Meyerland, Texas, where Brent grew up.  I drove one hour (1994 to 1996) to Meyerland from Alvin or Webster (where I lived) to do research for Silver Skies, so I could set my story in Brent's hometown.

I actually visited the synagogue that Brent Spiner's mother attends and where Brent probably went to elementary school. Brent Spiner's mother still lives in the Bellaire section of Houston, and I actually lived in Houston for 3 years as a writer. Here are the notes I took about Brent's hometown and the synagogue where he probably grew up and where his mother attends. All this filtered into my novel  Silver Skies, making it an authentic Brent Spiner experience!

From Silver Skies. . .  "After she dressed, she opened the door and gasped at the tranquility of the mountains, the rivers, and the trumpeter swan.  The swan glided on the water, its white fluff seemed to cleanse the mountains and rivers of impurities.  Its head curved forward into a dark, high beak.  Its whiteness reminded her of apple blossoms.  Here in this park she’d found again a symbol of their love.  Though their love streamed with passion, they didn’t love for status or fame.  They had gazed into the other's spirit and fell in love with the essence of the other.  The white stream of their love rose above any impurities that stained their feelings for each other."
Trumpeter Swans in Grant Tetons National Park

I used research material from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership for my novel Silver Skies.  

Check out the following good links for history by Eric Phelps that you'll never get in American schools:  JESUITS1JESUITS2.  Jesuits find Eric Phelps threatening, so his clone may be causing problems--to ruin his credibility?  The "Eric Phelps" of the following website seems "different" and off-balanced ~a brilliant Jesuit imitation of Mr. Phelps?  To go with God in the future tribulation period, you'll have to go to the Jews for leadership (Rev. 7).  God's getting ready to close the door on the Gentiles (for spiritual leadership) and to go back to the Jews.
In 1984, with a fiancé, I sat in the room mom had given me as my bedroom at mom's condo, by its window with its horizontal, Venetian blinds where you could see the condo’s walkways. 
After all this serious stuff, I have to inject some humor.   As you've probably figured out the Jesuits control just about everything, including our health care.  One of their babies is America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Enjoy the following video and have a good laugh. 
~This is the photo of Vladimir that made me notice him and fall in love with him.  I managed to get a pretty good representation of this photo onto this website page, in spite of the fact that this newspaper clipping has faded over the years.   I've kept this clipping since September 25, 2001 (when the article appeared).  I treasure it as a reminder of what I saw in this face (the heroism, manliness and valor) that made me fall in love with Vladimir.  
The Thornbirds was my inspiration for Silver Skies.  I told Brent many times that I felt foreign writers wrote better love stories than Americans.  To this day, I feel that the love scenes in The Thornbirds are the best.  I patterned my love scenes after The Thornbirds.
Matthew McConaughey
Silver Skies lead 
Dor Ben Habakkuk.
Doesn't he look like he's thinking about me?
Within weeks after I noticed him in the paper on September 25, 2001, ~he suddenly made lots of appearances with President Bush.

Vladimir bravely singing in ENGLISH and playing piano (December 10, 2010), as he tries to ease closer to the English speaking, music loving woman he loves (me).  I took a year of music theory as an elective at Florida State University (no. 3 music school in U.S. at the time).  Alina Kabaeva speaks Russian--he wasn't even thinking about her.

~MY PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF VLADIMIR PUTIN:  Though I use Wikipedia as a general source of information on my links throughout this memoir, I have found inaccuracies in their accounts.

Why Vladimir played the Lyudmila game, when he was in love with me>
Because Steven Spielberg cast Matthew McConaughey as my lead, Dor Ben Habakkuk, for Silver Skies, I tried to put this photo of Matthew on my book's front cover.  Publisher cited copyright concerns, so I had to settle for an artistic likeness that didn't turn out the way I wanted.  I see my Silver Skies lead (Dor Ben Habakkuk) in this photo.
NON-FICTION RESEARCH SOURCES I USED FOR SILVER SKIES.  Texe Marrs has (within the past ten years) taken an anti-Semitic position, and I no longer support his views.  I suspect Jesuits may have "messed with" the Texe Marrs I used in the 1990s, to minimize any damage they may sustain from my writings.   I no longer agree with Peter Ruckman's King James only position, but feel he is fairly accurate about the covenants in the Bible.  I still have a covenant theology.  Jesus Christ told me my novel Silver Skies is a prophecy.  I followed my heart when I wrote it, often going against what I learned from Peter Ruckman, like portraying males and females, instead of making everybody a 33 yeard old replica of Jesus Christ, in heaven.  When I followed my heart, I followed the Spirit of Jesus, and so the novel is a prophecy.  Jesus has told me that He helped me write Silver Skies.  My goal was to let the world experience a bit of my awesome relationship with Brent Spiner, and God honored this.  Gabrielle Chana.


This Seattle photo from my son's collection reflects my novel Silver Skies's opening scene in a Seattle watershed. . ."At the edge of a cliff, the woman of his dreams gazed at the sky.  Her soft hair radiated from sunlight that streamed through Douglas Firs.  Leaves whispered. . .rustled. . .six years. . .and thoughts of her still obsessed him."
Different versions of my novel Silver Skies's theme song "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time" are featured in the two YouTube videos to the right & below.
This Seattle photo from my son's collection reflects a scene from my novel Silver Skies: 
This Seattle photo reflects a scene from my novel Silver Skies:  "The watershed.  She must go to it.  Dor's spirit would be there. . .She'd find him here whether his body was present or not.  Gray rocks crunched under her feet, the prayer shawl shimmered in her arms.  Her heart sank.  That dark haired, brilliant eyed woman stood, and gazed at her from off the path.  What was she doing here?  This sacred place belonged only to Brianna and Dor.  Their secret sanctuary had been violated!. . .The ferns on the fallen trunks became fuzzier.  She couldn't hear the wrens, their warbles collided with each other and the stream sucked the melody."
Florida driver's license photo taken in 2001 or 2002, when I first noticed Vladimir. 

To order (or read preview of) Silver Skies at go to Writer page.

See above to learn which non-fiction sources I used for Silver Skies’s subplots (based on real history).  I wrote this book to hold back a Nazi holocaust in the United States and to honor actor Brent Spiner (who’s endured hell in his love life because of his love for me).  All characters are fictional, but this story’s conflict of David versus Goliath reflects my life.

The 1920s hit 'I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time" resonates throughout Silver Skies as a theme and metaphor.  Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera & Part Two.
--see my ~Gail's Life Story Summarized web page.  ~I ignored him from about 2006 to early 2010 and concentrated more on Brent Spiner, and this affected Vladimir more than I realized (I didn't get the Internet until January 2010).  I won't abandon Vladimir.  Even if we never marry, and I can only commune with him long distance, I will continue to do so.  It keeps him going.
Vladimir's fake wife, lighter-eyed Lyudmila (to the left), is an ~Autumn with golden undertones, more "orange" than "blue" and comes alive in ~autumn colors, and looks drab in Summer's silver.  Vladimir's real wife who died (2000), ~darker-eyed Larisa (to the right) with blue undertones, is a Summer and comes alive in ~Summer's silver, and like most blonde summers has ash blonde hair.  Summers usually have visible pink in their skin. 
Summary of The Fire Still Burns (Japanese mini-series made about Gail's royal ancestors): PART ONETWOTHREE
My knowledge of history has greatly influenced who I am and the choices I make.  God used a courageous Queen Elizabeth to stop the almighty Armada (the pride of the Roman Catholic empire in the 16th century)--PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE.  Today's Armada is the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church (with their brilliant computer/satellite prowess and mind reading technology).  Who will be the twenty-first century's Queen Elizabeth to stand up to the Armada of the twenty-first century--the almighty Jesuit Order?  Queen Elizabeth knew that if Catholic Spain took over England, that an inquisition against all Protestant heretics would result in a bloodbath of terror in England.  She trusted God to defend her.  God sent a mighty wind (a hurricane) in the English channel and God miraculously saved England from a Catholic inquisition.  May we find inspiration from history to take on this monster (the Jesuit Order) and trust God to defend us again against a Catholic inquisition.  May God give this world a bit of a reprieve from the Jesuit pope's (666) terrors to come (see ~book of Revelation on video).  Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior will not have to live on earth when God allows a Jesuit pope to reign over earth as a dictator (666) who will behead those who do not worship the pope (666) and who refuse his mark (probably a computer chip implanted on their forehead or hands).  Without this chip, no one can buy or sell anything.  But if you take this chip, you'll go to hell.
INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ~CATHERINE THE GREAT (SOPHIE FREDERICKA AUGUSTA FROM ANHALT-ZERBST, GERMANY--born May 2, 1729, died November 6, 1796):  As a child she felt herself thin as a skinned cat (how I felt about myself as a child), with a long nose and pointed chin, but felt her ready wit (I also have a ready wit) and brilliant eyes would charm her men, perhaps more than one whose face had regular features.  A tomboy as a child (like myself), she hated playing with dolls.  When she left Germany to be Peter’s bride in Russia, she felt the extreme ugliness with which she’d been endowed was leaving her, and that she was slim and well–proportioned, with blue-black eyes so brilliant that one would forget her long nose and pointed chin.  Like myself, Catherine liked red-blooded males.  Potemkin helped her with government (Potemkin played a role to Catherine similar to Vladimir Putin's role with me).  Potemkin was the great love of her life and his death so affected her that she died several years after Potemkin's death in 1791.  Though ~60% of my genetic profile matches Catherine the Great, the other half matches ~king David.  Catherine had no ear for music at all, so my love for music comes from the Psalmist king David.        
King David, my ancestor
Loree McBride had violent sex with (and displayed vulgar sexual photos of herself with) an uncircumcised Brent Spiner at the August 2011 Quebec trial.  Jewish Brent Spiner is CIRCUMCISED.  Gail believes these sexual photos on this page are of a Brent Spiner uncircumcised clone.  It appears that Jesuits through some sort of partial switch-out with Brent's clone, forced the real Brent to have sex with Loree against his will, which explains why he cried the whole time he had sex with her at the trial (in the court bathroom).  It appears the clone became Brent's hips and legs, while the real Brent was above the hips and was the penis.  Judge Terrance commented that after the violent bathroom courtroom sex, Brent's penis was split in half and dangling, from the clone's violent sex with Loree in the bathroom.  And then Loree wanted to have sex with Brent again!  Gail told the judge to put Loree in a cage after this.  The photos on this page are copyrighted by Brent Spiner, and any unlawful distribution of them will be fully prosecuted by the real Brent Spiner. Loree said 1990s (plural), NOT 1990, in video 7 .  ~Born again Brent is now immune to Jesuit switchout technology.
Edited photos of Brent Spiner's clone having anal sex (right) with Jesuit Loree McBride, which Loree distastefully presented at the Quebec trial. The real Brent does not make love like this. He is a tender, passionate lover and makes love like how he sings in his music albums. These pictures of the Brent clone reveal a vulgar Jesuit.
Edited photo of Brent Spiner's clone apparently having sex with Loree standing up, which Loree distastefully presented at the Quebec Trial. 
1990 photo of the REAL BRENT SPINER (to the right), who, obviously has manliness, honor, courage, and class--unlike the vulgar, playboy Brent Spiner clone (see photos to the left and above) ~that Hugh Jackman shot dead. When you listen to Brent's singing in both ~"Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" and "Dreamland"
--the two CDs he made for me, you hear a man with class, depth, and manliness, unlike the Brent Spiner clone depicted in the photos to the left and above.  ~In "Dreamland", Brent mentioned Loree in very small print on the back, because if he didn't mention her, she threatened to harm me or go to the press with photos like those you see on this page.  Because Brent quit cooperating with her in July 2011, when he contacted me through my YouTube channel, she carried out her threats.  The Jesuit-rigged jury at the August 2011 Quebec trial ordered my death for working with Vladimir Putin to bomb the Jesuit underwater city.  The trial ended with a shootout to defend me.   
THE "Brent Spiner" in the photos surrounding the AWESOME PHOTO OF THE REAL BRENT SPINER ABOVE IS NOT my awesome manly Texan--the REAL Brent Spiner.  
Edited photo of Brent Spiner clone, with legs apart, displaying his long, uncircumcised penis (penis not shown in this photo), while caressing Loree's vaginal area, which Loree distastefully presented at the Quebec trial.  The real Brent Spiner is circumcised.
(8-9-11) My dearest lassie,
I am writing to inform you that there has been a break-through with Brent. I experimented with some hypnotherapy on Brent to see if that would help him, and some strange information came to light.
During the hypnotherapy I asked him to recall the night of his rape (when Loree McBride raped Brent in Sept. 1992).  A smile came across his face and I knew he was remembering your brain-to-brain loving. I asked him what he could see. He said a blonde woman was entering the room. Obviously must have been Loree. I asked if it was Loree, but he just kept grinning and did not answer. Then he started sighing deeply. I could see he was visibly erect. Sorry if this is getting too graphic, Lassie.
At this point I found it very hard to get answers out of him. He just grinned & sighed. I took him out of the trance and he was a bit embarassed about his visible excitement. I reassured him it was OK. I asked him if he remembered anything from the hypnosis. He said that he could, vaguely. I asked what he remembers. He seemed a bit worried. He said what he saw in the hypnosis was different from what he thought happened. I asked in what way. He didn't want to tell me and he had tears in his eyes, but I convinced him to share what he saw. He said in the hypnosis memory that Loree came in and he took her to his bed very passionately, as he has wanted to do with you for so long.
I asked him if it'd be OK for me to tell you all this. He worried you'd be angry or upset, but he thought it best that you know about everything. We don't know whether ~the hypno memories were true and Jesuits had repressed that experience on him, or if it was somehow a false memory. Unfortunately, while I know how to perform hypnotherapy, I cannot be sure of how it works.
Yours truly,
Gerard Butler
I explain in the ~VIDEO TO THE RIGHT why the real Brent Spiner wants me, and why he's never wanted Loree McBride, who makes him feel like a failure as a man.  Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Keith Morgan, Edward Prendergast, Hu Jintao, Tony Blair, Will Smith, David Hasselhoff, Sean Connery, Robert Pattinson, Chuck Norris, Jude Law, Tommy Lee Jones, Pierce Brosnan, Keanu Reeves, Jim Carey, Johnny Depp, Curtis James, Orlando Bloom, Tony Stark, Sam Barbary, Robin Williams, Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel, Jaoquin Phoenix, David Duchovny, Nicolas Cage, Hugh Laurie, Carl Sagan, Zac Efron have signed pre-nup agreements to marry me (Gail Chord Spiner).  Due to Jesuit interference, the list above is fluid and changes from day to day.  Jesuits are relentless in their attacks on my men, to discredit what I say and to kill my men.
In Brent's Dreamland (video to the right) he mentions a woman who ended up in bed with him (Loree) and that he never wanted her and didn't know where she came from.  ~The music starts off with Brent stating that his love for Gail makes him ascend. 
The REAL Brent Spiner that Gail knew in 1991 and onwards put feeling, depth and commitment  into his thrilling sensuality, unlike the animal lust and vulgarity of this vulgar Brent Spiner CLONE.
This picture is outdated. Jesuits kidnapped Judge Terrance Jenkins (September 21, 2011).  His companion while at the cattle slaughterhouse was Sara Avery.  With Terrance tied to a post, she forced herself upon him.  His leg got caught inside the folds of her flesh, possibly inside her large vagina, while she groaned in ecstasy.  When she raped Terrance, he felt as if an elephant raped him.  She smelled like rotten fish, fried food and grease.  She got on top of Terrance (tied to a post), so that he couldn't breathe, entrapped by the stinky folds of her flesh.  Because he couldn't get an erection, she became angry.  The entire time that she forced her flesh upon Terrance, she was eating vanilla flavored cake.  Her flesh against his felt like bees stinging.  Her facial photos to the right and above were taken before she came to her present weight.  Her face is now encased in folds of fat.  During the rape, she gave him a weapons grade infection, some sort of vicious fungus, that Jesuits could use to spread around and infect others.  Vladimir Putin rescued Terrance in the nick of time from this cattle slaughterhouse (October 7, 2011).  The photos on this page are outdated.  She weighs twice as much as what you see on this page.  What is bulging forward in the photo below is her stomach area.  Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner provided the photos on this page.

Front body view of 26 year old JESUIT SARA AVERY (about 5 feet 5 inches) is depicted below.  The upright rectangular section is her pubic area  The blacked out section to the right of the rectangular section covers her head and breast areas.  To the left of the upright rectangle, are her legs with her feet down below.  She has actually gained weight since this photo (at 500 pounds) and now weighs millions of pounds.  She has phoned both myself (Gail) and Brent Spiner, using the most vile language.           
Gail received the information on this page via ~a Skype conversation (October 12, 2011) with Terrance Jenkins.  Terrance texted Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin during the Skype conversation to e-mail to Gail the photos you see on this page.  What followed was a lively four-way discussion, in which Brent and Vladimir texted Terrance to reveal more of their passion for Gail.
Lovely singer--Narelle from New Zealand.
Brent Spiner asked me to send him nice facial photos of myself for my men's "Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits" website.  Photos to the right taken November 2, 2011 on my webcam.  Click on the pink links to the right for more.
Loree McBride in court describes vulgar, animal sex with her "husband" Brent Spiner.  Can also view this at Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits page, videos section.
The arrogant Jesuits felt the Quebec trial was a big joke, and treated it as such, and the Jesuits started the trial by bombing the courthouse (over 25,000 died who were under a balcony).  Loree McBride clone #4 used a flame thrower during the trial that killed some of the people in the courtroom.  Jesuits put the focus on Brent's outrageous sexual relationship with Loree, to distract away from the main issues.  The main issues were that Jesuits sabotaged the real Brent Spiner's love for me, to get the real Brent and me out of the way, to pave the way for ~their future nuclear holocaust, so that Jesuits can realize their centuries-old dream to set up a world-wide dictatorship for the Pope.  Jesuits flooded the courtroom the day of the verdict.  After the Jesuit verdict to sentence me to death, Judge Terrance Jenkins fired the initial shot that started a half hour shooting rampage (which I heard).  Vladimir Putin, Hugh Jackman, and Brent Spiner began shooting next, along with others, and killed as many Jesuits as they could, resulting in the death of thousands of Jesuits (who wanted me dead).
It's obvious that Loree McBride's true husband, her Sodom and Gomorrah sexual partner (a Brent Spiner clone), did not compose Dreamland for her, is totally incapable of music such as Dreamland, and is NOT the real Brent Spiner, who played Data in Star Trek:  The Next Generation and who made Dreamland for Gail.
Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Terrance Jenkins & Gail at Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Worship.

Photo of ~Brianna Jenkins (taken around January 23, 2012).  Jesuits gave her accelerated growth hormone, so that she grew from infancy (November 28, 2011) to teen age 
~December 7, 2011) to adulthood (January 23, 2012) in two months.  The following e-mail from Brent Spiner to Gail on 11-28-11 explains how she came to be.  

Brent Spiner's letter to Gail about Vatican bombing, and how Brianna Jenkins came into existence>

Brianna Jenkins plays Brianna Wilhelm, the Silver Skies romantic female lead.  Matthew, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler & Brent Spiner:  "I feel like you are mine."  
Proverbs 25:11--"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."  The title of my novel is Silver Skies.  My novel's theme song is "Apple Blossom Time".
Photo of Brianna Jenkins taken November 28, 2011, this baby we rescued from the Vatican bombing.  She was strapped to pope Benedict.  The Jesuits used judge Terrance Jenkins's sperm and Gail Chord (Spiner)'s egg in Rule 13's womb to birth her.  INTERESTING NOTE:  Pop singer Michael Jackson was Terrance Jenkins's cousin.  Though Terrance is a Harvard Law School graduate, he sings as good as Brent Spiner.
Russia Today video explaining "official" reasons that Vladimir Putin opted to skip out on the May 2012 G-8 and NATO summits as new Russian President.  REAL REASON:  He doesn't want to give his President George W. Bush Jesuit-appointed "wife" Lyudmila anymore publicity than she already has.  Widower Vladimir Putin agreed to claim that Jesuit Lyudmila was the Larisa he married in 1983 to appease President Bush in 2001.  But Vladimir's sick of playing this game.  Vladimir Putin's loved me since September 2001.  The Western press has trashed Vladimir Putin as a cold, power hungry man.  He's actually a heroic, manly and very passionate long-distance lover.  Catherine the Great won't abandon her brave and hard working Vladimir.
Jesus Christ of King David

ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM THE GERMAN (My German letters to Vladimir Putin). ~When my Florida driver's license photo was taken in 2002, I dreamed about Vladimir:

Copyright © Gail Chord Schuler 2010 to 2017.  All Rights Reserved.
Gail's fiction is very much non-fiction.
Her comments about videos to the right>
October 28, 2002 (translated from my German letters to Vladimir Putin):  In August 2000 when I lived in Seattle, I saw coverage on news broadcasts about the Russian Kursk submarine disaster.  At the time I thought the Russian government orchestrated the Kursk submarine disaster (in cooperation with the Catholic Church) to cause the United States to declare war on Russia, because an American submarine was near the Russian Kursk submarine.  Then I thought it strange that when the Dutch offered to help the Kursk, the Russian government rejected their offer.  At the time, I didn't know how Vladimir looked.  And in September 2000, his name escaped me.  READ MORE>
 September 10, 2001 I watched What About Bob? all day on my mother's videocassette player--my way of honoring the sense of humor that both Brent and I share.  Apparently, ~the Jesuits didn't like this, because on the morning of September 11, 2001, I went to a doctor's office and noticed as I walked into the office that all the radios were on.  
"What's going on?" I asked.
"You haven't heard?  About 40 or 50 firefighters died trying to rescue people in the World Trade Center towers in New York City.  We lost just about all the New York City firefighters.  Jets crashed into towers at New York and maybe the Pentagon.  The World Trade Center collapsed.  Thousands of people died when the towers collapsed." 


~My review of Vladimir Putin's book First Person.  This review is for First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President (Paperback).  READ MORE>
I often listened to "Lara's Theme" from Dr. Zhivago in 2002 as I dreamed about Vladimir.
I began writing Conspiracy Law in 2003 to assist Vladimir as a head of state, not even realizing I had half the genetic profile of Catherine the Great.  Vladimir was very impressed with the law I wrote.  I'd learn about my unusual genetics in 2006.  I don't even think Vladimir knew until 2006.  But the Jesuits knew about this from my birth.
Rabbi Dor Ben Habakkuk denies himself the woman of his dreams, a Christian missionary candidate, and meets her by chance after he has married another.  This chance meeting transforms his life.  But he soon learns the love he has for her is opposed by an empire. 

The love between the lead characters transforms them.  Dor is loosely patterned after actor Brent Spiner.  Brianna is loosely patterned after the author Gail Chord Schuler (pen name Gabrielle Chana).  Franz, the third lead character, is patterned after any Jesuit or New Ager who questions the morality of belonging to the Jesuit Order or the New Age movement.

Out of 120 possible duty stations, the author’s family was stationed in Houston, Texas, Brent Spiner’s hometown (from 1994 to 1997), where Dor lives.

Soft Larisa looks great in Summer's Silver.
Gold makes Luxurious Autumn Lyudmila Shine.
Summer - Soft Silver 
Washes Out
Loree McBride is the "strange woman" in Brent's bed in Brent Spiner's CD "Dreamland" (view video above). She maintains her public status as Brent's "woman" by threatening death on Gail if Brent won't cooperate.
Movie Gail made about the "strange woman" who ended up in Brent's bed (see Brent's "Dreamland" CD). Check out video below. May need to use Google Chrome browser!
An entire chapter about Kursk submarine disaster inside The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. Click on book's image.
Screenshot from "Homura Tatsu", Part 1-1 of "The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara" to view the mini-series.
Jesuits are murderers. They murdered Robin Williams to prevent him from going public about his desire to marry Gail. Can order Gail's book about this, THE SHIMMERING SEA, at Amazon.
Catherine the Great
Gail is half King David & half Catherine the Great
Accurate drawing of King David
Catherine the Great
Gail's favorite production about Catherine the Great called Young Catherine, which Jesuits try to make unavailable in English online, unless you pay. Here is the English outline to the entire movie HERE.
Mobile phone viewers (
R-click on links to open
the link.
You can see the effect I have on Vladimir in his face. Vladimir is a very passionate man. He can put on a good performance and cover up his emotions, but his emotions are strong. I believe he was thinking about me here. It's obvious that I am very important to him. From about 2008 onward, I've seen depression in his face. This concerns me. I think he's felt betrayed by the West in his personal life and very lonely, because he felt trapped by expectations and public lies about his personal life (his fake wife Lyudmila)
These videos showcase the palaces (temples) of the Oshu Fujiwara family (a royal family that lived in Japan around 1100 A.D.), who intermarried some Russian/Germanic royals–part of the Emishi (they fled Russia to stay alive after their father Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev died). These royal escapees from Russia (from the same Germanic gene pool that produced Catherine the Great) were my ancestors that gave me my Catherine the Great genetic profile.


Gail Chord Schuler's
Catherine the Great

Sara Avery Now Weighs Millions of Pounds

History of Gail Chord Schuler's Catherine the Great Ancestors: Japan's Northern Fujiwara Family

Loree McBride Switches Out The REAL Brent Spiner with his JESUIT CLONE, RAPING him in Court!


Visit Gail's Books page and scroll down to the bottom to view more pictures and videos about Gail's Japanese ancestors who gave her the Catherine the Great genes.
To view all embedded videos on this page: 
Read about what REALLY happened to the Kursk submarine, a U.S. submarine torpedoed the Kursk and Clinton and Putin agreed to cover this up. Putin was extorted into silence.