† We ask that the true criminals who desired and orchestrated the poisoning be exposed and executed.† And furthermore, we ask for the complete annihilation of the organization or empire truly responsible for this poisoning.†††

All prayers of all the Russian government leaders and the Jesuit leaders all over the world who pray for Alexander Litvinenko must be analyzed, in order to determine who poisoned him.† These prayers are circumstantial evidence that will be admitted into courts of law.† Therefore, anyone who presents false analyses of these prayers will be executed for tampering with evidence in a death penalty case.† And all analyses for all these prayers must be made public on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL, so that the world will know who really poisoned Alexander Litvinenko.†

These prayers must be analyzed for sincerity by 666-Computer emotional analysis and the scientific analysis of these prayers must be presented truthfully on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL.† Any Russian government official whose prayers indicate guilt in this manís poisoning must be removed from my government, and failure to do so will bring the death penalty.††

It is a death penalty violation to present false 666-Computer analyses and if we discover this has occurred, the death penalty will be meted out for this deception. We will expose all those whose prayers indicate that they supported the poisoning of Alexander. Litvinenko.† And we will condemn, expose and execute those who have committed this heinous act.

Because Vladimir supports my monarchy and believes, as I do, in the death penalty, the Jesuits try to muddle the distinctions between a democratic monarchy and communism.† A democratic monarchy is not communism and we will make this clear.†††

Though I will tolerate criticism of my administration, I will not tolerate any support for communism or Islamic extremism, because this means a return to Jesuit/Stalinistic rule in Russia.†

We will allow freedom of speech, but because Russia teeters on a cliff, we must ensure she does not return to communism or to Jesuit rule.† If Catherine the Great lived in 1917, the Russian Revolution would have horrified her.† The Jesuits again try to recapture Russia for a Jesuit throne.† I will annihilate their attempts!†

Any attempts to create another 1917 style Jesuit-Russian Revolution will result in executions.† Any person who supports communism or Jesuit rule in Russia will leave Russia or die.† And I strive to vindicate Vladimir Putin against Jesuits attempts to frame him as a secret communist KGB murderer.†

Those who willingly and knowingly support communism or a Jesuit throne in Russia, will be exposed as Jesuit supporters on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL and they will be executed.† Unlike Stalin and the Jesuits, we conduct all our executions in public.† Any false presentations on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL will result in the death penalty.†

We will present a historical special on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL called Why the Jesuits created the Russian Revolution and why they want Russia to return to Stalin.† All those who assist me in my government, will be required to watch this presentation and to publicly endorse its contents (under 666-Computer emotional analysis), and if 666-Computer emotional analyses reveals they oppose this production, they must be removed from my government!† Anyone who willingly and knowingly allows anyone to be retained in my government who opposes this presentation, will be executed as a traitor against the Russian government.† ††

Vladimir will head the movement to display flags and celebrations throughout Russia that honor me as Russiaís monarch.† All communist paraphernalia or any paraphernalia that supports Jesuit-Islamic rule in Russia will be burned and desecrated.

We will not tolerate any support for communism or a Muslim totalitarian dictatorship in Russia, because these are attempts to destroy me, and because I know a return to Jesuit-Stalinistic rule in Russia would have catastrophic consequences.† Therefore, all Muslim propaganda, speeches, demonstrations or symbols that oppose our government and support Jesuit rule in Russia must be demolished.† Those Muslims who find this offensive must be deported.†

If these Muslim terrorists refuse to let us deport them, theyíll be executed or weíll bomb their dwellings and destroy them.† This cancer of Jesuit-Muslim extremism will return Russia to Stalin and I will not tolerate this.†

Again, those Muslims who tolerate any religious belief that encourages them to takeover Russia with Jesuit rule, will lose their Russian citizenship and will be deported.††

I encourage Vladimir to display prominently throughout the Russian Empire-- flags, symbols and celebrations to honor the reinstatement of the Romanov royalty in Russia.†

Because the Jesuit Order truly supports and created communism--all flags, literature and promotional campaigns to reinstate communism or Jesuit rule in Russia shall be demolished.†

Those who willingly and knowingly support communism or Jesuit rule in Russia will be executed.

Catherine the Great would never allow Russia to become communist or to be run by a Jesuit dictator like Stalin.

Have the Russian people and Vladimir Putin and all Wal-Mart executives pray for my health, since the Jesuits deluge my life with illnesses and germs.

These prayers by Vladimir and the Wal-Mart executive will be analyzed daily with 666-Computer emotional analysis and the analyses of these prayers must be presented daily on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL.†

If any Wal-Mart executiveís prayers indicate they want me sick, that Wal-Mart executive must be exposed on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL and any Jesuit ties this executive has must also be exposed on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Failure to expose this Wal-Mart executive on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL along with all that personís Jesuit ties --must bring the death penalty to the violator.†

If Wal-Mart has a traitor in their midst, I know theyíll deal with it.† If I didnít believe this, I wouldnít work at Wal-Mart.† My Conspiracy Law states that any false prayer analyses presented on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL must bring the death penalty to the violator.

Ask God to give me the health I need as Russiaís ruler.† Since Jesuits deluge my life with contaminations and sick people, I currently suffer from a strep infection that has worsened the yeast infection the Jesuits created in my body years ago.† Therefore, I write this speech in an ill state.†

After trial and evidence for guilt has been presented on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL, the Jesuits behind my current and future illnesses must be executed, along with any communists or supporters of Jesuit rule in Russia.† The daily executions of these criminals will be aired on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Muslims who are peaceful and wonít cooperate with Jesuits, we shall leave alone.† Any person, regardless of their religion, who cooperates with Jesuits or who does (or tries to) cause anarchy and discord in Russia must be executed.

Unless these stubborn and entrenched Jesuits are executed, they will sabotage my life and my throne.† And Jesuits continually violate my laws with a flagrant brazenness that is intolerable.† These thugs flood us every day with their onslaught; therefore, I have ordered daily executions.†

I want at least 30 Jesuits or their supporters executed every day, especially those who support communism or an Islamic dictatorship in Russia and especially those who violate my Microbiology Laws, since these violations cause illnesses in me and are attempts to kill me.†

Any Jesuit who tries to poison or sicken any person, in order to frame myself or my government with Jesuit crimes, must be executed.†

The Jesuits continue to violate my orders and my laws (while they laugh and spit on me and my laws), and I† will execute them every day.† We are at war with these thugs, and we must win, or Russia returns to Stalin.†

Daily executions in Russia are a must.† We wonít allow Jesuits to intimidate us.† The trials for these thugs will be shown on GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and once we establish their guilt, they die.† I will not allow Russia to return to Jesuits and Stalin.


Due to problems the Jesuits have created (jealousy in some men as UNWILLING AGENTS) because Gail has been made a five star general by the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, Gail feels it is necessary for her to make an acceptance speech about her new commission as a four star general.† Have this acceptance speech aired on GCFNC and presented in any ceremony that honors Gailís military achievements:


We, the freedom loving nations of the world, are in a dilemma that we have never faced before.† We face an enemy with mind-reading capabilities and with scientific genius through the use of computer/satellite technology that can manipulate our soldiers and manipulate people in the world like puppets (through brain control technologies) to do their bidding.†

Unfortunately, until I came on the scene and my writings exposed this ground breaking technology to the world, our military academies and officer training schools have not adequately prepared our soldiers to deal with this enemy, to fight a war against an enemy that can read and manipulate the minds of every soldier and that has the ability to manipulate like puppets our war comrades.† Therefore, the war strategies and tactics that we have employed against this enemy have failed, and this ruthless empire manipulates us all like puppets on a stage, while they laugh at us as they pull all the strings.

The result of such gross ignorance in fighting such an enemy has been unnecessary casualties in the war theater and a lowered morale in the troops.† The reason for this is when you fight an enemy eyeball-to-eyeball and realize that your comrade with you in the ditch could be turned (in a split second) against you (because the enemy can turn him into a Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde on a momentís notice), you face more stress than just the stress of dealing with an enemy that wants to kill you.† You also face the stress that you canít trust anybody (even your war comrades) to work with you as a team to save your life when you face death in the face.† So here you are out in the dark while your enemy breathes down your throat, and your ďbest friendĒ suddenly goes nuts and does something so crazy, that now youíre a dead man.†

Because I have had tremendous experience in dealing with this problem and have written international laws and studied the medicine and technology behind this brain control technology of the enemy, I am uniquely qualified to plan war strategies against this enemy.†

Our military leaders have had no former experience in this area to guide them.† Iím probably the most experienced person in the world in regard to this new technology which has been used for decades, but which has only been recently exposed--due to my persistence in getting this to the public.†

Though, Iíd like to say that I donít take this position to champion the cause of womenís rights, nor do I support the womenís liberation movement.† But like Deborah with Barak, I take this position at the request of the man.† Vladimir Putin, Russian President, has begged me to take this position and if he should ask me to leave this position, I would do so in a moment.

Due to my intimate friendship with Vladimir Putin, I am largely responsible for the Russian/American alliance in this war against terrorism.† I feel the Russian and U.S. militaries are the two best in the world.† Russia has a grand military history and when the Russian nation is outraged, that nation produces some of the best soldiers this world has ever seen, and Russian wars are unique in that when Russia goes to war in an outrage (like it did against Hitler), the entire nation helps out the soldiers.† Russians understand that teamwork, heroism, and great sacrifice by all Russians, NOT JUST THE SOLDIERS, is needed to beat an invincible enemy.† Russians are especially heroic, when they know the enemy they fight is a monster (like Hitler was).† This enrages the Russians, and thereís no better soldier than an enraged Russian nation.† Because Iíve educated the Russians through my writings, about the nature of the Jesuit Order, that nation is outraged.† The Jesuits tried to use the Kursk submarine disaster and the Chechen conflict to cause an irreparable divide between Russia and the U.S. (see my memoir Heart of Glory), but my brilliant ability to read minds caused me to deduce that it was the Jesuit Order, and not the Americans, who is behind the Chechen conflict and that caused the deaths of those Russian sailors (Kursk).† And so now the Russians love me, because I have literally saved their nation from a disaster.†

And so now we have Russia, and so because of Russiaís interest--China took a look and decided to bite, and now we have China.† And so three great nations: China, Russia and the U.S. have united with us to fight these monsters--along with many others.† What excuse do we have to lose this war?† If we lose, itís only because we are sloppy and lazy.† Get those Bibles out and read them, so they canít get your brain.† Sloppy and lazy people donít win wars.† WE HAVE NO EXCUSE TO LOSE THIS WAR.

And Russian outrage has spread to the entire earth.† And this is how the Russians beat the Nazis when no one else in Europe could.† As a general, I have a unique understanding of the Russians and other nations, and can bring my diplomatic skills to help me garner valuable support from our allies.† In fact, we now have the full support of communist China, and our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION works with China every day.† This war can be won.† The key is to negate the Jesuitsí ability to use BRAIN CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, because then they canít use our own soldiers as Jesuit soldiers.† Jesuits have to steal soldiers, using brain control technology, because every sane person in the world hates them.† When we remove this technology from them, they wonít be able to steal soldiers anymore, AND THEN WE WILL WIN THE WAR.† This has to be our number one priority, to take this BRAIN CONTROL TECHNOLOGY from them.†

Once we remove this ability from the Jesuits, THE WAR WILL BE WON.† Vladimir feels Iím the most talented leader to accomplish this and that is why he begged me to take this job.† Russia and the United States have united together to fight this powerful enemy.† What is encouraging about this, is when you study history, every war in which the U.S. and Russia fought together against a common enemy has been WON.†††††

Despite the fact that Iím not a graduate of West Point--Iíve had the best training of all--ACTUAL BATTLE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS CUNNING AND BRILLIANT ENEMY.† To win a war, you canít always go by the theories you learn in the military classroom, you have to use creative genius to figure out what really works on the battlefield.† I know what works, because Iíve dealt with this enemy for over a decade and have probably been more targeted by them than any other person in the world.† So Iíve learned military strategy JUST TO SURVIVE.†

What Iíve garnered from my extensive experiences with this enemy is what Iíll bring to my job as a general.† I donít have the muscles of my comrades, nor can I shoot a gun, and I donít need to learn how to shoot a gun for my duties as a general who plans crucial war strategies against the brain control empire.† But Iím not against guns.† Read my novel Silver Skies.† But with the enemy we face, to know how to shoot a gun is not as important as my brilliant knowledge about how this enemy thinks and how they operate.† So, I will perform brilliantly as a military strategist (which will be my main function).† Besides, if you can shoot a gun, but you canít control your own brain, what kind of a soldier are you?† You may shoot your own troops!† It is problems like these that I will specialize in.†††

You see, Iíve been dealing eyeball-to-eyeball with this enemy through the millions of puppets they have sent my way, and Iíve observed with keenest observation how they work and how they operate.† I understand the inner workings of the mind of this brilliant, tenacious enemy.†

This enemyís principle weapon is not guns, machine gun fire, bombs, or nuclear missiles-- it is OUR BRAINS.† They can control our brains like puppets to do their bidding.† So as I plan war strategy, I never forget what this enemyís principle weapon is.† And because I plan war strategy in this manner, this will be effective against them and therefore they will use everything in their arsenal to stop me, because they know that I understand them and that I know what we need to do to WIN THIS WAR.

Our enemyís goal is to take away our team spirit and to ruin our alliances, and to cause us to be a confused and disorganized mess, where we are all quibbling with each other instead of fighting THEM.† This is a sure recipe to lose ANY WAR.† They know that I know what we need to do to WIN THIS WAR.† Therefore, they will do all in their power to discredit me.† They will say Iím a weak, wimpy woman, or that I donít have muscular strength, or something else, or something else.† They are fanatics and love to harass those who effectively oppose them.†††

Iím not in a contest with the men and the only reason I take this job is because I CANíT BEAR THE THOUGHT THAT we could lose this war.† Iíve seen too many of their puppets in the military and in society in general.† Itís horrifying.† So I take this job to ensure that THE ENEMY wonít WIN this WAR.† I HAVE SEEN SERIOUS MISTAKES MADE BY OUR MILITARY LEADERS, because they donít plan their strategies in an effective manner to beat this enemy.† They donít address the enemyís brilliant ability to use BRAIN CONTROL TECHNOLOGY.† What good does it do you to have more muscles than your enemy, to be able to run ten miles and break world records in running, to have more missiles, or even have more manpower, if you CANíT CONTROL YOUR OWN BRAINS AND THE BRAINS OF YOUR FELLOW SOLDIERS?† THIS IS WHAT WEíRE DEALING WITH EVERY DAY ON THE BATTLE FIELD.† Maybe youíll end up running ten miles and using all your muscles FOR THE ENEMY AND youíll be doing it to serve THE ENEMY.† THATís how good this enemy is at brain control.†

Iíve seen perfectly sane people go insane in a split second because of this horrifying brain control technology.† So what do we do, when half our troops could turn crazy in a split second in the heat of battle?†

And as general, this will be my highest priority to deal with this problem HEAD ON.† Iíll make it my highest priority to recruit high quality soldiers, who have the discipline to maintain daily Bible readings and to maintain the lifestyle that will prevent this brain takeover.† Better to have a small force of dependable, reliable soldiers--than a large force of soldiers whose brains have been taken over by the enemy.† Then the rest of the war can be fought with computer programs and computer/satellite technology--like how this enemy wages itís war against us.† We will fight them with the same technology they use on us.†

This is a war, not just of brawns, tanks and traditional military strategies--but of wills, wiles, mind control and the discipline and dedication to maintain a Bible reading time so that your brain canít be taken over by THE ENEMY YOU RISK YOUR LIFE TO DEFEAT.

I have dedicated my life to fighting this horrifying technology and have unique experience in this area--so that I have been awarded Nobel Prizes.† Therefore, the Russian President and other world and military leaders have requested that I take on this job as general.† I have also faced the heat of battle, since our enemies have tried again and again to kill me and I have dealt with this ruthless enemy head-on for the past ten years.† Despite their avalanche of attacks against me, they have not been able to get my mind--though Iíve seen them get the mind of everyone around me.†

THIS WAR IS A BATTLE FOR THE MIND, and those who can maintain their own brainís autonomy will WIN THE WAR.† So, if you have more muscles than me, or more brains than I, or you have had more experience in leadership positions--and you think you are better qualified than I to take this job--ask yourself this question--ARE YOU IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MIND, OR DOES THE ENEMY RULE YOUR MIND?† Do you have the discipline to maintain a daily Bible reading program and avoid OCCULT MEDIA, so that your brilliant muscles and your outstanding achievements and resumeí canít be used to further the enemyís goals?† What good does it do to have brains, brawns or valor--if, because your brain has been taken over by terrorists, all your energies are DIRECTED TO HELP the enemy?† If I felt the most important quality to be an effective general is to have the same muscular strength as the men, or to be the most brilliant person, or to have the most brilliant resume--Iíd give this job to that person, because the last job Iíve ever wanted was to be a war general.†

But, what Iíve observed is, when it comes to the discipline to maintain a daily Bible time and to avoid occult media and to dedicate oneself entirely to WINNING THIS WAR, I have far more dedication to this goal than ANYONE ELSE.† And for this reason, I take this job, because I canít find anybody better to do it.†

When I find that person whoís better than me at this, Iíd gladly turn this job over to them, because I already have too much to do.† When I meet somebody who is more dedicated than I to win this war, Iíll give them my job as general.† In the meanwhile, I havenít found them.† Iíve found men on ego trips, who seem more concerned about war honors and getting medals and having their name in lights than with winning the war.

There is only one thing we should all want and that we must unite on:† TO WIN THIS WAR, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.† If you are not as committed to this goal as I--then I am more qualified than you for this job.† And so I take this job, until I can find a more qualified person.† I DONíT WANT IT, BUT IíM QUALIFIED.† I could care less about military honors, medals or to prove that Iím better than my fellow soldiers.† We MUST WORK AS A TEAM.† We must all have the same goal: TO WIN THIS WAR NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!† If that isnít your goal, drop out of the military -- go into another line of work, because you will be a weak link in the chain that will cause the whole edifice to come crashing down.† Every link in the chain must be strong, or we LOSE THIS WAR.† The enemy knows this, thatís why they try to control all our minds.† And when we lose this war, THIS WORLD WILL BE A DARK AND DREADFUL PLACE.† And when that happens, ask yourself, did it really matter that you had more muscles than I, or that you outsmarted or outwitted me?† You see, because you cared more about your ego and worldly acclaim than to defeat this enemy, AND so WE LOST THE WAR.†

And when you have your medals, commission and paycheck and your secure retirement--what good does it do, if it all comes from Adolph Hitler?† This is what the enemy wants.† This is what we fight against.† If this doesnít bother you.† If this doesnít make your stomach turn, then get out of the military.† Because you donít hate the evils youíre supposed to fight for --and thatís why you wonít obsess yourself with winning this war.† You only cared about your pay, security, a career, retirement. . .† So you survive, but your leader ends up as Stalin?† Congratulations, you got your commission, youíve embarked on a brilliant career, you have a brilliant resume.† Your muscles, brains and brawn have brought you your grand new leader: Joseph Stalin.† If this doesnít bother you.† If this doesnít make you want to puke, then you donít have the passion needed to win this war--to be a good soldier, to maintain the Bible study time and discipline, so that they CANíT GET YOUR MIND.† If IT DOESNíT MAKE YOU WANT TO PUKE THAT your country could be turned over to despots--GET OUT, we donít want you.† And God forbid, if you ever become a general.†

So, now you serve as general under Adolph Hitler.† WHAT AN HONOR.† You didnít care whether character, freedom and honor won--you only cared that you outdid your fellow soldiers, that you proved that you were better than they, and that you got your commission, and that your career advanced.† Those are the mediocre soldiers, the ones who lack the commitment to win.† Those are the ones we will weed out--throw out from the military.†

As the great General Patton said, WE WORK AS A TEAM.† And if you wonít work as a TEAM--get OUT, BECAUSE WEíLL LOSE THIS WAR.† We ALL should have the same goal--TO WIN THIS WAR.† There should be no other goal in ANY SOLDIER THAT SERVES IN OUR MILITARY and we WONíT TOLERATE ANY OTHER ATTITUDE.† IF YOU WONíT WORK AS A TEAM MEMBER TO PROMOTE FREEDOM AGAINST TYRANNY--we will throw you OUT.† There is no room for ego trips, we only allow a passion for honor, a passion to fight with an honor that is greater than medals, greater than prestige, greater than a secure retirement--but the passion to bring justice and honor to this world, to defeat an enemy that will commit any atrocity to win.†

WE MUST BE JUST AS COMMITTED, NAY, MORE COMMITTED THAN THEY TO WIN.† We must be willing to do anything to win, too--except that we wonít commit dishonor to win, because then we will be just like them--WE must HATE ALL that THIS MONSTROUS ENEMY STANDS FOR.† We must hate what they stand for so much, that weíd do ANYTHING with honor TO DEFEAT THEM.† And what is honorable?† It is what is courageous.† To know how I feel about courage, read the excerpts below from one of my favorite books called Courage: A Little Book of Brave Thoughts.†††

We must stop this enemy at all costs, if not--this world will be all darkness and terror.† If this is not how you feel, get out--we donít need you.† You are the weak link that will cause the edifice to fall.† This is why my first priority has been to weed out our troops and to work from a quality base.† It has to be LIFE AND DEATH TO YOU TO WIN AND TO PROMOTE HONOR, JUSTICE AND TRUTH.† If this isnít the case with you, YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A GENERAL, and you are not qualified to be a soldier.††

For those who remain, please join with me as we climb Mount Everest.† You will see things you canít bear.† Your health may be ruined for life.† Perhaps you wonít see your family for years and years.† I havenít seen my son for years.† I havenít seen my lovers for years.† Iíve had to file for bankruptcy, when they attacked my health and I couldnít work.† You see, Iíve already paid the warriorís price.† Iíve had to stand alone, to endure ridicule.† But if we win, we can walk on streets and not be molested.† We can be our own person.† We donít have to fear that our loved ones will turn out to be murderers that sleep in our beds, or that our spouse could become our opposition, so that as we lay down to sleep, in that same room where we rest our head, we sleep with the enemy.†

If we win this war, we can greatly weaken the enemyís ability to do this, because weíll destroy their bases of operation.† And when we demolish their places of operation, then each person in this world can follow his own conscience, choose his own religion and not be forced or manipulated to follow the dictates of a despot, and end up betraying his family, or all that is honorable, or all that is truly worth living for.

Now if you are as committed, or more committed than I, to this free world that I dream of, where we will have the freedom to be our own persons, to not have brains taken over by terrorists, and if you have devoted every spare minute of your time to defeat this enemy and you have learned effective ways to defeat this enemy--please take my job and do better than me and CAUSE US TO WIN THIS WAR--because I only care about one thing:† TO WIN THIS WAR.† IF YOU CAN DO a BETTER job, I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY JOB SO WEíLL WIN THE WAR.† It doesnít matter who gets the glory, as LONG AS WE WIN THE WAR.†

So, letís be A TEAM.† WE MUST HATE EVERYTHING THIS ENEMY STANDS FOR AND DEDICATE OUR LIVES TO DEFEAT THIS ENEMY.† I have too much to do as it is.† I donít really want this job, but Iím afraid if Iím not general, WE WILL LOSE THE WAR, because, so far, I havenít found someone more qualified than I for this job.†

Thank you for letting me serve you.†

For those of you who remain, read your Bibles every day, donít let them get your mind.† Donít assume that just because youíre smart or have lots of muscles or go to church, they canít get you.† Sadly, in most churches Iíve attended, Iíve noticed that in about 90% or more of the congregation (including church staff), these church membersí brains have been taken over by these terrorists.† And these are the churches that stress daily Bible readings from the Bible!† The percentage of takeovers is probably higher in those churches that donít stress meditation on the Scriptures.†

These terrorists have had mind reading capability for decades and they understand the inner workings of all aspects of society: religious, economics, business, scientific, legal, medical, military, political, etc.† We are dealing with a brilliant foe, that has used their mind reading ability to become expert psychologists and manipulators.†

Sad to say, itís obvious most American church goers donít read their Bibles every day, and this is why the enemy has taken over the brains of most American church goers.† Any Bible based on the Earliest manuscripts seems to be the most effective to prevent this brain control, but reading any Bible every day is better than reading none or reading it sometimes (if the Bible exposure is not EVERY DAY, then they can ďget your brainĒ).†

I read the Bible DAILY, and Iíve had great victories over mind control--theyíve never gotten me yet.† The most theyíve done to me, is to give me temporary mental lapses, amnesias, or mental misdirections--but Iíve never totally been ďtaken overĒ.† Sadly, Iíve seen them ďtakeoverĒ just about everyone else, including all of my family members.† I wasnít raised in a church going home.† Iíve seen them get geniuses, preachers (ministers), celebrities, Presidents, world-record weight lifters and, yes, soldiers and sailors.†

The best quality you can have as a soldier is a passion, an obsession to win this war, which means you must adopt the same determination to saturate your mind with Scripture as I have, so that they canít get your mind.† We know from history that the best and bravest soldiers read their Bibles.† Despite his spicy language, General George Patton read his Bible every day, and so did Stonewall Jackson and other great military warriors.†††

So far, daily Bible exposure is the only thing that prevents them from taking over your mind.† I listen to Bible tapes in the shower, in my car, in music set to Scripture.† I saturate myself every spare moment I can get.† And I avoid rock music or any occult media that could undo the benefits of my Bible exposure.† I do this so they wonít takeover my brain.† I want to keep my brain ďin shapeĒ for battle.† We also have a laser brain surgery that is somewhat effective, but this works best in combination with a daily Bible reading lifestyle.† Can you see General Patton or Stonewall Jackson listening to rock music?† I canít.† These great warriors never allowed anything to enter their mind, that would make their brain anything less than razor sharp for battle.† In fact, I would say keeping the brain in shape is more important than keeping the body in shape, in order to be an effective soldier.† Besides if you can discipline your brain, you can discipline your body.†††

Now if you remain with us, and you are as committed as I to win this war, you serve in perhaps the greatest military this world has ever seen--since King David led his troops.† Because this is literally a war of good against evil, more than any other in history.†

Now, letís all have the same passion and obsession: TO WIN THIS WAR WHATEVER IT TAKES.††

When I was a teenager, while I toured the Capitol as part of a singing group, I bought a book from the Washington Cathedral at Washington, D.C..† This book was called COURAGE: A Little Book of Brave Thoughts.† I read it many times as a young lady, it infused my thoughts.† Read it, absorb it and you will understand how I approach life and how I approach war.† Because I couldnít afford to move my books from Seattle, I lost this book.† I called bookstores to buy it.† It was out of print.† But a library had it, so I typed the whole book out, so I could still read those sayings that inspired me as a young woman, and that formed my attitude for the rest of my life. . .†


Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task go to sleep in peace.† God is awake.



When you get into a tight place, and everything goes against you, till it seems as if you couldnít hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for thatís just the place and time that the tideíll turn.



Remember that if the opportunities for great needs should never come, the opportunity for good deeds is renewed day by day.† The thing for us to long for is the goodness, not the glory.



The hero is no braver than the ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer,



A life without purpose is a languid, drifting thing; every day we ought to review our purpose, saying to ourselves: This day let me make a sound beginning, for what we have hitherto done is naught!



Courage is the best gift of all; courage stands before everything.† It is what preserves our liberty, safety, life, and our homes and parents, our country and children.† Courage comprises all things: a man with courage has every blessing.


It is my joy in life to find

At every turning of the road

The strong arm of a comrade kind

To help me onward with my load.

And since I have no gold to give,

And love alone must make amends,

My only prayer is, while I live, ó

God make me worthy of my friends!



The bad manís courage still prepares the way for its own outwitting.



The block of granite which is an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong.



ďThough I cannot teach courage,Ē said Nekayah, ďI must not learn cowardice.Ē



Where true fortitude dwells, loyalty, bounty, friendship, and fidelity may be found.



No coward soul is mine,

No trembler in the worldís storm-troubled sphere;

I see Heavenís glories shine,

And Faith shines equal, arming me from fear.



Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances: It was somebodyís name, or he happened to be there at the time, or it was so then, and another day it would have been otherwise.† Strong men believe in cause and effect.



Great men stand like solitary towers in the city of God, and secret passages running deep beneath external nature give their thoughts intercourse with higher intelligences, which strengthens and† controls them, and of which the laborers on the surface do not even dream!



A man of courage never wants weapons.



We try to grasp too much of life at a time.† We think of it as a whole, instead of taking the days one by one.† Life is a mosaic, and each tiny piece must be cut and set with skill.



The first lesson of life is to burn our own smoke; that is, not to inflict on outsiders our personal sorrows and petty morbidness, not to keep thinking of ourselves as exceptional cases.



The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.



There is courage in the treatment of every art by a master in architecture, in sculpture, in painting or in poetry, each cheering the mind of the spectator or receiver as by true strokes of genius, which yet nowise implies the presence of physical valor in the artist.† This is the courage of genius, in every kind.



Courage, the highest gift, that scorns to bend

To mean devices for a sordid end,

Courage ó an independent spark from

Heavenís bright throne,

By which the soul stands raised, triumphant,

high, alone. . .



Who, then, is the invincible man?† He whom nothing outside the sphere of his moral purpose can dismay.



To be always intending to lead a new life, but never to find time to set about it; this is as if a man should put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day and night to another, till he is starved and destroyed.



Pay as little attention to discouragements as possible. Plough ahead as a steamer does, rough or smooth, rain or shine.† To carry your cargo and make your port is the point.



O, fear not in a world like this

And thou shalt know erelong,

Know how sublime a thing it is

To suffer and be strong.



It is good to know; it is better to do; it is best to be.† To be pure and strong, to be honest and earnest, to be kindly and thoughtful, and in all to be true, to be manly and womanly.† He can do more for others who has done most with himself.



No, when the fight begins within himself,

A manís worth something.† God stoops oíer his head.



Thatís courage ó to take hard knocks like a man when occasion calls.



This I resolved on ó to run, when I can, to go, when I cannot run; and to creep, when I cannot go.



There are degrees of courage, and each step upward makes us acquainted with a higher virtue.† Let us say then frankly that the education of the will is the object of our existence.



O the joy of a manly selfhood!

To be servile to none, to defer to none,

not to any tyrant known and unknown,

To walk with erect carriage, a step springy

and elastic,

To look with calm gaze or with a flashing eye.



He hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age, doing, in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lion.



We have work to do, and loads to lift;

Shun not the struggle ó face it; Ďtis Godís gift.



All the doors that lead inward to the secret place of the Most High are doors outward ó out of self ó out of smallness ó out of wrong.



Heaven is not reached at a single bound;

But we build the ladder by which we rise,

From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies,

And we mount to its summit round by round.



Courage is imperial.† It underlies true achievement.† Unless we have moral nerve to live out our convictions, they are of small account.



Man who would be,

Must rule the empire of himself; in it

Must be supreme, establishing his throne,

Of vanquished will, quelling the anarchy

Of hopes and fears, being himself alone.



True courage is to do without witnesses everything that one is capable of doing before all the world.



We place at the top of our esteem those people who take chivalrously the heavy blows of life, who are not brave merely, but gallant.



Wouldst shape a noble life?† Then cast

No backward glances toward the past,

And though somewhat be lost and gone,

Yet do thou act as one new born;

What each day needs, that shalt thou ask,

Each day will set its proper task.



The most disastrous times have produced the greatest minds.† The purest metal comes of the most ardent furnace, the most brilliant lightning comes of the darkest clouds.



Courage is the scorner of things which inspire fear.



The difference between talents and character is adroitness to keep the old and trodden round, and power and courage to make a new road to new and better goals.



No man can be brave who considers pain the greatest evil of life; or temperate, who regards pleasure as the highest good.



To fight aloud is very brave,

But gallanter, I know,

Who charge within the bosom

The calvary of woe.



To be discontented with the divine discontent, and to be ashamed with the noble shame, is the very germ of the first upgrowth of all virtue.



Hope and have faith, and take new courage!† Go forward, knowing that all will be well with you, that every situation will become harmonious and will be adjusted for your highest good.† This is possible if you have much faith.



Courage, the footstool of the Virtues, upon which they stand.



The characteristic of a genuine heroism is its persistency.† All men have wandering impulses, fits and starts of generosity.† But when you have resolved to be great, abide by yourself, and do not weakly try to reconcile yourself with the world.† The heroic cannot be the common, nor the common the heroic.



Oh, while I live to be the ruler of life, not a slave,

To meet life as a powerful conqueror,

No fumes, no ennui, no more complaints, or scornful criticisms,

To these proud laws of the air, the water and the ground,

Proving my interior soul impregnable,

And nothing exterior shall ever take command of me.



Live as though life were earnest, and life will be so.



Many owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.



Moral courage is a virtue of higher cast and nobler origin than physical. ó It springs from a consciousness of virtue, and renders a man, in the pursuit or defense of right, superior to the fear of reproach, opposition, or contempt.



ĎTis more brave

To live, than to die.



No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig.† If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time.† Let is first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.



God will come in at the deepest part of the stream to lend you a hand.


Nothing but courage can guide life.



Where in the heart there is combined love and courage, even the weak become mighty.



Fortitude I take to be the quiet possession of a manís self, and an undisturbed doing his duty whatever evils beset, or dangers lie in the way.



True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason.



Sing unto the Lord a new song: sing praises lustily unto him with a good courage.



True courage scorns

To vent her prowess in a storm of words;

And, to the valiant, actions speak alone.



The bravery founded on hope of recompense, fear of punishment, experience of success, on rage, or on ignorance of danger, is but common bravery, and does not deserve the name.† True bravery proposes a just end; measures the dangers, and meets the result with calmness and unyielding decision.



The brave man is not he who feels no fear, for that were stupid and irrational; but he whose noble soul subdues its fear, and bravely dares the danger nature shrinks from.



A brave captain is as a root, out of which, as branches, the courage of his soldiers doth spring.



Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withsoever thou goest.



The greater the difficulty, the more glory is surmounting it.† Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.



As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their lustre.† The more the diamond is cut the brighter it sparkles; and in what seems hard dealing, there God has no end in view but to perfect his people.



Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is a much higher and truer courage.



There is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage.



It is dangerous to abandon oneself to the luxury of grief; it deprives one of courage, and even of the wish for recovery.



Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before.



In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.



Counsel that I once heard given to a young person, ďAlways do what you are afraid to do.Ē



The estimate and valor of a man consists in the heart and in the will; there his true honor lies.† Valor is stability, not of arms and legs, but of courage and the soul; it does not lie in the valor of our horse, nor of our arms, but in ourselves.† He that falls obstinate in his courage, if his legs fail him, fights upon his knees.



Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal.† The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul.



The brave find a home in every land.



Courage brother!† do not stumble!

Though thy path is dark as night;

Thereís a star to guide the humble:

Trust in God, and do the Right!



A man should stop his ears against paralyzing terror, and run the race that is sent before him with a single mind.



A man must have the gift to discern at all turns where the true heart of the matter lies and to plant himself courageously on that, as a strong true man that other true men may rally round him there.† He will not continue leader of men otherwise.



Go to your work and be strong, halting not in your ways,

Balking the end half-won, for an instantís dole of praise.

Stand to your work and be wise, certain of sword and pen,

Being neither children, nor gods, but men in a world of men.



Fortune and love favor the brave.



However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names.



Man is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creatures of men.



I wonder is it because men are cowards in heart that they admire bravery so much, and place military valor so far beyond every other quality for reward and worship.



Write on your doors the saying wise and old,

ďBe bold!Ē and everywhere ó ďBe bold;

Be not too bold!Ē† Yet better the excess

Than the defect; better the more than less;

Better like Hector in the field to die,

Than like a perfumed Paris turn and fly.



Self-trust is the essence of heroism



When moral courage feels that it is in the right, there is no personal daring of which it is incapable.



True courage is the result of reasoning. ó Resolution lies more in the head than in the veins; and a just sense of honor and of infamy, of duty and of religion, will carry us farther than all the force of mechanism.



If thou desire to be truly valiant, fear to do any injury; he that fears to do evil is always afraid to suffer evil; he that never fears is desperate; he that fears always is a coward; he is the true valiant man that dares nothing but what he may, and fears nothing but what he ought.



Courage consists not in blindly overlooking danger, but in seeing it and conquering it.



The man who is just and resolute will not be moved from his settled purpose, either by the misdirected rage of his fellow citizens, or by the threats of an imperious tyrant.



The heights of great men reached and kept,

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upward in the height.



Courage makes a man more than himself;

for he is then himself plus his valor.



Courage is poorly housed that dwells in numbers; the lion never counts the herd that are about him, nor weighs how many flocks he has to scatter.



Courage!† Suffering, when it climbs highest, lasts not long.



Be not merely good; be good for something.



The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?† the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?



Ye fearful saints fresh courage take,

The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy, and shall break

In blessings on your head.



I know of no more encouraging fact that the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.



Courage ought to be guided by skill, and skill armed by courage.† Hardiness should not darken wit, nor wit cool hardiness.† Be valiant as men despising death, but confident as unwonted to be overcome.†



Unbounded courage and compassion joined,

Tempering each other in the victorís mind,

Alternately proclaim him good and great,

And make the hero and the man complete.



This is another day!† Are its eyes blurred

With maudlin grief for any wasted past?

A thousand thousand failures shall not daunt!

Let dust clasp dust, death, death; I am alive!



Art little?† Do thy little well,

And for thy comfort know

Great men can do their greatest work

No better than just so.



Be not afraid of life.† Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.



Women and men of retiring timidity are cowardly only in dangers which affect themselves, but are the first to rescue when others are endangered.



Tender handed stroke a nettle,

And it stings you for your pains;

Grasp it like a man of mettle,

And it soft as silk remains.



It is an error to suppose that courage means courage in everything. ó Most people are brave only in the dangers to which they accustom themselves, either in imagination or practice.



The eternal stars shine out as soon as it is dark enough.



Courage that grows from constitution, often forsakes a man when he has occasion for it; courage which arises from a sense of duty acts in a uniform manner.



A man must not complain of his ďelement,Ē or of his ďtime,Ē or the like; it is thriftless work doing so.† His time is bad; well then, he is there to make it better.



God gives each man one life, like a lamp,

then gives

That lamp due measure of oil: lamp lighted ó

hold high, wave wide

Its comfort for others to share.



The greatest object in the universe, says a certain philosopher, is a good man struggling with adversity; yet there is a still greater, which is the good man that comes to relieve it.



Let us be of good cheer, however, remembering that the misfortune hardest to bear are those which never come.



True courage is not built upon mental cleverness, or earthly power, but it stands upon the solid rock of truth and spiritual power.



So, in regard to disagreeable and formidable things, prudence does not consist in evasion or flight, but in courage.† He who wishes to walk in the most peaceful parts of life with any serenity must screw himself up to resolution.† Let him front the object of his worst apprehension, and his stoutness will commonly make his fear groundless.



Not in the clamor of the crowded street

Not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng

But in ourselves are triumph and defeat.



Nothing is too high for a man to reach, but he must climb with care and confidence.



Brave your storm with firm endeavor, let

your vain repinings go!

Hopeful hearts will find forever

roses underneath the snow!



Be steadfast as a tower that doth not bend its stately summit to the tempestís shock.



A high character might be produced, I suppose, by continued prosperity, but it has very seldom been the case.† Adversity, however it may appear to be our foe, is our true friend; and, after a little acquaintance with it, we receive it as a precious thing ó the prophecy of a coming joy.† It should be no ambition of ours to traverse a path without a thorn or stone.



The wisest man could ask no more of fate

Than to be simple, modest, manly, true,

Safe from the many, honored by the few;

Nothing to court in Church, or World,

or State,

But inwardly in secret to be great.



When fate is adverse, a wise man can always strive for happiness and sail against the wind to attain it.



I prefer to strive in bravery with the bravest, rather than in wealth with the richest, or in greed with the greediest.



Whatever you do, you need courage.† Whatever course you decide upon, there is always some one to tell you you are wrong.† There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right.† To map out a course of action and follow it to the end, requires some of the same courage which a soldier needs.† Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men to win them.



Being a man, neíer ask the god for a life set free from grief, but ask for courage that endureth long.



Be strong, and quit yourselves like man.



Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart.

PSALM 27:14


I am bigger than anything that can happen to me.† All these things, sorrow, misfortune and suffering, are outside my door.† I am in the house and I have the key.



For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.

I TIM. 1:7


Courage consists not in hazarding without fear, but being resolutely minded in a just cause.



Courage leads starward, fear toward death.



Out of the dark a shadow,

Then, a spark;

Out of the cloud a silence,

Then, a lark;

Out of the heart a rapture,

Then, a pain;

Out of the dead cold ashes,

Life again.



We all stand in the front rank of the battle every moment of our lives; where there is a brave man in the thickest of the flight, there is the point of honor.



Fear to do base and unworthy things is valor; if they be done to us, to suffer them is also valor.



Happiness is freedom, and freedom is courage.



Valor consists in the power of self-recovery.



He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.



One day, with life and heart,

Is more than time enough to find a world.



Through all the air the eagle may roam

The whole earth is father-land to the brave.



The only failure a man ought to fear is failure in cleaving to the purpose he sees to be best.



The truest courage is always mixed with circumspection; this being the quality which distinguishes the courage of the wise from the hardiness of the rash and foolish.



O Friends, be men, and let your hearts be strong,

And let no warrior in the heat of fight

Do what may bring him shame in othersí eyes;

For more of those who shrink from shame

are safe

Than fall in battle, while with those who flee

Is neither glory nor reprieve from death.



The two powers which in my opinion constitute a wise man are those of bearing and forbearing.



The brave are parsimonious of threats.



Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.



As courage and intelligence are the two qualifications best worth a good manís cultivation, so it is the first part of intelligence to recognize our precarious estate in life, and the first part of courage to be not at all abashed before the fact.



Be noble! and the nobleness that lies

In other men, sleeping, but never dead,

Will rise in majesty to meet thine own.



God helps the brave.



Courage is knowing what not to fear.



He is not worthy of the honeycomb

That shuns the hive because the bees have




All brave men love; for he only is brave who has affections to fight for, whether in the daily battle of life, or in physical contests.



There are two freedoms: the false where one is free to do what he likes and the true where he is free to do what he ought.



As to moral courage, I have very rarely met with the two oíclock in the morning kind.† I mean unprepared courage, that which is necessary on an unexpected occasion, and which, in spite of the most unforseen events, leaves full freedom of judgment and decision.



From the lowliest depth there is a path to the loftiest height.



Our aspirations are our possibilities.



Reverence the highest, have patience with the lowest.† Are the stars too distant, pick up the pebble that lies at thy feet.



I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster.

CATHERINE OF RUSSIA (I am descended from this womanís royal family--the same family that produced Frederick the Great of Prussia)


There is a strength of quiet endurance as significant of courage as the most daring feats of process.



Thereís a brave fellow!† Thereís a man of pluck!

A man whoís not afraid to say his say,

Though a whole townís against him.



I am devilishly afraid, thatís certain; but . . .

Iíll sing, that I may seem valiant.



Hope awakens courage.

He who can implant courage in the human soul

Is the best physician.



The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.


As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.



That only which we have within, can we see without.† If we meet no gods, it is because we harbor none.† If there is grandeur in you, you will find grandeur in porters and sweeps.† He only is rightly immortal, to whom all things are immortal.† I have read somewhere, that none is accomplished, so long as any are incomplete; that the happiness of one cannot consist with the misery of any other.



We always have time enough, if we use it aright.



The burden which is well borne becomes light.



I argue not

Against Heavenís hand or will, nor bate a jot

Of heart or hope; but still bear up and steer

Right onward.



Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.



The courage we desire and prize is not the courage to die decently but to live manfully.



No man is born into the world, whose work

Is not born with him.† There is always work

And tools to work withal, for those who will:

And blessed are the horny hands of toil.



For courage mounteth with occasion.



When God shuts a door, he opens a window.



Unless above himself he can

Erect himself, how poor a thing is man!



To see what is right and not to do it, is want of courage.



The direct foe of courage is the fear itself, not the object of it, and the man who can overcome his own terror is a hero and more.



The sweetest music is not in the oratorio, but in the human voice when it speaks from its instant life tones of tenderness, truth or courage.



Few persons have courage enough to appear as good as they really are.



A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger.



A great deal of talent is lost in this world for the want of a little courage.



Not failure, but low aim is a crime.



He fearless stands; he knows whom he doth trust:

Strange strength resideth in the soul thatís just.



One man with courage makes a majority.



Nothing can work me damage, except myself.† The harm that I sustain I carry about me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.



I have no fear!† What is in store for me

Shall find me self-reliant, undismayed.

God grant my only cowardice may be

Afraid ó to be afraid!



To have what we want is riches; but to be able to do without is power.



No man can answer for his courage who has never been in danger.



One self-approving hour whole years outweigh.



The men who succeed best in public life are those who take the risk of standing by their own convictions.



No man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.



Confidence or courage is conscious ability ó the sense of power.



In the most private life, difficult duty is never far off.† Therefore we must think with courage.



Recall your courage, and lay aside sad fear.



Courage knows no yielding to calamity.



Earth shakes beneath them, and heaven

roars above;

But nothing scares them from the course

they love.



A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others.



Who does the best his circumstances allows,

Does well, acts nobly ó angels could do no more.



Be of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid.



It is in great dangers that we see great courage.



A man of courage is also full of faith.



I count life just a stuff

To try the soulís strength on.



Endurance is the crowning quality, and patience all the passion of great hearts.



Presence of mind and courage in distress,

Are more than armies to procure success.



Our only greatness is that we aspire.



To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his right and left hand.† He uses both.



Courage conquers all things: it even gives strength to the body.



Courage from hearts, and not from numbers grows.



Courage consists in equality to the problem before us.



The braver the man so much the more fortunate will he be.



A brave man is clear in his discourse, and keeps close to truth.



The strongest is never strong enough to be always the master, unless he transforms his strength into right, and obedience into duty.



It does not matter a feather whether a man be supported by patron or client, if he himself wants courage.



Bravery never goes out of fashion.



The charm of the best courages is that they are inventions, inspirations, flashes of genius.



Life is too short to be little.



Do your duty and leave the rest to providence.



Fields are won by those who believe in winning.



True courage is cool and calm.† The bravest of man have the least of a brutal, bullying insolence, and in the very time of danger are found the most serene and free.



Did you ever hear of a man who had striven all his life faithfully and singly toward an object, and in no measure obtained it?† If a man constantly aspires, is he not elevated?† Did a man try heroism, magnanimity, truth, sincerity, and find that there was no advantage to them ó that it was a vain endeavor?



Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust.



Whoever perseveres will be crowned.



Truth wants no champion who is not as ready to be struck as to strike for her.



The best hearts are ever the bravest.



Those who believe that the praises which arise from valor are superior to those which proceed from any other virtue have not considered.



Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please.



Be not afraid of every stranger;

Start not aside for every danger;

Things that seem are not the same;

Blow not a blast at every flame.



Fear always springs from ignorance.



Every noble work is at first impossible.



Heís truly valiant that can suffer wisely

The worst that man can breathe and make

his wrongs

His outsides, to wear them like his raiment,


And neíer prefer his injuries to his heart

To bring it into danger.



How strangely high endeavors may be blessed, where piety and valor jointly go.



Conscience is the root of all true courage;

if a man would be brave let him obey his conscience.



I count life just a stuff

To try the soulís strength on.



The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.



Fearless minds climb soonest unto crown.



Difficulties are the things that show what men are.




Courage is that virtue which champions the cause of right.



Courage is, on all hands, considered as an essential of high character.



The love of glory, the fear of shame, the design of making a fortune, the desire of rendering life easy and agreeable, and the humor of pulling down other people are often the causes of that valor so celebrated among men.



The brave man seeks not a popular applause,

Nor, overpoweríd with arms, deserts his


Unshamíd, though foilíd, he does the best

he can,

Force is of brutes, but honor is of men.



The busy have no time for tears.



Without courage

There cannot be truth:

And without truth

There can be no other virtue.



Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns.† I am thankful that thorns have roses.



Why, courage then! what cannot be avoided

ĎTwere childish weakness to lament or fear.



All human power is a compound of time and patience.



What a new face courage puts on everything!



Courage exerts itself in difficulties.



It is too difficult to think nobly when one only thinks to get a living.



Dare to do your duty always; this is the height of valor.



The better part of valor is discretion.



He most prevails who nobly dares.



Physical courage which despises all danger, will make a man brave in one way; and moral courage, which despises all opinion, will make a man brave in another.† The former would seem most necessary for the camp; the latter for the council; but to constitute a great man both are necessary.



There is always safety in valor.



Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.



Fear can keep a man out of danger, but courage can support him in it.



Character is singularly contagious.



The gods always favor the strong.



Doubt whom you will, but never yourself.



The weakest among us has a gift, however seemingly trivial, which is peculiar to him, and which worthily used, will be a gift also to his race.



Fortune can take away riches, but not courage.



The low man seeks a little to do,

Sees it and does it;

This high man, with a great thing to pursue,

Does ere he knows it.

That low man goes on adding one to one,

His hundredís soon hit;

This high man, aiming at a million,

Misses a unit,

That has the world here ó should he need

the next,

Let the world mind him!

This throws himself on God, and


Seeking, shall find Him.



If I shoot at the sun, I may hit a star.



Blessed is the man who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.



To suffer woes which hopes thinks infinite;

To forgive wrongs darker than the death or


To defy power, which seems omnipotent;

To love, to bear, to hope till Hope creates

From its own wreck, the things to


Neither to change, to falter, or repent;

This, like the glory Titan, is to be

Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;

This is alone, Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory.



Have the courage not to adopt anotherís courage.



He who respects himself is safe from others;

He wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.



Valor lies half-way between rashness and cowardice.



Courage without conscience is a wild beast.



One who never turned his back but marched

breast forward

Never doubted clouds would break,

Never dreamed, though right were worsted,

wrong would triumph,

Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better,

Sleep to wake.



Courage respects courage.



This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.


Languor is not in your heart,

Weakness is not in your word,

Weariness is not on your brow.



There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle.



The leading rule for a man of every calling is diligence; never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.



So let him wait Godís instant, men call years;

Meantime, hold hard by truth and his great soul,

Do out thy duty!† Through such souls alone,

God stooping, shows sufficient of His light

For us ií the dark to rise by.† And I rise.



I sit beside my lonely fire

And pray for wisdom yet

For calmness to remember

Or courage to forget.



Muster your wits: stand in your own defense;

Or hide your heads like cowards, and fly hence.



There are seasons when to be still demands immensely higher strength than to act.



The ground that a good man treads is hallowed.



Little things affect little minds.



Self-reverence, self-knowledge,


These three things lead life to sovereign




Chiefly, the mould of a manís fortune is in his own hands.



It is better to wear out than rust out.



And though hard be the task, ďKeep a stiff upper lip.Ē



If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?




And, of course, the best book of all is the Bible, which Iíve read from cover to cover hundreds of times.†



June 19, 2006 SPEECH:

Brent has requested that I make a brief statement about how I feel about the war in Iraq, since, it appears, I have been made commander of all the troops in the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (which includes the U.S.).†

First off, Iíd like to say that I want the generals under me to explore my CONSPIRACY LAWs to make sure all laws regarding satellite violations are enforced.† Iím concerned about the attacks on Houston (flooding) and lightning used to start wildfires.† We need to do better in defeating the Jesuitsí ability to use satellite technology to induce bad weather and ďnatural disastersĒ as a war weapon.† If I had more time Iíd do it myself.† Expect the Jesuits to attack us with monster hurricanes and tsunamis, if we donít do better in this area.

Iím pleased that many of my lovers and those that want to marry me have been made generals.† I feel they will do an outstanding job, since they will be highly motivated to defeat this enemy.† Most of these men are highly qualified with medical backgrounds, which is a good background to have to deal with the enemy we are dealing with.† This enemy relies heavily on medical terrorism to accomplish their goals and so our generals need to be trained in medicine.† We are fighting a unique war, with an enemy that can induce (via satellite) long distance heart attacks and cancer.†

As far as the Iraq war.† I wasnít sure I agreed with Bush to go in and deal with Iraq, because I felt that Iraq was just one of many fronts in this war.† However, it is certainly good that Saddam Hussein is no longer in power.† This makes one less country that the Jesuits can use as a puppet to do their bidding.† So Bushís decision to go into Iraq was not a bad decision, and I disagree with those who think we should set timetables for the withdrawals of our troops from Iraq.†

The only time I feel we should set a deadline for troop withdrawals from Iraq is after we are certain that Iraq has a stable and democratic government in place and that there is no danger that the nation could still be taken over by Jesuits or UNWILLING AGENTS.†

It is obvious that Iraq is not ready yet for our troops to withdraw, so we will not set any deadlines for major and total troop withdrawals until Iraq has a stable, democratic government in place.† However, because it was the U.S. that launched its war against Iraq, the U.S. troops should remain there until the nation has a stable government in place.†††

Though individual nations can withdraw their troops from Iraq, in order to deploy them elsewhere in this global war against Jesuit terrorism.† As Iíve stated, Iraq is one of MANY FRONTS in this global war against Jesuit terrorism.†

Since, you do not withdraw your troops in the middle of a war, or you will surely lose the war.† You withdraw your troops AFTER THE WAR HAS BEEN WON.† The war has not been won in Iraq yet.† I think the troops are making good progress in Iraq and that much good has been accomplished and that the media unfairly criticizes Bush over the Iraq war.†

But to throw all our efforts into Iraq would be a grave mistake, because our enemy lives in every country.†

The best way to fight this war is to enforce all of my CONSPIRACY LAW and, as you can see, if you peruse my law--Iíve written it to be enforced in every country of the world.† We deal with an enemy that can penetrate our homes, that can takeover the minds of our family and relatives and co-workers.† So this war is literally in our own backyard and stronger emphasis needs to be made on eliminating the Jesuitsí ability to use UNWILLING AGENTS and to destroy and locate all their underground operations (which are all over the world--not just Iraq) and THEIR LEADERS.†††

But now that the U.S. has gone in and Iraq is in a state of flux, it is imperative that we finish the job there and ensure that a stable, and freedom loving government takes place in Iraq.† The troops must stay there until that country is stable and can govern itself in a democratic type government.†

But I donít think we should concentrate all our efforts on Iraq.† This is truly a world war and the enemy is in our own backyards.† This needs to be a global effort.† Part of the problem we have in Iraq is the Jesuitsí ability to use our own soldiers as UNWILLING AGENTS.† So, by making this a more global effort and concentrating on eliminating the Jesuitsí capabilities to use UNWILLING AGENTS, we will also fare better in Iraq.† The war effort must not be concentrated solely on Iraq.† The Jesuits will easily move their efforts to another country, like they are attempting to do now with Iran and North Korea.† Therefore, we must make this war a GLOBAL effort, and concentrate on enforcing all of CONSPIRACY LAW (which is law written for a global military and legal effort), and this will weaken Jesuits all over the world and will help out in any part of the world (including Iraq) where the Jesuits concentrate their efforts.

Because we deal with such an entrenched enemy, we will be at this a long time.† But we must not give up, because the price we will pay, will be to have Adolph Hitler as our leader.

Now, that weíre in Iraq we must finish the job and not pull out our troops until that country is stable.† The Jesuits want to retake Iraq, we must not let them.† We donít want to give them more ground.† WE NEED TO FIGHT AN OFFENSIVE WAR, NOT A DEFENSIVE ONE.† So to stay ONLY in Iraq would be to fight a defensive war, since it is not really the main battlefront in this war.† An offensive war is to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW, and use our military to penetrate the legal systems, the political systems, the medical systems and revamp them according to CONSPIRACY LAW.† It will require military force to do this, because this is where the enemyís camp is--in these systems, and they wonít surrender unless we BEAT THEM UP (BY ENFORCING CONSPIRACY LAW).†††

But we must not consider Iraq our main battlefront, or we will lose the BIG WAR, which is the war with the Jesuits (who are WORLDWIDE).† The BIG WAR is to use our military to enforce all of CONSPIRACY LAW.† And anyone whoís read my law realizes that I see this war as a war thatís in everyoneís backyard IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD.† This is truly WORLD WAR III, with an enemy whose weapons are satellites that can kill us with long distance heart attacks, cancers, nervous breakdowns, etc.†

That is why Iím so pleased that many of our generals are medical school students or physicians or people who have expertise in politics and political systems.† However, Iíd like to state adamantly, that I want the generals, AND NOT THE POLITICIANS, to run this war.† The only politicians that we will allow to run this war, will be those who are generals (as well as politicians)--such as Vladimir Putin.† This is a good combination, since generals have to be good at politics, since if we lose public support it will affect the morale of our troops, and could even force us to make bad military decisions (when the public demands we do something that is not a good military decision).†††

Due to the nature of the enemy, these MEN WHO LOVE ME AND WANT TO MARRY ME are good choices for our generals in this war against the BRAIN CONTROL EMPIRE.† And to pick men who love me and want to marry me, will be to pick men whoíd give their lives to win this war.† Because the men on my MARRIAGE LIST are the BEST and the most motivated men in the world TO WIN THIS WAR WHATEVER IT TAKES.† Because they know that they canít have me until we WIN THIS WAR.† AND MEN WHO LOVE ME ARE GREAT MEN.†††††††††

I also donít see this war as a war just of artillery and weapons and I use the news media (I have my own news station) and writing and press campaigns, as well as scientists, physicians, lawyers, etc. to assist us in this effort.† To win this war, we must also win in the political arena and in the legal arena.† Our enemy is a shrewd politician, a brilliant economist, a brilliant scientist, a brilliant physician, a brilliant lawyer, and brilliant at public relations.† So to defeat them, we have to be as good as they are in all these fields.† But I will take an innovative approach in that I will use the MILITARY to help us enforce laws that involve politics, law, medicine, the media, etc. and this is the strategy I will use against our enemy.† We will attack them with the same weapons (political, scientific, the press, the media, legal, Hollywood, etc.) that they use against us.† So, if you want to understand my military strategy and my philosophy of war--READ MY CONSPIRACY LAW.† My military strategy is to ENFORCE THIS LAW using military force.† I will let our generals choose which laws need to be enforced first.† And we will use MILITARY TO enforce this law.†

Remember to read your Bibles every day, because the Jesuitsí chief weapon against us is the UNWILLING AGENT!†


1.0 Only those persons with a strong Jewish genetic profile can be members of the military that protects Gail Schuler and all those who support her writings.† This means that the military that has jurisdiction over the area that is the one hundred mile circumference of where Gail† (and all those in the WRITERSí ARMY live) must be a Jewish Army.

1.0b Gail Schuler and those who support her writings will be called THE WRITERSíARMY.

1.1 The reason for making this a Jewish army is because the Jesuits have not made clones of Jews or they have difficulty with Jewish clones, therefore Jews in our military will reduce traitors within our own army.† A prime strategy of the Jesuits is to use clones to infiltrate our military and weaken our military with traitors.

1.2 The name of the Jewish army that protects Gail and those who support her writings will be called the JEWISH ARMY.† A JEWISH ARMY is defined as those military members who have a strong Jewish genetic profile, and, therefore, do not have a clone (for this reason).†

1.3 Only the JEWISH ARMY can be assigned to protect Gail Schuler and those who support her writings.† If any other army is involved, those military members will be executed within 24 ours.† It is very important to have a pure army, not tainted by Jesuit traitors, to protect our most important leaders in this war against Jesuit terrorism.† Therefore, we take it very seriously when our orders to have a JEWISH army to protect THE WRITERSí ARMY are violated.

1.4 It is the job of the JEWISH ARMY to arrest and/or execute any Jesuits, Jesuit clones or Jesuit supporters who come within a one hundred mile circumference of any member of THE WRITERSí ARMY.† These arrests must take place at once and any Jesuits, Jesuit clones of Jesuit supporters who dare to come within a one hundred mile circumference of any member of THE WRITERSí ARMY must be executed within 24 hours or Russia will send missiles to the U.S. White House, the Vatican and to the headquarters of any country who does not cooperate with us in the execution of these criminals.

1.5 All the trials for all Jesuits and their supporters executed for coming within one hundred miles of any member of THE WRITERSí ARMY will be on any and all newscasts who will cover it, including GCFNC.†

1.6 Before each execution, a 666-COMPUTER HISTORY must be done to obtain intelligence information on the Jesuits and the Jesuit Order will be sued with a lawsuit (called the June 9th lawsuit), and the winnings will be used to help out the economies of the world, and will also be used as outlined in Gailís legal document called MY OFFERING TO GOD.

1.7 Any willing and knowing violation of this section (JEWISH ARMY FOR THE WRITERSí ARMY) with the intent to assist the goals of the Jesuit Order, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

1.8 Because this will have to be a big army, we will recruit Jews from all over the world for this army and train them to be soldiers.† Those who recruit for this army, will be called the JEWISH RECRUITERS.† Their job is to ensure that only those with strong JEWISH GENETIC PROFILES belong to this army.† To allow anyone other than those with STRONG JEWISH GENETIC PROFILEs into this army, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.



2.0 The biggest problem we have in conducting warfare against Loree McBride Jesuit troops is in their use of human shields to force us to execute innocent persons while we strive to execute Jesuits. Therefore, our primary weapons in warfare need to be CITIZEN SCANNERS (for use by ground troops and LAW ENFORCEMENT) and SMART BOMBS (for use from the air by jets or drones) and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS.

2.0a A JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER is defined as a mini-Seroquakke which first puts a shield (called a mini-Gail Shield) around the authentic person or INNOCENT CLONES, and then uses the mini-Gail shield(s) as the launching pad with which to launch a mini-Seroquakke from that shield(s) onto the evil clones of those not protected by the mini-Gail shield(s). By launching the mini-Seroquakke from the mini-Gail shield or from the innocents themselves, it serves to protect the innocents from being accidentally executed. Because this is a genetic scanner, it must be used cautiously to ensure innocents are not taken out.

2.0b The JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER uses genetic profiling to determine who to target with the mini-Seroquakke. Because there is a high chance for error and the accidental execution of innocents using a genetic scanner, it is imperative that the innocents first be protected by the mini-Gail Shield to prevent accidental execution of innocents. By launching the JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER from the mini-Gail shields encasing the innocents themselves, we hope to prevent accidental execution of these innocents.

2.0c The JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER (or the JEW CLONE GS SCANNER) will only be operated by those who are members of our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION and the first runs will be done by the Israeli-Gail military who work with our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (our International military). It seems only fitting that those who execute their Jew clones, should be the Jews themselves, who can ensure that they stay alive while they take out their evil clones. For the purposes of this section, the ISRAELI-GAIL MILITARY is defined as all authentic Jewish persons (not their evil clones) in the world who support Gail Chord Schuler as the worldwide Empress and leader. An authentic Jewish person is defined as one who is a genuine Jew (with a genetic profile that is at least fifty percent Jewish). A genuine Jew is defined as one who has an authentic Jewish genetic profile (not a clone Jewish genetic profile) that comprises at least fifty percent of that personís genetic profile. It matters not whether they are a Jew by religion or by their mother. For the purposes of Conspiracy Law, a Jewish person is defined as one with the genetic profile of a Jew and all other criteria are irrelevant.

2.0d The ISRAELI-GAIL MILITARY will use JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS to take out Jew clones and all evil clones of all authentic persons. They will start targeting the Jew clones first, to give them military practice with the JEW CLONE GS SCANNER. Once they fine tune the launching of the JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS which launch from the mini-Gail Shields of the innocents (who have the genetic profile targeted) they can ensure that innocents are protected. Then they will expand their operations using JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS to go after evil clones (those who oppose Gail) of those on Gailís marriage list and/or evil clones of those who are Gail supporters, like Donald Trump.

2.0e Once it is determined that JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS can be used safely without danger of executing innocents, we will expand their use and incorporate them into the weapons used by all members of our International military or the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, and will ramp up their use to execute all evil clones of all innocents worldwide. Because there is a strong danger of executing innocents using JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS, they can only be used by those trained in their use in our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION. Because Loree McBride is obsessed with cloning Jewish persons, we will consider every authentic Jewish person who supports Gail a member of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION. To make them as safe as possible, each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be used for the genetic profile of only ONE AUTHENTIC PERSON. Because each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER must produce a mini-Gail shield which encases the innocents for its particular genetic profile before it launches and hits its target, we want to make the weapon as safe as possible and allow it to expend all its energies on ONE GENETIC PROFILE for each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER.

So no JEW CLONE GS SCANNER can be programmed to take out two or more different genetic profiles. This is to prevent deadly complications and not to confuse the weapon into misidentifying genetic profiles which could result in taking out innocents. Each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER can only take out one genetic profile. To ensure safety, each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be named after the authentic person they take out. So, we would have a Brent Spiner JEW CLONE GS SCANNER for instance, and it would put a protective mini-Gail shield around the real Brent Spiner and would be programmed to launch off the mini-Gail shield around the real Brent, to target Brent Spiner Jew clones with the mini-Seroquakkes that launch off the shield around the real Brent Spiner. So we would not use JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS to take out Loree McBride, for instance, because she is fully evil and there is no need to put a protective shield around any Loree McBride clones. For Loree, we would just use the mini-Seroquakke.

2.1 A CITIZEN SCANNER is defined as a scanner held by a non-Jesuit person used to execute Loree McBride Jesuits and only Loree McBride Jesuits and which does not execute non-Jesuits. A CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB will also remove any Loree McBride Jesuit weapons from the scene. All weapons used in warfare by our INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT must be registered with Church of Gail using encryption based on Gail Chord Schulerís genetic profile as King David and Catherine the Great, any weapons not registered with Church of Gail with this encryption must be destroyed by our CITIZEN SCANNERs and SMART BOMB and MISSILES, this includes all bombs, missiles, nukkake, spaceships, guns, etc. A Loree McBride Jesuit is defined as any person who willingly and knowingly (directly or indirectly) supports Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina in their goal for a worldwide takeover.

2.2 All CITIZEN SCANNERS and SMART BOMBS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS must be so programmed that they ONLY execute Loree McBride Jesuits and nobody else. Any programmer from our scientific teams that willingly and knowingly programs these SMART BOMBS or CITIZEN SCANNERS to execute somebody besides a Loree McBride Jesuit will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

2.3 All CITIZEN SCANNERS and SMART BOMBS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS need to be programmed to be TAMPER PROOF, which means that if any unauthorized person tries to tamper with the programming of any CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, it will immediately self-destruct. To make it difficult for unauthorized persons to reprogram a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, each scanner or bomb will have a strong shield or encryption that can only be hacked by one of our authorized scientists. This means that only one of our scientists can change the programming of a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER.

2.4 To further discourage attempts to hack into the programming of a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER by an unauthorized person, each CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be so programmed that if any unauthorized person attempts to hack into a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, that Jesuit will be executed on-the-spot by the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER. The CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will scan the person attempting the hack, do a brain read on them to determine motive (to see if they are an extortion victim), then will determine WHO is the willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit supporter behind the hack and execute that person. If the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER is unable to locate the Jesuit hacker, and the extortion victim is still going forward with the illegal hack, that extortion victim will be KNOCKED OUT (not executed) and detained, using transporter technology to transport this person to our cells to be examined and entered into our legal justice system for trial to sue the Jesuits for extortion, and to help us locate the Jesuit behind the attempted hack.

If we are unable to prevent the hack, the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will self-destruct to prevent the loss of innocent lives. But, hopefully, the strong encryption and shield around each CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will prevent the attempted hack, enabling the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER to remain an effective tool in eliminating Jesuits.

2.4a If Loree McBride Jesuits wipe out all the CITIZEN SCANNERs or SMART BOMBs or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs in a vicinity in order to pave the way to use their transport technology to transport Jesuits and/or Jesuit supporters to a vicinity, a red alert will be sounded at our military headquarters that a terrorist situation is in the works. CITIZEN SCANNERs and SMART BOMBs or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs will be programmed that if they are somehow eliminated from a scene that we will automatically transport into that same area replacement CITIZEN SCANNERs and SMART BOMBs or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs (for the ones that have disappeared or self-destructed) to execute any Jesuits or their supporters who have transported into the area during the lapse. Our military will monitor the situation to see if this has been successful in removing the Jesuits and/or their weapons from the scene.

2.5 The CITIZEN SCANNERS should replace the use of firearms as the primary means to execute Jesuits and for self-defense of citizens of Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Each CITIZEN SCANNER will not only execute Jesuits but any person with criminal intent who poses a threat to life or health. Therefore, the use of CITIZEN SCANNERS should replace the use of firearms as the primary means of executing criminals by law enforcement, thus lessening the load on our legal system and helping law enforcement to carry out their duties without the complications of accusations of racial profiling, discrimination, etc.

The CITIZEN SCANNER must be the primary law enforcement weapon in all police and military forces that operate ON THE GROUND, to ensure the fair execution of alleged criminals. For example, a person who suffers from a mental illness and is not a willing and knowing Jesuit, will probably be knocked out (not executed) by the CITIZEN SCANNER, this making the CITIZEN SCANNER legal proof, enabling police officers and soldiers to execute with all fairness. If the CITIZEN SCANNER was used, it would be the CITIZEN SCANNER, and NOT the police officer or soldier, who made the ďdecisionĒ to execute.

Also, the use of SMART BOMBS will result in CLEAN warfare, where only the truly guilty will be executed. Therefore, the only bombs or missiles used by our jets or drones, should be SMART BOMBS or missiles, that will selectively execute all Jesuits or their willing and knowing supporters in their target range, and will leave the rest of the population in their target range alive and unharmed. This will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the use of human shields by Jesuits to make our execution of Jesuits seem unjust. The ďhuman shieldsĒ will not be harmed by the SMART BOMB or MISSILE or the CITIZEN SCANNER, only JESUITS will die.

2.6 To ensure that these SMART BOMBS or MISSILES or CITIZEN SCANNERS are truly just, even knowing Jesuit supporters, but not WILLING Jesuit supporters will be spared. For instance, if somebody is a Jesuit and they know they support Loree McBride and the Jesuit Order, but HATE it (which can be determined by emotion reads) and IN THEIR HEART side with justice, the SMART BOMB, SMART MISSILE or CITIZEN SCANNER will not execute that Jesuit, but will just KNOCK THEM OUT and transport them to us to hold them in one of our prisons or elsewhere, where we will decide what to do about this Jesuit captive who serves the Jesuits, but hates it.

Some Loree McBride Jesuits could fall into this category. We may program our CITIZEN SCANNERS, BOMBS and MISSILES to knock them out (but not kill them) if they are participating in Jesuit criminal activities and HATE it.

2.7 If we determine a large number of Jesuits HATE serving Loree McBride, we could transport all of these UNWILLING Jesuits to a compound for safety and offer them amnesty if they will ONLY use our SMART BOMBS, MISSILES and SCANNERS on their own people and form a special Jesuit unit that we will name RULE 13's ARMY. These pardoned Jesuits will actually be part of our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (our international military forces) and their ONLY weapons can be SMART BOMBS, SMART MISSILES and CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs, which means they will be executing their own Jesuits who are evil and serve the devil, Loree McBride. They will NOT use any Jesuit military weapons, like nukkake, but will only use our SMART BOMBS, MISSILES and CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs. If any of these pardoned Jesuits violates the terms of this agreement and uses ANY weapon outside of the SMART BOMBS, MISSILES or CITIZEN SCANNERS or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs and does so with the intent to honor Zack Knight and his evil Jesuits, they will be executed on-the-spot. Also, none of these Jesuits can use any type of science (like cloning, brain control, etc.) without prior approval from our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM. Willing and knowing failure to honor this Section 2.7 and Conspiracy Law by any of these pardoned Jesuits will bring them the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

If that pardoned Jesuit dishonors this Sect. 2.7 because they were forced against their will to betray us, each Jesuit that is such an extortion victim will be handled on an individual manner and the men on Gailís marriage list (possibly in consultation with Gail) will determine the outcome of that pardoned Jesuit.

2.7(a) If Jesuits use transporter technology to transport themselves, a bomb, a gun or any weapon or thing of harm, the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be programmed to deal with each contingency in a specific manner. Each CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will have programming that will either interfere with the transport, cause the transported object or being to be transported away to a safe location, or will dematerialize and/or transform the object into another more benign object or into space.

2.7(b) If a Jesuit transports himself/herself into the vicinity of the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, the scanner will interfere with the transport and if possible cause the Jesuit to vanish and die during the transport process. Our scientists will study the Jesuit technology which makes it impossible for Gail Chord Schuler to use transporter technology, because if she does so, she will vaporize and die. Using similar technology, we will set up our CITIZEN SCANNER(s) and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER so that if any willing Jesuit uses transporter technology, they too, will vaporize and die. Our CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs will be programmed to destroy any willing Jesuit who transports within the range of the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs. To help us detect Loree McBride Jesuits using transporter technology, we will scan for the molecules and/or chemical and energy configurations that occur while a Loree McBride Jesuit is being transported that indicate a willing Loree McBride Jesuit is being transported (via transporter technology).

2.7(b.1) Things to look for would be such things as the presence of accelerated growth hormone in combination with pride, in combination with a lying spirit (an obsession with deceiving others), and a desire to worship Satan and/or Angelina Ballerina or Loree McBride. The combination of these four factors will be called the JESUIT CLONE PRESENCE.

2.7(b.2) Another combination to scan for would be pride (an exorbitant obsession with self), in combination with a lying spirit (an obsession with deceiving others), and a desire to worship Satan and/or Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina. The combination of these three factors would be called the JESUIT PRESENCE.

2.7(b.2a) Another thing that must vaporize during transport would be any JESUIT WEAPONS or BOMBs. The TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN will be programmed inside of each CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER to vaporize and destroy any Jesuit weapons or bombs DURING THE TRANSPORT PROCESS before they can even rematerialize! It does us no good to destroy Jesuits, their weapons and their clones, if they can replace all these within a minute using their transporter technology. Therefore, the prime focus of all CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs must be the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN. Without an effective TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN (which makes it impossible for Jesuits to use transporter technology to move themselves and their weapons from one location to another with the speed of light practically), our CITIZEN SCANNER and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER is just a joke.

2.7(b.3) Our CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER would be programmed to detect the JESUIT CLONE PRESENCE and the JESUIT PRESENCE and/or JESUIT WEAPONS/BOMBS that are in TRANPORT or being transported via transporter technology. Using the same science that Jesuits use to vaporize Gail Chord Schuler, if she should ever use transporter technology, we would use this same science to vaporize anyone with the JESUIT CLONE PRESENCE or the JESUIT PRESENCE or JESUIT WEAPONS. The scan from the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER which makes it possible to vaporize and kill a Jesuit during transport (via transporter technology) will be called a TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN.

2.7(b.4) Our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM will study to see how Jesuits can kill Gail during transport and use the same technology to set up a TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN which will make it impossible for Jesuits to use transporter technology! This will greatly hamper their ability to attack us. Once we create the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN, it will be mandatory that it be programmed into every CITIZEN SCANNER and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, including the BOMBS and MISSILEs that drop off CITIZEN SCANNERs as part of their explosion.

2.7(b.5) All of our BOMBs and MISSILES must drop off a bunch of CITIZEN SCANNERS as part of their attack, because even if we kill off Jesuits with our bomb, scans and missiles, Jesuits can replace all the dead with their clones in a split second, using transporter technology. Therefore, it is MANDATORY, that CITIZEN SCANNERS with TRANSPORT DEATH SCANs (that will drop off and REMAIN in the bombed location) be incorporated into every bomb and missile we use, so that if Jesuits use transporter technology to bring in fresh Jesuits and fresh weapons, we can destroy and vaporize these during the transport process. Failure to incorporate the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN into every CITIZEN SCANNER (when this technology becomes available) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

2.7[c] If a weapon transports itself into the vicinity of the CITIZEN SCANNER, the scanner will analyze the object and determine the best course of action based on what the object is and what it is doing. For instance, if the object is a bomb about to explode on a flying jet, the CITIZEN SCANNER will attack the bomb during transport and either deflect it into outer space or cause it to dematerialize or transform into something benign. It will also determine the source of the transport and if the person behind the transport is determined to be an evil Jesuit, will execute the person behind the transport.

2.7(d) The CITIZEN SCANNER will be connected to a network of SMART BOMBs and MISSILES, and if the CITIZEN SCANNER determines that transport technology is being used to transport a dangerous object or persons within its range, it will quickly determine where this transport originated, and will knock out the source so that it cannot continue to send dangerous objects or persons.

Letís suppose a jet is about to crash. A Jesuit terrorist transported himself onto the jet, holding a bomb ready to go off. He dropped the bomb off, then transported off the jet with split second speed and accuracy. None of the passengers had a CITIZEN SCANNER equipped to deal with bombs or transporter technology, so nothing they did could stop the bomb. And though their CITIZEN SCANNERs tried to zap out the Jesuit, he was too fast and escaped, and was able to leave his bomb behind on the jet. Thus, the terrorist Jesuit escaped unharmed and the bomb exploded causing the death of all onboard.

Should this happen again, each passenger will be equipped with a CITIZEN SCANNER that will detect that transport technology is in use and would disrupt the transport technology and ideally would sabotage the transport, even killing the Jesuit terrorist by vaporizing him and his bomb during transport. It would then locate the source of the transport and with its connection to the SMART BOMB/MISSILE network, would cause a SMART BOMB to wipe out the Jesuits at the origination point for the terrorist Jesuit.

2.7(e) SMART BOMBS or MISSILEs will also be programmed to not only kill dangerous Jesuits, but to wipe out installations, buildings, or launch pads for nukkakees, missiles and other weapons associated with that Loree McBride Jesuit, if the SMART BOMB or MISSILE detects that the dangerous Jesuit is using this installation to launch a bomb or missile or weapon. The SMART BOMB or MISSILE will be updated daily to deal with the latest weapons that Loree McBride Jesuits may have in their arsenal, with programming to deactivate or neutralize these weapons in the most appropriate and effective manner. Thus, the SMART BOMB or MISSILE will be treated like an anti-malware program on a computer, updated daily to keep it effective in neutralizing ďmalwareĒ or Loree McBride Jesuit weapons, so that these weapons can do no harm, while it (at the same time that it neutralizes the dangerous weapon) kills the dangerous Jesuit(s) associated with that weapon.

2.8 Any willing and knowing attempt by any person to violate the terms of this Sect. 2 with the intent to promote Loree McBride or her evil Jesuits in their goal for a world takeover, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.



3.0(a) We will create mini-Seroquakke bombs designed to encase rather than explode their targets. They will be like sling stones. Once they hit their target they will encase it like a mini-Seroquakke with a microwave oven inside the mini-Seroquakke and then they will be programmed (with their captive or captives) to fly to Satan's ocean and go deep into the ocean and never come back, thus encasing their inhabitant deep into Satan's ocean where they will become encased with a semen bubble and trapped like the UFOs out there right now.

3.0(a1) Those users of satellites who honor Conspiracy Law, can register with the International government to use a King David satellite. Nobody can use a King David satellite who does not honor Conspiracy Law, and who is not registered with the International Government to use a King David satellite. All those registered with the International government to use King David satellites will be kept on an encrypted list at Church of Gail and/or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits (on Zack Knightís space fleet).†Our scanners will monitor all our King David satellites to ensure that only registered users from our encrypted list are able to use King David satellites, and if any Loree McBride signal from an unregistered user transmits to or is transmitted from a King David satellite, our scanners will launch a mini-Seroquakke on the source of that Loree McBride signal to destroy it. All King David satellites will be programmed to scan all its users to determine if any willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits are in part or in whole governing the actions of that King David satellite and if the King David satellite detects that a Loree McBride user is (in part or in whole) influencing the actions of a King David satellite, the King David satellite will launch a mini-Seroquakke on what is causing that influence, wiping out the Loree McBride Jesuit source of that influence and/or wiping out the userís ability to use Loree McBride signals.

3.0(a2) If we have to wipe out a source that gives important information to the public, like the entire CNN headquarters or news network, for instance, we will use a clone version of the Internet connected to our King David satellites to replace the corrupt network with a good network so that the public will receive their service without dangerous interruptions. Any and all (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempts or actions to violate these Mini-Seroquakke King David Satellite Network laws in a manner that assists Loree McBride Jesuits in their goal for worldwide control and who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly assist Loree McBride in the destruction of Gail Chord Schuler and her Conspiracy Law honoring supporters will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

3.0(b) We will launch mini-Seroquakke bombs on all Loree McBride Jesuits and Loree McBride satellites. If Loree is encased, Satan may try to find another Antichrist after Loree and we can just hit them with this mini-Seroquakke missile and eliminate all of Satan's candidates this way.

3.0[c] Every satellite or potential satellite (like dead ones) must be replaced with a King David satellite or destroyed with a mini-Seroquakke, so any satellite or potential satellite (like a dead satellite) in existence that is not a King David satellite is called a Loree McBride satellite.

3.0(d) All Loree McBride satellites must be replaced with King David satellites (satellites in use by Conspiracy Law honoring nations that are connected to our mini-Seroquakke satellite network).†In other words every single satellite anywhere in the universe must be replaced with a King David satellite. The King David satellite may have the genetic profile of King David as a marker on it somewhere. A King David satellite will be a satellite designed to self-destruct if anybody tampers with it. It will be programmed so that only those who honor Conspiracy Law can use it and if any Loree McBride user tries to use it, that King David satellite will launch a mini-Seroquakke to the SOURCE OF THE LOREE MCBRIDE SIGNAL or the source of the interference to take out the source of the Loree McBride signal or interference (using a mini-Seroquakke). So, letís say that a media outlet has been boycotted by the International Government and tries to use the King David satellite, the King David satellite will detect the source(s) of the Loree McBride signals and take out all the sources using mini-Seroquakkes.

3.0(e) A Loree McBride signal is any signal that originates (directly or indirectly) from a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit operator (who is not a registered satellite user in our network).A Loree McBride Jesuit is any sentient being who willingly and knowingly supports Loree McBride (the terrorist who claims to be Brent Spinerís wife).†Nobody can use any King David satellite unless they are registered with the International Government (the nations that honor Conspiracy Law).

3.0(f) So this means that any and all current satellites must be destroyed with a mini-Seroquakke, if they are not a King David satellite and be replaced with a King David satellite. In effect, we have declared war on any nation that does not honor Conspiracy Law, by taking down all their satellites! If this seems like a cruel thing to do, this world was a much more virtuous place before we started using satellite technology! Evil Jesuits have used satellites to create hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, knock down bridges, clone the Internet and replace truth with lies, etc. Until any and all satellites used for evil are taken down and replaced with King David satellites, we will never win the war against Loree McBride Jesuits or any evil group of people who want worldwide control. If we can control their ability to spread fake news, we will win this war.

3.0(g) A satellite (is usually in space) and is defined as any object that has the ability to transmit or receive signals or configurations (using uplinks and downlinks that use the satellite like a mirror) that (directly or indirectly) help to or actually transmit information or actions in any form. An action in this Sect. 3.0(g) is defined as any configuration that can cause a change in the chemical or physical configuration of its target. So whatever is required to use HAARP technology configurations would be classified as a satellite, even though these satellites would be ground based (for the most part).

3.0(h) A Loree McBride Jesuit operator is any person who (directly or indirectly and willingly and knowingly) is responsible for the release of a Loree McBride signal to or from a satellite.

3.0(i) All of the current satellites, including ďdeadĒ ones not in use (called Loree McBride satellites) must be destroyed using mini-Seroquakkes. The mini-Seroquakke will hit the Loree McBride satellite, encase it, immediately blocking its ability to send out satellite signals, then will use microwave energy to transform the Loree McBride satellite into a blob of semen. Then the encased Loree McBribe blob of semen (called a Loree McBride semen blob)†will be flung deep into Satanís ocean in deep space inside a semen bubble. The destroyed satellite will be replaced with a King David satellite (if necessary) or those signals that used to depend on this Loree McBride satellite may be redirected to a King David satellite.

3.0(j) Once a Loree McBride satellite has been transformed into a Loree McBride semen blob, the semen blob will immediately self-destruct if anybody tampers with its programming. If someone tries to clone it, it will be programmed to destroy any and all of its clones, using itself as a launching pad for more mini-Seroquakkes, if necessary.

3.0(k) The Seroquakke was actually a brilliant conception. The mistake we made was we should have programmed it to self-destruct if any evil Jesuit got near it to tamper with its programming. We will not make that mistake this time! Also, I think we made it far more powerful than necessary. It has just been modified to be a more effective and less dangerous bomb.

3.0(l) The main difference between the Seroquakke and the mini-Seroquakke is that we will be making them to be like missiles, and they won't have the power of the Seroquakke, and will expand only enough to ensure that their captive can't escape right away, they will have just enough power to encase their captive long enough for the mini-Seroquakke to fly out to Satan's ocean and plunge their captive deep into Satan's ocean and trap them inside a semen bubble. Rather than one big Seroquakke, we will make thousands of these mini-Seroquakke missiles.

3.0(m) To protect us from Loree trying to steal them and put us inside these missiles they will have genetic profilers on them to ensure that only Loree McBride Jesuits are encased, they will be programmed to self-destruct if any Loree McBride Jesuit gets near them to tamper with their programming. This way we won't have a repeat of the Seroquakke disaster we had with Angelina. They will be programmed to ONLY encase a person or satellite who is a willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter or satellite or captive (using brain and emotion reads to determine that they have the RIGHT CAPTIVEs).

3.0(n) So when the encasing stage starts, they will do a read on all those they are about to encase and will free those who are not willing and knowing Loree McBride supporters, just like we originally planned with the original Seroquakke conception (for Gerard, Matthew, Hugh, etc.). Those will be the captives who are freed (as described below).

3.0(o) If the mini-Seroquakke determines that all captives are evil and need to be encased (read below), it will skip the programming to release any captives and will just do everything else needed to get the EVIL captives out to Satan's ocean and into semen bubbles (trapped for good like the UFOs).

3.0(p) STAGE 1: The mini-Seroquakke explodes and moves Loree McBride and/or her captive(s) to just outside Satanís ocean in deep space. In stage one, it only creates the inner core filled with Seroquel oxygen (that is, if Loree has any captives) and the inner core's oppositely charged covering (to the charge of the encasement around each of her captives) which encases Loree and her inhabitants. Once the inner core and its explosion proof covering are created, it pokes holes into its captive(s) if the captive is a spacecraft type of object, flooding the inside of the spacecraft with Seroquel laden oxygen and the materials that will be programmed to travel to the genes of her captives and Loree and to encase them all with a covering. The covering created for Loree will make impossible for her to escape. Loreeís covering will be made of a very strong substance that will be explosion proof, heat proof and melt proof. The covering for her INNOCENT captives (if there are any) will be electrically charged ON THE OUTSIDE with a charge OPPOSITE to the charge of the INNER CORE'S COVERING which encases Loree's spaceship, thus electromagnetically drawing her INNOCENT captives (if there are any) out to the inner coreís covering, where they will burst through to freedom. This covering around each of the INNOCENT captives will turn into a space pod for each of them, these four space pods for each of these captives will burst through the inner coreís covering, and the inner coreís covering will then be programmed to immediately fix the breaches caused and to close up within a split second after the men get out. The space pods will be programmed to head towards Church of Gail or safety. In STAGE ONE, the outer core will only be thick enough to contain a possible explosion from Loree McBride or her spacecraft or spacefleet, but not wide enough to trap her captives inside.

3.0(q) STAGE 2: Once the INNOCENT captives escape and are safely docked at Church of Gail or safety. The covering around the inner core where Loree and her spacecraft and/or captives are will expand and transform into the OUTER CORE, which will become the walls of a microwave oven. At the same time, the Seroquakke will shove the inner and outer core with Loree and her spacecraft and/or captives encased inside, into Satanís ocean in deep space, while simultaneously creating the heat and radiation proof outer lining outside the outer core (to ensure the microwave oven stays intact), and creating the mantle composed of Seroquel laden semen, and creating the mantleís crust composed of a substance that is explosion proof and impossible to escape from. All this will be dumped deep into Satanís Ocean.

We want the explosion that causes the massive expansion (STAGE TWO) to take place inside Satanís ocean, because that is probably the safest place for this to take place, because Satanís Ocean will absorb it all and just expand and it should not negatively affect the outer space or earth.

3.0[r] STAGE 3: Once Loree and her space fleet or captives is/are safely contained and the Seroquakke has expanded fully to its full size, then the INNER CORE will shrink and become as small as possible, so that Loree won't have room to create another spacecraft or object. Also, the microwave energy that irradiates the INNER CORE will be so powerful that no substance can survive inside the inner core without incinerating. It will be as hot as the inside of the sun or worse. The microwave energy programmed to be on at all times inside the inner core will be a cooker AND a transformer. It will transform all the substances inside it into Seroquel semen, though I'm certain we will not be able to do this to Loree because she cannot be killed. I predict Satan will put a protective bubble around Loree, but she won't be able to expand the bubble or to transform it into anything other than Seroquel semen. When the microwave energy inside the inner core transforms substances (like her spaceship) into Seroquel semen, that substance will be absorbed into the outer core and/or the mantel, ensuring that Loree is stuck inside a very small compartment from which she will experience 24/7 microwave irradiation with the power of heat like inside the sun or worse, and if she attempts to create anything inside of her compartment, it will be immediately be transformed into Seroquel semen and absorbed into the outer core and/or the mantel, thus increasing the size of the outer core and/or mantel that encases her. Her attempts to create things to save her or the captive will, therefore, only make it worse, by increasing the size of the outer core and/or mantel that encases her or her captive. I obviously cannot draw this as a diagram, because her inner core should be no larger than the size of a small apartment, while the radius from the inner core to the outside of the entire sphere will be whatever length is required to keep the captive encased until they reach Satan's ocean (it will NOT be the size of half the universe as in the original conception).

3.0(s) Nanotechnology Research Team: Just look at the diagrams I made earlier [SEROQUAKKE 1, SEROQUAKKE 2, SEROQUAKKE 3] for the original Seroquakke. They still hold, except it won't be as powerful as the original conception. We are modifying the Seroquakke and making a whole bunch of mini-Seroquakkes. Unlike our original conception, if these are ever stolen and tampered with by evil Jesuits, they are programmed to immediately self-destruct!



3.0 We have a serious problem in the United States, in that it appears an evil Angelina Ballerina puppet (Hillary Rodham Clinton) is about to be elected as the mainstream news media U.S. President in a rigged election in her favor. Hillary has made statements over and over which indicate she has utter disrespect for Conspiracy Law and for the number two man on Gailís marriage list Ė Vladimir Putin, who is an honorable and courageous man and needs to be able to retain his power and influence for the good of humanity. On this15th day of October, 2016, Gail has made Vladimir Putin (not his clone or automaton) as the head of all military operations in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations, and this includes, most especially, the United States. Regardless of who becomes U.S. President in 2017 (to replace Barack Obama, who tried to work with Gail), whether it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, neither will be in charge of U.S. military operations. Both candidates, whichever one wins, MUST ALLOW VLADIMIR PUTIN TO RUN U.S. MILITARY OPERATIONS as of October 15, 2016.

3.1 Any person who willingly and knowingly disobeys Vladimir Putin as the head of all military operations in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations as of October 15, 2016, will be executed as a Conspiracy Law terrorist. If Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump attempts to wrest from Vladimir Putin (current Russian President) his control over the U.S. military, they will be jailed and/or executed (if they did so with the motive to assist evil Jesuit leader Angelina Ballerina or her supporters).

3.2 For the purpose of this legal document, Vladimir Putin is defined as the real Vladimir Putin, born October 7, 1952 in Russia, it does not refer to any of his clones or automatons or substitutes. The term Vladimir Putin can also refer to his representative or anybody to whom he delegates his military responsibilities and leadership, as long as this delegated person, is not an evil Angelina Ballerina Jesuit supporter or a person who is striving to disrespect Conspiracy Law. So if Vladimir puts one of his generals in charge of U.S. military operations, for instance, and this person is disregarded or not obeyed, they will suffer the same fate as one who disobeys Vladimir directly.

3.3 Anybody who willingly and knowingly strives to replace Vladimir Putin or his representative (see 3.2 above), will be executed as an evil Jesuit Conspirator. When it is best for the public to know what Vladimir is doing in regard to the military operations of a country, he will educate the public on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable).

3.4 Whoever becomes U.S. President, must take an oath (under mind and emotion reading scanners) to support Conspiracy Law and Gail Chord Schuler as American Empress and to honor Vladimir Putin as the military commander over all military operations in their country. Those who fail this mind and emotion read (especially when these reads indicate they do not support Gail Chord Schuler as the Empress or Vladimir Putin as the head of all military operations), will be executed as an evil Angelina Ballerina Jesuit supporter unless we determine that they really support Gail, but were extorted into failing the scanner and would support Gail if they were not threatened. If they fail because of death threats on themselves or their family, they will be jailed to ensure they are unable to flaunt Gailís Conspiracy Law, but not executed, because we donít execute UNWILLING supporters of evil. They must remain in prison and UNABLE TO ACT AS A HEAD OF STATE (OR TO HAVE AN INFLUENCE OVER THE HEAD OF STATE) IN ALL CAPACITIES until they are in total compliance to Conspiracy Law.

3.5 Any and all (direct or indirect and willing and knowing) attempts to install into a head of state position anybody who strives to disobey Conspiracy Law or their Empress Gail Chord Schuler, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that individual. Hillary Clinton gives all indications that she only desires to usurp Gail Chord Schuler and to use the American military machine to attack an innocent man, Vladimir Putin. Gail has known Vladimir since 2001 and realizes that the evil Jesuits who support Angelina Ballerina, only desire to gain world power and will stop at nothing to do so, lying to the public about any and all of their opponents who stand in their way for evil world power. Therefore, Gail must take serious measures to deal with this threat to world peace and stability.

3.6 If Vladimir Putin (as defined in this Sect.) becomes an UNWILLING AGENT to support the evil Jesuits who support Angelina Ballerina, then those men on Gailís marriage list who are not UNWILLING AGENTS or who are not willing or unwilling evil Jesuit supporters, must choose a representative to replace Vladimir until, and if, he returns to his authentic state, which would be the state in which he is totally himself without influence from the outside to make him an UNWILLING AGENT (as defined by Conspiracy Law). This representative must be obeyed as if he were Vladimir Putin.


Signed: Gail Chord Schuler

Date:† May 27, 2006, (May 29, 2006 updates to Priorities 1 - 4, Priority 5 and 6), (Acceptance Speech May 30, 2006), (more updates on 6-2 and 6-3-2006), (updates on June 16, 2006), (updates on June 19, 2006). (updates on June 26, 2006), (updates on June 27, 2006), (updates on June 28, 2006 to expand CHINESE EXTERMINATION PROGRAM worldwide and for total military enforcement of ALL types of mail deliveries in FRONT LINE TERRITORIES), (updates on July 1, 2006 all satellite operations taken over by ISC), (LOYOLA ESTATES on July 14, 2006), (Communism banned in Russia on November 20, 2006, updates on November 22, 2006S), JEWISH ARMY FOR THE WRITERSí ARMY (April 11, 2009, (updates to ENTIRE DOCUMENT on May 3, 2014), (Sect. 2 CITIZEN SCANNERS, SMART BOMBS & MISSILES primary weapon used in law enforcement and warfare to conduct a CLEAN WAR against evil Jesuits on November 1, 2015), (Sect. 2 updates to upgrade CITIZEN SCANNERS, SMART BOMBS & MISSILES to deal with transporter technology and weapons on November 2, 2015), (All weapons must be registered at Church of Gail, these include all guns, missiles, spacecraft, satellites, bombs, etc. All unregistered weapons will be removed with our SMART BOMBS, SMART MISSILES and CITIZEN SCANNERS. Our CITIZEN SCANNERS, SMART BOMBS, SMART MISSILES will be programmed to be self-replacing if they are somehow eliminated from an area. Updates to Sect. 2.1 and 2.4a on November 13, 2015), (Sect. 2.7b updates making it mandatory for the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN to be incorporated into every CITIZEN SCANNER on Nov. 19, 2015), (VLADIMIR PUTIN IN CHARGE OF ALL MILITARY OPERATIONS FOR ALL CONSPIRACY LAW HONORING NATIONS, AND MOST ESPECIALLY, THE UNITED STATES on October 15, 2016), (updates to CITIZEN SCANNERS, SMART BOMBS & MISSILES TO INCLUDE JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNERS on Jan. 12, 2018), (MINI-SEROQUAKKE KING DAVID SATELLITE NETWORK laws to destroy all of Loree McBrideís satellite network on March 15, 2018).



Place: Melbourne, FL