IF THE RAPTURE (1 Thess. 4:13-17) has not happened, you are saved according to the apostle Paul (Ephesians 2:8-9): ("Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I admit that I'm a sinner and that only the blood you shed on that cross for my horrible sins, can save me. Thank you for dying for me and shedding your blood to pay for my sins. I accept your death on the cross as the only way to God, as the only way to heaven. Please save me now. I trust totally in your death for my sins on that cross and NOTHING ELSE to save me. Please save me now. Thank you, for rising again from the dead, to show that you are God and that only You have the power to save me from my sins, so that I can go to heaven when I die. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.")If you have said this prayer and meant it, please read the following section. Read the Bible every day, with a Bible translated from the original manuscripts OR, if you are a millennial or younger, you may want to start off with my Bible for Tribulation Saints (Jesusí most recent addition to the Biblical canon). AFTER THE RAPTURE:†(1 Thess. 4:13-17) In the future tribulation (book of Revelation), you will need to believe on Jesus, oppose the antichrist (be willing to die as a martyr) and keep Jewish law to be saved (Hebrews, James, I & II Peter to Revelation). IN THE TRIBULATION, IF YOU TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST (ANTICHRIST) ON YOUR FOREHEAD OR YOUR RIGHT HAND, YOU LOSE YOUR SALVATION AND GO TO HELL. ACCEPT JESUS BEFORE THE RAPTURE, WHERE YOU CAN NEVER LOSE YOUR SALVATION, AND WILL BE RAPTURED OFF THE EARTH TO BE UP IN HEAVEN (WHILE THE EARTH BELOW GOES THROUGH TRIBULATION). THE TRIBULATION WILL BE THE BIRTH PANGS FOR THE NATION OF ISRAEL (BEFORE ISRAEL AS A NATION COMES TO GOD), AFTER WHICH, JESUS FULFILLS HIS PROMISE TO KING DAVID AND HAS HIS 1,000 YEAR REIGN OVER THE EARTH. THE SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION IS SATAN'S RULE ON EARTH--THE DARKEST PERIOD IN WORLD HISTORY.


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