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MOST VIDEOS BELOW ARE FORBIDDEN OR NOT AT YOUTUBE.  Click on the video titles below, to view videos not at YouTube.  I offer a brief description of the video.

I choose music for our church based on Philippians 4:5.  We use Jewish, Christian and secular music, because we are helping the world to transition into the time of Jacob's trouble, Jer. 30:7, which is upon us.  During the future 7 year tribulation (after the rapture of the church), you must keep the ten commandments given to Moses (Rev. 14:12), have faith in Jesus, and not take the antichrist Zack Knight's mark (Rev. 14:11), for salvation.  Accept Jesus now according to Ephesians 2:8-9, while we are still in the church age.  Go to and view our doctrinal statement, then use the fanmail to let us know you want to join our awesome church (where Jesus Christ Himself often leads our services), to hear more of our great music.  We only respond to those who are eligible for church membership, as outlined in our doctrinal statement.  This website and my YouTube channel (gabriellechana1) are used as part of our Church of Gail worship services, so that should give you a feel for our church.   You must be a born again Christian to join our church.  It's called Church of Gail because Gail founded the church by leading all her men to Jesus Christ, and they decided to start a church, but the leader of the church is not Gail, it's Jesus Christ Himself, who has shown up to lead the services.  Jesus has met with Brent Spiner and helps Brent lead Church of Gail.

Title: Sara Avery Disturbs Earth's Gravitational Field.
Date:  July 12, 2015
Description: Jesuit cloning technology threatens earth's gravitational field. Danger of possible BLACK HOLENeed scientists to assist us with this new threat. Scientists contact us at or When Gail discusses animals in her video, she is referring to how Sara eats LIVE animals, like household cats, and is not condemning those who are NOT vegetarians. 

Title:  Church of Gail Christian Comedy Playlists.
Date:  October 28, 2012 and afterwards.
Description:  Christian comedy playlists Gail has created for Church of Gail.  Jesus Christ Himself started this by offering the first video to Terrance Jenkins called "Baby Got Book (OFFICIAL) by YouTube channel momentumchurch.

Title:  King David woman's millennial marriage to Brent Spiner.
Date:  September 19, 2012 (Gail's born again birthday).
Description:  Gail talks about her marriage list and how she's in Zechariah 9:15 & 1 Samuel 17:40 (17+40=57), because she's the king David woman born on 9-15-57.

Brent Spiner's Love Life (1990 to 1996) longer version with Loree's voice
Date:  September 13 & 14, 2012.
Description:  Gail contrasts the real Brent Spiner's high love for Gail, with the Brent clone's sex acts with Jesuit Loree McBride. 

Gail's Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Presentation about Jesuit War Crimes:  Loree McBride is a JESUIT.  For those who have Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, here's the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 version:  For those who have Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or later versions, hit “Slide Show” at the top of the ribbon (top of page).  Once you’re in “Slide Show”, hit “From Beginning” at the very left, then you should be able to view the PowerPoint presentations.  

Title:  Brent Spiner Rape Movie.  Rating PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned, some material may be inappropriate for children under 13).  Rape aftermath, 2011 Quebec Trial.

Date: July 25, 2012 to September 11, 2012. 
Description:  Gail acts in BRENT SPINER RAPE MOVIE, using Stanislavski's acting method, to portray seven different characters in this movie based on her screenplay about Brent Spiner.  Though the characters in this movie are based on real life persons, how they perceived their reality could be false or true.  Loree McBride was actually nude when she committed most of these crimes.  Gail wears a bikini when portraying Loree, for the sake of decency.  Gail only portrays what Brent Spiner stated to her that he felt and experienced in September 1992, and will leave it to the viewer to decide whether his experience was valid or invalid.  Jesuits have the ability to impose memories into the brain.  Our scientists are not sure the San Francisco zoo rapes with elephants, donkeys, etc. really happened to Brent, because we don't think any human could survive an elephant penis penetration into the rectum.  We believe the elephant/human rape happened, but not with Brent Spiner.  At the Quebec trial, Jesuits may have injected Brent into the pictures/videos they presented .  This means the Jesuits murdered the unfortunate elephant rape victim, and imposed the murder victim's memories into Brent's brain, causing Brent to feel the murder as it took place.  By murdering people using "science fiction" methods, Jesuits discredit anyone who exposes their "science fiction" murders as insane.  Therefore, exposing Jesuit bizarre murders will get you labeled as insane, ruining your reputation, resulting in loss of your job or other consequences.  For this reason, it takes great courage to expose Jesuit murder technologies.  Gail hopes exposing Jesuit "science fiction" murders will bring down the Jesuit Order.  She knows that Jesus Christ approves of her website and videos.  

Title:  New Church of Gail, replaces one Jesuits destroyed May 29-30, 2012 with their spaceship.
 Date:  August 17, 2012.
Description:  Click on this LINK [1],  [2]  to read description by Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner.

Title:  Gail's Dramatic Portrayal about Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin (1999 to 2001).  32 minutes.  Date:  July 8, 2012.  

Jesuits admit at their website about Jesuit Lyudmila Putin--2001 to now (who was forced onto the real Vladimir Putin by Jesuit-led President George W. Bush in 2001), Jesuit Loree McBride--1992 to now (who was forced onto the real Brent Spiner by Jesuit-led Paramount studios around 1992/1993), and Jesuit Camila Alves--2006 to now (who was forced onto the real Matthew McConaughey by the Jesuit-led tabloids and press) who are Jesuit agents assigned to Vladimir, Brent and Matthew to sabotage their undying love for Gail Chord [1],  [2] [3] or "Catherine the Great" [1],  [2].   Interesting tidbits:  At the time Loree McBride (September 1992) was forced onto Brent Spiner, Brent states that he was dreaming about loving Gail every day.  At the time Lyudmila Putin (November 2001) was forced onto Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vladimir states that he was dreaming about loving Gail every day.  At the time Camila Alves (2006) was forced onto Matthew McConaughey, Matthew states that he was dreaming about loving Gail every day.  Vladimir married his wife LARISA in 1983.  Larisa, a summer, shines in silver.  Lyudmila, an autumn, is drab in silver.  Notice the similarities in sound between Loree McBride and Lyudmila.  Gail believes the same organization (the Jesuit Order) is behind Loree, Lyudmila and Camila.

Jesuits orchestrated 9-11-01, financed the Nazi War machine, and sponsored the Nazi holocaust.  Should not the Jesuits have been tried and executed at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, along with their Nazi puppets?  Movie about this here.  Revelation 18:24.  

In November 1992, I had just come back from the funeral of the little girl who died of brain cancer. I opened my door to my Lynnwood, Washington apartment, turned on my CD player, and hit the shuffle mode.  This 1957 song (exactly as you hear it on this link) came on.  Since that day, I have claimed this song as a promise from God about my love for Brent.  I was born Sept. 15, 1957 (Zechariah 9:15).

To view my videos & Church of Gail music playlists, click here.  View BRENT SPINER'S RAPE movie 19 minute trailer & 1 hour trailer (real life recordings).  The actual movie just below is rated PG-13. Jesuit Sara Avery disturbs earth's gravitational field - need scientists to stop possible BLACK HOLE! - see video below. GAIL'S HEROES.   Jesus posts Gail's video to YouTube!
Jesuits, masters at character assassination, manipulate the public to focus on the messenger rather than the message, using sensationalism to distract from the truth--their tactic in the courtroom and the press, to minimize exposure.  They practically own the Internet (Way2Spirited Jesuits)(Way2Spirited.screenshot)(Way2Spirited Jesuits at YouTube) and would flood sensationalistic comments onto my YouTube videos to minimize my message, distracting viewers into a focus on my character rather than my message.  Therefore, I don't allow comments on my YouTube videos, nor do I participate in Twitter or blogs.  Jesuits invented the computer, and have hacked into Brent Spiner's Twitter and Matthew McConaughey's Twitter and website, posing as the real Brent or Matthew--which is how the lie started that Matthew McConaughey proposed to Camila Alves, then they flood the Internet and press with their lies.  
Jesus Christ of King David
MICHAEL CAINE, ACTING ON FILM (though most videos have been removed at YouTube, just do a search on Michael Caine or Uta Hagen):























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James Hudson Taylor  (1832 – 1905)
(text below and portrait to the left from Canton Baptist Temple's Christian Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio)

Pioneer missionary, James Hudson Taylor, was born in Barnsley, England, the son of a Methodist minister. After studying medicine and theology, he went to China in 1854 as a missionary under the auspices of the China Evangelization Society.
In 1858, after working in a hospital for four years, he married the daughter of another missionary. He returned to England in 1860 and spent five years translating the New Testament into the Ningpo dialect. He returned to China in 1866 with sixteen other missionaries and founded the China Inland Mission.
In 1870 his wife and two of their children died of cholera. He remained in China and before his death, established two hundred and five mission stations with eight hundred and forty-nine missionaries from England and one hundred and twenty-five thousand witnessing Chinese Christians. He died in Changsha, China, in 1905.

Maria Dyer Taylor (1837-1870): 
(text below and photo to the left taken from Christian Biography Resources)

Daughter of one of the first missionaries to China, she was orphaned at the age of 10. She was a missionary to China when she married Hudson Taylor, January 20, 1858. They had seven children: Grace, Herbert Hudson, Frederick Howard (who would later co-author Hudson's biography), Samuel, Maria, Charles Edward, and Noel. Being fluent in the Ningpo dialect, she helped Hudson with translation work. They had been married for 12 1/2 years when at 33 yrs. of age, Maria died of cholera in 1870. She was a "tower of strength" and a comfort to her husband. In her own words, she was "more intimately acquainted than anyone else can be with his trials, his temptations, his conflicts, his failures and failings, and his conquests."

From Wikipedia
Brent Spiner/Gail Chord (Spiner) relationship from August 1990 to now.  In September 1992, Jesuits inserted Loree McBride (using drug rape) to destroy Brent/Gail love, to destroy Gail.  
Vladimir Putin (wife Larisa died in 2000)/Gail Chord (Spiner) relationship from September 2001 to now.  In November 2001, Jesuits inserted Jesuit Lyudmila Putin to destroy Vladimir/Gail love, to destroy Gail. 
Matthew McConaughey (ended relationship with Penelope Cruz in 2005)/Gail Chord (Spiner) relationship from November 2005 to now.  In 2006, Jesuits inserted Camila Alves to destroy Matthew/Gail love, to destroy Gail. 
Loree McBride maintains her public status as Brent's "woman" by threatening death on Gail. Loree is the "strange woman" in Brent's bed in his CD "Dreamland".
Gail made this soundtrack for her book THE SHIMMERING SEA: Robin Williams Murder to honor courageous Robin Williams for trying to go public about his love for Gail Chord Schuler, and the price he paid.
Zechariah 9:15 read from Bible.
Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler singing.
Hymns Triumphant (Amen Choir & orchestra)
Jesus Christ asked Gail to make this video GAIL'S HOOD MENTALITY on December 18, 2015, after she violated Jesus' rule with her to only spend money on food and bills and to NOT use credit cards. Though she did not go into debt with her cards and was paying them off, the cards were encouraging her to make purchases for items that were wants and not needs when she could not afford them. So Jesus instructed her to make this video. Judge Terrance Jenkins, who grew up in Compton, California assisted her with the video, because he himself had fallen victim to the Hood Mentality (concept from Ice Cube's music). Jesuits accuse Gail of racism in making the video. But Terrance insisted Gail wear the black make-up because this is gangster rap music and he wanted her to look the part. Jesus agreed with Terrance, and gave Gail permission to purchase black make-up and red lipstick for her face. The video's message is that we all can be victims of the Hood Mentality if we have lived in a culture of deprivation, whether we are black or not. Because Jesuits have stolen most of Gail's money and keep her in poverty, despite her celebrity lovers, Gail understands the heart of those caught up in a culture of deprivation.
Can also hear this playlist of Jesus rap music here. Jesus Christ asked Gail to make the video Gail's Hood Mentality, so when YouTube said it needed to go down because of inappropriate content, YouTube has accused Jesus of hate speech. Jesus appears to have put a "bug" at YouTube making them unable to totally remove the video.
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