If you click on the link to Vladimir’s Official website for his 2011 Easter appearance with Lyudmila ( and study the photographs of Vladimir with Lyudmila at the Russian Orthodox Easter services, you will notice some interesting things. . .First off, notice that in several photos, Vladimir seems to have attended this service without Lyudmila by his side.  Take a look at the arm holding the candle.  In all the photos of him with Lyudmila, her white outfit is right behind this arm.  But in photos of him by himself, there is no white behind this arm, like there was nobody there, that she may have been grafted into these photos to be right behind this candle-holding arm.  You may say, “Maybe she backed off and got away from him.”  Yes, or perhaps she was never there in the first place, and was grafted in.


UPDATE:  Vladimir has divorced Lyudmila after she participated in the Boston Marathon bombings (April 2013) as a member of the THIN PRIVILEGE terrorist organization. It also appears that Vladimir has removed his Easter 2011 photos from the Internet. The ones that are available for public viewing do not show him in the photos by himself.


You may say, if these are fake Jesuit photos, why would Vladimir cooperate with the Jesuits in these lies?  It’s because if he doesn’t, the Jesuits will hit him with lies more devastating, claiming he’s bored with his wife and is having affairs.  This would make him appear a deadly man--an image he tries to play down as much as possible.  If Jesuits succeed in making Vladimir appear a deadly man, Vladimir knows they will try to kill me and frame my murder on him.  He’d rather have the world think he’s married to Lyudmila, than be portrayed as a deadly Russian playboy President.  So, to maintain his image as a man good to his wife, which is something all heads of state must be concerned with, and to downplay the Jesuit propaganda campaign to make him appear a cold-blooded killer and playboy (who’s cold to his wife), he plays along with the Jesuit lie that he has a wife named Lyudmila.   


Now look at Lyudmila.  She appears to wear summer colors, a crafty Jesuit attempt to make her appear a summer, because Jesuits know the woman Vladimir Putin married in 1983 was a summer in coloring.  However, if you wear your colors NEAR YOUR FACE, even if you’re not wearing them over your body, you can get away with NOT wearing your colors over your body.  Lyudmila in this photo has her hair colored in Autumn golden red, and the scarf she wears is the Romantic clothing personality (which is her clothing personality), and her scarf is almost Autumn oyster beige.  Try to imagine the summer white over her body near her face, and you can see that this summer white near her face would not flatter her.  Also her make-up is Autumn colors.  Her lipstick appears orange-red, an AUTUMN COLOR.  Her foundation appears COPPER (an AUTUMN color).  So the Jesuits made her up in Autumn NEAR HER FACE, while the outfit she wears over her body is SUMMER WHITE.  A very crafty way to make her appear a SUMMER, but she’s not a SUMMER, because she wears AUTUMN colored make-up, an AUTUMN colored scarf, and AUTUMN golden red hair color.  She’s just an AUTUMN who can get away with SUMMER coloring over her body, because she does AUTUMN colors NEAR HER FACE.  Her scarf is not quite AUTUMN, but it’s almost there, but it’s her ROMANTIC CLOTHING PERSONALITY, so it doesn’t look bad.  However, if the scarf was the same coloring, but a little more intense to the oyster shade (more AUTUMN), and a little shinier (more her ROMANTIC clothing personality), she’d look better, because she’d be all decked out in her AUTUMN ROMANTIC glory.  In this photo, she’s trying to be a SUMMER and it’s not working out completely, because she’s an AUTUMN!!  She looks a little “washed out” in these summer colors, verging towards autumn near her face (to make her appear a summer).


How do I know she’s a ROMANTIC clothing personality?  Romantics usually have beautiful eyes and a pretty face and their body has a lot of curves (even if they are overweight).  Romantics DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN BLUE JEANS.  Lyudmila would look dreadful in blue jeans.  Larisa looks okay in BLUE JEANS (check out my website photos on my first web page–Gabrielle Chana introduction--towards the bottom), which indicates she is not a Romantic like Lyudmila.  The clothing personality is not the same thing as coloring.  The clothing personality represents the style, lines and textures of the fabrics draped over the body.  The coloring is just focused on the colors over the body.  Lyudmila is autumn in coloring and a romantic in clothing personality.  I believe Vladimir’s real wife Larisa was a SUMMER SOFT CLASSIC, which means she looked good in the summer pastels with bluish undertones to all her colors and looked best in smooth, soft, symmetrical silhouettes with slight shaping (a radiantly elegant beauty, along with a graciously refined essence). She looks good with a bit of softness and femininity, but not overdone or gaudy casual clothing, and her fabrics cannot be too shiny, except for evening (unlike Romantic Lyudmila who shines in shiny material).  If you study the photos of Larisa on my website (the first web page called “Gabrielle Chana introduction” towards the bottom), the one where she wears the casual looking jacket in her summer colors with blue jeans (not too bad on her, though not her best look), try to imagine Lyudmila in the same outfit and it would be a disaster. Romantics look dreadful in blue jeans!  By the way, Vladimir Putin is a SUMMER NATURAL.


If Lyudmila dressed as a SUMMER SOFT CLASSIC, she’d look dreadful.  But Larisa looks great as a SUMMER SOFT CLASSIC.  The outfit Lyudmila wears in this Easter service is a glamorous, feminine Romantic–not at all like SUMMER SOFT CLASSIC Larisa (who is Vladimir’s real wife that he married in 1983).  Lyudmila tries to wear summer colors in these photos, but she looks “washed out”.  The SUMMER WHITE over her body, if near her face, would make her face appear “washed out”.  Sorry, Lyudmila, you are NOT LARISA.  You could never pass as a SUMMER SOFT CLASSIC (Larisa’s coloring and clothing personality).  THAT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT THE WOMAN VLADIMIR PUTIN MARRIED IN 1983!!  


I use this trick myself, when I don’t have the colors I need for the rest of my body.  I wear WINTER colors near my face and then I can get away with another color over the rest of my body.  It’s an old trick, but it doesn’t mean that I’m NOT A WINTER.  I just know that if I wear WINTER near my face, I can get away with NOT WEARING WINTER OVER THE REST OF MY BODY.