Liver health, how to improve the body's ability to detox, important for weight management.
Weight Loss Recipes that help with weight management and liver health. Make these a day ahead of time, so you'll have healthy snacks in the frig AT ALL TIMES. Got to deal with those cravings. WILL ADD TO THIS AS I CREATE MORE RECIPES.
Gail bought Carolyn's Facial Exercise Kit for $67.95  or $39.95 around 2010 for her facelift exercises.
For those who battle the SUPER YEAST, ALLERGIES & WEIGHT GAIN.
Eating organic is somewhat helpful for weight loss, but is expensive. Here are some tips on which foods to buy organic. Eating organic assists the liver with detox and may help with weight management. Taking Seroquel removes toxins, though.
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Some gluten-free recipes, but these may not work for weight loss. 
Advice about eating for fat loss. Here is the link to the web page about this. Foods that help curb hunger.
Gail has a B.S. degree in Community Health Education from Florida State University (graduated cum laude in 1979). She has another B.S. degree in Humanities (missions & education) from Baptist University of America (graduated in 1983). As a writer, she studied under award-winning children's writer Jim Murphy through The Institute of Children's Literature (graduated in 1993). Gail makes no money from this page. It is for informational and motivational purposes only. Nothing here is meant to replace the advice of a physician. 

These are the waist, facelift and upper arm exercises Gail did daily. She now does some harder waist exercises. Pretty easy, so it is not hard to do every day. Though you can hear the facelift exercises, you will need to order Carolyn's Facial Exercise Kit (see above) to understand the audio in the video. 
Gradual Gall Bladder Cleanse is great for the liver and weight loss. When you click on link, click on it again after it opens to enlarge. Doing this cleanse every now and then will give your liver and gallbladder a good cleanse and may melt away some stones or prevent them from happening.
Gail walks a half-hour each day. Here are some tips on how to walk better.
If you have a glider or home exercise machine nearby, get on it for five minutes sprints once or twice a day, especially if you sit all day. This is on top of your daily walk. Squats are a great daily exercise (for all ages).
The risks of belly fat. Why 35 inches (for women) and 40 inches (for men) could spell trouble.
Height and weight charts and How to Calculate your Frame Size. Ideal Weight for 60+ yr. old woman.
Please click on the link HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN, if you don't know Jesus.
Broccoli Slaw from Weight Loss Recipes. Click on image above.
​Raw Asparagus and Mushroom Salad with Walnuts and Miso Dressing from Weight Loss Recipes. Click on image above.

If you have been diagnosed with candidiasis (or yeast infection in the guts) and have not been able to get rid of it for years, you should probably be on Seroquel (like I am). Seroquel is the ultimate yeast medication, which Jesus Christ specifically designed for my very serious yeast/bacterium infection. My yeast infection became so deadly, that I must remain on Seroquel FOR LIFE.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Reflections by Dr. L. Christine Oliver and Alison Johnson www. Dr. Oliver is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Visit www. to download a transcript or to purchase her books or DVDs. The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation WEBSITE.
Those infected with the Jesuit SUPER YEAST, which became systemic in Gail, will probably develop severe allergies if they have had the infection for a very long time. They will probably develop salicylate sensitivity and yeast/mold allergy simply because the yeast, its proteins and toxins are all highly allergenic, so the patient will develop an allergy to the highly allergenic yeast itself (and yeast and molds in general since they are all in the same family) and to all its "poop" that it leaves behind throughout the body. This "poop" or yeast leftover proteins are very high in salicylate content, which explains why those with a systemic SUPER YEAST infection will develop severe salicylate sensitivity. As soon as the physician is aware their patient is infected with the super yeast, the patient should be put on Seroquel and should also be monitored for salicylate sensitivity and worsening of yeast/mold allergies and allergies in general. If the infection has become systemic, the patient will need to be on Seroquel for life. To help prevent the development of salicylate sensitivity, the patient may want to eat salicylate foods in moderation. Though, the best way to prevent developing a salicylate intolerance in those infected with the super yeast is to get them on Seroquel as soon as possible and get the infection under control. The patient should also walk every day to assist the body to remove toxins. 
​Jesus Christ has given Gail these GAIL COMMANDMENTS
 to keep her in good financial, physical and mental health.
Jesus Christ recommended this website for Gail to assist her in her weight management goals.
An indoor workout to supplement Gail's 30 to 40 minute walk outside every day, to increase calories out for Gail's weight management goals. This is done with the windows open, basically following what the people are doing in the video as a guideline, but with more relaxed music than the original video because the pace of the original was too tough on Gail's feet. Here is a tool to use to figure out how many calories you are burning with exercise.

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Ideal Female Body Measurements using Waist to Hip ratio and Vital Stats for those who want to be models. Sizing up old Hollywood actresses. How to Beat a Weight-Loss Plateau.
Your PERFECT WEIGHT. Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).